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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), September 28, 1801

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

" ." jj jr?ttKVYrz2S2rn?s?TXJi!w .F'' vm.r n A"'ti " " y t "y i iftf wt!: rjfTja satr JT.yCTTjgsRrr:wnr THE KENTUCKY J LEXINGTON: JQHN, BRADFORD, (On Main Street) by d py of the project of the Ruffian monarch, and l.js foi warded it on to Par:s by a European Intelligence. England. Ilamb. Pop. LONDON, July 21. According to the Hambuig mail, which has arrived this day, Gantheaume sailed from Sicily for Egvpt in the end of May or beginning of June, intending to land li n oops in Svria j and Adn.iral Warren had arrived at Corfu, and sailed thence on the 7th June, in pufuit of the French sleet. It is pollible, and thaj: is all we can say from these ft.itemeats, that the latter is pursued might iuii into some creek on the Afiican fliore and land tht bo. the quarter, trumps: but there is little likelihood of their reaching Eg) pt. Letters from Munich of the 6th July announced a piece of news which had excited confiJcralle surprise. The Auftri-tioops to the number of 5000 men, have advanced from Bohemia into the Upper Palatine; a province belonging to the eleiflor of Bavaria, and by force c the Bavarian troops to retire. '1 he caules of thefc movements are varkmly .ccountea lor. ooirre luue 111.11 tnii pio vfhee forms part 01 the indemnity ihich ' VV Auufia is by the secret articles of t..e treaty of Luncvihe, to receive. Otlurs . stat.-that it ariles from a dilpute about . fjmc Italian hefs in that cliltrict , whien Auftiia claims. Be the caules what tht Kn i.iri'iilnnrp pvi ltii"! Hn. imi'i The Duke of Mertona, has fokninly apiinit thj exchage of his for the Biifgaw. Pa i wan Oglou isfUted to be oncemie favoured by fortune in his military He lately defeated a'lurkifli coi j w h'u li tndcai 01 ed to jnveft Widden j!iu took ioco pi ih. tu. cpe-iJtion- s. Admiral';- - flup the Ctelai to the ilon Libiars . " 'I lure is one neecsexpla- nation ; namely, when th Lxlar ci.r, at half p.ift ''ten o'clock, it was aster a fii e Ircefe fpringjng up, and trte hopes of doling with the enemy; orders for that pur pole were gh en to the Audacious at d Veneiabie ; the C'.efar wore round them and brought her broadfidc to bear upon i. G art :, ,i,..i.fln,0fnuaaiii, fc.K...i vi i thj indcmptible's brow, King there, (a- - ant ij il " , , wiul ? .1 IlUC il ,elUl ..r k. (Jl iil'J V. . . v v r.i tltWlli 1 loUn.g one tlio C.far not wv,ot.n ' ,1 UlL or it, , . ,, Mc .r, g s. d I, Ships of the , F.n-trhi- ' - ts , 1 I rr-M- c'i s li 1 Royal Charles frigate bina. ft. Squad. jjndomptlble Cutter e. Sa-- 'i Veu- - tour. L rArgonauta, Deflaix, ' (.St. Auguflin. ' Juan Joaquin Morena. 3d. Squad. Scotland. GLASGOW, Jdly 25. From tbe London Gazette Eytraordi-- nary. Downing-Stree- July, 12. t, Dispatches oFwhich are copies have been this day received at the omcc or tne rugm non. jLoru Haw-'his majesty's-princip- le fecre' rv ,jf state for foreign. affairs, from the Lal of Elgin and Maj. Halloway. t Imperial Ottoman C:nM "f tbetirand Vizier Ben.- iafser, May 20, iTji. My Lord, I had the honor of addrefling your from Sai ituc li ftl'P on the 3d of is nignneis ana tne d- M-i- INTELLIGENCE Fiench Republic wi ich;1 P'e il tormidafole, attack. gjns, Cit'uen Linois Deffais, 75, v H4 iciwi t, iiiv uiiif g-.- ii nit liili H ip ua ti ui y arrived at Pelhjs where the advanced 84, La corps of his army had been encamped for frigate, 36 some time before. Lcnde, killed, La Murion On the 15th inft. hishighnefs received, guns, Martineuq. Five SpanHhgun boats intelligence that the eneinv hadeailv that ''-sunk and two damaged. morning marched, a confideraV.e f tee 306 Killed in'the French lhips. fiom Cairo, on the road towards B:!b is t84 Wouniledin Do, where his highness was then encamped in the Engliflf Squadron "J Killed In the evening a farther communication above of this intelligence was brought, whsn in Do.. from 270 to 286. Wounded Ere we proceed to state some fartker the enemy was in full inarch. The Vi- " Gl ory wbiduba Arms of Great Bcjl31fr' aU"?r dark ordered I ahir I'ociw, we will lav before our ; with three thousand cavalry, and three tain r J, readers Admiral Morena's orders to his light field pieces, to advance to meet: them, and is a favorable opportunity offer fleeton the ith July 1801. , ed during the night, to attack, is not to Order of Ailing to be observed by the fliips in my charge, on their palnrge tfero' impede their progress as much as pofT.Me. About ioti clock at night they met three the fttiita of Gibraltar., fliips under thecoma leaaues from camp, when each halted and !t'he three French mand of Rear Admiral Linois, will form loijjjn their arms during the night, and the vanguard with theline abreast. The I until 8 o'clork in the morning, at which s: '.hips under my cars 'will follow astern time 1 anir x acna comment ea an atr3cic. by fifteen of thjfet likewile form'd inline abreast He waSffoon aster hundred cavalry. It was now sound the as" much as posliblt: to keep endeavoring sour- opposite to the incer.vals of rtlis. French enemy had qome forward with abcit jreen pieces ofr artillery, lix hundred Aiips, foas not to impede their sire. and sour thousand infantry. His . In case the enemy should attempt to combined squadron highness therefore ordered Mehemcd Pa- follow an4 attack the in the rear, beiides the continual sire cha to move forward with five thousand which we ought to make frqm the stern men, cavalry and Albanian infantrv, and jchacer,"cbieily with'a view to diftroy the ' nine light field pieces; the enemy had His highrefs leueniy's rigging, thfr squadron will form eight thaufand in the field'the line ahead, either with their hdads fa afterwards advanc.ed himself, aivl took (he Sp i Ih coast or 10 that of Africa, as the tonimand, which was attended with will be determined Lv a signal from the .the happiest effecl. The enemy moved into a wood of date order that this may he Admiral. And case, Jbs.wlL only trees, where they were attacked by the the rnorefimplc in thai Blew the signal for the course, at theer.- - tavalry and infantry with great spirit for Mon-couf- le, , j' d h-'- fri-gar- - forces, they dueled the'i,rfireagainlt an iuoffjufive town, ,hich received no fu)..ll damage i'1 its L':ildi"gs. .This is tlie onlv p t y wh'uh the Arms qf Great , Britain have to boali of. , DETAILED I i1 ' Pi 1 1 . and-taugh- t t 1 1 s, bloe-laJed- , p cr -- pof-Lrdio- n tity qu-it- thee-nem- .a 1 n lf ef fig-ualj- to au-uii- e, juub "x tire lowering of wh'n li the movements mult uniformly be made, as the operation from their local iituation cannot natural-ly-b- e of long duration ; confequenlly hailing (is near enough) or by a nerfue the course ; the ftiuadron will proceed to form the line abreast as formerly. It is of the utmoiT: importance that the sire from none of the (hips should interfile, or be embarrefled, with that of the others in this squadron, nor to leave the French ships in the rear. As soon as these French fliips get un- jder sail all those under my charge will do the same following the tract cf each other, always observing to, keep a flioit diflance from the French, till wc weather the point of Carnero, in order that is y fliould get under sail, and find them in a situation of offering battle to our squadron before it is formed in tbe flrr.its i with the line abreast, as above di.eeied, we may engage tiem with andvanta;e. Consequently theleaft inattention or de- liv may produce tlic molt unfortunate 1 think the caps .ms of jnfeque the ships which I have the honor of com mantling are sully ipul'uaded' of this truth, and therefore I depend upon its efficacy, and I flatter myfelfthat they arc convinced every thing will be performed on my part, w! ich can be infpiredby my wi'hto add to the glory of his Majcfty's Arms that ofour.corp3 in particular and of the nation in general. Line of Battle in tbe Nctura! Order. f St. Ferdinand, d. Squad. St. Antonio, (.Ilermenegild, f Formidable, a French 1 f e pcrfevjnng, acl.e and tremens dous sire ot the enem , ard that cf the two nalion f'h; Iitnch and Spanilli) were on!) dilunnu.lnaLie by thjrudenca f fui.l with whit h tha lull and allied chiefs oiicttd theirs, anc, the temeiity and confuijoii. which) v. re '.hewn in that i.f ilie English. The i of tins of sighting which we form frcm thj ccou:.t cf the battles at A!eandiia and Copei.hagen, doca not, in proportion to thj numbers engaged bear any ccmparil'011 with that of Alge-zirueither in point of Lloodinefs or ob-- . aster having lest, ftinacy. Tl.j the glory and thj field of tattle to the two nations, cu,cvel vvith fha,me, by dear-h- ', light experience, have only given an uneqL.iccl proof of their inveterate and impolitic and Spain ; fmce not being able to obtain any advantage over the Fiench, and Spa-r.i- ; - lf j-- lv ii vtiv w viu , ..,., . '..I,, ,,t WIUIl l'l i(M,T- a- 1 e iik frigate ?nd republican slips- - Asfoon as tht English line came opposite the French (hips at anchor, they opened upon them an animated, bold, and unremitting sire. 'I he Englifii Ad. niral having placed againtt the Fiench, and the Brilifli lhip the Ilaraulal being uiidcr sail, furiously the Fre'i ch admiral, who, with superior spirit and success, theni ; infomuth that having and away the Admiral's mizen-mafsails of the main and foremaits, with no small damage in Iv.s hull, the commander of the F.nigliib flii "iannibal, defpifmg the sire frtom the battery of St Jago, pi'fli-e- d on to hi fuccour, and intending to place the French Admiral between two fiits, by running between him and the fliore, I ad tl e impudence, being unacto place him-iequainted w.iu h.s p of a gun fiiot of the within a barteiy and ran He relieved his Admiral, who aster thio evert, went out of the action ; but he lost is own fl.ip and crew, as the sire from tl e 'ot'ery and the French Admiral Oilman! hu linn, and killed three parts of :s ihip's c 0.11 i. Lm.u1 the ir.ila it of this fliip's furren-dtw hirh might Le about an hour aster the retieat ol tie English Admiral, the hie wjb upon the two French liitps, and tl. is ate, as well as the seven pnifli gun boa'a, the batteries of the St. Gaui ', bt. La Almiranto, and El Mil nJ'ir, whith as opportunity oi'.r i reluiiitJ iheii sue. The battlv! la'Ld fiom half -- att e:'Jit o'clock in the nK'ining, v .i the so: t of St. Qafcia s hie, till two in the afternoon when thelafl fliot was sired from thiFieneh tiii j lie Indouiptuble. f 11, yjiV,-TT--y' Two Dollars per annum, paid in advakce. pities? r, ! r i? U" LVoi.. XV. 1 ,,., . tneir gm.s to than thite c: !es aster, it is laid detaching troops to repel L'igth fiom the liland batten, and the tnrcp hv force, imm ediately lei.t off cou- Audacious still ncaie-- ; both Ii.ij di'it-irriers to Peterfburgli and Beilin announinupun the ;eef. It ast ti.ij time cing the aggrelfion and requesting fuppoi t. that Sir James Saumerez Li tdil'jic-folutio- n So much for the good undcrftanding that of attapVing th ifjand, vvi h "he prevails among the continental powers, mar'n crs. Boa.ts were Hgflylltd h r t!...t and the views of the general mtereftj of purpjfs but being all' t 'i!i the Europe, by which their conduel is influ- Pompeeor sunk by th.j ei.t.i fiie, it enced. was sound impraSlitable. A bii .e".igiii " Yesterday," says the letter,'" a couhis Ihip up, nd i,r Jaidcs diiti-tcrier arrived at Lord Minto's from, to be laid along side th Indoiiintible, in who pursued his way to Loncanying Iiet. Thj the ii;in refolutiQn-odon almost immediately. He is the bear sails were, trimci'd for that puipofe, as Caier ofthe important intelligence that well as tbe crippjfeu state of the malls Sud ro has furrenJered, on capitulatios to the rigging wpuld allow. But a calm egain Englilh and Turks. Alexandria was on enlued. The Venerable had never reeeiv-' the point of following the example of Caied the breeze from the time of her cut-- ) ro. The garrison of that place, is well ting, and llrll 'lay unmanagealle- he supplied with proviiions, 'hup in want of Spenrrr had drifted confidet ably to lse-- , ri'iter, and the Turks were already in ward, in repairing her rigging. At 35 mi- of the outer harbour : and accormiles a'ter one thJ admiral, hiniicitr it ding to statements of the abote courier, in.poir.ble. to approa;hthe eremy, who that it thi place was so nearly Wwie now hauled ilol in, tlime, (having could not hold' out long." ncthing toattend to hut their guns, whilll A letter from Copenhagen, July 11, says on our ficte, itreqpircd tlvgrckteil alacriSweden has already acceded to the conty to get a gun' to bear, iiiiii the conllan-vention concluded between RufTia and change of politioti,) discontinued the ac- England, Denmark as '.yet having come to tion." no refolutioii o". the subject. The Dover letters ftatc, that a vefTel The following is the account of this is arrived from Cairo, with a import of a pubhlhed at Algegiras : telegraphic account having been received Account of the attack upon three French at Calais from Paiis, of an engagement fiiips and a frigate, bv an English fqtii- in the Adriatic, in hTving taken place dron coiifiiting'of lit 'hipof the line, which one of our fliips wcru dri.eii afliore in the Bay of Algtziras, July 6t!i 1801. set on sire. loss of the he and another The divilion of thiee Fiench line of French is not mentioned, nor the day battle fliips, and one frigate, under the when the a6lion took place. command of Rear Admiral Gi'izen Li- Ion. Covr. nois, that sailed froni the Road of Toulon On Saturday evening government reof Iaft fivne, dltined for Cadix, the ceived dilpatehes from Mr. .Merry, being came35th sight of this station and bay, tho in "thei.flEit since his arrival at Paris. id otjuly ; and the Levant wind !,al ig PfieFrench army of observation isfla-tesailed tliem, on entering the Straights, to nave entered Rome, from whence ') they cruized between the coait cf Africa, the Pcpe has retired. and that of Europe, in which cruiza they captured the English brig of war the Spain. of 16 guns, that was a tVjahDii bpeeii Packet, and was conducting to Gibraltar CADIZ, July 1. rs a uriza, the merchant bii the Uniin We do not know the conditions of the 10 uled yitii oil aad prm Tliecon-tir.uatioof the w.t:rK' winds obliged of peace v?jth Portugal. It is ftp-ifd thactholieg of Gibraltar will be the laid divilion tj iconic intq this part, .1 the 4th inltait t 7 in the evrenirur. unertaken, in order tha't tlj-- ; jl'Fiiinthit moment recollecting tha tL'f-thj eajnpaig,n may not bi o. hta not pei at;e attacks of the Engiilli at Poilxi Ferxajo off Le!tarn It i9-- diia and Copenhagen, wj could not but i'in endured to the French in June. by 150a men, of vvham 3,,3 ae expect that the Emdiih fcpudron which Tilth. Tlie bombardment is.jiiiiJ had been seen off C'lh, 011 the 3d init. ith vigour, and the place piomiL-- to be 'infertile command of Rear Amiral San mere.-:would come and attack this divi of ruins. a ) Letters from Petersburg of tlii i.t'h fion. So it happened. As soon as the J ic".t.tte, that Alexander the lit. not- had received iiHelli'eiiceiwhef'e the .it'iftanding all that lus bleu lV:d tot'ie ,, is determined to lijteif-- i j m tin: Frenchlud .it,l)ored, t,hey itrered dirlt- ly for th,e'btraiti ;rnul, on the uthind. at ,1 .,1 .cti :u man ie.- in the general polltcad clo- Europe. A treaty of half pill six in the norni'ig, six Englifli fliips duu'iLJ the poiot of Cartiera, and ,' t ..Iliance and'fiiendfliip is exp?Hed to r .ncd het'veeii him and the courts of c )nimg round the idand of Ah;eairas, , within i.'i an?, ii ilin, with thi avowed iu- - of of i a line, ihips. half cannon lhot of the Thd batte-rie,ti j.i of compelling France to l'eation upon equitatab'le pi ine'iples. St. Garcia and.ther island, opened, their Duroc has actually received a co- - sire upon theEnglilh, and afterwards thj '.-.,i jj toutHrcc cable's length from her,) a 101 .'.durable time with the sore ti p sail to the ii lit. The Audacious bringing i.p ., i, . m vr .,.rr .1 v ..r. r, ot us and the enemy ' who, in this part the d ly, luffered materially, hi:, forctop- v ; oing at J minutes before 12. o lock. n. . blwri!)' afterwaids bem tos Aik.'iioi . j ,, i; f a.rjgpryjgi'g&j: yi.i 3LJ a JL car-lie- d GIBRALTAR, July 17. Fxtr?A fl a lettt r h em an cfutr on board , 'V...-UL iVIUIlieu, r-'- J' f, , m H ' " L" r nn j? i E tt.!W him-se- protthc-- a IV 't . MONDAY, September a3, 1801. 7S4. Tn. G-AZ- 'jr ,1 ,nllnf." . 1 t j ' I y, j - 111 111

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