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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), May 17, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

THE .KENTUCKY" GAZETTE," ' WEDWESDAT,' Way 17, i.79"7. on Wednesdays and Saivrpas by J. BRADFORD, on Main Jirat.t .523.'. X IN G T OJj ,;Pri"tea NUMBER :b where 'Sufrfcript'tnij at 7tntj-0n- t Shillings Per Annupt events , Afticks oj Intelligence, Etfaji, ire. ate thankfully receivedand priittingjn general executed in a neat and'eorrefi pianner. .A'Avtrtif ,. ' Wanted Immediately, Hpneft, Indubious OVER,-SEE- WlVATE' ENTERTAINMENT MAN AND HORSE, FOR 'Oh Main street, who nest door to Doftor Downing s, understands-th- Ri maAP- an nagement of negroes. Also an PRENTICE to the Tanning business. LEWIS CAS ILEMAN. By WILLIAM ALLEN. 3 .VOLUME X.j DOCTOR DUHAMEL, FOR SALE, G.EORGE. AOAiMS, Sli HUNDRED THCfTSAND .4CRES ESPECTFULLY informs his VALUABLE LAND, friends and the public in ge S.IT.UATE.D in the counties of CJaike, Bourbo.n, Madison, Lincoln, Haidin and Greene. The taxes mall be paicl, and other incumbrances discharged at the; time, and in themannei preicribed by law. The fubferiber, who will hereafter a ALL PERSONS reside in this town, is authorlfe.d' tp cjilppfe of the above mentioned pro. INDEBTED to the lata partnering Si IRWIN are fcqueft' pay theirae- - perty by ajtorney,rec,qrr counts vr notes to Thomas IrwiM ,or Jom,A. .ded ,in the office of the courtof'apL. SBT7, who only can ive diftlmrfff. .peals. As lie. means to praclice law ire ... . . , 'i. rv. . muuigence win be given " .the. adjacent courts, persons desiring to, pjirchafe the ilfei ent.tracfts,, wilJL haveaii oppoi'tur.ity of contracling FOR SALE, with him at any of those- places. THE E&L tomUG TRACTS 0F neral, ihat openet Tavern, in thatcommodious house on Main street the third door below Cross street ; where those who pleafeto savor him w itlwheir cuilom, mall metft with every poilible attention. he-ha- s Ma-b- n, TS ESPEf TFULLY informs the pubA NEW STORE. 'XX. lie that tie has lately began to pra'aifc Physic, at rvl'Ueriburg and its just received into my care that lie proposes neighbourhood-si- nd jn.the,brick house, lately occupied 'to continue with Zeal and' attention, by mr. Williarn Kelly in tJoui.bpn, a tf and 5n mdderatc terms. large and general allortment of Dry Goods, flard- Waiej Groceries and FOR SALE, QjieenUWaie; which I am authpri- LAND on which led In sell nnrin the Irivveif frrns for . well cleaned Hemp, Wheat, about, two i now livs, lying, Geoisetown miles from Lex- - Cam, TobaCcO, taw Hides, Furs, full road, containing Rye, ten near the jwd hundred acre?; it is well watered and tun- - .p'roof Wliifltey, bait, Sugar, arid good bered, about o acfes cleared tile .me mcni jqour jn Darrers . f or wl1icl1 sail am-- . . r W,,,htP. vDf rertns abDlY to tne luwcnrer cles or prouuee, a generous price .. will who ndw reside's oh the premises ; be given. "A have also Iron nd Nails FRANCIS DILL. lest in my hands, to be sold for Calli. or II I S S T A T E -i March, 24. tf A sew oond Horses under seen years acres on the waters of 500-Hughes nndtitzlmgb, old , will be wanted. . i Rough creek, umen empties into "- AMOS EDWARDS." Avfc. tor Idle, at weir riiuijj Green river. perftowh, Vahin;ton county, iYiaiyuna, Bourbon, March, 1707. tf A"r.A!GE hUO StSESCAt. ASSORTMENT OF 40C0 acres ori Cumberland road. WU i 1 ,, near Pottinger's flatibti. will dlfifofcof on rearonable terirts the big bend of March 20, 1.797. The partnerihip bt i'Coun river OdgCfl s1 above Saineu's Greenpenfrre ltatisome duTglvecL, " HA-V- O f& jffi ..r --- ' -." . .:;..:. w 1 - Charles IP. Bird. d tn m k.- . 1 .ft s m NAILS, AST . --- --- " :" 2oth-da- 1 . .. - v fc.ifc.w on.i'.j nave tnougin pioper to give this fiiendly notice to those ulio ;n. t join me at Lexington the of 1 . t&ldi-ttig- ,.r. , , K'.T- ,M,.r ts 1 "'A "tle ;Jb' 1B j ..wt nouuuiuiirga ,. ,rne 221L ana iieen town, 011 the 25th and trom tlience hall proceed'on to the time & Cattleman hai been byfc Oil. TllOlllll n Trni.t uI. .. T mutual consent, which was made known by a Notice to Debtors. J6(3o acres near ?evernrs valley, oh It is expec-te-d fnrmpr xAvert ifpinpnf . All tvrfntK ini?hf(.rl tn every inan will' come well prepared for the joiirneyi HptdSE indebted to Dr. John v"a'tkins, are them, are earnestly requcfted to make payment the waters of salt river. X reqUelteUto comriorwaroanuiciLreuis" oi their relpeive accounts to James MXoun, Ridglay, before tlie roth of April next. Tholb who do BEN J. reffictive ac6Hnts, e".tiie'.wlthsnr. nig Lcauieinan s leitlement. not a'vaihthemfelves of this natke, .lnay deptyjd Mr. Andrew jft'Calhi orjtheXub'fcriber. on main Elkhdrn. six miles Lexington April 19, 1797. ;" , . 400 acres hands ot lyr. on having their accounts put Into theiands of have'depohted tbs from Fiankfort, a acres cleared. M'Calla ; and having givtn .ttits eariy no(;e, pr0per oncers lor collettion, as no further indul- 'Supervijor's Office", Zzfjpri'l, SO, 4 flatter mylelt, tuat it win prove iumui.- genceuln t6 given. t A MESl'COUitjf fhoiifa be fourtd neceffa,200 acres of an JUiriois grant, oppo- Sut'i'f oi&r meafureS r ' 1797. rv. in order to cntorce paymenr, 1 muit nuvc JOHN CASlLEHdAN. 'site the Falls of Oho, tccouf.e t"6 the ngor or tsc.iiw. '. And a large body of La'nd in the lyiarchia? J'i.INGafiured ofl'ep-aaffiUWrP V,;Bjrd, Atto., ... . i.: big bend 01 the Supervisor of revenue for tlie dif-eiinelles river. -in fadt for John Watkins., ?mS( f;oii salh, Vhis'wjll infonti those who incline tricft of Ohio, has it'lri 't lVoni "12'n jxinRton, April IXU67loAcresQI military L.qm, tto pnrchafe, that Uiave lately return- the Treafuiy department,charge' ' ' to ..make a i tor-- j ate, ed from exploring mod of the above llreneous ttfnn i fING inlftiei.county of Clarke, : enforce the coliec-urifiparticularly" that on, tion orhe duties tb foh.oin'6 tracts of Cand. bout tvvslvamiies from, l.exiiiff- fron'r rfiltil- in.tb1! .countvof Campbell, O.NE.tract ljing Locuil cr&ejc, contairiinyj "ton on the . nTTtin road leadiii" from I eune.iee and find jt to be a body ledfpirits, stills, &c Ann ItlHrnill . . ! ....'. umoer, water, ana iange, June.- - ea tnat tlie hrjt demands ou:ht to he- 2699 ares. Ons trart, lying on Long Lick thence to UaiKe court nouie, adioni . rlrt fn ., y have ever seen. she made of those delinquents whose ex- Rough creek, Haidin coundv, ing tue lanu Qt nuooara 1 aj lor.-- branth-o' creek,a ;ntioned .tract on Elkhorn, imple in oppolitlon to the law has; is all of th.' ... ,. aooje firll Ttiiv.lnnd . - ...about (even ,rp'iles from Hardin feftliment, t t' .quality, and of indifputabie jytle a win ue sitber fohl'pr rented, 2535 aires. for been molt irifluential. Is they fliaU-- " TW alioveliiidS ViWbt difpofe'd of on mode deed of general warranty vyilj bev-en- . terijis apply to tHe fubferiber iii Lex'-- irianifelt a difpofuion to to the rate terms; one hall oi tne pnrcnaie moucj law, by complying with any format Any person inclined to see it will rngtpit be paid lown, for the other a, credit q' twelve injunctions before omitted, and hall! he terms BENJ. S. COX. monttis wi he I'ltcn ir,e duiumki ii"5 be gratified by mr. ay lor. Feb. 2 agree to pay tne dutjes which Ihall tt bond with approved fcLurTty, Any perlon m- - tnay be knowiuby apjiljing to mr. Jot have accrued; for two years puor to clmable to purChafe, inay know the terms by ,fepI, Corny in A exington or to Capt. oppbins to Capt. Robt CMJjtoek thefirit day of July i 1)6, the Suner- ll;diard rerrdl earrafs. atto. in tact IOHN Ty be Sdid on , Vllni- .1 terms, ...... imlir fr., r. ..! wiin tnem on mui. iu niiic Aaron tontaine. for TUOS. mLT. - i JttP thele teuns, without coeicing the peTefFerfon, March y, 1797. NoncL. Three hundred acres of ex nalties, or the former arrears. 1st . cellent, and beautiful Ivln'g 'LAND, in Franki 1L those indebted to the eftats 61 WUium .. however opposition is made to a corn- viivym i lyn. wl ,ipr. hv bbnd. note or boort tl-flilin about six Wcount, are earneltly requited to come forward teA land, are desired to come forward and pay onc'anda'bWmilesiroSanJm'Zl;". - P1'011" ?" - -- ought to be these principles, fuitS ; likewise,all tbofe wnp niveytfteir relpeive balances, in order lor a m- and lertlath-emhir commenced both for the ws c otherwise 1 . . X. Boaks-n- X A - ' l . - .. -- ,'. f 1 i. 1 . -- .- -- ..-- .." of-foi- ng 1C t . 1 1 ?we, . at-.x- i" ,.,;, fh, - h"-"- ::rrSds ., . . . j the debts oi the decealed muii oe iiumcui- - any demands agairttl me for lindi are desired bfe 'expected, c'o cofne fortird, as I am ready to discharge aiely paid. No Indulgence cilj the same. , Alexander I have for sale twelve thousand acres of land, on Little Kentucky," and FloVd's Fork, be. icxingtorij April 12, 1797. tween eighteen and thirty miles from the Falls Wool. . of Ohio, of a good quality, and lies let.el, which for 1 will-se- ll on reasonable termi'ibr cadi or neT) be hirKeil price will Be warranty deeij. groes, arid make --. 1 i Parker Awn. $ ffl.ii'?. .,. B. tfETHEMAUD.. .: tf " ' March 16, 797-- ; the- Sp? of iixteen or hefs; a boy abdut ""-Apply to MASnN CniiNrY.3. ' ftveiiteeB years, will be prcjerrejl. ' ' Mafch cb'uft, '1737. to oiew- the Tubfcnber living nsarly 'dopolite -DaVtf BlikcRird. , ait's Prwtinji'pllice r Acainst jr. GFORGE WEIGART mm (vjW-- Telfo, htir at U111 to "JohtxTebbt, agd 1 s li:rvtKSf atj ;iiiums. Leiiingtan, February2l, t;97f appti?nV.ce. vaiitirig toeTjattlng 1 - . I IN CHANCERY. "pHE defendant Tebbs, notjiaving entered of Oliio, beiu"T advffed ii J his apparance agreeably , to an aft 6f ; ,'- sc . A.i "" imic auuuy j i '".'."'f "" """ Arl i nh. have been maue, ii the to the fatiifoction of ttecaott that T recei-- " money Jiav been he Suoervifbr of Uevei fnr the difti it lKt 'J&"-'- t, -- "...,. -- -- Pri8 uetetiaant is no mjiauitaur. 01 tnis comiuun, nfinn of t,te coinr,ainant bV his alt0niey; it is ordered that the defendant dilttlef, which have not - appear here on tne tint day otnext court, ana for at the treatury arm i inrr that none has come to MS nanus aniwer tue compiamanrs nui; one uai a Ivcn-whic- h ' ot.tae tlsrs order be adycrtiisd in i has ,not been arrnun'ted ,0.f ; tucky Gette'4 for two months fucceffiveb-fi- nds himself under the ncccllny ot a- - anotber poM the Qourt house doo of thij gain calling on the leveraVcollectpis coup?v alRi tuat th-i- s order be publiiKed at the ;n rh .lilliifr. who have not lettieu door 6i the lianait mestin" house 111 Talhinc Sunday immediately th"ir accounts which he now dot s' ton, foine the complainants bUI avUI be takei n to come forwaid vice, or tl 1(1 tin.e tnac refoect- - ot conieiicaj it.appearing-tz. ved bv the officers - ol.revenuejn beejn acconn; ana r.jiow- b . . - fi. - ROBERT PATTESON. v. Franklin county, April 29. . . fluential with the law, fuiti ought to be commenced againtt tins class of men generally j witli of inferior consideration. and influence, fuitsmay be suspended until further ilillruclions are receivr ed. And it is farther naitirnlnrW recomuiendetl, that the' Supervisor carry the prececliiic; plan "r,Pe'at'' complete exe- PL0,Pt' "fv ""? ,n ra.IPnIC ca"'ld. .and. con- c"i,.?'. cdiating fpint,.by himself and his rs tf re-fpe- for sale; 'That noted trafr.of LAND G? , ift ttr-me- '4 . Enslilh''-- Nation, containing sour hundred acrjs, tMie miles from the Crab orchard.fuppufccfto .,! in tlie dUtrift, aVthclandiS of good quali! ty, a great pait 0f.1t .would make excellent mcadow ; the .range, is good' botn winter. sn;d sunnier, and from its lituatioy, no doubt y'$l colleiTtors." be permanent; well watered with fpririgs; a To, which the Supervisor takes Mmc eood'feat for a distillery, and'Dick's river runs occafibh to iad,-t- hat as lemjjerance through the tract ; eighty or ninety acres now in order, for cropping An indifputabie titie a"d "tbearanceiave ever been pri1. wlllrbe-madto the rmrchafer. For terms aD- - Inary conitderations with him .ply to xf.c Printer hor'eof, or to the fubferiber .execution or 111s olnce ; it is. is ri nlon : . ii.- - ',.-""K"-- ... ' ... .. at mauaon court nouie. iuic 11c toinmunicaces tne tpiegoinrr forpubc'houfc J in-th- e e . Spencer Grifijn. ! . April 2t. " r. and the land mnv'ha which have been inrm-wr- f ,, a .1',' .- .the .,tt.v.w l...,.n U'.U. U t... n'nH .... ......, mnrTa Auuuii.ujauyiviuK MLPomas Gist, or the -fublirib'er,Jiviiig ncir fliall It rtlliulition to a comnrmnifIS not be pciceived among the inrfaiO'Land. Lamb's .N lo-- tf 3 ,Ten benevolenfpropoiitions on the part off the government of.the United States, and flatters himself, that the people to whom they are made, will Tee in them, as well the indulgence of the &""" ' lna"PennDie.'.' n efcellirv of eiltnrr-Jnr- r rU. ti.LU4oju . . J ule ' a 8a "i1 LaJ' 0PP''P?'iJiL& x ' WU';,H'UU SuP,S&fjfeJ 3 dollars' reward : OTRAYED from the fubferiber, the . . . lait ot UU.5 bs witUu-bob tail, six yean old, about and a half hands high: trots, i " tacesml cantets very well, and Taxk, The board of TruftJes occafiutiaily. Whoever delivers tlie C. M. C ' 'TfotrLhnrfrtatiiefiihfrriliiTr tivinirrwn of the Transylvania Seminary, will meet at the immediately and settle their Jr . . .1 ..;.. ttoirifnfr. . ted. ........ -r- ;. jve accouius anu uy Tefte ' ' . tive collections, which nif they fliould (A Copy) r. MARSIIAl.L 11m ." i, ;c fnrtliviith to nro- -' i' .. .. '. ' .' .' ..'.1 iecute as cieiinqnen "'" - 11 F'v j& StraVecl ' Or llqleti tr,Otl . . . . v ! w. u! -- .' ' .: .""' . - 1. SSSSSfefc .KniflJ I." i " ,1.. 7,?lrv nW. itTiot trlSfejuTod rn its auth'or to. appear i pril29;l7?7. ,1' n 1 that is """ 'S attach and thc.inuocent maae crsfaid bar e to ihn:il 'WirX " TrJZ me ibmciy rewHWi T," JSdarJh'all. . ' the 3: "::' itrFfinaorKihaiiDenana- SN- L-: , , ,-- f-S&L- rr 0r priU6, THO-MA- S IhaJwheSeS5' TOOO, JOHN KENNHD Y. r - Bla-nll - . ,tf; May -- "l tD eiidtf . .Tor iHlc .... Office . . ch& I ; -. K'4" ;tn,rda:r thc 37th inft' at By order of tr.cBord B JVJ BRADFORD, ,s 'wi . Cfe, - tffttttk.Defd For Sdt&.ifctisto Ujjice -- . f - (-- Z

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