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Page 258 of Personal narrative of travels in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky : and of a residence in the Illinois Territory: 1817-1818 / Elias Pym Fordham ; with facsimiles of the author's sketches and plans ; edited by FredericAustin Ogg. val

" We cannot thoroughly understand our own history, local or National, without some knowledge of these routes of trade and war."-The Outlook. The Historic Highways of America by ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT A series of monographs on the History of America as portrayed in the evo- lution of its highways of War, Commerce, and Social Expansion. Comprising the following volumes: I-Paths of the Mound-Building Indians and Great Game Animals. lI-Indian Thoroughfares. III-Washington's Road: The First Chapter of the Old French War. IV-Braddock's Road. V-The Old Glade (Forbes's) Road. VI-Boone's Wilderness Road. VII-Portage Paths: The Keys of the Continent VIII-Military Roads of the Mississippi Basin. 1X-Waterways of Westward Expansion. X-The Cumberland Road. XI, XII-Pioneer Roads of America, two volumes. XIII, XIV-The Great American Canals, two volumes. XV-The Future of Road-Making in America. XVI-Index. Sixteen volumes, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut, gilt tops. A LIMITED EDITION only printed direct from type, and the type distributed. Each volume hand- somely printed in large type on Dickinson's hand-made paper, and illustra- ted with maps, plates, and facsimiles. Published a volume each two months, beginning September, 1902. PRICE, volumes i and 2, z.oo net each; volumes 3 to i6, z.o5 net each. FIFTY SETS PRINTED ON LARGE PAPER, each numbered and rigned hy the author. Bound in cloth, with paper label, uncut, gilt tops. Price, 5.oo net per volume. "The fruit not only of the study of original historicai sources in documents found here and In England, but of patient and enthusiastic topographical studies, in the course of which every foot ol these old historic highways has been traced and traversed."- The Living Age. "The volumes already issued show Mr. Hulbert to be an earnest and enthusiastic student, and a reliable guide."-Out West. " A look through these volumes shows most conclusively that a new source of history is being developed-a source which deals with the operation of the most effective causes influencing human affairs."-lowa Journal of Histoiy and Politics. " The successive volumes In the series may certainly be awaited with great interest, for they promise to deal with the most romantic phases of the awakening of America at the dawn of occl- dental civilization."-Boston Transcript. " The publishers have done their part toward putting forth with proper dignity this important wort. It is issued on handsome paper and is illustrated with many maps, diagrams, and old prints. "--Chicago Evening Posi.

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