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Image 1 of The Breckenridge news, April 8, 1908

Part of The Breckenridge news

S THE BRECKENRIDGE NEWS t THATS FIT TO PRINT ALL THE NEWS VOLrXXXll SHOOTING f CLOVERPORT KENTUCKY BEQUEATHED IN THIS CITY FRIDAY Firbar John At Beavin TO BIBLE SOCIETY John Miss Shot By The English Emma Owensboro Kasey Dies I GRAND MEETING In I And Leaves Large Farmers Monday Meet Cloverport Represented RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED Boy Weds when eating that your food i s of highest wholesomenessthat it has nothing in it that can injure or A MARRIED repastdoubly 4 Miss Emma Kasey died at the home of her sister Dr Evelyn Bush iin Owensboro Tuesday morning of last week after an illness of some time However her death was hastened by a second attack of paralysis The remains were taken to Vine Grove Ky for in ¬ i terment Miss Kasey was fiftytwo years of age and was born and reared in Clover port By the death of Miss Kasey the American Bible Society inherits her en ¬ tire estate consisting of 100000 This is in accordance with the ishes of her uncle Starrel Kasey whose death oc curse 1 a year ago and whose estate she that trouble had been brewing between Farber and Beavin for i some time but the nature of it is not known Beavin was put in Jail The affair has caused deep grief to the family of Farber and is a source of great regret to them 3 The offiliutedI I talked among it came as u complete surprise to their friends Hardinsburg They were never more Mr Warfield is the brother of Mrs determinedand loyal to their cause Frank Praize and John Warfield of this They were happy contented and pros ¬ city and formerly lived here He is perous They were all in love and prominently connected with the Ameri harmony their only object seemed to can National Bank of Louisville be to keep in harmony and keep down Mis Warfield is an attractive young inheritedIt Conservatism woman and the daughter of an aristo ¬ the property in this city be disorder in their ranks longing to the estate of Miss Kasey will reigned Law and order was the key- cratic family of Kentucky Better products better prices Forrest note Dr be sold immediately and an equal deal to all seemed to be Lightfoot contemplates buying it the supreme object of their coming Entertaining LightfootIt I The wedding of Miss Henrietta Katherine Morris and Mr Roderick Frank W rfield was quietly solemnized Saturday night at the rectory of ChristChurch Catherdral at 9 oclock in the presence of the immediate families and a few friends The Rev Gharles Ewell Craik Irvington 1 Improvements April 6SpecialTheme- Ablol ebt Pe The only baking powder made with Royal Grape Cream of Tartar confidence powder ¬ ¬ ¬ orless ¬ Church youhave ROYAL Bald PowdeThis QUIETLY u Friday afternoon about six oclock intense excittmettt was aroused on Main street by the shooting that occurred iin the English Kitchen when John Beavin shot John Farber The bullets passed through the scalp of Farbers head nndPJr a while his death was expected any moment He is improving now and iis undo the medical care of Dr Forrest 39 Confidence Louisville Girl A large and representative body of farmers members of the A S of E ands number who were not members but in sympathy with the society met at Hardinsburg Monday It was a regular meeting of the Breckenridge county Union The local Unions were fairly well represented by delegates from twelve local Unions There never was a more solid substantialand thrifty body of farmers assembled at NO I At Hardinsburg Prominent Banker And Former FORMERLY LIVED HERE IMPROVING A BENEDICT Twelve Local Unions 8 Pastes FRANK WARFIELD HELD BY A S OF E Estate Left By Her Uncle Kitchen FARBER 100000t WEDNESDAY APRIL 8 1908 alum or alum salts remains in the food DayAt mbers of the Methodist and Presby ¬ The Home Boys Entertained togetherMr terian congregations have had chancels Stephensport President of the erected in their churches for the special meeting to The skating rink was a scene of aIcounty Union called the use of the choirs They are great im order In doing so he said he thoughtStephensportKyApril6Special provements and will be enjoyed by the continuous round of pleasure from 8to 12I Mrs A B Crawford was a charming JAMES SEVERS the girls ex ¬ it was strange that farmers cannot oclock Friday night when faithful singers come together and unite on one thing Ihostess to her friends at her beautiful ercised their best efforts to entertain by it He wished to impress Ihome at this place Thursday She was Plenty of Trouble FOUND DEAD the young society men who had beenIand stand on the member that whatever was done handsomely gowned in black and caused by stagnation of the liver and riving them so many enjoyable skating here today should be done with the white and wore pearls for the occasion is bowels To get rid of it and headache parties at the rink during the past view to the best interests of the farm ¬ Those who partook of her hospitality in and biliousness and the poison that winter The majority of the girls were ers their neighbors and friends Let the afternoon were Mesdames R T Former Magistrate Dies Suddenlybrings jaundice take Dr Kings New dressed in white summer dresses andIus first be right know that we are fSkillman E Roberts B Napper E at ills Home at Union Life Pills the reliable purifiers that do they were never so attractive and socia- right then go ahead and stand by it Rollins OLay M Payne L Bennett the work without grinding or griping ble as they were at this leap year party If we decided said he to plant 10000 E H Miller Jno Adair M Adkison Starfor the home boys Each one was busy 25c at Severs Drug Co R A Smith G W McCubbine J to make their quests have a good hills to the hand let every one of us do trying Deli- ¬ By doing this we keep down discon ¬ Hanks and B rM McCubbins time and they most certainly succeeded it Grand Opening Day I There will be cious refreshments were tent and murmerings At 11 oclock an elegant and sumptuous f UNERAL WAS HELD THURSDAY From 8 oclock to 11 no trouble if every man sticks to his luncheon which the girls had previous- ¬ He made a splendid talk evening she gave an elaborate supper Saturday was a big day at Irvington ly prepared was served to all those promises Full of good advice and a spirit of fair to a number of guests The dining three of the leading stores had their present and was thoroughly relished by Mr Shrewsbury appointed table was artistically decorated in dealing At his home in Union Star James spring openings Jollys store gave a the skaters Those who issued the in- ¬ the following committee on resolutions magnolia blooms and a fine menue was Severs was found cad about 4 oclock magnificent display of new spring goods vitations were Misses Ray Heyser Mesdames Tuesday afternoon of last week The rivaling with the large and handsome Mamie Graham Minnie Emery Mamie W R Pierce R L Burch E B jserved to the following Oglesby Dr P W Foote Lon Jarboe L T Roberts R A Smith Jno cause of his death is unknown as he stock of the Lyon Dry Goods Company DeHaven Reba Lewis Nellie White The committee re- ¬ Adair G W Payne and daughter was apparently in good health just a Miss Nannie Childs milinery opening house Louise Babbage Cltona and and Silas Miller tired and after a long consultation re- ¬ Jennie Brooks M McCoy and daugh few hours before his death he passed created much interest and was a treat to Stella Weatherholt Matt and Ree buyers of beautiful hats The advantages Willis Julia and Maggie Wroe Carrie ported the following resolutions which ter Messrs Andrew Crawford Sr G through his house and told a member of that the Irvington merchants are giving and Claudie Pae Edith Eva and Grare after some discussion were unammous W Payne Jno Adair R A Smith R the family that he was going to cut some wood and they were shocked H Bennett and Mrs John Black the public can be ascertained by read ¬ Plank Fannie Ella and Jane Smith ly adoptedWe committee on resolutions The guests were elegantly dressed for when he was found in the woodshed ing thir ads in the News The guests affirm our faith in the eternal principles and Mrs Harry Newsom affair and a perfect time wits had lifeless Chris taught in the official organs and the 3rd the and Ira Behen were Lafe The funeral was held Thursday at 12 both in the afternoon and evening louse Party at Irvington and power book Brabundt Marion Denton Chas oclock and the services were con ¬ We realize that the present prices of Harry Fallon Len Gregory Otto ducted by the Rev Roberts For A Louisville Visitor Hambletonjoe GrahamJohn and James farm products while not yet renumer Breckenridge Boy Mr Severs was a brother of D H ative would be much lower if no at ¬ Lawson Stuart and Virgil Babbage tempt had ever been made by the organ ¬ A successful operator on the Big Four Severs of this city and was survived At the home of Mrs D C Heron a Paul Lewis Chas Burk E i Morrison Route Carl Tinius son of a prominent by a wife and five children He was a Raymond Parker in the most pleasant houseparty was given Harry Newsom farmer of Holt now with this road at retired merchant and for a number of Raymond Pate Orville Perkins David last Indianapolis Convention and feelI from Saturday until Sunday in honor of that many of our loyal subjects are at Mattoon Ill He is a graduate of the years was magistrate of the Union Star her visitor Miss Jargaret Schwertzer Phelps Allen Pierce Harry Weather a loss to know whose banner to follow Kentucky School of Telegraphy at district The sympathy of many friends Horace The next Convention we think willGeorge Wendelken of Louisville The guests included the bolt In a letter of recent date and relatives goes out to the bereaved Floyd fully settle this question and while we Owensboro and Mike Tucker following young society girls of Irving Beavin to the school he tells of passing the ex- family Wroe The are waiting we urge you all to stand to- ¬ and Ed ton Misses Ruts Miller Nell Smith Whitehouse amination successfully and also express- ¬ Mary gether visiting guests were Miss ROY Moorman in Louisville Effie Brady Aunt Maude Cowherd We condemn the lawlessness of the es his appreciation to Mr Rhodes his Bandy Willa Drury Jesse BradyIGoering of Hawesville Messrs Mack night riders and as an organization instructor for the thorough and efficient Lee Brown Edward Dillion Morris and stand talk and fight against such On Katbrine and Eva McGlothlau Roy Evan Moorman of Hardinsburg toe other hand we feel and know that manner in which he was trainedwhile Franklin Kincheloe of Hardinsburg I find your instruc- spent several days of last week in Lou- ¬ in school saying the laws have been trampled and the The Morrisons Move farmer robbed to an extent that far out- ¬ tions and the work you gave to be the i isville taking Shriners degrees The Road Question weighs present outrages and that twocsame as I perform here on the road wrongs never made one right It is owing to your training and influence Married at Axtel yLr and Mrsjacob Morrison and son We demand our law makers to take Babbage Mr J D that I now hold the position of third Eflward have moved from their home reading your paper for prompt action against the Dear in the West End and are staying at the the last six months I have failed to We urge all locals to send one deleItrick man here I can cheerfully recom ¬ Misr Ada Pool and Mr Dan Decker Cloverport Hotel They will probably notice any thing said about the roads gate to attend the meeting to be held mend anyone wishing to learn teleg ¬ were married at Axtel March the at Owensboro on April 18 raphy to you for training It spend the summer there twentysecond The ceremony was You claim to treat all with justice and Rev C W Stone in performed by the you always had a great deal to say the prese nee of friends and relatives Please tell pends the life and success of the A when the roads were bad DAILY SERVICES GET READY us why you are so mum now for the merican Society of Equity We recommend that the acerage be Musical Announcement roads are worse now than they have held to 10000 hills to the hand 5000 Busy at The been for twelve years In factthey are the half hand Rev Pat Davis toIInternational S S Convention but we do not almost impassable We universally condemn the Kentuc ¬ Preparations are being made by the Meets June 1823 In The Methodist Church In He is a ky press for their unfair reports and blame Charley Bohler for it music pupils of Miss Lula Severs to give good road man We do blame you for methods to defeat the principles of an informal musical to their friends and Armory CityGood cencuring every other supervisor and Equity parents Friday evening May the first Silas Miller laying all the bad roads to inefficient The musial will be given at the home P W Foote Suggested ThemeIIWe Would See of Miss Severs and the occasion is The annual Methodist revival com supervision when the roads that were W R Pierce year are pow the menced Sunday morning by the Rev worked most last the lovers of OglesbyR JesusThe 12th Triennial Convention of the pleasantly anticipated bywill tape part if you John Currieand his assistant Rev Pat Davis worst roads we have Those who good music Lou Jarboe of Louisville is with him now preach- will get a double rig for one horse International Sunday School Associa- in the program are Misses Eloise 3 you and drive out could not pull ing twice a day tion will be held in Louisville Ky Nolte Elizabeth Skillman Mildred A big cut or a little cut smal June 1823 in the Armory the largest Rev Davis sermons are sane and miles from town on any public road and Neomie Mayde Chapin Babbage out of then write the truth about the road scratches or bruises or bg ones ure auditorium in the city helpful and are well delivered Headquarters Simons of Tobinsport end Fred Pierce long experience and practical know ¬ question the rig shall not cost you healed quickly by DeWitts Carbolized of the Executive Committee speakers I ledge He has promised to give a nothing Now It you do not make the Witch Hazel Salve It is especially etc will be at the Louisville Hotel The III special talk to the young people at the trip let us hear what you have got to good for piles Get DeWitts Sold by There will be 2215 delegates appoInt- ¬ all druggists League Sunday night which will be say about the condition of the roadsed by the StateProvincial and Territor- ¬ Mr Chas May has been ill at his Respectfully M Harris lead by Miss Jennie ial Associations of the United States The lodges home for the past week Box Supper ExSupervisor Geo N Harris The meeting is being well attended and Canada in addition to the officers his many friends hope that his re- ¬ and general interest is being aroused of the Association the Executive Coma overy will be rapid Attends Mule Sale among the church goers The A O U W lodge of this cityt Dr A A Simons went to Skillman gave an enjoyable box supper in their International VicePresident from each Sunday to see Mrs John Sterrett who League Conference Owen and Ben Seaton were in Louis ¬ headquarters Tuesday night Notwith- ¬ Association and the General Secretaries is very ill at his home there ville last week attending a large mule standing the inclement weather they This will make a company of 2500 delMr J J Dyer is still confined with t were sale and had a fair crowd and an enjoyable even ¬ egates who will be accompanied by Fhe annual state conference of the sale Forty mules prices onMr ing was spent with their friends and hundreds of officers teachers and mem rheumatism at his home on the hill Owen l Xtfworth League will meet at Hender all brought fair They realized a neat sumt ers of the Sunday schools of the Inter- ¬ fins animal and is 1 Mrs Ella Davis still continues to bo families On the last of June and the first of Seaton bought a purchase national FieldKy S S Reporter 1 ill at her home at Harned from the boxes sold quite proud of his Jr ly ¬ PAST FOURSCORE YEARS 1 t 1 Mrs Passes Alexander After a Useful Life Away Survived By One Son servedF I 1 priceWe J J trustsI I SirIn I getbusy Thisi CongregationsI i 1 I I i Enjoyedc cmittee I It 1 I 1 A CIIRISTIN WOMAN Mrs Susan Alexander of Bums rt lict of the Hun Chas Alexander died Alexander1Sr vanced age of 86 years being the lack member of the family of James Butler one of the old settlers of that section of countyHer surviving child John Alexander at whose home she died is one of the most prominent citizens of the icounty Her other child Missouri was the first wife of George M Pile who died at Irvington a few weeks ago Mrs Alexander was an energetic useful Christian womanone who possessed the qualities of heart and hand to bring up a child in the way that would make a successful and honored citizen Such women leave an impress upon the world long after they have gone to their reward and in such lives is an in spiratiun for others Yatch Newsi i Saturday afternoon Mr David Phelps gave a vatch party to Mr and Owen ISrathear of Bristol Tenn Mr and Mrs James Younger They took a sail on Clover Creek and also haa an enjoyable spin on the Ohio Mr P D Plank took a small com- ¬ pany of friends for a trip on Sunday afternoon in his ideal boat that he has just launched for the summer season Among the guesta were Misses Eva and Eliza May and Mr Lawrence Murray Dr Forrest Lightfoot has just cently purchased gasoline launch Mr Daniels for his daughter Miss Jane Mrsi andi i i j 1 pleasurei i i frothk k LightfootMr Weatherholt will not put his boat on the river until the first of May He is having it repaired and well equipped for the seasons use Mr Fred Fraize another enthusiastic yatchman of this city will start his launch the first of next month t Regulates the bowels promotes easy natural movements cures constipation Doans Regulets Ask your druggist for them 25 cents a box Leave Cloverport Dr and Mrs Frank Hook left this city Saturday for Highland Park Ky to make their homo Dr Hook has been practising dentistry here for sometime f < at- n U Ic n p l

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