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Image 2 of Kentucky mountaineer, February 9, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

BROWNLO.W. Moore, week. "re going to bo careful for whom Myitlo Patrick, Albert Lizzie J. P. Rice and Tobs Wilry will Lile Russell hai been ill with you arc rignt at r.essie.Salyer, Roy Cain, Wo do not bsliovc in throwing you vote. If Pat-- . Monday morning for Cinc PitricV, Ulah Patrick Ella Entered ns Second Class fatter dampers on any instiMMons.tha heart you will hold yourself !i fck, Nor 4 Ho va'd, Hazel Hale, leave where Mr. Rice will have fevr. cinnati, voting for a man bcraur. working in the light 'dine ova Born to Coon Gambill a:d wife Jan. 12, 19J2, at the f postofiicc AdaLykins, Walter KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER, 'rusalem. ab-ar- i3 yo-ifriend, your neighbor, your kins' folk or a member of act of March 3, 187!). your political party. You will vote for one because he is a man. TERMS. bite. Until our church mem-- 1 Then you will have backbone en 1.00 a year in advance, hp Kfnn this sort of thincr and Ounh to stand by your officers .50 six months. more they shall not and help them enforce tho laws. .25 three months. If a man buys a vote ho buys reap the harvest that they should, .10 ono month. Wo hope that wc shall always be it for a profit. Advertising Rates. You need clean men for officers above discouraging any worthy 10 cents per inch. Legislative, judicial and exevv UilUlUll Ul Uljy IIUW Locals 10 cents per line for first any cjlurch. So long as any in- - cutiveotherwise they will not be insertion. 5 cents per line for dividual strives to pattern his enabled to withstand the temptaeach subsequent insertion. own life after the lifo of Christ tions that will come to them he is doing a worthy thing and when they aro elected. S. S. ELAM, Editor. You've got no right to stand needs our encouragement. We were asked if we would for lawlesjne3s whether they be ANNOUNCEMENTS. anoloirizu for permitting Ruie our friends or not. Wo nrn mit.hnriznd tn nnnnuncr Johnson's letter to be published Wo see no reason why we should, MAGOFFIN INSTITUTE. FRANK BLAIR, of Salycrsville, as a candidate Otherwise wo would do so. Claude Hood, a very excellent We were, asked if wo did not for the nomination for clerk of student and one who nlways Magoffin county, subject to the fcut out a part of the article that stood high in his classes, came action of tho Republican party. we were pud to insert ior mo back last wel: to join us again. Hardly. We Rev. McCombc. Wc welcome him into our ranks "How is it that yo sought me? knew were paid thirty cents to insert once more and hope that this ye not that I must bo In my Father's his picture and gave room or a will be tho greatest year he hss Dart of a write up that nccom- - ever experienced in school herepanicd the cut. We paid a dollar tofore. EDITORIAL. at one time to help along the Clyde Rice, a bright and atmeeting. Wo wero asked if wo did not tractive young man of our town, Politics, Religion, Magoffin cut down THE WRITE UP OP who was compelled, on aecuunt Institute, Etc! THE MAGOFFIN INSTITUTE. of ill health, to postpone, his Business has been somewhat "Yes sir," was our reply. We work in school, was a pleasant rushing at the Mountaineer of- could hardly do' otherwise. Wc calier Wednesday afternoon? fice tho past few days. must get pay for advertising. The teachers, as well a3 stuWe succeeded in locating a few Newspapers cannot make both dents, were greatly pleased to dozen people over the county en(j8 nieet with subscriptions note the ariival of Miss Maggie who agreed to write us some- - alone. Wo cannot permit them Pendleton Saturday evening. thing for the Mountaineer. Some to do their advertising under the She has come back to resumeher write news, some poetry, some guisc of news. Wc are printing work in school. Thank God for humor, some politics, etc this week the news just as it Magiiffin Institute and its attracWe finished what we consider- comej from the school that the tions. ed the best copy of the Moun- public may see just what they Emery Stephens was out of taineer and sent it over the coun- are objecting to. Notice how school Thursday and Friday on ty Friday. Wc expected our much of this wnte-u- p is news Ins eyes. Hope he may subscribers to be very much and how much is a bost. We account of pleased with it and compliment think that an institution that be able to resume his work in ( school Monday. it. Some did and otherr. did not. claimi to bo doing so much for a The great numoer of stlident3 Mr. Buel Reed could not see county as this one dops should why we should permit or.r Har- not be so close fisted with acoun-t- y who assembled in the auditorium of Magoffin Institut.-- last vveeki bor correspondent to say, "Tho newspaper. people thank Mr. Lacy and ask It looks like "thirty cpnls" to brought joy to the hearts of all There has ncver Mr. Reed to explain his eido of us, indeed, to be expected to do interested. been in the history of the school tho house in the next is.sue." so much for three dimes. Mr. Reed said that they had no Rev. McCombo told the editor such an inrush of new studon's, explanation lo make. They weiv that ho did not believe in denom- eager to grasp the opportunities innocent until proved guilty. inational schools. He thought which arc being pr seated daily Wc tried to txplnin lo Mr. that Magoffin Institute was not a by the efficient Principal and his ' Reed that he, himself, started denominational institution. Wc wonhy teachers. this ball lolling. The fight that would iiltc to know how many The number in school has aloccurred in Farish Lacy's office people of Magoffin county be- ready about reached tho 200 took place before our paper was lieve tho same thing. irnrk, and there is a probability published. Wo had not expected Possibly they are not, yet tho of more coming. It looks as if to dig up old issues, but Mr. indications point the other way. the people of Magoffin county are Reed requested us to publish a All of the faculty happen to be uniting in one great caue which letter that he Slid would help to members of the Missionary Bap- means that Magoffin Institute clear up things with the people. tist church. When a majority shall shine forth as a bright liaht Wc did so. Then came Farish of their Sunday School voted to on hill, casting its educational a Lacy with a letter with the same have a Union Sunday School rays into every nook and corner request. Wc printed it. then it was that their faculty of the county. Next came a , letter from one of said "no," after a part of them The boys' and girls' halls are our correspondents who express-e- d hud proposed the Union Sunday already almost full, but there is himself on the matter. Wo School. always room for one more. published his letter. Wo believe that churches and now Mr. Reed asks us school' are at the foundation of And Wo point with pride to Tiche-no- r why wc permit him to try to true progress, but wo believe in Library with its almost 2,000 keep up a hard feeling. Wc them being kept inseparable. well selected volumes of books iiave no desire to keep men in a Wc have been informed by which arc eagerly read by the bad humor with each other but more than one of our public s'udents. Wo expect a largo wo do want to give our corres- school teachers that Magoffin addition to this number on Feb. pondents and subscribers an opworks in opposition to the 22nd, which is our annual Book portunity to discuss live issues public schools. Reception day. whether they be high taxes or We want our readers to underWa wero glad to note theprcs-enc- e county officials. Wc told Mr. stand that tho Mountainser is of Rev. Green, pastor of Reed if we could not do this un- not run for or by the Magoffin M. E. Church, at our Chapel serhampered that we would not be Institute, the Missionary Baptist vice Wednesday. Ho is nlways running a newspaper. Church or the Democratic party. welcome and wc hops his visits Wo have publiahed these two Wo alsff want them to under- may become more frequent. letters gratis, hut nfter this wo stand that we aro not against Last Friday at the chapel sershall act as other papers do in re- them so long as they stand fob vice the principal, teachers, ti gard to such lottcrs and expect THE RIGHTS OF THR MOUNTAIN and all present received in some ono to pay for the piping. PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY. their midst with great Joy Mr. Not only does Mr. Reed tell us what to leave out but some of Effective Sermon on Civic Righteous- and Mrs. J. L. Blankcnship, of Dallas, Tex. Wo only regret the Missionary Baptist -- and that we cannot have them with ness by Rev. McCombe. mark you we say some want to us always. By tongue instead of advise us just what wo should Last Monday tho Rev. Mc- lyro they aro certainly the. Oromit and what wo should include Combe preached to a large and if wo aro to have a successful appreciative audience at the pheus of modern timeg. onday, Jan. 29th witnessed paper. court house on Civic Righteousin the regular chapel service the These dictators say that we ness. should not permit such men as Ho said Civic Righteousness following additions to the church: "Ru'o Johnson" 'to use tho col- only means a citizen who is A. K. Moore, Missionary Baptist; umns of our piper. They say right. It matters but littlo to Rny Cain, M. E. Church, and t hat ho does not tell the truth. you what others think of you but Miss Myrtle Reed, Free Will We hope that his statements aro it does matter what you think f Baptist. May God ever be their guide. not true. Wo cannot verify tho yourself. statements of our correspondents. If you arp dishonest, if you Tho number of students up to Wo would like to seo-- very mem- vote for tho wrong man for of- Ff b. 5 who have taken Christ as ber of tho Mi's'onary Baptist fice, you know it and you looso their Savior, thrca of which" wore church live faithfully and enter confidence in your own honesty. converted in the boys hall' i3 as foe pearly gajes.of Jhp New Je- If you are right nt heart you fellows; at Salycrsville. Ky., under the tion, oven if they nrc not work- ing according lo our views. Wo believe that consecrated Chris- tfans will not proselyte or back- - r -i houso?"-Lulfb2- :49. " stu-den- " o an operation performed. a girl. Henry Stephen Jr. the infant Born Feb. 3rd, to Dolph Laac son of II. S. Howes, has been and wife girl. a croup. very ill with Green Dorton ii selling to EdythKanard, Clara Witton, jgo to Jenkins City to work out the in Milt sWitton and Ray Stafford left min(-s., Saturday, for their home in Oil M. F. Risner and femily havo Springs. returned from Minnesota, where Mrs. Edna Kirk, has been on they moved last spring. the sick list the past week. Look Out. Miss Maggie Pendleton, of Index. Charleston, W. Va. passed thru HARBOR. our town Saturday enrout to John Perkins' baby was burned visitrel-ativewhere she will Origin of the Bath Towel. to death Sunday. A towel manufacturer found that his machinery was not working right The ice has done great dairngo and that his towels were suffering a Air Tobe Wiley returned Saturvast tangling of the threads. While day from Salyersville, wh?re he to the timber men of Licking li- i lyrtlo Carpenter, Earl Cooper, Byrd Howard, Elizabeth May, Callo-jva- y Mann, Wesley Holbrook, Tobe Fairchilds, Vanburen Cooper, Arba Arnctt, Julia Howard, Maurice Minix. Henry4t,Patrick, Neal Hedges, John Hedges, Lil-li- c Arnctt, Okla Arnett, Henry Arnott, Dorsie Prater, Ollic Sat'-ycAnna Cooper, Justice Arnett and Madge Waldron. R-c- d, I . ' r, s. adjusting the machine ho used one of had been on a business trip. Born, Feb. 4th, to the wife of J. Frank Bailev, a fine girl. Ernest Flint, of Lakeville, was a visitor here a few days this Not for Her. week. Tho verger of a large church, seeing an old woman In ono of the seats Miss Preston, of Auxier, who reserved for somo Important persons, is attending school at thoS. V. S. beckoned her to come out. Uut Just at that moment the organ started play- is spending the week end with ing. Tho old woman, never having home folks. been tn n church containing an organ, Eliza, wife of Frank Patrick, startled him and tho congregation by calling: "Ha, man, get somebody formerly of Salyersville, died at younger: my dancing days are past." her home in Missouri Jan. 29, tho damaged towels to dry his hands. He found It pleasingly absorbent, and from the Idea to which that gave rlso was born tho bath towel and a fortune to the patentee. CORSESPONDENCE. (Cont'd from page 1.) Contrary Fork of Pricy. Nineteen Hundred and Mercy on Us. Some of the boys say they were asking who I was at court. Now, I am Ruie Johnson, the son of Mr.- Johnson and the grand-so- n of Old Mr. Johnson - turn-me-loo- I feel like I've been through a flint mill baokwards. Great Jupiter! My unlucky stars and the solar system! What next? !!! I've lost my equilibrium since the preacher sorter doubted my word, and since my old chum has tried to deny me. This is why I don't write you a lettrr 11 now. l m all up set. write later. I can't understand why my old friend will pretend that he does not know me. Something is wrong boys. He signs his name Notobanc. Now, Notnbane, nothing. I know this Mr. Noto-ban- e as well as I know my brother, v He has been the leading man who has been running tho Big Tiger for years. Now he's nervous for some reason and says ho to me, "de- part ye from me, I never know ye." I suspect it was h;s good that made those supervisors act so foolMi. Then he must even-u- p with an old friend by denying me. If you sea any ono enquiring who I am just tell them I'm Ruie Johnson and if they don't believe this tell them to ask my father, Mr. Johnson, cr my grandfather, Old Mr. Johnson e. PAINTSVILLE. Born, Feb. first, to the wife of Curtis Ford a girl Vivian. A returned missionary from Argontino will give a lecture at the M. E. Church Wednesday week. Rev. W. W. Cooper, and son Cyrus, aro in Paintsvillo for a few days enroute to their home at Salyersville. Mr. Cooper is filling his appointments at Williamson, W- - Va. Herbert, son of Dan Price, age 22 years, died Saturday night, after a lingering illness of tuberculosis. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the barcaved parents. Mrs. J. C. C. Mayo and little son, John Jr., left Saturday morning for Cincinnati, where they' will spend a few days with Mr. Mayo who is very sick at this writing. Jonnio Gaipes, littla daughter of Mr and Mrs. C. H. Chisholm, has been very sick for the past ver. Court should call on new t'ger on Ditney ridge. Could get some information if you get the right one. The doputy collector cut un a still on Nortii fork Feb. . There were two men arrcstr d. l.-t- L. O. REDWAY. Vanovcr& Helton have quit the gond3 business, having sold their stock to C. L. Reed. Mr. W. S. Vanover contemplates a prospective visit to Jenkir.s City. GAPVILLE. Neri Taulbeeand ife, of Dale, J. D. Bond and Louis Williams visited Mrs. Taulbee's parents, passed through here last week Mr,, and Mrs. Matthew Amyx, on business, the past week. Miss Bertha Howard passed Mr?. Harlan Hull, who has here going to Floyd county, been very ill with dropsy, is no whf re she will visit Mrs. Walter better. Holbrook for a few days. Ye scribe spent Sunday at t! e The little daughter of May Enhome of William Hall. gland is still on the sick list. Andy Whitt, who is in the hosA. B. Poe and family left here pital at Lexington for an operalast week for Oklahoma. tion, h improving nicely and will soon return honu. ELM. Constance. Lonzo Estep and R. V. Jenkins have gone to Jenkins City. Mrs. J. F. McKcnzie is im- proving very slow. C. W. Wheclrr h;.s bought Menifee Montgomery's farm. A few days ago Smith Din'fu ' horse, while dozing, fell OUT OF THE FIELD and killed himself. John Baker passed through here a few days ago. Dover. OLDE. Harlan Blair and wif formerly of Huntington W. Va., are here to live on their farm this summer. John Whitt is diggingcoal bad as it is. He says it is dig or freeze. Olde will instruct for Roosevelt for President and Frank Blair for Clerk. Hello! John H. Patrick, why not you be our next sheriff? Ham Jenkins has sold out to move to Jenkins to joia the pace of all fort ms seekers. OIL SPRINGS. Harry Baye3 spent Saturday and Sunday with Binson Litteral Jr., of this place. Myrcle Williams of Staffords-villpassed through hero Tuesday eniout to Green Rock. Misses Edith Kanard and Clara W.'llen, who arc .school a- at Paint-svil'cvoting home-folthis week. Bro. Green delivered a very interesting and instructive sermon at the Methoniat church last Saturday night, o. , ks Robert Griffith of this place, is teaching a singing school on State Road Fork. Miss Myrtle Litteral is teaching school at this place with great success. Ray Stafford who i3 attending school at Paintsville, is visiting home folks this week. (Continued on pape 3.) PUFF STUFF. GIFFORD. Ethel, the little daugter of W. M. Williams, has been very sick but we are glad to note is better. J. E. Guliett has caught and sold $8.35 worth of fur during January. C. H. Rice, our jolly miller, entertains the boys while making their meal. There i3 not much news this week at fact not much at any time, of interest, as the patpleofthis neighborhaod are g mostly quiet, sober and farmers and it i seldom you hear the report of a gun at night or hear a drunk man's curse. We have a good church and school-housand tho parents generally are taking an interest in education, without which the morals of any community are endangered. Our educated people have higher Judge. ideals than crime. I wish we could receive such reports fiom every corner of our county. Magoffin would bo a better and wealthier county. e, DIET AND HEALTH HINTS J. AllCN Fuod Specialist By DB. T. MIXING RICE AND BEANS. "When rice and beans are eaten at the same meal, mutt the rlcs be retained In the stom. ach till the beans are ready to pass out?" a subscriber asks the editor of a health magazine. The answer, "Not necessarily" Incomplete and Is necessarily unsatisfactory to ono who wishes to know whether the mono-ditheory so much emphasized In these Hints Is as Important as It must be If the arguments In Its support are well founded. The correct answer to the question can be definitely determined meal cf beans and by eating rlcs and withdrawing the contents of the stomach two hours afterwards, when It will be found that the beans and the rice are so well mixed that to separate them would be a much greater tax upon the stomach, If that were possible, than to retain the rice three, hours Instead of one, whatever the effect of that may be. Sclentlflo Investigation requires reasons for all phenomena, but the practical application of the monodlet la easily determined by experience. (Cwrllht. JW, by Joseph B. Bowles.)

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