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Image 2 of The Breckenridge news, April 8, 1908

Part of The Breckenridge news

5 Ii F t r i i 11 You do care to dance do you r on crutchesand ho TbeJkeia Would you mind If we sat out this ghastly and all ho said was > I I III The Fighting Chance IROBERT by the Curtis Publishing Company by Robert W Cnambcrs 1900 Copyright 10M I and the restmaterIal fortune nnd prosperity which perhaps might stand substitute as a social sponsor for him stand perhaps for something of what he lacked In himself which 1 world and his city had almost ceased to think of Sl ward But there were two people who had not forgotten himHoward Quarrier and Beverly Plankand one other a third who could not yet forget him if she would but as yet she had not tried very des HIS We have just put in late improved Corn and Feed Mill Are prepared to grind and furnish meal and feed ¬ on r LIIformal Beverly Plank only long residence amid time best long formed habits for the best or a long Inheritance of the best could give Did Siward think s07 Was the best be yond his reach Was It hopeless for And why such a man as ho to try wardThe repeated Plank Is It worth while effect on Siward was composite It Is worth while his tried voice ceased surprise In- flushing heavily ability to understand tinged with In to me I wish to be able to go where atluctlve dijpleasure were succeeded such men as you go be permitted by humorous curiosity nUll very slow asked desired to be part of what you ly It became plait to him that this always have been part of Is It a Toll me Mr Si goofy young nun liked him was naive great deal ask ly concerned about him felt frlcudl ward for I dont know Is It too much toward him and was showing it UK to expectI think It Is a very high amspontaneously UK a child What I thought Id come began Plank bition said Shvnrd smiling growing redder nnd redder as lie het you ask Is not very much to ask of l gnu to reshIe the enormity of familial life Mr Plank Ity committed only on the warrant or Plank laughed a little and his squar Impulse You dont look woll ed Jaws relaxed then after a few mo It was good of you to think of mo ments thoughtsold Stwftrd It Is curious that what you castComo up to the library If youve n few tnlmitos to spnre nn away from you so easily I am waiting invalid Please go first Im n trill for with all the patience I have In mo And yet it is always yours to pick up lame yetI I am sorry muttered Plunk again whenever you wish and I may never live to possess it very very sorry He was so perfectly right that Si At first In the library Plnnk was awkward and silent finding nothing to ward said nothingIn fact he could nay and nowhere to dispose of his have no particular Interest or sympahands until Slward gave him n cigar thy for a minis quest of what he him solf did not understand the Ilack of to occupy hula lingers rang for tea although the He was now that he knew Plank con Slward hour was early After n little while touted to accept him anywhere he met either the toast or the tea appeared to him but Planks upward evolutions let on IMnnU as n lingual laxative for upon the social ladder were of no In be began suddenly to talk which IIs torest to him nail his naive snobbery characteristic of bashful men nnd SII was becoming something of a bore So Slward directed the conversation ward RrnvHy helped him on when he i floundered and turned shy After n Into other channels and Plank acceptlittle uwtte H vettt very well with ing another cup of tea became very them mill lii mticli more nt ca te- communicative about his stables nnd than sun hailI ever dared to hope hl his dogs I should like to ask Iwould could lIe with Siward talked sal talk ills you to try somo shooting at the Fells ed aril Slward his crutches across next season if you I knees lay sock In his armchair chat stammered Plank would care to ting with that winning Informality so Youre very good I should like to becoming I men who are unconscious If I wore going to shoot at nil hut I of their ehni utfancy my shooting days are over for WVatchltig Plnnk It occurred to him 1 1 ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ 1 j youi gradually that this great cumbersome awhllo Over creature was not a shrewd thrifty Siwnrd absently Business solf made mil self finished adult at grave again nodded no prospect of I see all only n big wistful lonely boy ny idling for the next year or two without roiiirndvM nnd with nowhere You fire InIu Amalgamated Elec to play rlc I think ventured Plank Plank spoke of himself after awhile Very much In replied the other Sounding the personal note with teutn rankly Youve rend the papers and tire timidity Siwnrd gravely encour I suppose aged him mad III a little while the out hoard rumors I dont suppose anybody Some Ham of his crude autobiography ap quite understands the attacks on Amal peared emlKxlylng his eventless boy gamn ted hood In u Pennsylvania town his en roer at tin high school the duwnlnu I his shrewd desire for college equipment satisfied by toll fttthpr who owned shares In began cautiousSteel Plank I Im wondering he the promising I ly how much the Algonquin crowd compiiny the unhappy years nt lIar understands about the matter vard hard years fur he learned with Shvards troubled eyes wore on himdifficulty solitary years for he was watching closely nartiS he spoke tint nuiiirlit hy those whom IIP desired rowly Then he ventured to speak to know Ive heard that rumor before he of his IaIthers mowing Interest in triil clisiirNng of saIdSo Mcel the MiiTuiii and it said Plank have I own entry up independent seems incredible He looked warily lentil of his fll nt on lh4 sri p in Suppose It is true that Slward the Algonquin Trust company Is god That doesnt father to Intorcounty explain why u man should kick his own door down when thores a bell to ring and servants to let him Inandhmtlsml Not a remedy that will straighten the out again toolimbs of chronic cripples nor turn bony distorted said Siward I have wondered rrowths back to flesh again That is impossibleof Out I can now surely kith the pales and pangs whether the door he might be inclinw deplorable disease a Chemist in tho City of ed to kick down Is really his own door In Gorman Darmstadt I found the last Ingredient with any longerwbch Dr Shoops Rheumatic Remedy was made I simply It i perfected dependable prescription Without belongtoo said Plank enemy If he may that last ingredient successfully treated maul has to a personal tnany cases of Rheumatism but tbw at last itunl fouily cures all curable cases of this heretofore any lie could afford to have an enetnncb dreaded disease Those eandliko srmnularwMtel found In Rheumatic Blood Boom todlacolTG my I suppose tnd pass away under tho action of this remedy as Slward nodded freely as does sugar when added to pure wator wstg Then hadnt you betterI beg your And then when dissolved these poisonouscause of freely pass from the system and the You have not asked me to Rheumatism Is gone forever There U now no pardon to wt advise you real1 nQOdno actual excusecons JUtfer wnaer 1d mre and is Wo mNo I may ask your advice some day Will you give It when I do 3Dr said Plank so With pleasure warmly disinterested so plainly proud and eager to do a service that Siward surprised and touched found no word to utter ALL DEALERS Clonk rose Slward attempted to ouI phis ti RheumatismI > x- FOR ALL KINDS OF MachineBoiler Electrical t Gasoline Boat 1 1Tin and Galva ¬ nizedl Dr Kings DiscoveryI Plumbers Mill Boat and Tin ¬ ners SuppliesCome i I Gloverport Foundry 1 1 ¬ II Machine Go Miller Brick nilI elghtI Prices Reasonable Satisfaction Guaranteed Correspondenec Solicited Tile Co StylishComf able Tl r made clothes All the latest patterns for suits and trousers in high grade fabrics Clothes nade by modern methods Fit guar anteed Moderate prices Ex port tailors vv I J I J MORTONOwner FoundryMachine CURE 1 short notice- CHARLES KILL DeprThe Feedt at Mortons Mill Kyu that Siward left New York to visit everybodys friend Mr M1111 queen in the country Plank called ou him for the second time In his life and was presently received in the south drawing room the library being ilm Itod to an informality and intimacy not for Mr Plank Slward still lame and using unskl fully two Bhlny now crutches came down the stairs and stumped into the drawing room which In spite of the somlor clustering curtains was brightly Illuminated by the winter sunshlue reflected from the snow In the street Plank was shocked at the change h himat the ghost of a voice listless at the thin nerveless hand oft startled so that ho forgot his shyness and retained the bony hand tightly In his and instinctively laid his othor great cushlonllko paw over it holding It imprisoned unable to speak unconscious in the Impulse of the moment of the liberty he permitted himself and which he hind never Ireful ed of taking with such a man as SI Shoops Rheumatic Remedy Meal and CAROUI peratelyThe ltpale expected to leave for the country I danceIf youd rather he said so wlst asked him to shoot next year nt Black fully that site hesitated then with n Fells and he seemed bothered about little shrug laid one hand on his arm business nnd said It might keep him and they swung out across the floor from taking any vacation He spoke about his business together Into the scented whirl Yes hoPlank like many heavy men dancWhnt Is the trouble with his busied beautifully and Sylvia who still Never live up and think that Is It anything about Amalga loved dancing with all the ardor of n ness all women yourself Included have schoolgirl permitted a moment or two mated and Intercounty to suffer painI think so of keen delight to sweep her dreamily Thousands of women have writIs he worried from her purpose But that purpos ten to tell how they have cured Plank said deliberately I should bo must have been a strong one for she their womanly Ills and relieved returned to It In a few minutes and If my interests were locked up in Amalgamated Electric looking up at Plank said very gentl their pains and over a iMillion Could you tell me why that would that she cared to dance no more have been benefited la various Her hand resting lightly on his arm worry you she asked smiling per other forms of female disease dur It did not seem possible that any pros Buaslvely across at him lag the put liI years by that No he said I cant tell you sure of hers was directing them to the popular aid sitccessful female Because I wouldnt understand conservatory yet he did not know remedy Because I myself dont understand where he was going and she was faShe thought awhile brushing the miliar with the house and they soon WINE entered the conservatory where In the rose velvet of her mouth with the fans shadow of various palms various edge then looking up confidentlyMr Slward Is such a boy Im so youths looked up Impatiently as they OF up glad he has you to advise him In such passed and various maidens sat very straight In their chairs mattersWhat matters asked Plank bluntly WOMANS RELIEF Threading their dim way Into the Why InIu financial matters farther recesses they found seats I believe I would now have among thickets of forced lilacs overBut I dont advise him been dead writes Mrs Minnie Why notTA spring hung by early wistaria Because he hasnt asked me to Miss like odor hung In the air Somewhere I Land is had suffered with bad cramping a tiny fountain grew musical In the spells pains In my back sides Continued on Page Seven semidarkness and arms and awful bcadag down Marion told mo you hnd been ask pains Now these pains have all We have been so she said ed lone as a result of using Cardul friendly Youve always asked me to THE COUCHAAt All Druggists dance wherever wo have met so I THE LUNGS ND thought Id save you one Are you WRITE FOR FREE ADVICE Mr Plank flattered stating ago and describing symp ¬ He snld he was very pleasantly per WITH fectly undeceived mill convinced of her Chattanooga Tenn E 39 purpose n purpose never even tacitly admitted between them and the old loneliness came over him again not resentment for he was willing that she stand up hut had trouble with hlHI should use him Why not Others I I used him everybody used him and If crutchesPlease dont try said Plnnk com they found no use for him they let AND ALL THROAT AND LUNG TROUBLES Mnj him alone Ing over ami offering his hand Mortimer Fleetwood Bel GUARANTEEDSATISFAO ORY Oh you are oft wether nil nil had something to ex I stop In again soon OR MONEY REFUNDED to the country for a month or two act from him It was for that he was hope tolerated see You dont look very well He knew It He had slowAwfully glad t ly and unwillingly learned it His In It will benefit you hope you wont trusion among these people of whom have seen you forgot me entirely he was not one would be endured onI nm the man people are forget ly while he might be turned to some l ting returned Siward not you It account The hospital used him the was very nice of you to come 1011I clergy found plenty for him to do for are one of very few who remember me- them the museum had room for other at pictures of his Who among them nil I have very few people to rcmcm md ever sought him without a mo Incorporated and If I had as Ive Who among them all had ever her sold Phonic many as I could desire I should re- found unselfish pleasure In him Not Kentucky Cloverport member you first one Here he became very much embar He wished she would come to her rassed Slward offered his hand again point but he dared not lead her to It Plnnk shook It awkwardly and went too brusquely because her purpose and Capacity of Plant 60000 away on tiptoe down the stairs which her point were supposed to be nbso croaked decorously under his Brick Per Day lately hidden from his thick and cred And that ended the first Interview ulous understanding had taken It between Plnnk und Shvnrd in the firstJhim some time to make this clear to days of the hatters decline Passing from suspicion himself The months that passed during SI through chagrin and overwounded feel- Main Oflice Rooms 8 and 10 wards absence from the city beganJIng to dull certainty that she too wns O 0 F Building to prove rather eventful for PlnnkI using him harmlessly enough from was finally elected n member ofIher standpoint but how bitterly from lie Owensboro Kentucky the Patroons club without serious opt his he alone could know position he had dined twice with the The flutter of her fan meant Impa Kemp Kenalls ho and Major DelI tience to learn from him Doans Ointtiient cured me of eczema what she hind wether were seen together at the Cnlth come to him to learn nnd then satis that land annoyed me a long time Tin ness lance nnd In the Caithness box fled to leave him alone again amid cure was permanent Hon SM nt the opera Once a respectable news the peopled solitude of clustered lights Matthews Commissioner Labor Statispaper roporfeel him at Tuxedo for the lIe wished she would speak lie weeks end his name linked with the was tired of the sadness of It nil tics Augusta Me clergy frequently occupied such space Rev Celestine Brey To Preach Whenever In his isolation In his utter under the column headed Eecleslns destitution of friendship he turned The regular Lenten devotions will ns wns devoted to tlcnl News nbe held at St Pauls church on Wedprogress of the new chapel and ninny guilelessly to meet a new advance lwas sooner or later the friendly Celestine old ladles began to become familiar mask was lifted enough for him to nesday evening and Rev with his name Jrey of Cloverport will preach the Indivine the cool fixed gaze of self At the right moment the Mortimers terest Inspecting him through the sermon Father Brey was born andfeatured him between two fashionable damask slits rea ed in the Whitesville neighborhoodbishops nt a dinner Mrs Vendennlng Sylvia was speaking now and time and he has many friends in the city who adored bishops Immediately replumy fan was under savant control He has been stationed at CloverportMembered him among those asked to to her- for about 10 years and has also had her famous annual bal poudre n cele- waving graceful accompaniment soft voice punctuating her sentences charge of the Hawesville church during brated yacht club admitted him to t membership a whole shoal of excel at times at times making an emphasis that time and he has built up both con lent minor clubs which really needed or outlining a gesture gregations in a remarkable way It was the familiar sequencetopics Owensboro Enquirer new members followed suit and even the rockrlbbed Lenox wearied of its that led to themes which adroitly skirtown time honored immobility display- ed the salient point returned capriShake off the grip of your old enemy subtly ed tho preliminary fidgets which bodedI ciously Just avoiding charming pattern of words which re Nasal Catarrh by using Elys Cream well for the stolid Balm Then will all the swelling and Yes he was doing well for that desIquired so little In reply that his smile soreness be driven out of the tender in wtlc lieauty Sylvia Lnndls whose ca mill nod were almost enough to keep flamed membranes The tits of sueez irlciotm perversity hnd recently nston her aria nnd his accompaniment afloat It began to fascinate him to watch Ing will cease and the discharge as lished those who remembered her In the delicacy of her strategy the co- offensive to others as to yourself will bo her first season as a sweet reasonable and unspolleel girl was always CrlendIquetting with her purpose her naive stopped when the causes that produce advance to the very edges of It the It are removed comfort Cleanliness ly with him That must be looked illoil ns Important considering Sylvias airy retreat the Innocent detour the and renewed health by the use of Cream unassailable position mill her kinship elaborate and circuitous return And Balm Sold by all druggisls for 50 to the autocratic old lady whose kindly at last she drifted into It so naturally cents or mailed by Ely Bros 50 dense hind for generations remained that it seemed impossible that fatuous New York susWarren Street man could have the most primitive the undisputed law In the social S picion of her premeditation tem of Manhattan Take Your Choice And Plank now recognizing his cue At n ball nt the Pages to which Mrs No I have not hoard Have you ever almost run into someMortimer took him Plank met Sylvia answered her Her escort Fortall nodded to him that he Is In town I stopped to set- one on the street and then dodged from pleasantly She loaned forward from blm time other day but nobody there side to side for half a minutevainly en lormlls arm snylng under her breath knew how soon ho Intended to return deavoring to pass while the other perI have saved n dance for you Please from the countryson by some strange fatality blocked I didnt know ho had gone to the ask mo nt once Qulckl Do you want country she said without apparent In your every move by trying to pass youmiin the same way meI1 do terestAnd stammered Plank Such was the recent experience of a Plank was either too kind to Pcrrnll suspicious stepped forward to exchange civilities thou turning to terminate the subject or too anxious to young man in Portland Maine He and servo his turn a strange young woman had been going the girl beside him See here Sylvia and release her through this performance for several ouve dragged me all over this house for ho went on seconds when his unwilling visavis on one pretext or another Do you I thought I told staggered him by saying you at Mrs For is to beaWell hurry up rails that Mr waltz or a two step Which it Home No I dont No It Isnt Kemp Womans SIw and had gone you annoy Companion for April to the country Thats a nice thing to say Is It Perhaps you your delicately Inimitable way of givDeath Was On Ills Heels No doubt did ing me my conge Jesse P Morris of Skippers Va had Pvo forgotten Yes thank you nodded Miss Lan Im quite sure a close call in the spring of 1906 Ho coolly dis You may go now I did because I sayslAn attack of pneumonia left me Youre spoiled thats whats the remember say- so weak and with such u fearful cough matter retorted Ferrall vrathfully ing that he look- that my friends declared consumption I thought I was to have this dance ed very Ill and had me and death was on my heels You said You hope BOr you said I said perhaps because I didnt sharply that ho had no business rather Then I was persuaded to try Dr Kings to be It helped me immediBoo Mr Plank coming to claim It Ill Do you remember Now Discovery Thank you Kemp for finding him Yes she said slowly Is ho bet- ately and after taking two and a half Her nod and smile took the edge ter bottles I was a well man again I found from her malice Ferrall who really out that New Discovery is the best rem I hope so adored dancing glared about for anyYou hope so with tho controlled odY for coughs and lung disease in allbody to dance with emphasis of impatience Sold under guarantee at the world Sylvia standing besldo Plank lookYes Dont you Miss Landis When Severs Drug Co 50c and 1 Trial ed up at him with her confident and I saw him at hIs hnmo Jjejvzas lomexr bottle free frlendlxjtrS ¬ ther CHAPTERi rather that hi Agonies Of Pain I Copyright 4 employedff J H HUNSCHE I I ¬ j Casper May ea l1 em NM t p MEN AND LADIES OF LEARN OTELEGRAPHY I and K R ACCOUNTING Nover be fore has there neon such a crying de- ¬ mand for Telegraph Operators Over I thoHallrouds hour law passed by last Congress and going into effect next March We Absolutely Guarantee Positions Un- ¬ der a 1 50 Guaranty Bond Salaries range from 135 to tflO per month for betrlnners We have standing con ¬ tracts to place all our graduates Un¬ der supervision of Hull way Officials Main Line Wire 250 miles In length In our schoal rooms Established over I I oxpensesCataloj NATIONAL I cundhlnteI Ind lTION WANTED TIYOUNU I tllI I Cannelton Co Ita TELEGRAPH INSTITUTE CINCINNATI O I W I ftJ IF it is the surest and safest place you want to have your watch repaired go to T C LEWIS S- he knows how and does as he Ho has one of the knows finest collections of beautiful uptodateJEWELRY all good not shoddy at the very lowest prices gold and silver can be bought for Remember it is the same T 0 Lewis Come he is glad to welcome you and give you satisfaction youidont tie T C Lewis Home Jeweler Hardinsburg Ky I u H DeN flOORMAN Attorney at Law HARDINSBURQ KY theCourts Special attention tor cases and criminalgiven to collections practice License road to practice In United States District Courts o Offico over Bank of Hardlnabarg i a

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