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Image 88 of The Kentuckian Voume IX

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

I _ .JOHN SCEARCE C'ROSTHWAITE, B. M. E. Lexington, Ky. Keys; Lamp and Cross; Mystic Thirteen; Gym Team; A. B., '09; A. S. M. E.; A. I. E. E.; Tau Beta Kake; 8. U. A. A.; Class Foot ball Teams; Class Baseball Teams; Manager 1913; Varsity Baseball team; President Athletic Ass'n 1909; First Lieut. Battalion '08; W. C. T. U. '' He widdled, and he waddled and he warbled like a bird." "Skinny" dwelt at K. S. U., at that time K. S. C, for a number of years before he found his real calling to be a- Mechanical Engineer. Meanwhile he acquired an A. B. merely as a curio. It is generally thought that "Skinny" will rest content with his latest degree of B. M. E., and go forth from these ivy covered walls, so long his retreat from the world, to astonish mankind with his store of knowledge so patiently gathered. "Skinny" is a bird—at least you'd think so if you heard him whistling. JULIETTE SAMUEL GAINES, A. B. in Edu. Frankfort, Ky. President Y. W. C. A. '12 and '13; Secretary Sophomore Class; . Philosophian Literarv Society; History Club; Annual Staff; Idea Staff. '' 'Tis not the fairest form, That holds the mildest purest soul within, 'Tis not the richest plant that folds The sweetest breath of fragrance in." Juilette, the "sweet sweeting" of Romeo, with a heart as heroic as that of the Maid of Orleans, advanced through a storm of eggs and reached the Phoenix Ball Room, unstained and with her accustomed Napoleonic air, led the grand march of the Junior Prom. Class Presidents and Grand Marches, but that was long, long ago. How time doth all things change. To see her blush, have her say a "Nominating Speech." As with Ruth to Naomi, so with Juliette to Dart; "Entreat me not to leave thee, for whither thou goest, I will go, thy people shall be my people, thy God shall be my God." JUSTIN LAYMEN DOYLE, LL. B. Hion, N. Y. Phi Delta Theta; Henry Clay Law Society. "He draweth out the thread of his verbosity, finer than the staple of his argument." The pedigree of this curly-haired youth, reaching back through his sojourn at Ilion High School and Central University, at which institutions he acquired innumerable honors, is one of the most diversified that has come under our notice. At Central he was enrolled in the Law College, a member of the Deinologian Literary Society, represented the University in the Inter-collegiate Oratorical Contest in 1912, and was on the Varsity Baseball Team. Due to the fact that he has been with us only a very short time he has not come very much into the limelight. We are sorry that we have not had the pleasure of a longer acquaintance with him,, but we feel assured that he will attain distinction in his chosen profession.

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