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Page 454 of Autobiography of Charles Caldwell, M.D. / with a preface, notes, and appendix, by Harriot W. Warner.

church, an explicit declaration of hiq belief, which was satis- factory to that gentleman. A few months previous to his last illness, he gave a like assurance to his immediate friends; and on his dying bed, this assurance was again repeated. This state- ment is not made here because it was necessary to refute the exploded slanders before referred to; but because it is true; and also, perhaps, somewhat because other distinguished mem- bers of the medical profession have, at different times, been sub- jected to the same charges, doubtless on no better fotndation. Dr. Caldwell died in the city of Louisville,-on the ninth day of July, in the year eighteen hundred and fifty-three. His disease was at first an attack of erysipelas, which, however, yielded to skilful treatment, and he seemed to be relieved from all suffer- ing from it in about a week. The weather, however, proved in- tensely hot; and the prostration of his strength was so great that his constitution refused to rally, and all effortq to sustain and raise him again proved ineffectual. This illness continued, from the commencement of his attack, five weeks and three days. His mind was clear and calm, and he was well assured that his last great trial was at hand. His bodily suffering was very slight, and indeed ceased entirely several. weeks before his death. He had no perturbation or distress of mind, for the present or future, and gradually and almost imper- ceptibly, sinking, day by day, he fell at length into a profound and tranquil sleep, from which he never awakened. He lies buried (in accordance with his expressed wish) in Cave Hill Cemetery, beneath the overshadowing branches of a stately beech-tree, which rises from the ground at no great distance from his feet. THE END. 454 APPENDIX.

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