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Image 1 of Mount Vernon signal., September 28, 1906

Part of Mount Vernon signal.

oun1tnnu Published Every Friday VOLUME XX MT VERNON ROCKCASTLE COUNTY KY FRIDAY I U J STATE NEWS f INTERESTING 1 i SEPT na1J ¬ SUPPOSED Glasgow KyPersons living In the western part of Glasgow are excited over the strange condition of Mrs George Burgess who with her husJ band moved here from Etolle this 7 I A Few Reasons Why I YOU ¬ f 11f r L USj ff one from which you can al < ways get anything you want fat any time and we are conR stantly adding all the desira ble things from every quarter I- < f f 8 goodold son of rela9Q we dos J not wish to Debate or be chatf edbut always endeavor to seef that our customers receive fair 7 treatment We believe this isf R the only methodupon which f 1 X> I business should be conducted f and strive to carry it into oursf fc 7- Several women were called in vere waiting for the burial robe the corpse surprised all present by mov ng An Investigation revealed that he woman was breathing From the Jme she was thought to have died calf an hour until she moved there vas no perceptible sign of life Respi alien and heart action had ceased and hose who closed her eyes and handled he body declared she was cold and rigid After those present had recov ered from their surprise restoratives were applied and in a short time she tad rallied sufficiently to talk Mrs burgess is still alive though her con iltlon is very critical and her death ex rested at any time To those who iGlped revive her she said It takes ne a long time to die Dont you f ¬ test the running qualities of earth Among those in the stand was Gen John B Castlcman and for a moment everyone accepted the challenge seri ously But the proposed foot roc passed into the 1906 campaign jolt book INDICTMENTS FOR MURDER h Returned Against Sheriff and Posse That Captured Frank Ball Mlddleboro KYThe grancti jury is session in Lee county Virginia4 return CROOKSa d Indictments against Kentucky ofli eels who captured Frank Ball at Ros Yclept Hells Half Acre the Scene Hill August 9 The men are charge of a Shooting Affray with the murder of John Lee Lee wr killed in the tight between Ball and tt London Ky During a general fight officers Those indicted are Rice tit 1 H Thomas from Mud Lick N C Johnson sheriff of Bell county R nd a man named Thompson from Givens Gordon Givens Newton J W Jat Lick Knox iounty were shot burn John Glynn of Mlddlesboro m rear the K D bridge in this county James Rollins Ike Vanbibber and Job Thomas Is shot through the stomach Wilson of Pinovllle deputy sheriff and is dying Thompson is shot It is said that Gov Swanson will a through the arm and is seriously Gov Beckham for requisition of the vounded But Lanham of Lily thi men The members of the party wh county is accused of shooting boll assisted the sheriff and his posse hay men and has mads his escape The been indicted as accessories to tit place where the trouble occurred It murder of Lee This party was con known as Hells HalfAcre and is a posed principally of business men o Mtddlesboro and Pineville woodland just outside the corporation mits of Cor in and across Lynn Camp FROM HIS HEAD River on the Laurel side Here many The Bullet Bounced and the Negr 1 bin can not interfere with the offen ers and they have little trouble In escaping the officers of Laurel and Knox by crossing the county line when they were pursued Deputy Sheriff W N Scoville of this city went to the scene of the fight tonight and placed several men and women under arrest and will bring them to the London Jail tonight Was Unhurt y ¬ AN INVESTIGATION j I Into Ketterer Case Is Ordered by the State Board of ControlI a Lexington KyHaving a bulls bounced oft his head while he lay i bed withoat even losing cousclousiies was the singular experience of Al HawkIns a negro 50 years old at Athens Ky The shooting occurred while Hawkins was in his bed and when the sur goons arrived to dress the wound the found the bullet had bounced off hi head and was lying on the pillow Tht shooting was done with a 3Scalibo pistol by another negro named Hinlci Wilson Hawkins son Inlaw The trouble came up over an affair between Wilson and his wife It is said tlmshe called to Hawkins for assistance and that he responded This action or his part is alleged to have given Wil son offense Frankfort KyThe state board of control ordered an Investigation Into the sudden death of Fred Ketterer of Ashland at the Lexington Insane asy NARY LICENSE lum President Holy of the board is sued the following statement The state board of control in special ses Had Trimble and the Laws Officer I I ¬ ¬ Swooped Down on Him CHAMt paifrom f Hickory ¬ our own country 2 ¬ VTagonsmade irif g initthe f f f ter prepared to take us care of our f trade than ever before f Our prices shall be in reason four motto Live and LetLivef Help us to make this year S > 0 cr scratchlI 3eDIC3lC lJ1r 7 ¬ vetn Mad Gentryg ¬ ¬ ¬ ii conI CookI ¬ the hou e torn down where Jake Johnson lived and one in its stead is having a nice five room cottage erected which will aid greatlv to the looks of upper main street JC Wilhoitte of Monteray Ky is burn attending the bedside of his brother Dr A D Wilhoite lUg falling timbers and caving in of houses The writer reached the terrible scene about ten hours after the great disaster to witness the wreckage and turmoil of what on ¬ ly a few hours before was a thriv- ¬ ing prosperous little city every body on the hustle andeverything going well bnt alas almost in the twinkle of an eve was reduced to ruins such as could almost be compared to that of the great San Francisco disaster The Kentucky side was almost total wreck while the large brick structures on the Tennessee side were either de stoyed or so badly damaged that they were rendered unsafe for oc cupancy Just dhow the accident occurred is a question that HO one has been able to solve as there is no one who was present left to tell the story However two possible causes have been assigned one that Mr Rogers one of the victims was shooting at a target on the car which contained the dynamite and another is that a car loaded with pig iron was pushed against the car so heavily as to cause the ex- ¬ plosion but this is o speculation as no one can state positively that either took place The arguement has been presented by some that it was caused by spontaneous com ¬ bustion the exact cause we will probably never know On the spot where stood the car a whole was dug in the ground more than thirty feet in diameter and about thirty live feet deep It is a miracle that more people did not lose their lives than did Work ofrepairing the town has already begun ¬ haffyof Brodheadvisited at Mrs Rilla Owens lastSundavW H yI sll so and Sam Sayers attended church at Brodhead last Sunday evening Rev Thomas Smith preached to a ¬ I ¬ 1 Walters of St Clair St Columbus not before I erty CiwORlA Klan You Haw AlwrslgMI BeeretheY wasgienuIJ F J CHENEY do BLOCK SIGNALS t I ROUit J A 1 1D SOUTHERN RAILWAY ntOK for constipation CHAMBERLAINS COUGH REMEDY ACTS ON NA PLAN The most successful medicines are those that aid nature Chant berlains Cough Remedy acts on this plan Take it when you have a cold and it will allay the cough relieve the lungs aid expectoration open the secretions end aid nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition Thousands have f to die 560 Guar cold to result in pneumonia Price 25 cents Large size 50 cents For ¬ CINCINNATI to ill ad IIPOITIIT CITES 15utk Seutlaeut So1a tkWNt HlHSEEKElStlCKmlll1lLlflln EACH UINTM Tt MANY r MiNTS SMITH i11hIafonaath a ud Rate H 111 W WG E Awn CPIiT k Main C KINd St Lexkctov- l A OAWIETT leadingdruggist t CRESCENT QUEEN CO Toledo O BitIters excellenceIt aicomplete health tonic on earth anteed by all druggist AUTOMATICELECTRIC 0Ti1RES Company Ohio was literally starving to death s Frankfort Ky The court of o American T decided in favor of the I by the state in bacco Co in a suit coup not eat and my nerves were Daviess county to recover back taxes for five years on 80000 worth of prop- so weak that I could not sleep and In Favor of Tobacco k EQUIPPED WITH condition of ths mu cous lining of the Eus achi in Tube When this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing ind when it is entirely closed deafness is the result and unless the intla nation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition hearing will be de troped forever nine caie ou of ten are caused by Catarrh which is notliiigbutan inflamed condition of the mucus surfaces We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness caused by catarrh that cannot be cured by Halls Catarrh Cure locT KyA SOUTH CANNOT BE CURED freed ¬ ¬ DEAFNESS sick for the last few daysMrs by local applications as they cannot reach Fred Hahn visited her daughter the diseased portion of the ear There is Mrs Monk near Crab Orchard only one way to cure deafness and that is TuesdayMr Joe Sowder of Gar by constitutional remedies Deafness is caused by an iu flamed I < ¬ ONLY RAILROAD Miss Burnett Hopkinsvllle KyMiss Burnett of A GAURANTEED CaRE FOR PILES LoulsvUie aged 42 years sister of WIllIam A Burnett died of tuberculosis Itching Blind Bleeding ProtruThe remains isg Piles at Cerulean Springs Druggists are authoriz ¬ were taken to Shelbyvllle Ky for ed to refund money if PAZO OIN Interment there hours later MENTfails to cure in 6 to 14 days Cinoy Band ReEngaged Dead in Arizona 5oc Mayor Combs presi Lexington Ky M Hunt r o Morgantown dent of the Blue Grass Fair associa ceived a telegram from Thatcher Ariz STARVING TO DEATH tlon and Secrete Bata closed a con aaylng that his brother Percy Hunt 1I tract with Bandmaster William Kopp railroad mall clerk of that city dl for next season and the music will be there Percy Hunt was a railway ma tt furnished next year by the popular clerk located at Cincinnati for several she could not eat Mrs Mary H Cincinnati organization years Drank Carbolic Acid Richmond KyEdward H Ballard 83 of Paint Lick came in from a ride over the farm and seeing a bottle of carbolic acid on a mantel swallowed the contents dying In agony a Jew ATIte c Adams viso MoneThrees theg Y ¬ Three Arrested for Murder Lancaster KyMarshal Beasley and Deputy Herrqn arrested Sam and Jones Simpson brothers and Curt East and lodged them in jail charged with the murder of James Casey and Nathan Taylor On last Friday morning at 743 and oclock there occurred an exploMrs James OwensMrs Egbert sion ofa car load of dynamite at Owens and sister Miss Mae Spoon which destroyed Jellico Tenn amore are here from Corbin visit ¬ property to the amount of nearly ing Mrs Per Shelton The pro a half million dollars and more trackd meeting at the M E church than a score of people lost their under the tutorship of Rev W H Durham of Chicago Ill is still in progress and he is a preach pounds of dynamite and near this er of marked wonder Rev Dur ham is an exresident of Brodhead having left here about 15 years ago The largest crowds ever seen at the M E chursh are seen attending East Tennessee Brewering Co nightly and he is reaching the when the great catastrophe came hearts of several who were never and a foot and a part of the skull known to attend church before which was identified as being tha Old sinner wake up of Mr Cook was all that was The wedding spoke of in last found of the three men Of the weeks Signal where A C McClary others killed wh ch number be ¬ and Miss Maule Forbes were prin tween ten and twenty the reports cipals was onlY a farce and not a be conflicting lost their lives by is visiting Mrs Wm ¬ Lexington KyCharged with sellIng liquor without state county cki or government license and with viola ing the Sunday closing ordinance wa the predicament In which Cy Trimbl found himself when officers swoope down on a club where drinks were be ing served Trimble had organized social club of which he was the preai gotten shall be full and complete and dent thinking to get around the lid that the facts relative to the death of law but he failed to secure any of the Ketterer be clearly established with necessary documents which entitle him out regard to consequences The re- to dispense liquor sult of the investigation whatever It Judge Hines Withdraws may be is at the service of the Fayette Louisville KyJudge Henry B county grand jury which meets in Hines authorizes the annojacement ot October his withdrawal as a candidate for state Died At His Post auditor This leaves Henry M Boa Louisville KyWhile standing in worth as the only candidate and I the engine room at the custom house sures him a clear field the last day on William F McKinley chief engineer which candidates could declare themdropped dead of heart disease He was selves under the rules governing tha 44 years of age and had ben chief en state primary having passed gineer at the custom house for eight Kentucky Boy Deserts years Lexington ICy Frank W OlmsteaPackages Were Sold of this city was notIfied by the navy Louisville KyMany Louisville sa department at Yrashlngtpn that hh loon keepers opened their place of son John Olmstead had deserted fro business ostenslbly for the sale of soft the United States naval service Youn drinks only For 35 cents firstclass Olmsteadwas an apprentice on tae hotels gave a club sandwich and a steamship Pens ctla in San Francisco snort of booze or beer to the Initi- bay and has been missing sever days ated stances attending the death of Fred j Ketterer recently a patient in the asylum for the Insane at Lex ington Judge J R Morton of Lexing ton has been employed by the board to formulate the method to be used In making the investigation The board has Instructed Judge Morton that its purpose and desire is that the invest ¬ Oliver Chilled Plows and Old Explosion KY who is confined to his room ot ty phoid ftverW T Evans and son John Evans were in Louisville first of the weekMrs J W Tate has returned from a weeks visit in LexingtonMiss Etta Cable has returned home from Paris where she spent five weeks the guest of Mr and Mrs Dave ThompsonMis Nola Keisling speit Sunday in Cinci umti Mrs J M Clark is numbered among our sick this weekB R Wilmott is at home conffned to his room with rheumatismMr and Mrs J W Hutcheson have returned from a weeks visit to Mr and Mrs M B Salin at Mt Vernon Mr and Mrs J Thos Cherry have re turned from a weeks visit in Lex ington and Lancaster Master of Trains W W Wright and clerk W H Benton H D McGee and Pete Drummond of Livingston were all down between trains last MondayMrs Granville Owens is visiting relatives at Pongo Mrs Ameiee Geizer of Crib Or chard visited her mother Mrs J John H Coffey W rickerson last TuesdayWEl Barnes spent Sunday in Cm PAIN FROM A BURN PROMPT omnati W 0 Svvinford tended ¬ the cirrus at Mt Vernon Tuesday PAIN BALM IC L Collier and wife will re Mr James N Nichols a mer turn to Brodhead about Oct 1St hint and postmaster at Vernon Conn rakes the following state ¬ after having sp ent the summer at A little child of Michael Crab Orchard springshilt and ment THE BREATH OF LIFE Mrs J F Watson and son spent Its a significant fact that the s last Sunday in the country Wm strongest animal of its size the gor ¬ old applications only increased th illa also has the largest lungs nflainuiation Mr Strauss came t ited his brother J F Watson first Powerful lungs means powerful ne for something to stop the little keep mes pain From the many lint of week United States Court was creatures How toshouldthe breath ¬ ing organs right be mans ments I carry in stock I advised held in Brodhead Wednesday W chieiest study Like thousands of him to use Chamberlains Pain Sheridan Cass is on the sick list others Mrs Ora A Stephens of Balm and the first application Port Williams 0 has learned how drew out the inflammation and gav day on businessWednesday wa mmediate relief I have used this Dr Kings New Discov ¬ liniment myself and recommend it big court day C C Williams from ery stopped my cough of two years very often fot cuts burns strains Mt Vernon was here attending and cured me of what my friends and lame back and have never Judge Friths courtRoy Bastin thought consumption Oh its known it to disappoint For sal grand for throat and lung trouble by Chas C Davis the leadin Guaranteed by all druggists Price druggist in Mt Vernon Trial bottle free Brooks was with homefolks Sun ¬ soc and boo SPIRO day RESORT OF NOTED severaljmen Mrs Lou Storme of Keavy 1 et ¬ hank so Third We carry the best f goods in all lines that are to be v f hadsuch as UK K Clothing f InvesIUgatlon Douglas Shoes Stetson Hats astern S ¬ ¬ ¬ Sr Louisville KyThere might have been a unique day In Kentuckys history it Gov Beckham and Senator McCreary had really meant what they said when one submitted a proposition for a foot race to settle the senatorial question and the other quickly took it up The governor and the senator met at the state fair and hobnobbed togeth er Icy a large portion of the time They were in the judges stand wait ing for the calling of a race when the governor suddenly said Senator we might as well settle this question now as any other time Suppose we goout on the track and have a foot tale for the nomination for senator Quick asa flash Senator McCreary came back That Is perfectly agreeable to me he said but I would suggest that the dis tance be a mile that we may better ¬ lIeparatocr lied j f First We carry the larg fest and most uptodate Stockf f of General Merchandise ever f shown in Rockcastle County V < county five months ago Since locat ing here Mrs Burgess became afflicted with a malady said to be consumption and for several days had been growth worse Yesterday it was given oat hat she would not live through the ¬ Should Trade With w FOOT RACE Laid Out Preparatory to Burial Moved Suggested to McCreary by Beckham and Began to Breathe to Settle Senatorial Battle xx xKp CORPSE NUMBER BRODHEAD Whereas Our brother John M Cook was called from labor here on earth to refresnments in that Lodge on High in that unfortunate explo sion jjthat occurred at Jellico Tear on the morning of Sept 21St 1906 that caused the destruction of so much property and the loss of more than a dozen lives Brother Cook was born and rais ed in this county had attained tht age of 48 years was a member of the Christian cburch having join ed that church at the age of eight- ¬ een and has been a devout member ever since lending his energies to all that was for the upbuilding and gond of his community Brother Cook left this county ten years ago during which time he has been in the employment of the L N R R at Jellico Tenn as foreman of the mechanical department He enjoyed the tud esteem ot hIS employe He was ever ready to assist de ¬ serving young men and through nis efforts there are now several voung men from this county enjoying lucrative positions Therefore be it Resolved That in the death of Brother gook his wife has lost an affection ite husband his children a kind md indulgent father the church a devout member the community an upright citizen and the Fraternity an honored and true member That we deplore the loss of our Brother and extend to the family ur heartfelt sympathy in their ad bereavement That we have no greater comfort o offer them for consolation than o reter them to Him who promises o he a husband to the widow anda father to the fatherless That this lodge wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days That a copy of these resolutions e spread on the minutes of our Lodge a copv be sent to the family f the deceased a copy be sent to Boston Lodge No 593 at Jellico ICy of which Brother Cook was a nember and a copy sent to the ldvance Sentinel at Jellio Tenn ind the Mt Vernon Signal Mt Vernon Ky for publication E B Cox A 13 Furnish Com I 1887 1916 2 RESOLUTIONS I Established OtMra SONQPA I 1 i i li

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