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Image 14 of The Kentuckian Voume IX

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

1 UCKl^M j I Preface In this foreword we shall not dissertate at any length upon the aims of this year's Kentuckian. Its purpose is known too well to need a detailed explanation. But in brief its purpose is to present a complete record of the happenings of the college year, and to present that material in as attractive form as possible. Primarily this is a picture book. We realize that this volume of the Kentuckian is too much like all those that have gone before, but it is impossible to use originality in every detail of a college annual. So we do not claim originality. Few people, aye even few of the Kentuckian staff, realize the vast amount of work necessary to get out a publication of ithis kind. However, we do not offer any excuses or apologies. Take the book for what it is, and what it is worth. And if it shall be the medium through which your memory may be quickened and caused to reflect upon happy associations and occasions, then our work of the year is well worth while. Thus do we present to you, the friends of State, the Ninth Volume of our University Annual—The Kentuckian of Nineteen Thirteen. 10

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