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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3 D. Mr. Kerley Recognized Governor Nunn recognized Mr. Kerley and expressed his regrets and the regrets of the members of the Board of Trustees that he was leaving the Uni- versity of Kentucky. He thanked him for the many contributions he has rendered to the University and to the Commonwealth and extended best wishes in his new assignment. In order that the record might show the appreciation of the Board, Governor Nunn appointed a committee to draft a resolution commending him for his service here. To the committee he named Mr. Albert Clay, Chairman, Governor A. B. Chandler and Professor Paul-Oberst. The Governor also requested this same committee to draft a resolution of appreciation to the Search Committee commending them for the job they have done. E. Dr. Kirwan Named Seventh President of the University of Kentucky Governor Nunn called on Governor Chandler who said he was speaking on behalf of the entire Board. He reviewed the many roles Dr. Kirwan has played at the University of Kentucky, beginning as a student and ending with his service as Acting President. In recognition of the magnificent contribution which Dr. Kirwan has made to the University and to the Commonwealth, the Board of Trustees has unanimously agreed to issue a nunc pro tunc order that the record show that Dr. A. D. Kirwan was the President of the University of Kentucky from the day he became Acting President until his successor takes over. Mr. Clay put it in the form of a motion which was seconded and carried unanimously. Governor Nunm said this action by the Board of Trustees was not only an expression of appreciation for the past year but of appreciation for a man who has given his whole life to this institution. He continued that one of the 'fringe benefits" of being President swas the privilege of having his portrait hung Wvith those of other Presidents of the University of Kentucky, and he appointed a com- mittee composed of Mrs. Blazer, Chairman, Mr. Hillenmeyer and Mr. Wrightto assume responsibility for selecting the artist and commissioning the painting of a suitable portrait of the seveenth Prtsident of the University of Kentucky, Dr. A. D. Kirwan. Dr. Kir-wan responded by saying that the action of the Board had rendered himn almost speechless. He thanked them from the bottom of his heart for this latest expression of confidence and for the support which they have given him through,.ut thec year. F. Latter from Dr. Albright Governor Nsunn read the following letter he had received from Dr. A. D. Albr ight:

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