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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 25, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

t l r it nj I 11 t i not accurately give the number presentwas put with¬ mands was once small Stud colt under 1 yearA S Chew ¬ popular sport he has recog ¬ White CornI C Winfrey Miss l yet we ae safe in saying that fully in the reach of the boys and girls ning A F Wilson nized that it is growing rapidly Mr The following is the result of both young women and men of thousand persons were there Mollie Caldwell Western Harvey says that although his Uusiness Mare or gelding Wilson Bros gairies There were hardy so many horses on Yellow CornW E Todd Kentucky Write concerning free tu¬ Mare or gelding 3 and under L here was in the beginning somewhat of Onions J H Young Marvin Young exhibition as habeen seen some years MORNING GAME ition and other items Address H H a venture his success has been suffi considerably above the Sweet PotatoesGolan Butler John Martin but they were AB H R PO A E Cherry President Bowling Green Ky cient already Mare or gelding 2aund under 3 HI1 Columbia to assure him that he average in merit and attractiveness and A Caldwell 412t Frazier 3b was not mistaken in his judgment when plenty to make good and interesting Irish PotatoesAF Wilson Miss L Martin Clay Coleman 4 Winfrey rf Mare under 1 year W E Hillis ahwsin nearly every ring The dis ¬ Bettie SmitOn account of low water for the next he located 1 0 tf 1 1 3 R Judd p ¬ He is an aggressisve enterprising Breeding hCabbageH P Willis Jesse play of farm garden and orchard prod 1 2 seven or eight days I will be installing Holladay 2b 3 young man possessing likeable per ¬ and clearly indicated Stallion mare or gelding any TomatoesMrs G B Yates Mrs ucts were fine my engine at my mill on Russells rr Judd ss sonal characteristics and social quali- ¬ ie B Baily Wilson Bros that this section as a rule is under Trabue Shearer Stulfcsib 2 0 Creek Farmers will please not bring ties which make him popular and the Display of Vegetables Golan Butler valued by many of our people who fail Finest TurnoutSelden Young Young If 0 i wheat until the expiration of that time 31 friend of all who come in contact with etc The to produce the choice fruits BeetsJ A English Mrs G B Mule raceSherrod Murrell first Rosenfield c 3 1 when I will again commence grinding him His latchstring office at sheep and hog pens were not so full as Yates Plato Wade second lam also moving my exchange to the always out and therefore his acquainis B Moore cf ¬ his fine and Best Buck R K Young Hugh Rich- ¬ Plug horse race PJato Wade first common but the grade was 29 312710 8 lot recently purchased of the planing tance is rapidly extending while the Vernon Holt second great posibilities when ardson points to the mill company It G B Smith aggregate volume of business of the Greensburg AB H R PQA E FOURTH DAY proper care is taken in breeding and Best EweR K Young Hugh Rich- ¬ Pacific company is en ¬ Cox c ardson v 5 1 012 1 0 Stallion 4 and Over Coffey Bros feeding DrC D Moore haS purchased the larging Western Selling rate than anticiv510 Wilson p at a greater 030 Buck and two ewes R K Young Young H L Martin The rivalry in the cattle reached its farm on which Mr Ed Hopewell lives pated 0 50 Stallion 3 and under4A K Rupe Shreve 3b highest point when the Herrifords Hugh Richardson three and onehalf miles from Colum ¬ R V Kirkham sales manager W Moore Ib 610 and BoarOne year and over R F Wilson BrosAngus and Shorthorn met in the various bia on Campbellsville pike and will Thomas R Johnson contract manager 1 11 Stallion 2 and under 37HL Martin- Marcum rf rings and when the shows were over Paull Consid ¬ remove to if at an early day of the company are likewise most en 1 ughanlf Boar Under one year R F Paull A S each breed marched out with evidence > eration 1500 Dr Moore will trans terprising young business men Shreve ss and 1 Mf Stallion 1 year and und r of honors The truth is that the beef WE Todd fer his present home in Cane Valley the trio thus identified with the citys 0 arrimore 2b year and over John W Marlle R H Chewning T Best io cattle shown would be a credit to any to his daughter Mrs Clarence Page i iSandridgecf commercial life will add materially 00 Paull county or any fair in the State The Flowers Stallion under one yearNat WaWmule shows were hardly up to the Best sow Under 1 ye FR F Paull er A F Wilson 3ThT6iiiThT- It will not be but a short time until thereto every day They expect to en average though some good ones were W ETodd Paull W Mare under 1 score be innings brick laying will be commenced on the large the compariys scope continuously brought to the front We can not Best sow any age John W Flowers E Hillis 123456789CoJ 0 Russell buildings The burning and to ultimately operate the biggest I selling com R F Paull give all the interestingvfeatures due to Mare or gelding 1 year and under 2 lumbia < 0000000011Gr- of the brick was finished last Sunday and most comprehensive Lale City pa¬¬ pany in the West Salt Best Boar any ageR F Paull merely a mention of Robt Young Chas Murrah lack of space but night It will take ten days for the e9nsburg Best Sow and three pigsR F Paul some of the leading shows and contests Mare or gelding 2 andrjinder 3Clay Bieon balls off Judd 2 hit by pitch kiln to cool and at the expirating of Mr John T Harvey is the second Best Phaeton Pony Wilson Bros Coleman The four stakes saddle model com > erby Judd 1 left on base Greensburg that time tlje hauling of the brick to son of Mrs Mary T Harvey of this designed by the G P Murphey Mare or gelding 3 and under 4Mrs 6G lumbia 5 two base hit Wilson the square win commence j bined and Roadster place A few months ago he spent Best Saddle mare 4 and ov errrWjJ W E Bradshawj H L Martin Association to tickle the fancy of the three base hit Larrimore stolen base several weeks with his mother and son Bros John N Conover Mareor gelding 4 and overWilson B Moore 2 struck by Judd 9 by Wil ¬ stockmen and to entertain the many Diedt sister here The above article states Baileypresent did not fall below the mark of Best Saddle gelding 4 and over Wil ¬ Bros son I4 Umpire Cravens t it correctly when it says Mr Haryey is Gentleman rider over 50 years oldJexpectation especially in the Roadster son Bros AETERNOON GAME Mrs Myrt 0 Collins who was the Combined Horses WilsOn Bros Cof D Walker B 0 Grover ring It proved one of the most spiritColumbia AB H R POAE wife of W T> ColJinSiKdiediat her late a young man of fine business attain ¬ iJ Y y ros YOU Mare or gelding any ageWilson Winfrey rf 522 ed of the entire program 0 home in the White Oak country last ments Double team reglleth of Owner Bros Clay Coleman Frazier If The Ladies riding ring was warmly 1 5 Saturday about 10 a m She was about A Good Home For Sale Lady riderMrs E E Cheatham R Judd 1b contested by four of the best riders in shipWilson BrosJ B Bailey 27 years oid and was a victim of stom- ¬ Plug Horse RaceVernon Holt first Mrs Hugh Noe Holladay 2d 522 this part of the country and while only ach trouble Combined gelding owned in Adair TiJuddss one could wear the blue yet the con ¬ Plato Wade second E T Richards 2 countyJo Coffey test was so close that it took the Judge third Stults p 10 4 The largest crowd that ever attended Columbia is for sale The dwelling v Fast st MuIePlato Wade firs1 Combined mare owned in Adair coun Young cf quite a while to make his mind The 0 a Fair in Columbia was here last Thurs ¬ contains ten rooms between 2 and 3 vt4v e0 J SGhewning premium a Beautiful ten dollar nec Robert Young sec6ndir PlatovWade Rosenfield c 4 0 1 11 2 0 day The order was remarkably good acres of ground good water and good > >b l t Roadster Ring C J Richards W Callisdn3b lace was won by Mrs E E Cheatham third 2 0 throughout the day In fact the con ¬ outbuildings come Jruit Will sell at 1 4 i T Smith T and was presented by ovJ R Hind x Johnson 27 10 1 duct was exceptionably good during the a bargain TR 402016 Dairy pattle Jerseycow 3ani oVer Best Turnout colored couple James few well chosen remarKs man Columbia Ky Greensburg Kzs r v Ji E entire exhibition There was scarcely 403t foro Mrsbt Cravens0 Davis Henry Parker The riding contest for men between Jim any drinking only one man pulled Coxcr 4 10 A Walking mare or geldingC E Wil the age of fifty and one hundred years A committee of two gentlemen and WilsOh3bO 4 0 during the week for being enthused lis 01 Miller was another feature It was wo Kemp three ladies have been appointed to r byMrJDWalker who was warm Best Jersey under 1 yearLucienI Best rockaway marebr geldingJ L Shreve ss The school per capata for Adair layoff the lots in the cemetery and fix Moore Ib 41 8 11 many friends Hunn J H Young B Baily L R Morris J5ijr congratulated yhis county for this year is 420 One hun ¬ the price on said lots The committee Marcum rf 0 jt Best cow under A A English Mo t beautiful colt under 1 yearBdred and thirteen counties have been will meet in the cemetery on the eveeTe colt shows failed to be as interest Henry MIller 1 o Shreve p 4 1 ti8p is usualsInce there were two or F Paul A S Chewning gone over and the lowest is 393 the ning of September 2 1909 and all per ¬ 2b Larrimore O2 1 1 highest 439 Thoroughbred raceA H Holt first three that outclassed the great bulk of Best Jersey any ageG A Kemp this raise is due to the sons who want to buy and obtain Sandidgecf 360 bull three and overR F Vernon Holt second Plato Wade third dog tax passed by a Democratic Legis ¬ to their lots are requested to meet the l ljwungsters ordinarily good enough to Best Rucker If 0 40 Mule raceRollin Willis first Jv R jpjpi after the blue ribbons Mr R F Paull W L Walker lature committeeCemetery Best bull 1 year old and under 2R- Bennett 2d Dewitt Melson 3rd cut a broad 34632476T4fcauirs colt Invjncible Improvement Association score by innings Mr A A Miller Democratic candi ¬ wrath and took in every dollar it went T Baker L D Potts Best bull under 1 yearR T Baker Russell Loses a WellKnown Citizen Mr A S Chewnings and Mr date for jailer will remove from Glen Misses Madge Rosenfield and Mabel Garrod R Allen Columbia 2 0 0 4 0 010 0 ville to Columbia He has purchased Atkins entertained last Thuraday Greensburg Best cow 3 andover R F Paul of Mr Tom Waggener his residence on evening at the home of the latter in La Thursday morning Mr S A J L D Potts Base on ball off Stults 1 off Shreve 1 Bomar Heights for 1350 Mr Wag¬ honor of Miss PaXey Moffet of Leba ¬ ¬ County Judge of Rus Best cow 1 year old and under 2R- Gann a former left on base Columtia 8 Greensburg 4 r gener to give posession the first of next non and Miss Laura Cantrill of Greens ¬ will prove their greatness over the sell county and the Republican nominee two F Paull L D Potts base hits Wilson R Judd Holla month show horses ij iTerage burg A large circle of friends were >> for Circuit Court clerk to be voted for day T Judd Best cow under 1 year LD Potts and F The draft contests for the best team invited refreshments were served and at the November election died at Mc- hits Moore Winfrey Stults three base j Sl horses and also for the best team of Best bull anyageR F Paull L Kinney Ky The Judge was visiting Frazier home Mr Barn McGaha who lives near the evening delightfully spent run Stults sacriffce hit Rosenfield 2 McGaha met with a serious accident ules were features of unusual inter D PottsBest his daughter Mrs Olga Gooch at Mc t any Young stolen base Marcum Winfrey last Wedneeday Baker He was handling logs fS5it In both it was almost beyond the Mr A H Ballard and Mr Jo Rus ¬ Kinney when the end came The re ¬ 3 R Judd Callison Rosenfield Young and in some way got hi s left thumb Best bull and three f emales R F the marshals to keep the power of sell have purchased Mr M Cravens l mains were conveyed to Jamestown for T Judd struck out by stults 11Shreve caught in a pair of log tongs cutting stock of drugs etc and have rented v erowd from closing in olthe teams so Paull L D interment The deceased was about 7 = theUmpire Cravens it off at first joint er were the of Mr Cravens the store room and will fiftyfive years old and was wellknown lowers of the various teams Mn Jo Stallion The open a general line of groceries throughout Russell county He was Saturday evening in a very charming Son H L Martin d won with the horses while Mr C Powell Residence Burned will be sold to the drugstock of drugs manner Miss Mary Miller entertained gists The new firm will take pos ¬ jflfe Herriford outdone all others with Stallion 3 and under 4 Wilson Bros buried M sonically many Masons being in line the young people in honor of her guests session the 2nd of September But few of our Virgo Epperson I s powerful mules The dwelling house and most of the Misses Mary Bosley of Lebanon and Stallion 2 and under L Grady < Farm For Sale people and stock men contested Iiwn contents the property of Mr James Ruth Lyon of Campbellsville Young H L Martin One of the4est sermons we ever premiums Coffey Bros Grissora who lives near Bliss was con ¬ heard Eld Z T Williams deliver and Stallion under 1 yearA S Chew JoUY1ihowed one horse but landed two I desire to sell my farm containing sum d byfire last Friday night just Mrs WE Eubank a former resi- we have heard him often was preach ning A F Wilson Russell dark the cook iitbr r SaC Mackin our special Judge Mare or Gelding 4 and overWilson about 250 acres lying in 14 milecounty after and MrsThere was fire inpreparing dent of Cane Valley and a very fine ed at the Presbyterian church Sunday Grissom was o n Cumberland river from room ladydied at Oberlin Kansaslast week evening It was union services a ured up to the high expectation of Bros J B BaBy Creelsboro on the road to Burksville is supper but the fire did not start from She was a daughter of the late T J large congregation being present Mare or gelding 3 and under 4Mrs association and the popular judg a fine farm in a good state of cultiva- ¬ this apartment It was first discover ¬ Johnston and was about 30 years old well and only in two or three W E Bradshaw the Fair Grounds on thei Mare or gelding 2 and under 3H- tion well watered with a well springst testS were mutters heard The fact ¬ creeks and the river being the All who want Watkins remedies call 4rd day a genine gold brooch with NA Mackin grows in public con LMartin I fu Winfrey Mr ¬ B Rasner or M D engraved in script letters 6 Find ¬ Mare under 1 year R F Paul W the south has a good room brick dwell sible after the alarm was given but on Mrs Geo Staples J ljiaCnce arid judgment as the exercises I ing and cellar has all necessary out too late as not only the dwelling but a see me on the square the first Monday er return to this office and receive 100 t Itfs decision powers where honors and E Hillis 422t reward The pin is round arid about B Grant Brood mare and coltB T Paull A buildings three barns and cribs and two great deal of household goods were con ¬ inSeptemberJ Money are at stake While his decis sumed The property was insured for tenant houses will give some man a 422t the size of a penny were highly satisfactory yet he S Chewning One fair plus 25 cents to the Louis bargain For further information call six hundred dollars men Pair draft horses Jo Reed giving his judgement where ville Demorcatic barbecue August 31 was Mr Wm Dodd Hustonville to see or write me at Creeelsborc ICy honor were contending for pre ige and September let greatly missed from the show rings veryRespt Death of a Little jCo better class of stock men ever vis He usually has some good horses here > H C Jackman M Dfair and that was worth much Most beautiful double team Wilson our Workmen are here from the city put ¬ but his stock got out of shape a few V Wednesday morning about 2 ting fri the furnace at the Lindsey Wil ¬ days and the Association Again Bros r tbe One of the best jobs of vehicle paint ¬ I Last before our fair commenced oclock little Eleanor Hurt the eight son schoolbuilding oee responsible for the Fair never ing that we have noticed for many old daughter of Mr and ifrs adahetter lot of men to deal with tingly third moons is the 6ne just completed by MrI months l> > Rev W M White pastor at Union My Rubber tire Phaeton for sale in whom special privileges RolHn Hurt fell asleep her spirit to f tboae rud Eubank the painting of Mr 3 occupied the pulpit at the Presbyterian > Mrs WF Hancock IC4Sqf ¬ good condition gentlemen pass from earth to pith w MuleracePlatoVl d R aere sold They were deal to to who Willis Columbia Ky church Sunday forenoon He is quite second thqe X fer little children iorcpme unto Me and only gave a square a young man but preaches entertain ¬ kept the faith for of such is the King THIRDDAY i patrpm led them but changed the s elt frost the side to forbid them not There Jis a stray hog weighing about ingly In point of conJ This little one was LcrbaeS woi ei makfiiif tig riding much MID of heaven h the Association t Tt J permitted to Kve riot quite eight 90 r notg theripg of the same magiiieUl Quite a number of young people o efe Stapleton v v sVV > ever cwitclasied Not iraontn and during the short period of jjjacl kind f at the home of Drand Mrs C M taken fro1Ilt e- Pair mare muleaLC Butler Youag d Columbia in 1 her life she was sick almost conitamtlyl Lebanon ght aodaofe three foot boards Russell last Saturday evening spend wanttdi3r100 Coffey vSv > tor1IJWcond11ct noon gam Columbia She wa a bright child the idol of r< J V White i f ings vefai hours very d lightfully llY socially air mare mulei v2 and under 3Tilr dMdherdayand night IOCCHI partnts who wa J5 a TIlE COLUMBIA FAIR I yearJ < WilsonI 3W ¬ WIL < 3A SF ¬ 4four L 4H 400 331 00 000 I 003 300 020 age 3008 01 0081 311402 ¬ Chewningc y 2T sow1 112 511 410 t2 201 30 021 311 31 RF 4211 it he yearRF ¬ I perS 00001140 06 < v r > JB T 1 f 00 22 553 900 320 44 030 420 v < 4 ina sEcoNnbii wBest l rl LHuflb17f 1 r 1rltiijOA i 00 10 2o 23 l l Oil 10 f2 01 4PQ r yearJ jjitMyresid9nce l20 tyA v ii- 00 I 2r he idter titlei 101 000 123456789 x16 02000000 13 edgeandfeived Jfar I T ageRT IHARNESS I = I I 1 3W Sfe art vUas it < it ILosTAt V r geldingWilsonBros < k j U 1pe Holtfirst Hp t firtE ann 1 4 ordBiIlJrancQCk it r l4 r> 4 rt 4r y r i ChildI cuJbright II > Jfarmr JE > v < dndaji ifl 1dft Badatonthi afternoon t r u 1l c c r hr 1i I i 11 i f iI i2a f 2 P fT j 1 t LaU ff c I tr i > r i4t F c t Y r 421t3 L y 1I

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