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Page vi of Autobiography of Charles Caldwell, M.D. / with a preface, notes, and appendix, by Harriot W. Warner.

Vi CONTENTS. CHAPTER IV. Lectures-Mode of attending them-Notes-Critics-No parties-Mrs. Rush-A party at her house-Rush's lectures-Analogy-Unity of fever-Dr. G-tts- His manners-Dr. Barton-His appearance-Courtesy-Character-Ihenry Moss -Dr. Woodhouse-His skill in chemistry. . . . . . . 140 CHAPTER V. Yellow fever in Philadelphia-Flight of the inhabitants-Commerce arrested-New York-Difficulty in obtaining lodgings-Fever Hospital-Write on domestic origin-Dr. Rush-His courage and firmness-His judicious practice-Calomel- Its efficacy as a remedy-Rush's dose of " ten and ten"-Rush's opinion of the domestic origin of yellow fever, supported by Aretseus, Jr.-Schuylkill water- Mode of debating-Close of medical session-Translated Blumenbach-Plan of study-Diet-Exercise-Failing health-The brain multiplex-Gall-Spurzheim 177 CHAPTER VI. Military Campaign-Washington-Hamilton-Gen. G-r-y-An adventure-Am appointed surgeon to a brigade-A long walk-A fever cured by rain-Letter to Rush-Theses-Military banquet-A lady-Her influence . . . 203 CHAPTER VII. Degree of M. D.-Thesis-What occurred at my examination-Offend Drs. Wistar and Rush-Consequences-Begin practice-Success-Amusements-Chess-Dr. Rittenhouse-Dr. Rush signs my diploma-Waterworks in Philadelphia-Dr. Rush, the originator of domestic origin of yellow fever-Write in his support on that subject . . . . . . . . . . . . 228 CHAPTER VIII. Post-Wortem examination-Dr. Physick begins it-Its good effect-French Revolu- tion-It promotes the knowledge of medicine-Napoleon-Medical School of Paris-Physical sketch of the city of Philadelphia-Origin and nature of yellow fever-Non-contagion-Philadelphia Almshouse-Lectures-The first clinical course-Rittenhouse-Henry Mloss-Dr. Smith-Physicians of Philadelphia- Rush alone a philosopher-Yellow fever again-Write anonymously-Am taken ill of the fever-Rush and Physick visit and attend me-Philadelphia Academy of Medicine-Deliver the semi-annual oration-Dr. Haygarth-Reply to his critique -Dr. Lettsom-Lost publications-Italian language-Prepare for teaching medicine... . . . 256

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