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Image 4 of Kentucky mountaineer, February 9, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Tha Right Aim in Education. The education of the bqy and girl has a'ways been directed by the prevailing "spirit of the times." This truth is very noticeable in nil the nations'of old. Persia, surrounded by hostile nations, needed a military training; Spar ta, being principally a nation of slaves, was also compelled to em-- 1 phasize the military feature, and tho Jews were most interested in religious training. Times are changing very rapidly and we must realize that we are living in the twentieth century .So many have people in the world not yet realized this fact and arc still pHnm'no' tf tViA mpthods of' to-d- Should wp, tho Christianized people of the twentieth century, The cro5s tie inspector wns Sunday and the toys thought it was a very good day for crosses. The trade in cattle is prcttv good. Robert Risncr sold two pair of cattle, one pair for $90.00 and the other nair for $80.00. T. Morgan Risncr sold some cattle pair and Logan Marshall sold to J. N. Allen for good prices, Dove Marshall, who shot hcr-- a scf last Tuesday, near here, is improving, nigncr and Grccy Mar. wm sha startcf, to 0hio yesterday, started' last Republican party a good many Thursday after his third wife times." It is interesting to inquire o. Mitchell Whitaker and returned today. Mrs. B. F. Dixon is sufferinz from lagrippe. Thos. Rice, of Ivyton, has a severe case of pneumonia fever. The stork visited the homo of Chas. Roark last Thursday and left a fine girl. Eddie Willis and wife are visiting here. Hascal Risncr has sold out and will make his future home in Northern Ohio. tQ moV(J Several men, representing difwenfc ferent gas companies, visited the gas well3 ih this section this There was a fine meeting held week, investigating the prospect at the Puckctt school house last for gas. Sunday, the preachers were: J. The thermometor stands at zeE. Kisner, A. C. Puckctt and Nero with a good snow and a good ro Whittaker. time for sleigh riding. J. R. F. A. h iwevf r, if Mr. BiggTstafT had the ele-- ti n of Mr. W.O. Bradley in m.nd. Undoubtedly Mr. Watt-erso- n helped to makeMr. Bradley Senator, but in so doing he served only the liquor interest. No more cmkiitu, T. Patrick, wci THE rVKWwt E. L STEFKEMS. w. n. mat, rrMMML SALYERSVILLE NATIONAL CnUtr. ail cum. BANK, Salyersville, Kentucky. CAPITAL, SURPLUS, UNDIVIDED PROFITS, AVERAGE DEPOSITS. cruel calamity to the Republican party ever happend. Louisville Post. $ 25,000.00 9,000.00 1,500.00 100.000.00 BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Sheriff's Sale. JEFF PRATER, By virtue of Execution No. 9043 directed to me, which Uued from the Clerk'a offlceof tho Magoffin Circuit Court, In fnvor of theCommonwealth of Ky., for the use nnd benefit of the town of Salyersville, Ky., ngaIntHomer Whlttand Leek Whitt, lor one of my deputies, will, on Monday the 2Cth day of February 1912, between the hours of 8 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. at the court house door in the town of Salyersville, Mngoffln County, Kentucky, expose to public sale, to the highest and best bidder, the following property (or so much thereof as may be necessary to Hopeful. satisfy Plaintiff's debt, interest and cost,) to wit: SUBLETT. The following described tract of real This is a small place and not property, situated lying and being In Magoffin county Kentucky, on Licking much news to write. river bounded as follows: Beginning at Corn is scarce. There is a big a bunch of buckeyes, rock and walnut, it being a corner of Andy Lykins. and demand for bolted.meal. Willie Rices, the corner being on the Frank Literal, of Bananza, is right hand fork of tho big Crag branch, visiting his brother-in-la- w Wm. as you go up said branch about one hundred yards, from the county road and Harris.' the bank of the branch; thence up the Mrs. R. D. Sublett, of CarVer, point with William Rices line to the top Passcd thru here for Salyersville of the point.thence with the top of the point nnd ridge with said ridge line, so 10 visic relatives. as to include all the iandof the Peacher Dr. SkagRS made a business Chord hollow, thence around the ridge trip to Breathitt county a few to a point at the lower side of the Peacher Chord hollow opposite the old days ago. mill, thence down with the middle of Press Arnett sold his fine sad- the point to tho county road at a forked dle horse to R. A. . Patton for walnut at the lower side of the road, thence up the road to the peach orchard $140. branch to a buckeye, walnut and rock, Mrs. Nan Fletcher, who has thence down toward the right with the old road to a sycamore nnd birch; thence been very sick is better. a straight line out to the nver, so as , 0. J. not to vary up nor down the river, to a willow, birch and walnut, thence out to HENDRICKS. the middle of the river, thence up the R. A. Patton of this place, has river with tho middle of said river to the mouth of little Crag branch to Barsecured a traveling position as bara Hall's line; thence running with reporter for R. G. Dunn & Co., Barbara Hall's line across the bottom and will begin work within (he to the foot of the hill, thence up the next few days. Mr. Patton wor- point with her line to the top of the thence ked about two years for Brad-stre- et hill to her back corner, top of leaving her corner, running on the hill to & Co. ahighpointtoAgglassle Whitt's corner, I Bulah, the five year old daugh- thence running down the point with Ag-- 1 line to a ter of William 0. Howard, has glassie Whitt's 50 acres, patent of Rob-- 1 thence with ert Prater's A. T. PATRICK. D. W. GARDNER, H. H. HACKWORTH, GEO. CARPENTER. W. L. MAY, J. F. PRATER. WHERE QUALITY IS PARAMOUNT. be longer enslaved by the spirit and thought of heathen authors? Prof. John F. Smith, of Uerea College, writes in tho Januar.v REDWAY. number of the Southern School COMPLETE LINE GENERAL MERCHANDISE. Journal: "Those ofuswhohave As news is scarce nt thi3 place, lived and lalwred in the three sec- I am sending some little selections of Kentucky know that the tions of thought. I enjoy your people of one section do not! have paper very much and think it accurate information about the will be a great success. people of the other section. The If you wish to be truly happy man in the Purchase doesn't know and have your days and weeks the mountains, and the man in hurry pleasantly by, beemploycd. the mountains doesn't know the Employment is essential to n conditions in the Purchase. The happiness. Satan never same might bo said of the n11 tries to load people astray whom in the Blue Grass and the man in he finds suitably employed. In tho other sections." youth is tho time to clioo3e a suitWe people of the mountain sec-- 1 able vocation and learn a useful tion are aware that our land is trade. Boys and, girls improve being rapidly worn out. The far- - your time while you can, for it is met- - is taking the cream of thojnot jonsf untti you will bu too old Cases, soil and not thinking of the gen-- 1 j0 earn a trade, eratioos which are to come. . There is something better for firent. timbre, softinn. n Inncmr us to do find fault with exist. The man who paid money for the land on which he lives the other fellow. We probably does not own it individually, but have enough of our own faults to it belongs to the future genera-tionsb- y keep us nwfully busy if we will just think about them and let reason of Divine Law. .HIGHEST MARKET PRICE PAID fetSM In order to better these condi- other people alone. The man Pij-i'fm- S FOR RAW FURS .NO tliCES tions in tho rural districts of Ma- who has no responsibility is the W,IU Isr pries- - frltettPZZ;ig Commlsshn, Wool on goffin and other mountain coun- fellow who can tell the other fellilt mentioning this ad. low just how it ought to be done. Eatabllaliodl807 ties of Eastern Kentucky, the JOHN WHITE & CO. LOUISVILILEY people must bo educated along The man who has no children of these lines, that is, they should his own always knows just what be taught the practical things of is required of an ideal parent. life, such as fruit growing, th The person who never taught a Barber Shop. growing of corn, dairying, care school is ever ready to tell the Hair Cuts m Any Style, 15cts. been very ill for a few weeks Robert Prater's patent townrdtheriverl of stock and many other things teacher how to run his school. Shavn. lOcls. M. D., S. ' that pertain io farm life. The The flowers that we lay upon with whooping cough, but we are to the top of the hill, thence running AH other barSfv Physician and Surzcon. reivdown the ridge with Andy Lykin's linei girls should be taught domestic tho casket mav toll the livintrl pleased to learn the little girl's ed rcasoiWc prices. to the big Crag branch nt a black wal- condition is improving. Calls Answered Day or Ni&ht. science, music, etc. Every school that wo entertain a regard for the Next t'oor to f.'i rthodiat Charch. nut, Dr. Leo's corner, up with the fen-- 1 teacher should know more sub- memory of the dead they are Bruce W. Arnett, who has been ce to a stake in the corner of the fence, Flesh LlnVof Drop In Stock. J. S. WATSON. jects than he attempts to teach always eloquent in their beauty confined to his bed for ten days thence across the fence with a conditi- - Office Next Door to Salyersville Bank. onal line made by William R. Patrick, and be deeply versed in the needs but they tell the dead nothing. with Pleurisy, is improving. Salyersville, Ky. to Lee's of the rural districts. It would bo all the same to them Irwin Jayne and Ben Spradlin and Catherine running line the the county For Sale. up road to the road, thence "We are approaching a New if no flowers were laid upon their of Paintsville, visited the mer- mouth of the sugar camp branch, thence c7 CON NELLEyT One 300 aero tract of land sitKentucky Home, where peace and pulseless hearts' They have pas- chants of this place this week. up the sugar camp branch to the begin- -' DR. W. uated on Licking river, 4 mile.1 prosperity shall be as universal sed beyond the touch of friendly Irwin says he has never nlng. The above described tract of Physician and Surgeon. been ap- land will be sold subject to Sarah Whitt's from Caney, Ky., 50 acres as snow at the north pole." When love, or the burning of the most prised of the fact that it is leap life interest, Being the same land con- CALLS ANSWERED DAY OR NIGHT. 100 acrf s in bluegrass and tho shooting balm of education savage hate. One little flower year. Room at The Prater Horn. veyed to Homer Whitt by Leek Whitt, orchard grass, 150 acres in woodshall reach out into the crevices placed in a wasted hand or held SALYERSVILLE, KY. deceased, and Sarah Whitt, and recorland. 942 chestnut oak and white of the East Kentucky hills and before an eye that is becoming Your(corrcspondenthas noticed ded in book 29, page 232 of the Magoffin that State Senator, Louis Arnett, county record. Said land will be sold to oak trees, 175 good walnut and polish and train the boys and dim, is worth an ocean of bloom W. R. PRATER, of Covington has introduced in satisfy the Plaintiff's debt in the sum of poplar trees. girls for lines of usefulness. The upon the casket or the grave. the Senate a bill requiring all $23,00. Cost $23,95 and sheriff's comAttorney at Law. One coal vein four feet and one old, fogy, d teacher is Let me be the author of a little persons who have a coal mine mission $2,14, total $56,09. four feet and six inches. drifting down the stream of time kindly derid Levied on as the property of Homer Practices in all the Courts Reasonable terms given. and our school houses are being Of sacrifice and service for fel- operated in Kentucky to pay a Whitt. Terms, sale will be made for a license tax of one cent per cash in hand. Salyersville, Kentucky. State, Homer Whitt, filled with better teachers. low heart in need; ton for all coal mined in their reRedway, K. Witness my hand, this 20th day of People are having more to say Let me live a poem of the spective mines per annum. Now January, 1912. JOHN H. GARDNER, along this line at present than will we enter our protest against this Hobert Heed, Sheriff Magoffin County. One 200 acre farm on Stinson attorney-at-law- . ever before. Tho time is coming To lend a hand of helping to By D. M. Cooper, Deputy Sheriff. a bill. We hope the mountain peocreek about six miles from Salwhen juvenile courts will be es comrade up tho hill; Practices in all the Courts. yersville. tablished all over the country Let mo be an artiscof the sun ple will take the matter up directly with Mr. Hatton, our repreSALYERSVILLE, KY. One 275 acre farm 4 miles from ior me protection oi ourooysana light on the flowers, ' Salyersville, 4 mile from Paintsgirls. The State is offering an To fill some brother's darkness wi- sentative in the House, and should I will sell some thoroughbred Mr. Arnett succeed in getting ville road. education for every boy and girl th thedreamof golden hours. his very unfair measure' through Poland China hogs cheap. G. M. nnd why not teach them the prac- Let me be a master Eleven nice heifers will be of the music the Senate, we trust Mr. Hatton I will purchase. some corn at fresh, beginning in February. tical things that will bo more DENTIST. that the birds will be instrumental in defeating market price or I will exchange beneficial to them in after life. D. M. Atkeson. First Door Wist ll F. Oinlils' Siddtir. Have set to artless measures of the bill when ic comes to the low- the shotes to corn. We must spend more money for PAINTSVILLE, KY. most unstudied words; S. S. Elam. The Harlow mare, sired by Old education and less for intoxica- Let mo be a captain of the little er House. Wc are already taxed to death now, and to place a tax King, and her colt, sired by Mcting liquors and tobacco. Statisthost of joy on our fuel would seem to us, unics! show that if tho money M. F. PATRICK, Donald Chief; one four year old Attention. That leads us back in memory to wise and very unfortunate for the spent in the United States for AT LAW. ATTORNEY harness horse; a nine month horse the days of barefoot boy; The enlisted men of Co. D 2nd mountain people. We hope the liquor and tobacco were equully Let me be a ruler in the land fmuct li SUti and Fidirtt Citrts. colt; two milch cows, four and of mountain editors will send copies Inf't., K. S. G. are notified that divided, every man, woman and in Real Estate. six years of age; one large sow Dealer lost delight, of their papers to Mr. Hatton and they will be required to meet at child would have twenty eight ' and pigs, both sired by the Har-loSalyersville, Ky. With power to keep a comrade fr- other mountain Representatives the armory for drill every 2nd and dollars each. While if tho money male. om the darkness of tho night; in time to arouse them to vote 4th Saturday in eachlmonth. spent for education was equally And I servo but lamely, Alonzo Keeton, J. S.Cisco, Capt. if and if against such measures. divided, every man, woman and Salyersville, Ky. Co. D. 2nd Inf't. my song be poor, YOUR COR. child would receive only three Ah, may it bear a blossom of green Additional correspondents and DENTIST. dollars each. LAND WANTED. beauty to thy door, other news in supplement. Otflci Orir W. P. Ciriiitii'l Stri. May the day come when every From lane and hill ahd hollow, Do you have any farm land, MONEY phase of our complex system of Salyersville, Ky. until tho city street One of the best things in the timber land or mineral land for education shall aim steadily and Grows like a dream of Eden with legislative session up to date sale? earnestly at the preparation of the bright blooms 'round its If you have any of the above feet. was the speech of State Senator the American youth for the reBiggerstaff, Republican, support-in- ? named tracts of land that you CONSTANCE. We tell tou how. and tuTbest mirltet ' sponsibilities of our great Chriswe are dealer: ettiblUhed fiticeft. the resolution that Mr. Henry vould exchange to a $2,500 stock Every Man Needs a TELEandean do BgTTlSRfor you BRADLEY. tian civilization. than agents or Co intuit. Um merWatterson, bo invited to address of general merchandise call and chants. References any bank In Pakneli, Picklesimer. Write for wcVly price 1UU The Burning Fork .Develop- that body. Mr. Biugerstaff is see me at once,: I can put you PHONE in His Business M. SABSL &. SONS ing Co., has moved its machin- quoted as saying: "I want to hear next to soma bargains, and House or Residence. CORSESPONDENCE. tin nvtti :l i wt:iut, it. OMiira ia rum, muii, nvvu ery to E. D. West's and is ready Mr. Watterson because ho is a without any cost to you. (Cont'd from page 2.) See CHICK PATRICK. Manaer Sal. s to sink another well. S. S. Elara. man" and has helped out the I TRAVIS. jrertTUM Telephone Co. I hu-nu- I ! E. (We B. ARNETT, Endeavor to PleaseJ FULL LI General ercnanciise. Trunks, Including Suit Saddles, Ladies and Gents Furnishings W. J. PATRICK. FURS AND HIDE'S PROFESSIONAL. J. CISCO, Up-to-'Ja- :t j d, moss-backe- self-denyi- WANTED. STAFFORD, E. H. ATKESON, HELLO! c. ht-k-- Ip-e-

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