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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, February 9, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

NUMBER 5. Correspondence. WALDO. Editor Mountaineer: I have received one copy of the MountainTo CoMiEsroNDENTs: Mail your early so they will get to us ot In- eer. I am more than pleased ter than Monday night. Hulks: Write with it. on one eido of the paper only; write V, S. Slaughter and D. S. tt and pithily; spell namuacorrectly, were here, on their last trip write "Cor" on the envelope. inspecting cross ties. Born, to the wife of George S. EVER. Wireman, twin girls. Hurrah boys! subscribe for the One of Lewis Wireman's chil- 1I I I Mountaineer if you wantthribble ll taren was uauiy uurneu Dy ooiung your moneys worth. Those who water. won't subscribe possibly are like During the cold weather Robthe man who, was too economical to purchase or subscribe for any ert Baldridge was driving the p ipe- - and sent his little boy to only cow he had to the feed borrow a copy taken by his neigh-bo- -. ground, and she fell and broke In his haste the boy ran her neck. over a $4.00 stand of bees and in The telephone line from W. P. ten minutes looked like a warty Powers to A. J. Pattons will summer squash. His father who soon be completed. ran to his assistance and failing Cleveland Olivers wife has been fence, to notice a barbw-wir- e on the sick list but is some better. cutting a handfull ran into that, The tilk is that J. B. Wireman of flesh from his anatomy and ruof pants. The and S. M. Wireman will build a ining a $4.00 pir o'd cow took advantage of the telephone line from Waldo to gap in the fence and got into the Goodloe. corn field and killed herself eatA. J. Allen is starting in a ing green corn. Hearing arack-e- t small job of the vife ran out, upset a four S. D. Stacy has opened a 3ft 3 gallon churn full of rich cream drowning inch vein of coal. itito a basket of kittens thent're litter. In her haste Logan Bailey is at Catlettsburg she dropped a $25.00 set of false in jail for "moonsnining," but teeth. The baby having been will get out 11th of February. l'ft alone crawled through the Born to the wife of Joseph cpil'ed milk and into the parlor twins, a boy and girl. ruining a bran new 20.00 carpet. A. o. During the excitement the oldest, ORDWAY. daughter ran away with the hired man, the dog broke up eleven setThe boys have finished setting ting hens and the calves got out up the posts for the new telephoand chewed the tails off of four ne line. They will be ready to fine shirts. put up the wire as soon as they So this i3 the luck of the misr jget a few more insolators. that loves money too well to invJames Wireman pased through est enough to pay the subscrip- here looking for cattle. tion on a good publication. B Johnson, of Goodloe, sold to To my brother "truck farmer" you how Kendall Howard, a mule. of Magoffin. Let me tell Bill Johnson, of Salyersville, to grow a bounteous crop of fine prizewinniiig tomatoes of the fin- passed through here enroute to est and richest flavor. First se- Middle Creek to buy cattle. lect a plot of good rich soil, then Gracie Arnett, of Dotson, was plow or spade the soil deep mak- in this neighborhood visiting ing it of a goodmellowconditicn, friends from Saturday until Monthen mark off 2x4 feet and in day. each cross apply one gallon coal Josephus Howard is attending ashes mixing this thoroughly in school at Berea, where he is takthe soil, then get stakes not less ing a business course. five f ett in height and place than The sick on Howard's Branch in the cross for each plant. Now you are ready to set your plants. are some better this week. MOUNTAIN LAD. Place each plant 4 to C inches from the stakes on the soul h side PAINTSVILLE. of them. Then after you get a good stand cultivate thoroughly Abbott Adams of Lickburg, has and watch for the little suckers accepted a position as teacher in or branches and keep them all the Industrial School at Lexing pinched off only allow ing the one ton, Ky. principal vine tomountthe stake. Mrs. Pelina Huff is on the sick Keep the vine tied to the stake, strings, a it list this week. using twine or Mrs. Ed Jenkins is on the sick mount3. Be sure to not interfere or bother the tiny blossoms in. list this week. Her many friends removing the suckers. Try this hope she will soon be out again. plan if you never have and you Mrs. J. F. Bailey entertained a will be surprised when your har- number of her friends at her vest time comes on to see your home Tuesday night. vines overloaded with big fine L. G. Shipley, of Pikeville, is healthy fruit in town this week.will insure you This plan Byron Conley, of Falcon,' passrot and many other things ed through here Monday, enroute that cause a failure. Now is the time to begin to home from Louisville, Ky. save up your nshes and if you Espie Roberts and Lafe Ward, save too much for the tomato pat- students of S. V. S. left monday ch all the better, you can put the for Bowling Green where they balance anywhere which will pay will enter school at that place. you in the end for your trouble. Messrs Fred Castle and Schei-nEditor's note. Keep your ashmade a business trip to Hell-ie- r, es dry so they will not leach. last week. Mr. Bruce Montgomery, formD. B. Patrick, of Salyersville, erly of Grayfox, has recently purchased a farm on the Ham- passed through here Saturday, home from Richmond, mond Fork of Rockhouse, in the enroute where he had been to place his boundary of the big coal fields, costing him about $25 per acre. daughter Nell in school. J. P. Adams, one of Paints-ville'- s Watch out land buyer she is goleading barbers, is spending up. Soon will be out of ing a few days with home folks reach. W. H. J. at Salyersville. let-to- r Ar-ne- Tobe Wiley, a popular insuran- tried and has stood the test. His ce agent, went to Salyersville one administrations marked a new day this week, in the interest of epochjin the progress of civilizathe Company. tion. A new era of unprecident-e- d The writer has received three copies of the Mountaineer, and we are greatly pleased with it The editor Mr. S. S. Elam is a good news paper man, and the Mountaineer is a paper worth our while to read. w. s. 1 ! I ELSIE. J. T. Howard lost a fine 2 year old steer in the river, valued at $25 00. A. Craft lost his only fattening hotr in the river, weight about 200 pounds. Margarette, wife of Gratts Reed, died last Friday. She leaves a husband and two children. A fine Republican boy came to the home of Grover Casebolt last Saturday. W. S. Reed is spending a few days at home. Uncle Rastus. saw-login- g. Van-derpo- k, The People's Choice 1912. OVER prosperity and universal Now, that Col. Roose- velt had announced that while ho is not a candidate that he will not disregard the demands of the people and will accept the j, if tendered, it behooves the leaders of the party, as well as all who arc interested in the succt'ss of the party and who favor clean and a progressive administration of government come boldly to the front and in tho language of thoMour-talnefe- r, "Stand for the people's rights,, nnt their wrongs." Already an effort is being made! to start a boom for Mr. Taft in this county. Letters are daily'rcceiVed bv local leaders fiomi Senator Bradley urginc theirs to make a fight for the Surgery and Female Diseases a Specialty. PreayJent; but unless all stens Good Attention. Rntea RrnnnhU. faiNfiid all omens prove to be a Good Rooms. fakeVthc writer predicts that M. C. KASH, M. D. SALYERSVILLE. KY. whe'i the delegates are selected to attend tho National o rule or ruin noliev of Senator Bradley will receive, at the Hands of the people, the has long merited, and on that day the voters will adopt theirjdeclaration of independence frorrthe domination of riig rule in politics. noml-naticr- DRUG STORE. Conven-tion.'uh- TELLA. Montgomery and wife have been visiting relatives at Ohpir this week. Arthur Hensley, of Webbville, was here Sunday visiting his brother, J. N. Hensley. I W. R. Pratek. G. W. Slone made a business trip to Salyersville la3t week. The policy of silence maintainGeorge, of Lickburg, ed by former President Roosevelt Hiram pissed through here Sunday en seems to be causing the followers of President Taft far more worry route to Rock House. than it does Mr. Roosevelt. Another Democrat Heard From. The Progressives will get no m?t favors from President Taft, FLORRESS. but that will not bemuch different Kentucky Mountaineer: from the treatment they have reI am just in receipt of the sec- cently received. ond issue of the Mountaineer and Col. Roosevelt seems to be one regard it as an ideal country news why it of the few persons in the United paper and see no reason should not be a great force in the States who is not worked up over mountains for good. The only his alleged candidacy for Presobjection I have to your paper is idency. Louisville Post. that its politics seem to be a little Boquet From Louisa. out of date. If you can't be anything else but The Kentucky Mountaineer, a republican be progressive, not published at Salyersville, Magof a stand patter. I will enclose fin county, has reached this office. you a check for $1,00 anyway. This latent venture into tho newsSend me the paper one year and paper field in this section is highly if I cant stand its politics I will creditable to its editor. Mr. S. S just pass it over to my wife. She Elam. It is all home print, and was reared in Magoffin county, makes a favorable impression up on the reader. The news extends and maybe she can stand it. congratulations. Big Sandy THOMAS J. ELAM. News. (Continued on page 2.) R. S. SANITARIUM Thanks, Bro. Cottle. GREAT Emergency SaSe Begins Monday, Jan. 29, running thirty days. Entire line of calicos 5 cts per yard. 10 cent ginghams at 8 3 cts per yard, 8 3 ginghams at cents per yard, G -1 cent ginghams at 5 cents per yard. Ffty cent dress goods at forty cents per yard. The entire line of ( 4 1- "FAMOUS KIPLING SHOES" Also the at first cost. greatest bargains ever offered in five, ten, twenty-five and fifty cent goods. Wc carry a complete line of GENERAL MERCHANDISE, which will be found as CHEAP as the above. W. P. CARPENTER. JUST BE TO THEM. If your life is not insured for a sufficient amount, don't think Your WIFE and BABIES and others dependent upon YOU aro taking the chance and carrying the risk, and not yourself. that YOU are taking the risk, for YOU are not. The Modern Woodmen of America The first issue of the Kentucky Is one of the cleanest, That in every crisis of moment Mountaineer came to our ex and every struggle for govern- change table last week. The zations in existence. best and cheapest insurance organiIt has more MEMBERS, 1,350,000, mental reform, the nations and salutatory was appropriate and than the next five big fraternal insurance organizations. the tribes of earth naturally turn to some leader equal to the work of the occasion, is amply verified in the returning confidence of the American people to Roosevelt as the standard bearer of his party for the Presidency in 1912. The maids of old greeted Saul and David on tho return from their victorious campaigns with the declaration that "Saul hath slain his thousands and David his ten thousands." Today the Republican party of the United States greets Taft, Roosevelt and LaFollette as its leaders, with the declaration that "While Taft has been the friend of thousands and LaFollette of his ten thousands, that Roosevelt has been the guaraian of millions." Aside from the fact that Col. Roosevelt is the only man whose candidacy could unite the warring factions of his party, and cause the insurgent and the standpatter to lie down as the lion and the leopard, the policies for which he stands has been well written. The entire paper was well ed ited and the Mechanical part well executed. Its editor, S.S. Elam. has the correct idea of what constitutes a readable newspaper. We predict for the Mountaineer a howling success, and we wel come editor Elam into the jour nalistic arena. Licking Valley Courier. Almost every person in Ma goffin county has relatives in dis tant States who would become readers of the Mountaineer if they knew that a paper was published in their home county. To reach these persons we make this offer to our Magoffin county readers; For tnn cents we will send the MOUNTAINEER to any address for one month. In sanding in trial subscriptions use tnis blank: Name. Address 10 cents must be enclosed with this blank. Join now. Tomorrow may be too late. For particulars write to Kelly Elam, elam, ky. Clarence Bailey Keeps a full line of up-to-da- groceries. te CHEAPEST CASH PRIECS HE ALSO SELLS Deering Mowing Machines and keeps in stock supplies for this State Normal. A Training School for Teachers. Preparatory, State Certificate, Life Diploma, County Certificate, Review, Special. TUITION FREE TO APPOINTEES. COURSES: Exptnses Very Address J. Low. Ask About G. CRABBE, it Artistic Catalejw Fm. Richmond, Ky. President,

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