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Image 1 of The Voice-tribune (Louisville, Ky.), August 30, 2000

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2000 The Wednesday, August 30, 2000 Louisville, KY Voice-Tribun- e, 16 pages Citycounty merger discussion picks up speed By DANIELLE COMBS LEIGH HARRINGTON that they may be better protected if they are part of a larger fourth-clas- s and Staff Writers According to the citycounty merger proposal, small cities will not be affected. Yet some leaders of small cities feel threatened. Since July 1, St. Matthews has annexed the cities of Broad Fields, Plymouth Village, Spring-lee- , Cherrywood Village and Fair-mead- e. According to St. Matthews Mayor Art Draut, one theory regarding the new interest in annexations relates to the possible merger. cities reason Some sixth-clas- s no-lo- Protective measures Cities that are incorporated by the time of the merger are supposed to be protected under the sixth-clas- s V -- would take effect in 2003. "The threat to us is after two years they'll look at the tax structure," Draut said. "If they took our occupational tax, we would go bankrupt." The occupational tax rate for St. Matthews is 34 cent per $1. But according to Stephen Haag, special assistant to Jeffer- w a Staff Writer As a young girl, Anne Meagher, now U.S. Rep. Anne Meagher Northup, knocked on irni 1 doors of Republicans who had not voted to encourage them to get out and vote. As a student at Sacred Heart Academy, she was active in the debate club and with the Young Republicans. She earned an economics degree from Notre Dame University. But Northup said, in her speech to the St. Matthews Rotary Club on Aug. 23, "What I depended on more than what I learned in school was what I learned being married and having six kids." She spoke of the differences between Frankfort, where she served as a state representative, and Washington, D.C. "In Frankfort, people are connected to the real world. They don't think of the government as the central focus of their lives. "Washington, D.C, is the most incestuous place I've ever been. All is a part of government." She spoke about her experience with the Department of Education, stressing that they "need to go out and get in a school" because there is an "enormous disconnect." Earlier that day, Northup spoke to fourth-grad- e BreckinridgeFranklin students at Elemen- tary School about the importance See page B-1- 6 Center, 10617 Taylorsville Road, 7 p.m. Oct. 24 St. Matthews Community Center, 310 Ten Pin Lane, 7 p.m. Sept. 28 6 Drainage, traffic are concerns about Assumption project If, V J. if COMBS Oct. 10 Jeffersontown Community Eastern High School, 12400 er B-1- Old Shelbyville Road, 7 p.m. 11 Sept. 13 Republic Bank Springhurst, 9600 Brown sboro Road, 7 p.m. they pay today." Haag helped draft the proposal. He said that with the new council (made up of a See page fv f Sept. East County Government Center, 200 Juneau Drive in Middletown, 7 p.m. residents will pay "the same taxes going into the new government as a :: ; Merger forums son County JudgeExecutive Rebecca Jackson, St. Matthews dp 0 Northup learned from her family By DANIELLE city such as St. Matthews. Draut said that annexation by sitcity is a a fourth-clas- s uation for the smaller cities. Ne have lower taxes and, for the small cities joining us, they can have 32 policemen around the clock, a works department and other services," Draut said. Fifth-an- d sixth-clas- s cities also gain zoning rights by joining cities of the fourth class and above. merger proposal. The city of Plymouth Village was annexed by St. Matthews on July 1. Edie Brown, the former mayor of Plymouth Village, said that the possibility of a citycounty merger greatly influenced the city's decision. "Our feeling was that we would be better off as a part of St. Matthews," Brown said. "(The proposal) does say the merger s protects the cities, but the feeling is that may change as years pass." Draut said he was told that the tax structures of cities like St. Matthews might be changed two years after the merger, which By DANIELLE dance was 586. The rest of the season's games averaged 136. COMBS Staff Writer Assumption currently holds Concerned residents gathered games at Trinity High School and last week to discuss their con- Bellarmine University. Average cerns about the Assumption High attendance at Assumption's four School expansion project, a $5 largest basketball games last year million convocation and athletic averaged 538 and the rest averaged 213. center. McCoy said Assumption does The Aug. 23 meeting, orgaSee page nized by the Upper Highlands . B-- 3 Association Neighborhood (UHNA), was held to address neighbors' concerns about drainage, traffic congestion, parking on residential streets and increased traffic from special events. i liiiii An area to assemble in PHOTO SUBMITTED facility, was renamed The Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center, a U.S. & Training Center in a dedication ceremony on Aug. 24. It was for his support of the technology renamed in honor of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell training and business assistance center, off Southside Drive at the technology park. Navy-sponsor- ed the McConnell Technology (R-Ky- Lyndon OKs fiber optics with condition .) Assumption principal Mary Lee McCoy emphasized that Assumption does not hope to The Lyndon City Council said increase its enrollment with the improvements, but chose to tackle it would allow KMC Telecom to the project because it needs an install fiber optic cable in Lyndon area where all of its students can on the condition that a $100,000 performance bond be extended. The decision was made during the council's regular meeting on gather for assemblies and pep ral- Justice Clarence Thomas opens U of L lecture series on Sept. 11 A Supreme Court justice, a British ambassador and a mem- ber of Congress will be among those speaking at the University of Louisville this fall through the McConnell Center for Political Leadership. U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas will open the center's lecture series on Monday, Sept. 11, at 11 a.m. in Comstock Concert Hall at the the U.S. Department of EducaSchool of Music. Appointed to the Supreme Court in 1991, Thomas replaced the retiring Thurgood Marshall. A graduate of Yale Law School, he is the second African American to serve on the nation's highest court. He previously served as a circuit judge for the District of Columbia and assistant secretary for civil rights at tion. Sir Christopher Meyer, British ambassador to Washington, will speak on Oct. 30 at 11 a.m. in the Ekstrom Library Auditorium. Meyer has served in the British Diplomatic Service since 1966. In 1994, he was appointed press secretary to the prime minister of See page B-- 3 lies. The current gymnasium holds only about 500 people and the new center would hold 1,200. Assumption has 952 students, and McCoy said the school will not go above 975 students. There are 125 faculty members. "We are considered a medium-siz- e school, and we want to stay a medium-siz- e school," McCoy said. "We're only trying to meet our current needs," which are to have a space for schoolwide assembly and to hold games. Aug. 28. The company agreed to pay Lyndon $22,000 per year to run the cable as part of the telecommunications license agreement, but council members were one-ye- ar concerned about problems and requested the performance bond be extended for one year. The council also had the first reading of an ordinance proposing rezoning for Powerhouse Lane, mainly for Powerhouse Restaurant located there. Councilman John Wytrwal rec- Last year, the game that attracted the largest crowd was a volleyball game against Sacred ommended posting See page Heart Academy, where atten B-1- 6 J-to- wn Museum hi reopens dolls Aug. 30 8 By LEIGH HARRINGTON Staff Writer w?t 4w It is ironic that a tomboy would eventually become the collector of more than 950 dolls from around the world, but such is the case with Petra Williams. Williams' collection will be the featured exhibit at the Jeffersontown Museum, which closed last October for renovation, will reopen on Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 10 a.m. o a. Museum director William staff pholo by LEIGH HARRINGTON Jeffersontown resident Petra Williams posed with her doll collection for a newspaper article in 1954. Williams' collection contains more than 950 dolls and will be displayed Museum beginning Aug. 30. in the newly renovated Cummings and his wife, doll curator Flora Cummings, are excited about the collection. Williams, who will be 87 in September, received two Russian dolls from her mother when she was 7. "I was a tomboy, so she said to just leave them on the shelf," said resident since Williams, a 1966. Happy Labor Day! Due to the Monday holiday, be Sept. published on Thursday, 7. Advertising deadlines are Tuesday, Sept. 5, at noon. The Voice-Tribun- e will New kind of 'goal' posts Joe Burks, ex-Q- B and Male principal, is calling plays as assistant public school superintendent. See The Profile, page C-1- 0. When her uncle returned from World War I, he brought home a doll from Europe that he gave to someone else. Williams was terribly disappointed. From that point on, she made a point of asking friends and acquaintances who traveled to bring her dolls. "She bought a lot of them from the Smithsonian, friends gave See page B-- 2 .. 1 i. n.l n Miff photo by STEVE RUSH Wynonna Judd closed out the 2000 Kentucky State Fair concert series with her Aug. 27 performance. opening act. A crowd of only 2,000 attended the show at Freedom Hall. Diamond Rio was the Pizza Magia moving to St. Matthews By DANIELLE COMBS Staff Writer As part of the expansion of its Louisville-base- d business, which just started in January, Pizza Magia is coming to St. Matthews. Its address is 4005 Shelbyville Road. It will occupy the former ana for a total of 18 stores in the Second Base used sporting goods store location, at the corner of next six to eight months. "We are rapidly expanding to Shelbyville Road and Willis the Lexington market and will Avenue. There are four Pizza Magia have 125 to 150 stores in the next locations in the area and Kevin three years," Stiff said. " Stiff, vice president of operations, said the chain will expand further in Louisville and southern Indi i The restaurant will be 2,700 square feet, including a 700-Se- e page B-- 3

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