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Image 1 of The Breckenridge news, April 19, 1899

Part of The Breckenridge news

mmammmmmmmmmm i W - I t - lj iiuw wju ij ju 5tifirtfrrirw wwto THE rwryif VOL XXIII n DBLIQtiTFUL the Death of Orestes Is Recalled by Douglas Tho remainB of Orestes Douglas who died in the insane asylum nt Hopkins ville of acute ppritonitip lust Irlday were brought to this city and wore interred at the local cemetery The deceased wua a brother of Mrs James E Stone of Louisville Ho was 62 years of age at the time of his death The funeral services were held at the home of Col David It Murrav and were conducted by tho lie v T V Joiner Mr and Mrs James Stone of Louisville on account of the suddeness of his death were the only relatives of the deceased present R n hfi p rf n fcV Orestes Douglas was a native of New York Btate and was related to Alonzo Bishop the former proprietor of the Tar Springs property and the Cloverport Hotel and livtd with the latter in this city for a number of yeare In the spring of 1874 after a studious course in in the law office of the late Judge John Allen Murray young Doug las passed a very successful examination and was licensed to practice at the Han- cock county bar Shortly afterward he began to show signs of mental aberration This was manifested by an abnormal desire to read He would indulge in excessive study and his devotion to his books led to physical and mental exhaustion His condition became so bad that ho once wandered aimlessly about the country on the Indiana side of the river When lie was brought back to tnis city he became possessed of the hallucination that ttiero was to be a great race war and that ho bad been commissioned to lead the whites Douglas was a magnificent specimen of physical manhood He possessed the strength of a giant and the unsettled state of his mind made him a menace to the community When he first began to show a tend ency towards violence the citizeus made plans to capture him and put nira under control until he could be committed to the asylum At that time Henry Frank was the mojt poweriul man in this region He arid Fred Walters were gifted with phe nomenal strength It was arranged that Frank should approach Douglas face to face and while the latter was off his guardr pinion his arms to his side and hold him until assistance canie The plan was followed out and Diuglas was removed to the office of the Clover port Hotel Thbre be was placed under guaro Prank and Walters taking turns watch--in- g him One evening while iYsli9fl was absent the iutaue mAuTciniglit Frank napping With the cunning of men in his condition he crept sofity to the door and locked it putting the kev After he had cut off in his pocket Franks opportunity for escape he called Now you and I for it I ou Then commenced a battle of giants The two men engaged in au exciting death struggle with no one near to part them They fought ferociously Frank did not want to maim his adversary and instead of felling him to the floor with a chair relied on his wonderful strength to subdue bim The noise of battle and the cries of rage from the mad man finally attracted Walters and it took the combined strength of the latter and Frank to again put Douglas under restraint The effects of the struggle were fatal to Frank His chest was weakened and made him an easy victim to consump- tion He never was a well man after ward and died from the disease Before becoming unbalanced Douglas cave promise to achieve distinction in Ufe He had a brilliant mind and was He possessed a the soul of honor Chesterfleldiati manner and his courtesy his gentleness his manly traits of char- acter endeared him to all who knew him He was passionately devoted to his chosen profebsion and liis ambition led him to excessive study When the light of reason was quench- ed a wealth of promise was blighted and a noble soul took its flight The body survived the divorce from the mind twenty five years Mr and Mrc Stone haye the sincere sympathy of all m EVENT is Difficult 9 HAnniNsnuno April 0 correspond- ence Mr and Mrs Morris Beard gave Fordsville Entertains the Meth- an elegant Supper last Saturday evening to a number of friends and relatives in odist Brctheren honor of Mr Marvin Beard and wife After supper a grand reception was ten dered them Religious Workers Invade the Hust- Mrs Beard entertains well and the young people are always glad when she ling Town throws open her hospitable home to them Two of the most entertaining features This will bo a big week for Fordsville ot tho occasion were the games March The Methodists of the Oweneboro Dis- to Jerusalem and Poor Fuss Wants a trict Conference are now in cession Evervone seemed to enjoy there Corner To day the Sunday School Conference these games highly is in sesdion and the following topics aro Those horrid fits of depression melan- being discussed The Organization of the Sunday school choly low spirits and sudden irritabili- What Constitutes a Well Organized Sun ty that sometimes afflict even good day school In the city E W Smith tempered people it is due to the blood Owensboro in the town Kaufman being permeated with black bile HER Hawesville in the country W G Hale OINE will purify the blood restore Pleasant Grovp the Sun- What is health and cheerfulness Frlci SO cents day School Real Effectiveness inCalhoon 7 R G Higdon A K Fisher Miss Mollie Orr Owensboro The Workers At Their Work in tho WILL WED Sunday School John Burns Cloverport Before tho World Miss Lizzie Allen Hawesville Wallace McKay the Statesman-Journali- st The Lesson How to Prepare It Alex ander Hill Owensboro How to teach it A S Worsley Fordsville Music in the Sunday School Miss On Wednesday April 20th at the E la Crowe Hartford Miss Minnie Baptist church at Ehzauetutown Wal- Weilman Masonville Miss Estella Shel lace Armstrong McKay one of the brain- ley Hawesville iest young men in the state will lead The Sunday School and Missions Miss Margaret Strother Kennedy to tho Mrs M L Ogien Jr Owensboro T J altar Morton Hartfort Mr McKay is a journalist of fine abili Sunday School Sermon Rev J P politician of more than Stubbl held Owensooro ity and is also a local fame He has made warm friends To morrow April 20th the district in every portion of the State who admire conforence begins and will continue un- him for his splendid qualities of bead til the 23rd and heart and while iney congratulate Bishop Morrison will preside and he him rn Becuriog so cbaiming a hride will also make an adress as will Dr G thtyaso feel like congratulating heron W Briggj tecuriugso cinyalrdus a gentleman for a On Saturday evening there will be a husband lecture by Rev Sam Jones This will The News with the whole of the round out a week of religious work arid State press wish the contracting parties pleasure a wealth of happiness all through their Fordsville is ono of the most pro married life gressive little cities in the Pennynle district Her people are noted for their sobriety and thrift They are as iioepi- FERRY PR1VILEQES SOLD lations Hoods Sarsaparitla dqes this work easily It is Americas Greatest Spring Medicine It purifies the blood as mitlons of people say It makes the weak strong as nervous sr h i men and women gladly testify It cures all blood diseases as thousands of cured voluntarily write It is just the medicine for you as you will gladly eay after you have ghen it a fair trial Bad BlOO- d- Although past 70 years of age I am thoroughly well It was three bottles of Hoods Sarsaparllla thai made me io after spending over CO in medical attendance My trouble was a raw sore on my ankle Mas Louisa Masov Court Street Lowell Mass Running 8oroa M After wprrylnt four months I care my children Hoods fiarsa- and It cured them of running sores cods Pills cured me of dyspepsia and constipation Mas Km E Tuomas 91 Governor St Annapolis MO Consumptive Cough Five y ago I had a consumptive cough which re duced me to a skeleton Was advised to take Iloods Sarsaparllla which I did and recovered normal health I have been well ever since Matilda Hmdoiwatib Cor Pearl and Chestnut Sti JeffersonyllleInd ZlbcdliSaMai bama Hood Jlll cur II w r cthA4 io i- - Ml - -- th baa lfriuMof uA fa IB- - UttHBifi fal SfeAJ- J- 19 1899 HOT FROM - - -- mvtwnmmnnnaium mi big plutnpwiM turkey gb hr pdd call yesterday lie ft bocIh ctni from to onn knows nlnro cril a gttMl In fr tit of T mi llublVn e top 11- - strut d about moiwi eh of idl ho sur vived r a lirlt i tpic of tlniH J tB WfalliiTbolt barber Ihnernnui hunter and an all around sport hnpp ned to spy this kln of gamo blr to Ho rec collected the old Bong Jonny cct your gun and he acted uuou its advlui at He got a gun and then tried to onc cultivate a closer aiqualntance with his The bird was shy howgobblorshlp ever and by lis actions made it plain that thus far ehall thou got and no ftrther was his motto He manwged U keep out of gun shot range and gavo Jhss a merry c ata to Uih corporate limits of the city yea even as A 01 verport Thirteen Inch Shells Being RVB4 Fir- faras-nigg-rhi- He got away The boy accme Jes ol hayintt devel oped a severe case of bubk ague but ol outsj Jess denies it Even the most vigorous and hearty people havu at times a ieeling of weari- ness and lassitude To dispel thiB feel it will impart vl ing take HERBINE Price SClcts A Fisher or and vitality INITIATED Sir Billy Goat Had Fun With two Big Men What Sir William boat and the Masons did to Sam Courad and Alfred Oelze at the lodge last Saturday night only Sir Billy and the MdsouH know Just at present Sir Billy is incom- municado but if you ask the Masons they jess lair and wink the other eye lhey must liave done something terri- ble for their victims have been unusual ly good humored ever since the ordeal Those who witnessed tun seance from a distance were 0 L Pale Andrew Driskell Rev Davis U E Haswell Dr J T Baker Israsl Baker J V Hanwell and J T 8 Morton from Hardinsburg Alfred Honneu E L Clark 0 E Clark of Cannelton Wt W Morris G Ind Orville Patterson I S Mason and Sims Thomas Hawesville and Thos D Ireland Skillman Makes the food more delicious and wholesome hotl Brother Bigham Is Giving Satan the ukinu rowctn co mw vouk Very Old Harry TOTAL LOSS The big revival at the Methodist church has been in progress for over a week and If immense congregations and intense interest is any criterion it is quite a success Brother Bigtiain of Hardinsburg is behind the guns and he is shelling the trendies of the enemy with thirteen He is making it so hot for inch shells the forces of sin in this city that there is already signs of an early capitulation Brouier Bigham Js not mealy mouthed When he gets after a sinner or any in dividual that is directly or indirectly in collusion with satan ne whips out his scapel and immediately bepms to lift the cuticle of his victim He Hays the un- fortunate alive and when he has suc- ceeded in taking off all tiie epidermis he spreads it out on a straw stack and Bets the stack afire Of course this is Bpeaking metaphori- cally for in spite of his cruelty to sin Brother Bigham is as tender huarted as a woman He is earnest sincere conscientious and manly He takes tiie course he does because lie recognizes the hideousness of sin uud tho devil and has no patience with shams or hypocricy He is ably seconded by Riv Joiner The wine bibblirs have heeu getting hot shot from the gun since the series of meuiings began and an increase in sobriety is noticed The meeting are hold every afternoon and night and are largely attended House and Its Contents Consumed by Fire The house on the old Hawkins place on the Hardlnaburg and StephenBport road occupied by John Pate burned last Thursday Mr Pate lost moat all of his household poods He Fooled the Surgeons All doctors told Renick Hamilton of WeBt Jeirerson O after millering 18 months from Rectal Fistula he would die unless a costly operation was per- formed but he cured himself witli five bores Bucklens Arnica Salve tho surest THEY SOLD BOOZE Without The Formality of Get- ting Out a License Olendean Hen do up Against the Real Thing Deputy SlieriH Herbert brought to iail at Hardinsburg Heard Isaah from Glen deane charged with selling whisky with out license They were log d fn jail Pile cure on Kirth and the best Salve in Morrison went before the county judge lino n the world 23 cents a box Sold by and confessed and paid a is Btill 20 and was discharged DaUon behind Haynes Druggist Short the bars DaUon nnd Chas Morrison Spring Styles IN Fordsville is rapMdly developing into one of the most late towns in the state Dud Cooper who operates the local telephone exchange has purchased He al- a switch board with 100 drops ready has thirty Mibecribers and expects to test the full capacity oi the board in a short time DRESS GOODS up-to- AND MILLINERY We are now ready to show you the latest Tho ferry privileges owned bo many years by Tobiu Groves of Tobinaport have finally passed into the hands of Wood Weatherholt of this city The privileges are for the Indiana side and were purchased for SlJOO Mr Weath- erholt the new owner will move across tile river shortly to give the business his personal attention styles in Spring Organdies Dress Goods and Wash Fabrics We have the most beautiful line of Millinery ever brought to this coonty Rheumatism Cured Chamberlains Fain Balm for rheumatism with great relief and I can recommend it as a splendid liniment for rheumatism and other household use for which we haye found it valuable W J Cuyler Red Creek Dont Put Off Seeing My wife has used Dont go on the principle that there NY the leading merchants of this village and one of tho most prominent men in this vicinity W G Phippln Editor Red Creek Her ald For sate by A R Fisher Clover port R A Shellmau Stephensport Baking Powder Absolutely ure ed at Old Sooty Foot NO 40 VAi THE GUN Were Bought by Wood Wcatherholt For 1200 Mr Cuyler is one of - II WEDNESDAY APRIL Barbers Looks HBnfiJHMuEMHnlBwflbMitfdFwNMABBiHBfliBB 4TILgttilfi t i V i ll VK time enough It is a poor principle Those who make the earliest selections secure the best results is Handsome Display The ladies of Cloverport and vicinity are certainly to be congratulated this spring They have the opportunity of seeing in their own city as beautiful a display of millinery as can be found in this section o the Ohio valley The pattern bats at Miss Judith Millers are dreams of beauty and are duplicates of the fashions In vogue in Paris and New York All the latestjaiiados sbanesdec orations and ornaments are carried and she is sellinc them at such low prices that no lady can aflord to be without new spring head dreBS FORDSVILLE table as any class of people on earth and that they will accord their Methodist brethern a royal welcome and sumptuous entertainment is a propo3ision that can be banked on Fordsville takes great pride in her churches and tcho 1 and as this is al most always a t st of good clliz nship it can be seen that they more than come up to the standard WILL MATERIALIZE The handsomH pcture shown oi this page is a photograph of the Fordsvillo Cloverport Telephone Exchange Will school building in its It is thoroughly Be Reality architectural features and possesses modern i qupments is conducted by Profewors Tno After months of waiting the people of N T school Groves and Godsey They are CloverDort are at last being convinced botli enthusiastic educationists and are that the city is to have a telephone ex building up an institution that merits charge The Ohio Valley Telephone the most lively local pride of the com Company has had a largo force of men munity at work the past few days dressing the is an Ideal teacher Ho Prol large telephone poles and distributing believes Groves in creating an atmosphere of about the city The work of erect cleanliness and thm rtlltr uient with wl ici ing the poles and stringing the wires to surround Ids pup is Tj thl erd ho gin will shortly bf has adorned the windows with he curtains and provides clenn towels and all Died in Michigan the accessories to cleanliness so that Mrs Mary Gannan the aeed mother none of his pupils have excuse to go of Engineer Gaunan of the Hendereon about with soiled hands or faces Route died at her home at Kalamazoo In so progressive n town where these Mich last Friday She was 75 years of tendencies are encouraged the Method age and a woman blessed with all tho lata will certainly feel thoroughly at traits that make up true womanhood home A irgion of friends here sympathise with the bireaved members of her Many people suffer untold tortures family from plies because of the popular em Oot It In The Neck pressiOn that they can not bo cured While riding his wheel at a pretty TABLERS BUCKEYE PILE OINT rapid gait in the lower part of town last Price 50cts in bottles tubes Tu sday night the handle bar turned MENT Harry Hamman from his seat 76c A R Fisher and threw He struck the ground with considerable force The impact caused him to dis ADDITIONAL LOCAL locate his collarbone and he suffered a number of urulees soda invigorating Cool refreshing water at Julius tilppers Are Shipping Uravel Bishop Dudley and Rev Benton The work of stripping the clay from Louisville are in the cily the surface of the gravel beds at Skill Miss Judith Millers for everything man has been completed and a large force ol men are now engaged in excav- tasteful and beautiful in millinery ating and loading gravel on the ears All kinds of Imported and domestic Large shipments will be made to Louis- fruits and htttaat Julius SippelV ville daily from now on Manager Featherstone of the Ohio Valley Telephone Company is iu the e The first step in Spring should Be to cleanse Nature s house from Winters- - accumu- l Wild Turkey Gobbler Didnt Like the Only the First Step - - JESS SCARED Hin HEARTY WELCOME Reception Accorded Hr and Mrs Marvin Beard That Resulted in The Death of Henry Frank J iMJMOWiraninirraiiroinBiiMiiqMMiai THATS FIT TO PRINT CLOVERPORT KENTUCKY TERRIBLE STRUGGLE mp breokeNridge news AIaIa THE NRWS H A kiC-Ji IXTiiiihi Severe Sprain The legion of friends ot Miss Florence Gottrrll of this city will regret to learn that Bho is suffering with a baoly sprained ankle She was thrown from her wheel ot Russellvllle and the Injur lea she sustained were very palpful A WladfaM Mrs Elizibeth King who lives in the Eastland suburb has been granted an original pension of 8 per month for herself and 2 per month for her minor child Her back pay will aawant to fi47 0T Our Complete Stock HIGH SCHOOL resenting the Field Tobacco company of GLENDtANE Danyille Va and is quite successful Our grocery man this day has one o Ice ream season has opened up and county filled up vou can git tiie most delicious kind at the fullest stores in the with fresh goods consisting of heavy Julius Sippels G N Lyddan is a hustler He is one staple groceries fancy croceries of every low of the most progressive farmers in the description Also fresh bread Irvington neighborhood He has already prices on potatoes salt lime nails and planted one field of corn despite the axep Will make wholesale prices on weather and the condition of the ground alt mineral water Will compete with Want your any factory in Kentucky Have You Had the Grip produce will pay cash for same Call If you have you probably need a -- and see me Julian H Brown liable medicine liko Foleys Honey and Charlie Ryan a former Breckenrldge Tar to heal your lungs and stop the county boy who joined the army a short racking cough incidental to this disease time ago writes home that he is now A R Fisher Cloyerport and E A enjoyine tiie sights in Porto Rico II I III IL Witt Hardlnsbur ltreitiwlth too whether yon mntlnne nerTV Miunv io itacro uauii iiu iip remove lueueNireiorioDcio wi KENTUCKY WALNUT out nvrvoueuuireii expeiamco tine Durldea the blood Ti I ILlXX boiee torn loit manhood mikcB tou utoat fm I M i MiolJ 400000 Shipped Across the Sea to the Father- raieacured UU7 of general merchandise is new and we invite you to look at it Prices are lower than ever before MEYER H BIG re1 -- land 0 W Nellson a lumber man shipped a car load of walnut logs from Falls cf Rough this week to Hamburg Germany The consignment was a valuable ono and the Ireight on it amouutB to us much as the original cost of the logs Glad Tidings to Asthma Sufferers Foleys Honoy and Tar gives quick and positive rell f in all cas N A R Fisher Olov8rport and E A Witt Hai dlnsbuig SURPRISE WEDDINd Popular Meade County Attorney now a Benedict P T Noel the popular County Atlor noy ol Meado county lias joiud the ranks of the bened a s Ho was married today to Miss Mrile Norman in the parlor of the Louisville Hotel at Liuls ville Hh has the bst wishes of au army tf Metds lis old room mate Will Aslicrtit is almost Inconsolable over Ida chums launching his frail bark in tho matrimonial sea Miss Birdie Bush Hawesville was the WILL BE OPERATED guest of Miss Mary Jurboe Monday and Tuesday Stone Quarles Below the City to be Mrs Nannie Porter and Mrs Longest Worked Owensboro are the guests ot Mies Kate Ugltsby There is a persistent rumor to the The best line of staple and fancy gro effeit that the doe sand stone quarries ceries and canned goods in the city at below the city will bo again operate Julius Slppela The report Is that a large force of men Mies Jennie Carlton Hawesville Is at will bo put tn work taking out stone to Mrs fill a big Illinois contract the bed side of her alster-lu-hCarlton who Is critically ill Brfucuta Vuur W CtucarUfc J W Biggs whoea parents reside at Candy Cathartic IluurUconstipation orator cure a 00 fall dniKgWu rotund mooojr Stepheaaport la in the city He la rep-- lOosSo l TttII A from your own drufffftit who hforna Take It with rlllnatlftntlv mralitentlv One boiI utuallrcureai J bom t to llrnteerf to pure or we refund moner Btariuo Baij Ce CUuii Beeinal Sew Ietfc SPRING KY Ivnuf Spring Styles THAT TIRED FEELING THAT COMES PROM SPRING FEVER IN IS CURED BY DRESS GOODS HATSOAPS MILLINERY SUITS MenB OvershirtB aplondid quality 25 Cents Mens nice quality Linon Hats 25 Gents Ladies and Gents Ties per doz 10 Cents New Designs in FOLEYS KIDNEY Mer AIIOC KILMER UUllt KIDNEY CURE lcli a kidney CURE Ayers Sarsaparllla FURNITURE llUKt COMPOUND Warners Liver fHIDET and Kidney IfUH C w OCIDC DETDIIMA r El it UN A I Hoods Sarsaparllla Foleys Sarsaparllla JOHN BALLS SARSAPARILLA i These Medioiiies and all first olass Drugs sold at w WCfamtHcm E A WITTS Hardinsburg wtflj

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