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Image 3 of Kentucky mountaineer, February 9, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

OFFICIAL DIRECTORY. LOCAL NEWS. GOVERNOR Born, to the wife of Warrick (May, Feb. 7th, a girl. JAMES II. M'CREAUY. . LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR l;DWAItt) J. Jt'DERMOTT. Died, Ruthie Crace, of Ivyton, Feb. 8th. age 89 years. STATE TREASURER THOMAS G. HHEA. AUDITOR LOST-Ab- out 10 days ago, a bunch of keys. Finder will re-- I ceive a liberal reward by returning to D. M. Atkeson. IIENttY BOSWORTH. SECRETARY OF STATE K CRECELIUS SIVT. PUBLIC INSTRUCTION fnvlnl mnrlo nlAtVltnir nnll on Clarence Bailey and see his TJVm i'.ARKSDALE HAMLETT. ATTORNEY GENERAL $1,500 was subscribed Sunday for the building of a Missionary Baptist church on the site where the old Christian church stood in Chyenne. W. O. BRADLEY OLLIE M. JAMES. REPRESENTATIVE Wo learn just b'forc going to press that Ljss Higgins, while on the working in the Middle Fork, had his leg broken. We did not learn the particu lars. JOHN W. LANGLEY. Circuit Court: Prices spring and summer line. right. JAMES GARNETT. COMM'R OF AGRICULTURE J. W. NEWMAN. CLERK COURT OF APPEALS R. h. GUEEN. UNITED STATES SENATORS First Monday log-woo- d, in February, June and Octomber. V. II. D. W. Gardner, Judge; May, Com'th Attorney; A. II. Adams, Clerk; J. G. Arnctt, Trustee of Jury Fund; W. P. Carpenter, Master Commissioner. County Court: On Fourth Monday in each Month. Quarterly Court: Tuesday and Wednesday after Fourth Monday in each Month. Fiscal Court: Tuesday after F rst Monday in April and October. R. C. Salyer, Presiding Judge. Their guests included the following: Branch W. Higgins, Callowny Mann and wife, A. T. Patrick and wife, W. R. Prater and wife, Rev. T. M. Green, Sam J. k. "Bill" Bailey, Taylor Prater nnd wife, D. Glenn Sublet' nnd wife, Bruce II. Atkinson, Ed W. Pendleton, W. II. May, S. S. Elam and wife, W. A, Hazelrigg and wife, John S Cisco and wife, Harry Hazelrigg, Rev. H. L. S. Toomer and wife, Judge D. W. Gardner and wife, D. B. Patrick and wife, Jeff Prater and wife, R. C. Adams and wife, N. P. Rice and wife, W. P. Carpenter and wife, E. B. Arnett, E. L. Stephens nnd wife, John H. Gardner and wife, Mesdamea J, F. Cooper, W. M. Benge, Henry G. Gardner, A. C. Harlow, N. J. Gardner, J. F. Prater, Miss Mary Gardner, Alex Carpenter, William Patrick and Wallace Caraway. Those on the receiving committee wcr: Mrs. W. A. Hazelrigg, Mrs. John.S. Cisco and Mr. Harry Hazelrigg. Pat-ric- Judge A. N. Cisco, of West Liberty, John W. Coffee and Cal-li- e Howard, Floyd Arnett, B. J. Elam, Floyd Byrd and Frank Kennaird are visiting attorneys Analiza Griffith, of White Oak, here this week. was fatally burned Tuesday night' She had lighted her pipe You can buy your cigarett paI;Bailey. He and threw the burning paper at pers from Clarence feet. Her dress caught on alo keeps a full line ready made her and she walked into nnother fire cigaretts. room before she discovered the If money is scarce with you fire. just brine; us some dried apples, James Bailey and others atboans, corn, fodder, or anything tempted to extinguish it when Magistrate's Court. First Di3trictShepherd Cole, that has any value and wo will they themselves were badly lot Monday in each month atSalr pay the highest market prbe for burned. Mr. Bailey had the skin burned off his arms to the yersville, on Tuesday following at jsame on your subscription. elbows. Middle Fork. One cro5s (x) after your name Later Miss Griffith d i u d C. Bailey, Second District-- L. indicates that your subscription Wednesday night. "Saturday in each month. l3t next issue, j will expire with the Vano-ve- r, Third District-Sun- ny two crosses (x x) indicate that it James Deem Stabbed. 2nd Monday of each month. expires with the present copy and C. Bailey, Fourth District-I- ra Last Monday while returning you must renew at once if that Tuesday after 2nd Monday in you want to pet the next from court Callie Howard (Nath's wich month. Callie) and his son Oscar stopped Cole, District-Wall- ace Fifth ANNOUNCEMENT. at the store of James Deem, 3rd Monday in each month. to purWe take this means of an-- l Callie's brother-in-lannuncing that the Editor of this chase some hot drops. Deem County Officers. paper, S. S. ELAM, is a candi-- ; states that he refused to sell Judgc-- R. C Salyer. date for Delpgate from the 10th them when his wife let her bro R. Prater. Attorney-- W. Congrr-ssiona- l District of Kcn-- i ther have the hut drops. He SherifT-Rob- ert Reed. . tucky to the Republican Nation-- j referred to Howard's not paying W. Higgins. Treasurer-- B. what he owed him. Mrs. Deem al C invention at Chicago. Circuit Clerk -- A. II. Adams. told her husband that Oscar was C. Lacy. County Cltrk-- F. "pulling a pistol." Deem rushed Burtcn's Trisl Set For Saturday. t. B. Supt. Schools-Mar- tha for the boy shoving him and posBerry Burton, who is alleged sibly striking him when the fathto have murdered Sam Jailor Henry Brown. er stabbed Deem twice once 24th, and who had through the suspender just above Assessor Willie Keeton. W. C. Connelley. been held without bond, was in the buckle Coroncr-- Dr. near the heart, and C. Craft Surveyor-- C. dicted by the grand jury Mon-dn- y once just above the hip. Deem Fi3h and Game Warden Dr. R. and his case was called Tues- ran to his room secured a revol day. The case was postponed C. Adams. ver, and fired five shots at Howuntil Saturday the 10th inst. ard's as they rode away. His Salyersvill Police Court First wife knocked the gun at each firMonday in each month, James ARNETT-SM1Ting thereby possibly saving the Prater, Judge. Miss Martha Arnett, our Coun- lives of her brother and nephew Town Marrhal. S. H. Mann, ty Superintendent of schools, as it is said that D3em is a crack Town Trustee E. B. Arnett, and Mr. T. B. Smith, of Des shot with a revolver. Chairman. Moines, Iowa, were married at Deem is in a critical condition W. J. Patrick. Dr. E. H. Atthe home of the bride last Tues- but it is thought that he might kinson, Fred Prater and W. A. day night. Miss Arnett is well recover. Hazelrigg. known in this county as' she is now serving her second term as OUR GUARANTEE. LODGE DIRECTORY. Superintendent of Schools. We guarantee to refund your F. & A. M. Friday night on or Mr. Smith has a lucrative pomoney if this paper ctases to be before full moon in each month. sition as clerk and published, Every Saturday with Guygenheim Co , of Des I. O. O. F. THE EDITOR. Burned to Death. j Ar-net- j ' Pickle-isimcrDe- c. book-keep- night K. 0. Monday nights of each month. at Salyersville until her present I. 0. R. M. First and third term of office ha3 expired when Thursday nights of each month. she will goto Des Mofnes. The Mountaineer extends conCHURCH BELLS. gratulations and hopes that their Regular Baptist, First Satur- lives may be long and prosperday and following Sunday of ous. ' each month. Jno. F. Caudill, BIRTHDAY DINNER. pastor. Missionary Baptist Sunday Dr. M. C. Kash and son, Bypreaching ron, delightfully entertained fifSchool at 9:30 a. m at 11 o'clock at Magoffin Insti- ty friends at a birthday dinner tute. Prayer meeting on every yesterday (Thursday). Dr. Kash II. L. S. celebrated his fiftieth and Byron Wednesday night. Toomer, pastor, A. C. Harlow, his twenty-firs- t birthday. Supt. S. S. The occasion was greatly cn-- i M. E. Church, Sunday School joyed by tho3e who partook of at 9:00 o'clock, preaching on 2nd their hospitality and thu guests Sunday at 11 oclock and every did ample justice to the bountiSunday night of each month. ful repast that was so efficiently E. H. Atkeson, Supt of S. S. served by Mesdames W. A. Haz-elriUnion Sunday School every John S. Cisco and M. C. Sunday morningjat 9:15. Supt Kash. W. M. Benge. The Messrs Kash were the recipients of many handsome presSubscribe for the Mountaineer, ents together with best wishes for many returns of the day. $1.00 a year. g, Special instructions were given the grand jury Tuesday morning by Judge Gardner. He said that the town marshal! had informed him that many drunken men were in town Monday. Not only that but liquor had been sold in Salyersville Monday. He instructed the jury to find out these violators, as well as those persons who sold hot drops. The following is a list of the grand and petit jurors: Rev. James Adams, foreman, Bruce Stephens, James Power, Alonzo Keeton, J. W. Shepherd, Seymour Howard, Enich Bailey, Wm. Mose Howard, Wm. Arnett, J. II. Cochran and Farish Howard. Mt-Gui- Petit jury No. 1. Sam Carpen- ter, Bruce Row, Jno. K. Kennaird, D. M. Atkeson, H. C. Keeton, Wash Rice, R. S. Brown, J. W Lemaster. Joe Arnett, Wiley Reed, Harrison Flint and George Williams. PHOENIX nru, irvin nirpuni r, rrert l' trick, Riley Koetjn, Thomas Risner. Isaac Montgomery, Evo-- i Ctoy, Dona Patrick an l J. E. Gullett. W. J. Patrick, Tmp'r. RATES, $1.00 PER DAY. We nro glad to see the splendid paper The Kentucky MountainFeed eer" which is being published at Livery ami Salyersville, making such progress. The now paper will hn a Stable in great asset for Magoffin County nnd its able editor S.S. Elam seems to know how to get up the HOTEL, I news. $ Mr. Elam recently became a FLINT'S ART GALLERY. member of the Mountain Press Association and will later become a member of the Kentucky Press Association when his paper becomes a little older. He has invited the Mountain Press to meet in Salyersville this coming summer ane the invitation may be accepted by the oxecutivo com mittco. Jackson Times. Our $ Cornsr. The first farmer who reads this corner one year and states to us that he has failed to be benefitted one dollar we will give him the dollar that he paid us for the paper. GRAFTING WAX. SALYERSVILLE, KY. Leading Photograph Gallery in Eastern Kentucky. Bigh Grade Pfeotes, Enlargements., Post Cards, Also Watch and Repairing. Jeweiry Combination Oflhers. Take one part tallow, two i parts and four parts ream. Melt them in different This is a Presidential year and you should keep vessels. Then pour two of them into the third vessel while they posted. Note the following Low Offer: arc warm, not hot. Then pour mixture into water and pull as Louisville Weekly Courier Journal, Regular Price $1.00 you would candy. It should be " Pathfinder, published at Washington, " 1.00 rather hard so that the hot sun " " Lexington Herald, Weekly, 1.00 will not melt it' If it is not hard enough add more resin. Our " " Lexington Leader, Weekly, 1.00 common resin may be used but We can furnish tho MOUNTAINEER and any one of the you will likely need a greater above papers for one year for the remarkable low price of proportion as it is not so hard as the English rtsin. 1.50. Also MOUNTAINEER and Home and Farm one year for $1.25. We also ofTer for your consideration the FOR SALE. -- 100 acre farm near ga3 well on Burning Fork. Terms all cash except $500 in twelve months. G. W. HoSKINS, SWEET CLOVUR SEED. Sow in winter, no plowing Makes hardy, rank needed. vernor's Wail Atlas, worth - - - - Uto of tha Horse. Ov.lng to the advancement of science bo pcsslblo to Get along withIt would out horses now, If It wore not for tho necessity of having a fow of them at tho Lnnunl liorsu shows. Dlvlsloni of the World. Rough? speaking, tho world Is dlvlded Into two classes of people tho $1.50, Edition of 1910 census with growth. Makes hay, Inasture and feitilizer. Circular telling how to grow it, and prices. Bokhara Seed Co., Falmouth, Ky. - Post Evening Daily , One Year, Home and Farm one year, Six page Kentucky Bradley, Ky. Special Go- Pocket latest map of Kentucky, Showing counties, towns, railroads, electric lines, rivers, etc., and your home paper, THE KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER, One Year, All For $3.50. a special rate on Daily or Sunday in combination with this paper. Wo enn also make Courier-Journ- al -' peoplo who can shut doors ami tho plo who cannot. peo-- I The above Combinations have never equalled. True Patriotism. Patriotism Is not hoastfulncsa norj tho depreciation of other nations. The patriotism that tells Is that which Is felt, not proclaimed. SEND YOUR SUBSCRIBE ORDERS Easy to Pronounce. ill for the past week. The caslCBt word to pronounce In Robert Stone anil lamfs Howtho English lancuago is said to ho "murmur." It Is simply an oxpulsfou ard, of our village, made allying of the breath repeated. er Moines. Mr. Smith will return to Des T. M, Second and fourth Moines and the bride will remain : Jury No. 2. John Burgftt, Joe Allen, Harden All m, Willis How- - WhyT Why Is It that the average man Is always willing to spend JO worth of reductime trying to net a tion la his fas bill! trip to Alger Ohio, last week. Dovie Marshall, the girl who tried to commitsuicidoa few days ago.i.i improving nicely. Mollie Rice, thu wife of Harry r, Rice, rind daughter of Smith was hurried Friday at tho graveyard of U. G. Trimble. J. M. Richardson, the leading tie and lumber man of this place, made a business trip to HuntingWhi-take- Of the Same Shape. Customer "What havo you In the shape of oranges?" Grocer "Well, wo Harlem Ufa. havo baseballs." New 8aylna. Man's Inhumanity to roan makes ton countless thousands of dollars. Life CORRESPONDENCE. IVYTON. We are proud to say that Claude Kelley is improving some with pneumonia. Claudehas been confined to his bad for quite a while, and the hunting club is gladly waiting his recover. There are several cases of pneumonia around this village. Thomas J. Rico and Charlie Knuckolls are confined to their beds with fever, but at this writing they are greatly Improving. Sherman Rice, of Naugatuck. W. Va arrived hero Saturday to see T. J. Bice who has been very Iat week. A great many people from this village are preparing to go West in the spring. Wo hope they will do well in the new country where they are planning to go. Richard and Claude Kelley, Charlie Nuckolls, Mrs. Martha Spradlin and T. J. Rico are all They confined with pceumonia. aro all doing nicely at this writing. Miss Mao Honn left forCeredo W. Va., where she will attend before been TODAY. TO US. J. L. Craco and Riley Atkins, in Middlecrcek mine No. 2, blew out some few weeks ago. WALDO. Tho roads on Trace Fork are almost impassible. Miss Dora Wireman, daughter of Dry Goard Wireman, is attending school on Beaver Creek. Pauline Allen, of Hippo, is here on a visit this week, to see her children. Russell Wireman, whilocutting Eome kindling wood, cuthia knee very badly. Stephen Wireman while cutting wood the other day, was struck in the eye by a chip, hurting him very badly. Horn, to the wife of Linville Row, a girl. Nelson Allen's wife, of Ordway is very sick. It is thought she will not recover. Brack Pinks and Martha Bailey' married a fow days ago. Henry Sizemore, of Prestons-burschool. has recently moved on Abe Glenn Salyer and sister, Lillic Wireman's land on Trace Fork. Mae, Stella Trimblo and Kather-in- c S. L. Stacy of Knott county, ii Rice arc attendind school at visiting his son S. D. Stacy, this Ixmisx week. g,

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