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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 13, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

4l i I 4 4 I 4 K I < < fJ b < MF Xl t 1bait COLUMBIA Points Regarding The Censns ADAIR COUNTY untpVOILJI 131910 NUMBER Adcock = Barnetfc In Behalf Our Schools I MARKETS On the 2nd day of April The Fiscal Courtadjourned last Fri ¬ day after being in session 4 days A levy of 25 cents advalorum and one dollar poll was made for county pur ¬ poses and an adyalorum tax of five cents for road purposes and an adva lorum tax of 10 cents and a per capita tax of 25 cents for school purposes When the present officials came into office they found the county indebt considerably over one thousand dollars with no funds on hand to meet this ic debtsdness and the levy made at this session of court will pay all current expenses and also satify said indebtedness 1910 James A dispatch from Hopkinsville to the RevJ R Crawford has announced Pelley departed this life at his home CourierJournal dated April 6 gives that he would preach a speical sermon near Pellyton Ky He was born and the following account of the marriage before the several schools of Columbia reared near the place where he diedo f a gentleman well known in Columbia at the Presbyterian church on the and was near 67 years old At the residence of the brides par- morning of the fourth Sunday of April Mr Pelley was confined to his bed ents Mr and Mrs W E Adcock near He desires not only to have the many for many months and bore his affliction Church Hill last night Miss Barbara pupils present but also the faculties and with remarkable fortitude and patience dcoclcand the Rev E W Barnett trustees The occasion will recognize A few days before his death a beloved were married the Rev J L Kilgore the vast importance of the proper edu daughterand wife of Joseph Campbell officiating They will reside in this cation of our boys and girls and serve was taken violently ill and soon diedc ity Rev Barnett is the able young to increase an interest in our splendid Her father had the casket that con pastor of the Locust Grove and South growing educational institutions which tained the remains of his daughter Union Baptist Churches and his bride should be the especial pride of every brought to his bedside that he might is one of South Christians most at- citizen see his loved one He calmly viewed tractive girls the corpse without manifesting the Direct from the factory toThe Buc NO least emotion and softly fell asleep He hanan Lyon Co If you buy from that 6769 The day for wire fenceishere Write seemed to realize that he would soon be firm you lave the profits of the jobber us for prices The Buchanan Lyou Co placed by her side in the bosom of tf mother earth tf OJ THE CONDITION OF quiriesIt The Taylor County Baptist Bible In- ¬ He was a member of the of the utmost importance that Preaching Next Sunday HE FIRST NATIONAL BANK- stitute will be held at Pleasant Hill th census of population and anculture Baptist Church Thursday April 28th in this state be complete and correct graveyard and was attended by sever l AT COLUMBIA IN THE STATE OF 1910 Morning afternoon and night W H C Sandidge GreensburgTherefore every person should KENTUCKY AT THE CLOSEsserviced Dinner on the grounds An hundred people Funeralservices were Z T Williams Roley promptly accurately and completely OF BUSINESS MARCH 29790 interesting program has been prepared conducted by Rev Wm Lemon who answer the Census questions asked by J N Walbert Big Creek f paid a high tribute to the deceased which will be published next week RESOURCES Crawford Edmonton enumerators 77 256 85 J C Pelley was a good man and his Loans and discountsand unsecur J A Johnston Elroydeath is a great bereavement to his Overdrafts secured for Sale We Are Yours J H Rood Cane Valley 2430 80 many friends He was always ready U S Bonds to secare circulation F Turner Mt Pleasant J 25 000 00 n to help those in distress and will longBonds securities tc 36 974 87 W J Levi Mt GileadA The strongest and most appreciated anking house furniture and be remembered for his deeds of J Menzies Mosbys Ridge Tim Cravens gain evidence of confidence any business can fixtures 332500 He leaves a wife two children and B M Currie Columbia 232t receive is a large and growing patron from National several grand children to mourn the Dueserve asensts Banks not re S P Stapp Mt Vernon age and especially the many who buy 70 94 irreparable loss they have sustained In making up the paper last week Valley T Ei Innis Pleasant Due from approved reserve once and then come again and again agents Peace to his memory horse cut was untentially > W B Cave Pleasant Ridge N 25 2C7 20 Young Bros It is a pleasure to us to say to the Checks and other cash items 398 15 used in M A Mondays advertisement many readers of The News who have 800 00 The meeting at the Methodist church Ntes of other National Banks If you have failed to see the cut of Mr Do YoiiKnow freely patronized us that the present Fractional paper currency nicwill continue through this week Mondays horse see the News of week Sun ¬ kleis and cents 14251 season is one of our most active Every before last C R Hutchison is handling a day night the church was crowded to- Lawful money reserved in bank That day every hour brings us the assurance viz Specie 10 539 00 of some one well pleased with our man goqd line of family groceries The Mc- i ts utmost capacity showing that deep Legaltender notes 1 500 12 039 00 I have two good work horses for sale ner of doing business and in recogni ¬ Cormack Mowers Reapers and rakes interest is being taken in the services Redemption fund with U S 9 and 12 years old Bassett Hurt preaching is strong the singing Treasurer 5 per cent of cirtion of such confidence and the anticipa The genuine Brown cultivators Ozark Ky inspiring and the closest attention is culation 1 250 00 tion of expanding business We have rows double shovel plows given bought large shipments direct from the bridles and harness whips and many Total 184894 82 Stock Items factories and know that we can save things you need He will repair your LIABILITIES Staves Wanted you money as well as furnish as good harness Call at the John Jackman Capital stock paid in 25000 goods as can be bought any where We House Columbia Ky 233t Bob Hancock sold a nice bay mare to kave sought to meet the demands of and 2 60S 73 Mr R T Baker Amandaville ar ¬ onehalf barrel stave bolts 27 inches National taxes paid this part of the state and no abatement Bank notes outstanding 24 600 00 long 4 inches clear of sap 12 inch on in our efforts or curtailment in the ex¬ rived in Columbia last Saturday morn- ¬ hart Due to other National Banks Elrod Co unpaid penditure of money will letup until th ing with nine registered flerriford cat Individual deposits subject to Joe Beard sold a milk cow to Mr Joe climax of demand has been reached We tie four males and five females the 12268609 v Smith of Dulworth for 36 Lytt Beard have the largest and most aried stock finest stock that was ever exhibited on Attend the sale of Albert Jackman Total T Ranks 184 894 82 sold a nice young mare to J of hardware leather goods vehicles the square in this place One of the next Friday if you want to buy mules STATE OF KENTUCKY for 210 and bought one from WH and farm machinery carried by any cows in the bunch was imported from r Vss hogs sheep and a good young Pace for 81QO W S Bault sold a three firm in South Central Kentucky and we England bred by J Price Pambridge cattle COUNTY OF ADAIR J Eng Several of the cattle are by old horse The sale begins at 10 oclock at year old mare for 175 to a Mr Jones are making it better all the time Not L E H Hughes Cashier of the above merelyfor the small per cent that Britisher owned by Giltner Bros Em his residence 2J miles from Columbia named bang do solemnly swear that the above Holmes cor on the Jamestown road statementis true to the best of my knowledge conies to us but with pride and good imence Ky i and cost 4000 After and belief EH HUGHES Cashier will that is justly due that class of pee Britisher was decided to be the champ ¬ Subscribed and sworn tobefore me this 5th N tice to Stockmen pie who make their wants and wishes ion in England he vas brought to day of April 1910 ing salesman out of Nashville a pair G P SMYTHE N P A C known to us We appreciate your pat¬ America and is the champion of this of ponies last week for 165 Commission Expires Jan 24 1914 Red Bird Jr ronage We are ready to give substan country He weighs 2835pounds Mr is fouryearold 16 S S CORRECT Attest tial evidence to this when you visit our L D Potts who was with Mr Baker hands high black with white hind feet JOHN D LOWE Director exhibited two cattle of the same stock he is sound in everyparticular and is a store Respectfully J F MONTGOMERY Director We can save you in the pur- ¬ a heifer and a young bull This bunch combined horse with as much style as The Buchanan Lyon Co HeNRY N MILLER Director chase of farm implements and furnish Incorporated Campbellsville Ky of cattle was purchased in Shelbyville any member of the great family of last Wednesday the 6th inst at a com horses from which he sprung His dam Elsewhere in the News is a notice of the kinds that have been approved by Mr G A Young of Waterview bination sale of Herrifords These cat is a grand sire of Cabells Old Lexing ¬ the death of the wife of Mr A R thebest farmers The Buchanan Lyon tf Cumberland county will please accept tIe sell for 200 per head on the farm ton she is a saddle and harness mare Foley near Russell Springs She was Company the thanks of The News man for some with fine style It is readily seen that a daughter of Mr Wayne Caffie who The Louisville Times of last Tuesday few ears of the best seed corn we have In buying fertilizer you should get Red Bird Jr combines the blood of lives near Cane Valley and was marpublished a good picture of Uncle seen for many years It is a large dent the jest The Groves is the most popu ¬ two of the greatest allpurpose family ried to Mr Foley about two years ago Flem C Carter of Esto Russell corn and as solid and compact as can be lar brandused Call and see me horse this cpuntry has ever had He county who was one hundred years old produced It may seem strange to some 214t C E Young was sired by Old Red Bird He is mak Jersey Sale the llthday of last March that any friend should present this of ing the present season at Springfield fice with seed corn and especially from M eet ¬ Ky The attendance at the Citizens at 4000 and is getting all the We will offer for sale on April 20th an adjoining county but it is explained ing was largely increased last Sunday mares he can serve Red Bird Jr is Strayed 1910 at Greensburg Ky 30 head of as follows The distribution of good afternoon showing that the interest is one of the quietest and easiest handled choice Jersey cows The pick of some seed to be of worth to the country growing At the next meeting horses you ever saw and as many peo- of the Seven black shoats will weigh about best dairy herdsnot a bad cow must be made with an eye single to its Sunday afternoon in May the 65 pounds unmarkedleft my premises secondI ple know he has never failed to win in in the bunch all good Some with reproduction in purity and vigor and ditorium will likely bs filled every ring which he has entered 1 am calves at side others to be fresh in 30 one week ago last Saturday I will re of course the best farmers are select pie At the meeting Sunday ¬ offering you his services for 1000 to days To miss this sale you miss the ward the one who furnishes me infor ed for this purpose In receiving this insure a living colt He has given opportunity mation that will lead to their recovery of your life to get a good corn we acknowledge that it comes great satisfaction for his service of 232t J W Walker C T Bohon butter cow from one of the best corn secti9ns of breeding in 1909 I will give premium John A Hobson Southern Kentucky from a country Governor J R Hindman The meet ¬ of 1000 in gold for the best colt that Delivering chickens to the produce Greensburg Ky It whose low lands never tire in producing ing was conducted by Eld Z T Wil ¬ is foaled in 1911 houses in this town is an every day and from a farmer whose cribs are llama The program for the May meet ¬ I also have a fine Jack that will make Thomas Edwards charged with at ¬ business It is estimated that one bloated with the best of that fertile re- ing will be published later the season at the same place at 600 tempting to assult a little daughter of thousand eight hundred dollars was gion every year In justice to the goodfor a mare colt and 500 for a horse Mr Thomas Rogers in the Pickett paid out here last Thursday for fowls For cultivators The Original Brown will and good judgment of the donor Chapel neighborhood was arrested in we promise to plant it and give it and other good ones see The Buchanan coltI offer a premium of 500 in gold for Monuments Etc Lyon Co You can get what you want the best mule colt that is foaled in 1911 proper cultivation on Burtons Ridge our homethe best section in Adair or the same can be secured from C R The people of this section are well Mr Geo A Smith of this place has county Briefly statedit comes from Hutchinson agent Columbia tf pleased with his colts pointed to watch over him until the day the fertile bottoms of the Cumberland accepted the agency for The F C Mc ¬ Said stock will make the present sea ¬ of the examining trial In a short time Publishing a card o f thanks when son at my place one mile east of to be grown to perfection in the gar ¬ Com Granite Co Huntington W Va home is Breeding and known as sickness and death invades a den spot of Adair countys highlands the Wash an old and reliable establishment one out of taste and should not be practiced Breeding farm that turns out firstclass work for less We have the largest and most com When death enters a home neighbors Care will be taken to prevent acci The Buchanan Lyon Co has never money than any other reliable firm rand friends never fail to do all in their dents but not responsible should any pIece stock of light vehicles ever been in better condition to meet the ed the people of Southern Kentucky power to place a silver lining back of occur Inall cases money due when Mr Smith has a book showing all the varied demands Writ us for what you want or call and the dark cloud and they do not expect colt is foaled mare traded or removed than at present for farm machinery ifferent designs andlpersdns who want tf examine our line The Buchanan Lyon neither do they desire to be thanked i to remember their dead will have no through the press When sickness Company tf The wife ofAlbert Jackman a re ¬ trouble in making a selection Mr comes friends know their duty and they spected colored woman who lived oh Smith is one of Adair Countys most Central University and Georgetown do it cheerfully Ky the Jamestown road one and a half reliable men andsjarties need not be College played their first of a series of miles from Columbia died last Thurs afraid that he will overcharge or mis games at Danville last Saturday It I want to give you prices on fertiliThere will be two interesting games day night a victim of consumption represent his work He is now going was exciting from the start and it took zer 10 per cent potash of base ball played onthe Lindsey Wil ¬ C E Young over the county and if you have not fourteen innings to reach a decision 21t son campus next Saturday The first Messrs J W Thompson Gaither placed your order wait2for him 213t They were tied on the fourteenth inn ¬ The dwelljng house recently built by game will be called at 10 a m and the Bryant Creed Hood and Drs J H ing whtn Central made a score The second at 2 p m Russell Springs will Grady and E A Waggener result was three to four in favor of the Mr J Crit Yates a few miles south make an effort to defeat the Lindsey citizens of Adair countywho are all the The LindseyWilson boys have com are known menced practicing for Field Day which was consumed by Central team Romie Jund of this west of Columbia fire last Thursday morning and all its Wilson in the two games As they will to have served in the Confederate army will be pulled off in May These exer ¬ place pitched for Georgetown contents Mr Yates was absent from be the first match games of the season past have proven to be very a large crowd is expected to witness Mr E A McKinley will grind for all cises in the home and when friends reached 0 interesting FOXES WANTED them thI who wish every Saturday at his mill burning building his wife and near Red and Grey i 2- were panic stricken No insurance and Dont forget The Buchanan Lyon 1- the loss is considerable The origin of lAny kihIof farm implements can l e Company if you need aisubstaritial road 125 at The Buchanan Lyon Co Mr Simeon Murrell who is building the fire isunknown And Express tf They keep in stock exactly what you a njce residence on his farm two smiles wagon W TUODGEN Box 233 tf frorivtown hope tohave it far enough Imported Hermence one of the great ¬ want Attention is called to the statement Campbellsville Ky ojiitieyay to remove to it in two or of the First National Bank in to dayg est thoroughbreds that ever crpesed the three w eks Atlanticand the aire of the 1600paper Y A English sold the Cur y 0Hrmiswilmake the season atW E The uchtnan Lyon Company fa the B adsbws training tab1zt calVoii uM The 8uc nik ex Write 0700 pl ace tremely low fee of 800 v Ifriin Co CampbeikViile 222t tf C ¬ ¬ ¬ REPORT TChristian JR I edr ¬ barf ¬ Latest Quotations steer Shipping Hulls Feeders Stockers Choice milch cows Common to fair cows 175CaneVa 40check 4fS ¬ S- ¬ II 35004500 10002000 HOGS Choice 165 to 200 Mediums 130 to 165 1055 v 10 35 > Pigs Roughs 8G51000 985 SHEEP AND LAMBS Best lambs 750850 300iOO 375425 Culls Fatsheep Columbia Market POULTRY Eggs Trukeys 16 10 14 9 Chickens Ducks J r GRAIN Wheat Corn 1 125 90 Bidders Wanted The Committee is now ready to re ¬ ceive bids for a brick banking house at Gradyville Ky25x40 two stories Bids closed in thirty days C 0 J I t Com J F Pendleton W I Moss Elbert Nell ¬ SWe10000i 214tI 500550 400450 325375 325375 100225 275325 375425 350400 Beef steers Fat heifers and cows Cutters Canners = s I CATTLE ¬ hari on Live Stock I to ¬ Yr 23 LOUISVILLE 4s The census begins April 15 and must be completed in two weeks in cities and in thirty days in all other areas The enumerators will wear a badge inscribed United States Census 1910 The law requires every adult person to furnish the prescribed information but also provides that it shall be treat ed confidentially so that no injury can come to any person from answering the questions The President has issued a proclama tion calling on all citizens to cooper ate with the Census and assuring them that it has nothing to do with taxation army or jury service compulsory school attendance regulation of immigration or enforcement of any law and that no one can be injured by answering the in f L WEDNESDAY APRIL KENTUCKY In Memory Action of the Fiscal Court Ntmj f M Wilmore A Diddle Mr A A Miller has rented and reto the Judd property to the left of the Jamestown road three quarters of a mile from town moved House cleaning and refiting up your rooms is in order now also it might be well enough to see what Frank Sin ¬ clair has infurniture and carpets I have two residences to rent a two room cottage and a six room cottage N M TutL 23lt The wife of Prof Parker Jackmonre ¬ ports to the News that she has one hundred and sixty young chickS nd has six hens setting To see our line of harness bridles and saddles means to find what you need The Buchanan Lyon Co tf rtImportant Notice ¬ ¬ ¬ J All the stockholders of the Columbia Fair Association are urgently requested to be inthe Adair County News office next Friday afternoon at 1 oclock Important business is to come before the oody If you are interested do not By order of the Presi fail to attend dent Born to the wife of Simon TaylorGlenvilleSunday the 5th inst a son Breed to The ¬ stirIring ¬ ofI arenotI ¬ qf ¬ ¬ halfI Rupei ¬ ¬ I ¬ Foxes2OOto 5OSuLrre1s50t0 00CoonsThto il L > jropt J MondaVjnbrniugTijk I Best- I te 1 r t 1 IWIIII h i < 5 J- k t > v Craycraft154m 4 r < I C < 5 Sc 1 Stf Take Notice j Greensburg Ky April 7th 10 Harris Columbia Ky Dear Sir I I wrote you last night to advertise my Jersey cow sale for April 16th Please changocit to read at 10 a mon the 20th of April Every cow has had the tuberculosis test applied and parties buying can be sure of getting healthy cows They are all good cO orsgOOdf strong well built showy cows bought fith milk and butter record and any man buying one of the eTrfiU leel Yours ofbi purchase vv < John A Hobfoft J 38 > > < Y w p ri e T c

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