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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2 of Texas System, to the Board of Trustees as a man well qualified to fill the Presidency of the University of Kentucky. Dr. Singletary is now willing to accept appointment as President, and because his nomination was enthusiastically accepted by the Board of Trustees, the Screening Committee does not find it necessary to make an alternate nornination. The financial arrangements are parallel to those provided for the last President and identical to those offered in November. The committee expresses its appreciation, for the concerned advice and assistance it has received from many people within the University and the Commonwealth, as well as throughout the Nation, which has helped it in carrying out its charge. Governor Nunn asked if Mr. Qriffin would like to rmake the recommen- dation in the form of a motion. Mr. Griffin concurred and the motion was seconded by the other three members of the Search Committee, Mrs. Blazer, Mr. Blck, and Dr. Nicholas. Governor Nunn called for discussion and, there being none, the motion was put to a vote and all present voted aye. Governor Nunn then announced that by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees Dr. Otis A. Singl-etary would become the next President of the University of Kentucky and asked Dr. if he would like to say anything. Dr. Kirwan reported to the Board that he had talked with Dr. Singletary in New York on Monday, May 26, and had indicated to him at that time that Governor Nunn might wish to communicate with him soon after 2:00 o'clock on Tuesday, the twenty-seventh. Dr. Singletary replied that he would be enroute between New York and Texas at that time but authorized Dr. Kirwan to say to Governor Nunn and the members of the Board that if there was an invitation from the Board Dr. Kirwan might accept it in his name. In answer to a question from Governor Nunn as to when Dr. Singletary might be expected to come to the University, Dr. Kirwan replied that he had asked to be relieved of his duties in Texas so that he might be at the University of Kentucky by the first of August. He has received no commitment from Chancellor Ransom as yet but he is of the opinion he can be here by August 1 or shortly thereafter, certainly by the time the University opens in late August. Governor Niunn then asked if Dr. Singletary might be coming to the campus for a visit prior to that and Dr. Kirwan replied that he was scheduled to speak at a conference sponsored by the Brookings Institute at Carnahan House on Monday, June 2, and would be in Lexington that weekend. He added that he and Mrs. Kirwan would have an Open House at Maxwell Place on Monday afternoon, June 2, from 4:00 to 6:00 p. n-i. to which all members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and student body of the University were invited, as wellas any citizens of Lexington or the Commor.nwe alth who might wish to meet Dr. and Mrs. Singletary on their first visit to the carnpus since his appointment as President.

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