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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 21, 1956

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

' 0 thi- CLCZ3T - t P v;::;:ly k2v:?aper. in jeffersc.n c:l . I tJ :LY (CUTSID3 LOUISVILLE), NEWSPAPER CCUTY-VIC- 2 - 3 t for me, "od;' i a. r- - i V.: I tilm cL w3 will crll upon save Lord X j n . 55:18. IIo. t t E3TAELISIILD JU1I3 1C07 J W or cmvic: to V Adverts Court Ruling Addilion Vasl Expansion Y7 t !. OL li) T 2-- A " to 59-ac- re R' IT" Jm , . . Low bidders for the junior high section are: Sullivan & Cozart, Inc., general construction, $775,800; Ward Refrigeration & Engineering Company and F. W. Strohmeier & Sons, Inc., plumbing and heating, joint bid of $155,190; Joe H. Hayes Electric Company, wiring and lighting, and McGill Con-- . struction Company, site improvements, $116,650. The total is $68,437 less than the board's original estimate. Ilrs. Peier J. McCarthy Expires On Her 63rd Birthday Anniversary 2-- A Mrs. Sallie F. Rothenburger. McCarthy, wife of Peter J. McCarthy, a retired farmer, and member of a prominent Jefferson County family, died at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, her 63rd birthday an- Tuesday. 125-ac- re $401,600. Expenditures at Pewee Valley are estimated at $50,000 and $31,000 for the two years. Freedom Hall. That's the name of the new colisuem at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center which was dedicated Wednesday night The name was chosen from 6,500 names submitted by Kentucky high school students in a contest sponsored by the State Department, American Legion, and the Kentucky State Fair Board. . Miss Charlotte Owens, student at du Pont Manual High School, was adjudged the winner and received a $1,000 Savings Bond. Her teacher, Miss Edna Brown, received a $250 The area includes McMahan Village, a subdivision on the bond as Miss Owens sponsor. ' Hospital. Although Freedom Hall was She had been in failing health south side of Taylorsvile Road. A total of 50 homes already have submitted by five other contestsince last Christmas Eve when ants, Miss Owens' essay was she suffered an arm fracture in been constructed in the 180-ljudged the best. Included in the section. a fall. Another section on the opposite dedication ceremonies was a bas Mrs. McCarthy, who lived on game between Western Goose Creek Road, was a native side of Taylorsville Road also is ketball char- involved. It is a triangular tract State College and San Francisco. of Jefferson County and a ter member of Bethel Evangelical extending along Browns Lane to The Kentuckians won A crowd of 15,133 attended the and Reformed Church. She was the western boundry of Cam- game, said to be largest throng bridge Village. a member of the Womon's Guild Louisville officials said the an ever to witness a basketball game of the church. n Line. Other survivors are a son, Her- - nexation was proposed at the re- south of the quest of Roy F. McMahan, de- Seating capacity of Freedom Hall beit L. McCarthy; a daughter, cage game. Mrs. Wilbur Haunsz; five broth- veloper, who told them that "a is 18,340 for a Other features of the dedica movement was afoot to incorpoers, Fred, John, Henry Frank and William Rothenburger; two rated sixth class city in the area tion ceremonies were reading of sisters, Mrs. Louella Lentz and and that he would prefer to have a telegram from President EisenMrs; Christine Hettinger, and a his property in the City of Louis- hower and music by the Eastern High School Band under direcville." granddaughter. tion of Kent Campbell. That Funeral services were arranged group had been selected as the --ior 1 a.m. Friday in Ratterman's Invitational Tourney official band for the occasion by St. Matthews Funeral Home with the American Legion and Optiinterment in Resthaven Memorial Opened At Fern Creek mist Clubs. Park. Among notables attending were Play in the Fern Creek Invi Dan Daniels, Daville, Va., natational Basketball Tournament tional commander of the AmeriJudges Selected For opened Friday at Fern Creek can Legion. High School with five Jefferson Okolona Yule Contest County and three Kentucky teams participating. The event Funeral Held Monday Two members of the Henry ends Saturday night. Watterson. Garden Club and one The schedule: For Charles IIcBride from St. Matthews will be the 1 Fern Creek for the Christmas door- p.m. Friday; vs. Central City, judges Southern vs. Trinity, way decorations contest for resi- 3 p.m. Funeral services for Charles F. Friday; dents of the Okolona community. ington, 7:30 p.m. Valley vs. Eastern' McBride, Sr., 40, a serviceman Friday; Judging in the contest, spon- vs. for Kengas, Inc., who died of a Nicholas Courtty, Frisored by the Okolona Woman's day; upper bracket 9 p.m. heart attack at 4:20 a.m. last SatClub, will be sometime between 1 p.m. urday, held at Saturday; lower bracket Monday werethe Willhite 8:30 a.m. Christmas and New Year's Day. in Funeral 3 and There will be first, second and championship p.m. Saturday, Sat- Home and at 9 a.m. in St. Margame, 8 p.m. garet Mary Church. Interment third prizes. Mrs. John Fackert, chairman of urday. was in Middletown Cemetery. the club's American Home and McBride, Middletown, a Navy BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Garden Department, is accepting veteran of World War II and a Mr. and Mrs. Vurgal R. Smith, member of Zachary Taylor Post, applications of entrants. She lives at 6124 Overhill Drive, telephone, Taylorsville, announce the birth American Legion, leaves his wife, of their first child, a daughter, Mrs. Sara Griffith McBride; a Okolona Monica Rae. born December 13 son, Charles F. McBride, Jr.; a Most heart attacks are not fatal. in Kentucky Baptist Hospital daughter, Linda A. McBride; his The majority of heart attack suf- Mrs. Smith formerly was Miss parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. ferers recover to lead productive Sue Cornell, daughter of Mr. and McBride, and a sister, Mrs. Earl Mrs. Guy Cornell, Jeffersontown. (Helen) Kyser. lives. niversary, in Kentucky Baptist ot 61-5- 7. Mason-Dixo- semi-final- s, semi-final- s, U4 IJcscrisl Pulpil h Unveiled At J'fown Sewerage Commission, Butler Cone to Terms For Easement Section i ' j The "surpriseservice promised for last Sunday in the Jeffersontown Presbyterian Church was the unveiling of a memorial pulpit in honor of Elder and Mrs. H. L. Goose, parents of Mrs. Howard Cheatham. The pulpit was unveiled by Miss Sallie Cheatham and Elder Stuart Gates. It is of black walnut, hand crafted by C. Drake Bishop, with a brass plate bearing the names of the persons memoralized and the name of the fWC Dl. Special services with appropriate musical settings he. day. been arranged by scores of Jefferson County Churches 1..." ' However, some public workers Tuesday in observance of Christmas. will get ,an extended vacation Many other religious programs and private and putlli from Friday until next Wednesday. This will be for persons who gatherings have been held and are planned for the lSSCHi do not normally work Saturdays. anniversary of the birth of Christ v Gov. A. B-- Chandler has deJ? a vesper Headlining the Jeffersontown observance clared a holiday for state workers Monday. Most city and coun- service arranged for 5 p.m. .';'..'.od. terior also will ty offices are expected to be open Christmas Eve at the ComInterested persons may contact Monday with skeleton forces. School vacations start Friday af munity Center under sponsor-- W. T. Settles or Vic Touchei..2 for tickets on the television scV ternoon with classes resuming Wednesday January 2. sociation. ters building fund. Meanwhile, post offices are event, In another The Rev. Richard Ramsey, pasworking overtime and with additor of the Jeffersontown Metho- 84 automobiles laden with e'-- : tional help to keep up with rec bring the mes- visited Central State IIospit;l ord amounts of incoming and out dist Church will sage. Other clergymen on the pro Monday in the annual caravan going mail . gram are the Rev. Edward sponsored by the Jefferson CounTypical of the mail situation is Straney, Baptist; the Rev. Thru- - ty Playground and Recreation at Jeffersontown where all clas- mond Coleman, First Negro Bap- Board, Santa and Mrs. Claus, beses of mail is running way ahead tist; the Rev. Charles Irwin, cause of the warm weather, laid of last year. Up until Thursday Christ Lutheran; the Rev. Wil aside their sled and went to th& morning that post Office had liam Gentleman, St. Paul's Epis-- hospital in a convertible. handled more than 91,000 outgo- copal; the Rev. Rufus Downes, A total of 65 persons attended ing letters since December 8 St Paul's Methodist; and the the annual Christmas party cf when the first Christmas cards Rev. M. R. Costanzo, Presbyter the Jeffersontown plant of tha '' were cleared. Texas Gas Transmission Corpor- ian. Postmaster Rees H. Dickson esof the Christian ation Tuesday night in the annex Members timated the figure at 20,000 in Church, without a reguar pastor of the Methodist Church. Thos excess of that for the correspond- at present, also are to participate attending, included members cJ ing figure of 1955. He also said in addition to choir members, or- - the compressor and pipe line da- incoming and outgoing parcels ganists and choir directors of all partments and their wives. T. L. Britt, superintendent c" were running 15 per cent ahead protestant churches. of last year's total. He added that A choral candlelight procession the pipe line division, and. Elmc all city carrier mail had been from the Public Square by choirs Coffey, head of the compressor delivered up until Thursday and pastors ' of. participating section, were presented gift cer- morning and that 90,000 churches will precede the vesper tificates. Settles Sales and Service held stamps had service. The process.ion is to be- and 40,000 ts apaual party Tuesday night been sold. gin at 4:45. "Everywhere'vXlTery yhe re at Bauer's at Hikes Point A Additional employes for the ' rush include E. Christmas Tonight,';' is , the title chicken, dinner was the chief at 7:30 traction. Approximately 2D per- Ward Jean and Frank Zehn-de- r, of a play to be presented ancj clerks in the front office; p.m. Sunday iq i the. Christian sons, including employe Gillis White, City Route No. 1; Church. Mrs. Ralph Stone' is 'di- - General Electric representatives, ,' Stanley Searcy, part time helper rector. The regular and children's attended. on City Route No. 2; Mrs. Julian choirs, the latter under direction Swetnam, and Mrs. Wallace Jeffs, of Mrs. G. E. Spurgeon, will par- Dcnors To '57 auxiliary help for city carrires; ticipate. Another event at the Christian Mrs. Irvin Graff, Mrs. E. S. KeltFund Sought To ner and Mrs. Harold Allgeier, Church was the annual Christmas Felcase workers for rural routes 3, party of the Christian Men's 01 '; lowship Monday night Features '52 1 and 2, respectively. of the program included a visit : ' by Santa, who distributed candy, Renewal of pledges to l7 " ? t and a pot luck supper. Approxi- William ' L. Howell-- ' famil -" mately 50 persons attended. Yule Decorations At gether for at least another year r The Methodist Church is plan- is sought in letters mailed to' ning a "continuous table" com- 1956 contributors to the William To Be Judged ' munion service from 7 until 9 L. Howell Fund. . rV p.m. Christmas Eve. The fund was established ft Judging for the annual Members of the Rotary Club Christmas decorations brought Christmas cheer to resi- year ago to assist Howell. , Fern Creek Road, a former student at contest sponsored by Middletown dents of the County Home Wed Kentucky clubs and churches will be Wed- nesday night. Gifts were present- the University of ' School of Law, who was stricken nesday, December 26, beginning ed to each resident. with polio in October, 1951 " J at 7 p.m. The Most Rev. John A. Floresh, "Thanks to the kind generoslf A reception at the Middletown archbishop of the Archdiocese of of friends like yourself h'e hsj 8. Louisville, Woman's Club will follow at has granted permis Prizes include a turkey to the sion to all pastors to celebrate slightly improved physically, but ' winning, residence and a trophy Christmas midnight masses if greatly improved in mental atti- to the business house judged the they desire. The, Rev. F. X. tude," the letters said. "He haa " been able to stay at home with best. Laemmle, pastor of St. Edward's, his family and the association of;; ' among All homes and business estab- Jeffersontown, is the his small son is a great jqy 'and, lishments in area of numbered Catholic churches that plan mid- comfort to him. ' .; houses are eligible to enter the night masses. "The money received last yeat contest. The area includes Cedar-dal- e Other Festivities was placed in a fund and diS- -' ' on north to Robert Keeling persed in monthly amounts by a celebraAnother residence on Tucker Station Road tion for the Jeffersontown area committee of local ministers and v on the south and from Standard will be a tree lighting ceremony a priest. The needior continuing ' Oil station on east to the Shell at the Community Center at 7:30 the help for another year is heces-..-sastation on the west. p.m. Saturday, officially opening as we can't let this brave ;. ' :.r Dr. C. F. Jacobs, representing the holiday festivities. boy down. the Civic Club, is chairman of "Now, his burden is still ex- - i; Santa Claus will be on hand the event. for the occasion. Other features tremely great. He is in constant ' of the program include drawing attendance by his wife due (to the for a color TV set and singing of mechanical equipment necessary, V SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT Christmas carols. The public, par for him to breathe; he 'can only Slight improvement was noted ticularly children, is invited. turn his head, but courage, and Thursday in the condition of Mrs. The Woman's Club is providing hope and his joy of living. is an Marshall Floore, Sr., Jefferson- decorations . and the Younger inspiration." town clubwoman, who is serious- Woman's Club and the Homemak Members of the committee art ly ill in St. Joseph Infirmary of ers Club will supply treats. The the Rev. William D. Martin complications following an oper- Optimist Club is to provide the chairman; the Rev. James Emrich, ation. She appears to be resting indoor tree, the Rotarians are the Rev. John A. .Kirstein and easier, but remains under an cleaning the building and Louis the Rev. James Walker, Contri-- v oxygen tent, members of the fam- Harfung will provide the light- butions may be sent to member: ily said. ing. A standing tree on the ex- - of. the committee. . . ;. nt In a 11th hour settlement, the Jeffersontown Water & Sewerage Commission and James L. Butler Wednesday came to term's on a proposal to provide the commis sion an easement for construe tion of an outfall line between the old and new sewage disposal plants. Trial of a condemnation suit in the case had been docketed for Thursday in County Court builder. It was pointed out that Butler "Christmas is for Everyone" is the subject of the sermon to be owns property immediately ad delivered at 11 a.m. Sunday by joining the old plant and a the Rev. M. R. CostanzO, past t. strip- was required for the outfall line. Other property owners pre viously had accepted the com' 18-in- 20-fo- ot - Mine Detector Fails mission's terms. Because all sewage lines lead to the old plant, the outfall line To Locate Lost Ring is necessary to convey the sewage on the the new plant now A mine detecting squad from City Attorney under Fort Knox made an unsucessful Gene construction. Snyder, who handled the search Monday for a gold ring negotiations lor the commission, lost last summer by T. J. Max- did not reveal the settlement well, Jeffersontown. terms. Butler originally had Maxwell, of 211 Marlin Drive, sougnt more than $3,200. lost the ring while he was mowing grass at 2 I Marlin Drive where he formeiy lived. JTOWN ROTARY The ring, set with garnet, was a Christmas present 22 years ago "History of the Jeffersontown from his parents, now deceased. Club will be reviewed by W. T. Following the loss, Maxwell Settles, a charter member, at next and neighborhood children comb- Thursday's meeting of the Rotary ed the area for the ring without Club in the Methodist Church success. Annex. 4. Hou:!l Ail Pel:; Vidua 1- Il'ioun ' com-munt- iy ? ' : . as AID THE CENTER DRIVE NOW! (Telephone W. T. Settles at Jeffersontown 5638) G.I. Joe Post No. 244, AmeriThe following business and dvic organizations and Individ- can Legion. Kentucky tiuilders Supply Comuals have expressed their wholehearted support of Jeffersontown pany. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Jones. Area Community Center with Jeffersontown Ministerial Assubstantial contributions. sociation. $1,500 'Group Jeffersontown Masonic Lodge. Woman's Club. Bank of Jeffersontown. $1,000 Group Family Store. Younger Woman's Club. Engineering Service, Inc. Jeffersontown Area Recreation $500 Group Association. Ormsby Dry Goods. Rotary Club of Jeffersontown. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Bishop. Optimist Club of Jeffersontown. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. $300 Group Jeffersontown Homemakers. , $200 Group Settles Sales & Service. Mr. and Mrs. E. Crawford Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. C. Morton Hanna. The Jeffersonian. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gregg. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse ,W. Crume. Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Clarkson. Jeffersontown Volunteer Fire men (Personal). $100 Group t, Anonymous. Dieruf Hardware, . ry Pen-dergra- r Yeager's Food Market Hemberger's. Cream Top Creamery. Morris Indoor Garage. M. G. Snyder, Attorney. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bowen. Anonymous. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dash-iel- l, l'r 1 III. Mr. and Mrs. E, S. Keltner.1 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ply-ma- n. ; Mri i. Shannon Stone. Schwab's Grocery. 4 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Racel ; Mrs. Bainbridge Richardson. Anonymous. a G. I. Joe Auxiliary No. 244. ' Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Test The Jefferson Reporter. Dr. and Mrs.. E. C. Bryant, Jri. Bruce's Nursing Home. Mr. and Mrs. John T. OrlahdL, Mrs. Harvey Saxton. Jeffersontown Area Civic League? E. H. Bickel..' . Western Auto Associate Stored Anonymous. ( Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brent- Ungei. . Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Weber. Myers Funeral Home. Sam Fishman. Judge and Mrs. Macauley Smith. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Spatz. Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Dick- erson. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Bryan. Black's Texaco Service Station. v f Blue Motor Coach Lines. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Eddie- Courier-JournPhoto man. Ray Horton TV Service." SPRAWLING SERIES OF BUILDINGS shown above Is lh archlieii's conception of th East Jefferson County Demo High and Senior High Schools upon completion sometime In Eltmtnlary, Junior cratic Club. f lure. Work on the Junior high, center, is to fcegin soon and consJruclion cf the prcrsed sen-v;;- :r R. II. Shaw Jiwjler. ,t , iof the Ti. rr:; t grade school loft i t'.awa at xlJlX . Jeffersontown Pharmacy. Edgar Holloway. Lewis Seedholz. Robert E. Redman. L al J rJs -r.- l Y T. . Freedom Hall Ckcssn As Name Of Cclissun At Exposition Center Per as ar Elmer Brauner and Norbert Kleier affecting about 25 prop erty owners on Marlin Drive and Canterbury Drive in Charlane Heights No. 1. Hearing of a suit brought by residents of Section had been deferred pending outcome of the other action. The proposal to an nex Section 3 was proposed in an ordinance adopted the latter part of November. In another matter Monday night, the council amended a zoning ordinance to permit commercial use of a tract between Taylorsville Road and Valley Drive. The lot is to be used for storage of petroleum products. Another Proposal In a Louisville annexation case, the Board of Aldermen has given first reading to an ordinance to fake'in a residential and commercial area east of Hikes Point. The action was taken at a special meeting of the board $3X3 Vl I ,TT0u 1 tj ' 12. Nail Pre-Ikida- y Other KellglOUS, Banks and other financial institutions and governmental offices will be closed Tuesday in observance of the Christmas holi- La an-ne- w . Pest Qffi:3 Ejesliins Re::rds Fcr All Types TIIE TRUE SnitIT OF CHRISTMAS -- m Erery Friday 01 Following an "adverse court decision in one of the cases in Dids totaling $1,124,676 have volved, the Jeffersontown City A plan to spend almost $10,- r cri, received by the. Jefferson Council Monday night repealed 000,000 in Louisville and Jefferson County in 1957 and 1958 in County Board of Education for three ordinances proposing to ' construction of the new and 3 of an expansion program was reSections 1, vealed this week as hearing on Idsmith Junior High School on Charlane Heights. Goldsmith Lane. . The council, however, passed the application of the Southern It is hoped thatch building final bills annexing 16 acres on Bell Telephone & Telegraph Com be ready lor occupancy nexx Middletown Road and a tract con- pany to increase rates was open E.tember. It will adjoin the taining 40 houses on Billtown ed at Frankfort by the State Pub lic Service Commission. present elementary school on a Road near Watterson Road. " site the board owns. Con . Preliminary action on the latThe company is seeking a $4,- t 'xuction of a senior high school ter annexation proposals was 707,800 increase in annual rev ca the same property is planned taken in November. Final action enue. In addition to the proposed y. hen finances are available. followed a lapse of 30 days dur- expansion in Louisville and Jef Richard Van Hoose, superintend ing which no remonstrance suits ferson County, Homer G. Bar- dent of schools, said buildings were filed. tee, vce president and general housing all 12 grades on one site In the adverse ruling on the manager of the company's state is new to the county school sys Charlane Heights case, Circuit operations, said the utility plans ".torn but "not unique." He cited Judge Stuart E. Lampe said the to spend almost $54,000,000 in many advantages of such a set City f Jeffersontown had failed Kentucky during the two-yeup, saying the multiple use of to prove the subdivision area's period. .facilities should make the school prosperity would be "materially A breakdown of the Louisville dollar go further. There would retarded" if the annexation does and Jefferson County figures for one kitchen not go through. . be one heating plant, 1957 and 1958 in that order folUnder the state statutes, the lows: and adequate parking space, he burden of proof falls upon the added. Louisville, $2,589,300 and $5,- municipality when 75 or more 457,800; Anchorage, $25,000 and The three schools would per cent of residents of the area $163,200; ate separately, but with Fern Creek, $268,600 He said the administra- in question do not desire annexa and $215,000; Harrods Creek, tive system will include a head tion. There is no appeal from $70,000 and $123,000; Jefferson Judge Lampe's ruling, attorneys town, $170,000 prinoipal serving as and $98,000; Okofor all 12 grades and assistant said. lona, $55,000 and $326,000, and one through This suit was brought by Gil , principals for grades Pleasure Ridge Park. $118,500 and six and for grades seven through bert M. Peet, Conrad Nunnelly, .1 jEFFEnscri com:- - Ai; . IIDZPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER Fclhuing An Airs Plans For Dropped Gol L3 ' . JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., I .ILDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1956 C3 'Phono Compny cr V it ' Ellingsworth Produce. Mrs. Milton II. Frentz. Mr. and Mrs. C. II. I'ilh Me. and ! Irs. Gus Dr.tll'-i Jcffers--tow- n T'?. r Christian I'rs. Lrrr-- ca Ci.-r- DciNG f'-- , ' h.' T. S ; t i t Tnrv r:iA7.3 nr r.:r f reU-t'-- t .cc.i cf'fnve'.ru. t I.--- -.' rrr.Li:::i:Ar.i-- 3 r - .lr:i cM" i. TI c.- - 11";- tz". c - t i" - ' - ' " I i-- r.'ch i cl 1 i t : J x !t i. 4 UCllli. rr j ii ' I r 1 1 l iti i . 7 Z i j 1

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