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Image 15 of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.), April 3, 1902

Part of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.)

tCy 1 r Childrens Corner FOR THE LITTLE t FClS flaps and paste them on cardbo the story of Cinderella 22 1 c o lIrs v xa1R WONDERFUL Stories Told About Captain laud ORIENTAL STONE lUCKY then cut out the figures bend UH and you have a beautiful scene illustrate cvdOsird wand CAPT I RAND W IN J 111 Private Jinrickishaw unlfullocl thehaidest ofCapt having The possession of the store sicms to cliinyc the periods in mans life and those who riaveheen suffering the Poor men come In well and In fact possession of money sick people become it serins as if u toil luck follows the pos Importedlrolllthe the true Oriental lucky stone Captain Rand a number of years ago was left deserted on this island without a frirnd or a cent of money An old Hindoo gave him a tacky stone svhefjupon his luck changed und it was but a short time before he had made a fortune Me returnee to DUMOII and engaged In a most prosperous businrs until one day he lost the stone when bad luck pursued hint lie loU CCI thing until he found his treasured lucky stone and within an hour after securing it his lurk changed Vnmlcrlul III deed are the stories told by the purchasers of these tacky stones Good luck or bad luck is the lot uf everybody Some seem born to good luckcbthiix to bad It is a veer name rw > omr think margin of separation the possession ul wearing the opal brings bad lurk others will nut have any birds on it fur the imr riismietc limit all ore of one mind who are the fortunate possessors cf the OKIKNTAI lPCKY SlONK and that is to nrnr part with it Some say they ilo nut believe m luck low do you account then if sue rrlitive dies you never heard ut and you inherit n large sun of money Is nut this luck 1 A rich man loam ries a pour young lady j always sriy i How lucky she isWASHINGTON D C jRth Srptembet lyul Woodlcy lan Drauvoir hrltls LnckvStnurs wearing them for all time and I am sure they will bring n lots ol iood yuuisCKOKCiK Admiral U S Navy Valler I Rand I art Huston Mts Dar SirRegarding the liuky StungI oblulned rain tau II lea months ago I would sty that while I refer was a tiers brlievti in such things I put it in mv pockctboik and have ku pt it there etrr Kinr During the time I tact hid it I have been paid several accounts that I had glint up all hopes ol over ujlltctini in fart two of the parties had errand oil lor parts unknown do not claim that these would nut have heel paid had not carried the Lucky Stone liar tu say tin least I hate been very foitunalc in such matters since I gut It and shall continue han K IliilUine USS Ainphitnlu New llrdfor trulyFKANCIh tyiHear yuursC Uillr Iho tho beautiful mymvnuui lucky italic lot which please accept my hearty ilinnk III Iretlast So impressed has Call Rand been with the good lurk bringing inalllivs f the Oriental Lucky Stone that he hah calling at his place i l busings at i7o Tremont Street ur enclose 1 dollar by mail and Pile of ihrne famous Oriental Luck tunes 111srll vu y return tout Mir roust dramatic au Ut luus and iniereistinf ok tefotr the public Kvcry illustration Miliitsuut some common and popiln sinner of the present lime abcxintU in hlntv anil will be read a tiiiRh rout the lirtt If to the last page you were in took at the honkevery even trig for live years you wo ldstill find sumac Itn Id witht I K IIlIicinI it up pr Iirrl7att tookou6 tale of very Ion sit s- JIIJai PI reef oZIMMERMANS New YorK Fifth Avenuo 1S8 CONSTIPATION INDIGESTION TORPID II Lm all1s In 1h of i it t ti If ti ul v li lr ii Urr RIll t sore rits IIt v ov d t arm tin + i of lak i nl II tur r i1 auw iii M l utn liioll erwhilt i 7sitIrlthuoraiimcv- aKirrcitlii Nrtnlaiwr l Iris punt VIII al ill Il nyace t list uillo rIll lli iitill fr ihrlie the loins ILh hieruilti iliail Ni udnit crINllwkaytrhut Inst yu I W pnfeON bvdtlt amlbipprivirrl dlrree THK KiiVITMS DIUMi ii Nan York iii it toutuiul rf u 1r it Sir NI s R II p y 0 O 1

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