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Image 3 of The Breckenridge news, April 8, 1908

Part of The Breckenridge news

HOUSE BILLS NEW STATE LAWS 4 Acts Late Legislature Presented Here In Concise Form of the 101 CreceliusAct providing a fine for the seller and the buyer of a crop of tobacco that has been pooled unless sold by consent of the pooling orgen izatlon 103 McChord Act providing a fine for the sale or transfer of a piece of personal property where the posses sion is in one person and the title A comthereto is vested in another panion bill to No 101 44 WaggonerAct increasing the annual appropriation for the Kentucky Childrens Home Society from 15000 to 30000 26 KlairAct changing the name of A and M College to State Univer sity 36 BrooksAct providing that fines and forfeitures in police courts in fourthclass titles shall be collected by the cities in case of appeal 157 Llllard Act to prevent the manufacture and sale of adulterated or misbranded foods drugs medicines and liquors and appropriating 30000 a year to have the Kentucky experi mont station enforce the law and test the articles named 140 Sullivan Act appropriating 160000 each for new buildings for the two state normal schools and 200000 for the State 92 SullivanAct changing the bar sls of representation for free tuition to State Normal Schools for a certain number of pupils from each county 64 MeyerAct to promote and compel attendance of children in schools and to prevent truancy In cit ies of first second third and fourth classes 93 GravesAct changing time of holding circuit court In the Second district 105 McChord Act empowering fire insurance companies in this state to incorporate with only 50000 capital stock instead of 100000 306 WilsonAct to amend the drainage laws as applicable to Union county 312 Schoberth Act appropriating 100 to remove the remains of Thomas F Marshall to the cemetery at Frank fort ¬ ¬ SOME OF VITAL IMPORTANCE While Not So Many Laws Were En acted as by Previous General Assembly Some Acts Stand High ¬ Reorganization of the Kentucky School System Was One of the Measuresof Large Importance FarReaching Action Was Taken Toward a Regulation of Tobacco Business in the State ¬ Among the Measures That Failed Were the County Option Bill and the Reapportionment Bill UniversityI that ad 1The Kentucky Legislature not enact journed on March 17th did ¬ f as many laws as its predecessor but some of the laws are of vital importance Chief among these are the fol lowing Act abolishing the present school trustee system and establish ing county boards to control the schools and teachers act to prevent a man from selling his tobacco after ho pools it act appropriating 476000 to complete the new Statehouse and maintain it act appropriating 300000 to the two Normal Schools and 200 000 to the State University act putting poolrooms out of business act giving state aid to all tuberculosis san atoriums act providing for a vote to annul the constitution so as to permit state aid to public road building act authorizing warehousemen to com mingle tobacco of like grades act fur ther regulating the employment of children In factories and an act providing the tax penalty shall not go on until December 1 each year The bill to extend the county unit local option law to all counties in the state failed to pass as did the bills to i

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