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Image 184 of The Kentuckian Voume IX

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

MISS LTJELLA SHAFER, Substitute Miss Shafer has rendered a great service to the team. Although only a substitute, yet without her- the team could never have been a success, and would have undoubtedly lost the championship, as she has been the one faithful substitute. For some reason, most girls who are not .sure of making the team, stop coming out. Not so with this lady. Miss Shafer has developed more this season than any one out, and with her tremendous size, weight and strength, should make a most valuable player next season.' With a little more experience and speed, she will be invincible at center, as no one has ever been found who could get a ball over her in the center, nor is any such likely to be found, i MISS FLORENCE HUGHES, Forward. This was Miss Hughes' second year on the team. Strong and aggressive and full of fight, and good tempered with it all, she has been one of the bulwarks of the team, and has put up as. good an exhibition of the net game as one would care to see. In another year she should make the best forward Kentucky has ever had. She is one of our most comely maidens and a favorite with the populace. Her one weakness is laughing al Miss McChesney's efforts toibe fynny. The team has honored her by selecting, her to manage next year's team. MISS ELSIE HELLER, Utility Player. Miss Heller has made an enviable record for her first'year oh the team. On the Paris high school team she was the luminous star before she came to the University of Kentucky, and brought the only defeat to Kentucky in ¦two years, through her excellent work in pitching fouls, in the first game of the season just preceding the one just closed. Kentucky had five goals from the field through three for Paris; but , Miss Heller's fine work turned w;hat appeared to be an inevitable defeat for Paris into a glorious victory. She has been a fewer of strength on. this year's team, and' has shown up as our best alj.-around , player, performing with equal luster at' forward, center and guard. Next year if she has more time for practice, Miss Heller should make a still more creditable showing. MISS NATALIE WOOD, Guard. This was "Nat's" second year on the team. This little rascal has played a wonderful game all season: Her ability as a basket ball player varies inversely as her size, and though little, : if an archaic and somewhat unconventional ex-niession may be used.'-'she-is very loud." This •is true in more ways, than one. She was the fastest player on the team and covered a world of floor. Credit is largely due her for the last victory over the University1 of Louisville, when she guarded the redoubtable Miss Gough so closely that the latter had the ball in her hands but a few times from whistle to "whistle. 180

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