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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 28, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

i It's Springtime the Time To Elan and Plant a Flower :5f Garden or Vegetable Garden It's also Clean-u- p Time 3f& oi: Mayo Begins Course In Human Relations Suzanne Adams To Direct Dance Revue Cadet Polly Made Coach Number 50 Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, April 28, 1955 Volume No. 48. Company Team RESOLUTION The WhitesWHEREAS, burg Post No. 5829 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America met in regular session on April 4, 1955, in Whitesburg, Kentucky, and WHEREAS, the Hoover Commission's recommendation to reduce Veterans Administration hospital and medical care for veterans and to limit compensation for service con nected disabilities for veter- answas presented at the said Jenkins Music Groups Realignment of Posts Attending Festival of Internal Revenue Some ninety to one hund- Reports Wm. M. Gray New Pastor Of Church Of God Rev. Ralph B. Wilder of Suzanne will direct the An extension course in HuMr. William M. Gray, DisLynch, Kentucky is the new red pupils of the Jenkins High West Point, New York Dance Revue entitled, "Stais man Relations for Supervistrict Director of Internal RevPastor of The Church of God School are in Corbin this week Cadet David W. Polly, son of of Tomorrow, to be sponsor ors Personnel was begun at in Whitesburg, Ky. Rev. Wil- attending the. Southeastern enue, announced today a reMr. and Mrs. Lindsay Polly, ed Friday, May 13th by the j Wheelwright, April 18, by Kentucky Music Festival. alignment of posts of duty in der, wife Betty Ann, and and tMayo State Vocational School, Whitesburg, Kentucky, was Whitesburg Business old son, Ralph Wayne Some sixteen bands and more Kentucky. This move is in recently made coach of his Professional Woman's Club with an enrollment of 86 d In- team. arrived from Henderson, Ky., than twenty choral groups furtherance of the reorgani- -j company Woman's Club for the'pervisory personnel from j zation of the Internal Reveto begin their Pastoral duties will be participating in this Cadet Polly, a first classman benefit of the Whitesburg land Steel Company. here in Whitesburg. They festival. John Griffy, Direc- ' nue Service which has been (Senior) at West Point, was Park. The performances will The course has as its objecinvite all friends and visitors tor of Music at Corbin High underway for some time, is made coach by virtue of his be held at Whitesburg Grade tive the promotion of better to attend the services at The School, is Festival Manager in conformity with the genhaving played on the company School auditorium. The morn- working relationship between The r, eral plan proposed to and is assisted by Clyde Church of God. an underclass ing production will begin at supervisors and other em- team during Congress by National reprePrincipal of the Rev. Wilder and his family year and having taken a 9:30 and admission will be en- 86 sentatives of the Internal High School. are staying temporarily at the course on the coaching tech- 15c for grades; 25c for High ployees. Thebeen members, into divided Revenue Service, and is made rolled have niques of cross country. His 01,1 rtlA ICn P. nlHr T'nO home of his sister and brother-in-laThe Thursday program con- to give better basic service to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Post No. 5829, and, squad consists of 10 men ana night performance will begin sists of vocal music 'with pro- the taxpaying public. W1 H vfl nn ho ortTnicemn n Dorsey on Madison St. in are scheduled to run twelve Participa- WHEREAS, the Hoover Whitesburg, until their furn- visions for solos and ensemble Heretofore, taxpayers have class Individual Class meets this season. Should his 35c and 75c. Commission's recommendation ishings arrive from their form- groups in the forenoon. Sev- frequently been required to the most wins in of Hazard will participate in tion. team have W. Maurice Baker, Lexing- to reduce hospital and medi- er home. Mr. Frank Dorsey is eral choral groups will per- contact several officers of the twelve company regiment, the evening performance. ton, Head Teacher Trainer of cal care, and compensation the Circulation Manager for form in the afternoon with the Internal Revenue Service go on the Brigade fi Very colorful and charactit will - for veterans that have been the major portion of the cho- when their problems were nals of the Corps of Cadets the Knoxville eristic styles of dancing will Trade and Industrial Educa- disabled ral program coming at 7:00 such as could not be resolved in service met with in Letcher County. n be presented including Indian, 'tion, University of Kentucky i Polly is a participant ;..; o'clock in the evening. Fri- by an officer located in the Vine hppn SPOIirPfl 'DV tne scnooi the unanimous disapproval of i c x i ir " j iiidiiv eAucfcuxiwuiiu atuvr tjauanese. lowijuv. oucuiisii. day's program consists " of field. Each of the new posts said Whitesburg Post No. to teach the course. ao-- French, ties at the academy. He is Hungarian, Gypsy, WHS Speech Class instrumental music with solos of duty will be staffed by spe5829, and, tive in the German Club and Jersey Bounce, Radio City and ensemble groups perform-in- g cialists in every type of FedClub. He' precision, television tech- - City Council Votes the Weight-Liftin- g THEREFORE, be it Re- Entertains Rotarians in the morning and bands eration, thus enabling more is the automotive officer in niques and modern boogie. of giving their annual program nearly complete service to To Construct Sewage solved by the members5829 the Four' members of the Ordnance Club, and in adTwo performers m the reof Whitesburg High School on Friday Whitesburg Post No. evening in the Coreach dition, he sings in the Cadet vue, Kay Daniel and Jeanie Disposal Plant the Veterans of Foreign Wars Speech Class, under the direc- bin High School Gymnasium. the public at plan office.will offices Under this Chapel Choir. Nolan will appear on the According to information re- that they go on record as de- tion of Mrs. W. B. Hall, prebe located as follows: Prior to his appointment to Huntington television show on The Band and Buildfrom Mayor Arthur nouncing and disapproving the sented to the Rotary Club on the Academy by Representa-lMa- v lhth at 12:00 n.m. CST. ceived at a called meeting on recommendation of the Hoover Tuesday, April 26th, a very Chorus rehearse ASHLAND Federal Banks, ing, 1645 Winchester Avenue Coun-trT..- i, Commission. entertaining and informative on Thursday and Friday from (Post Office Box No. 210). o f the Whitesburg Ballet Corps .'Tuesday night the City District Congressional 1:00 to 3:00 P. M., with the - Be it further resolved that program. !cil voted to construct a modCeni- tdvm offQ v u final program to be given on BOWLING GREEN State plant loi a copy of this resolution be tral Building, 1033 State College and ut th SmitWtern Kfintiic on sewage disposal Morehead After being introduced by Saturday in the Corbin High was graduated form Whites- ky Music Festival. This year the city of Whitesburg. Maur spread at large on the record program chairman, Dr. B. C. School Gymnasium at 2:00 Street. engineer for burg High School. they will perform on Friday ice Miller, specialasked to give book of the Whitesburg Post Bach, Mrs. 'Hall cleverly pre- P. M. All bands will parti- COVINGTON U. S. Post No. 5829, a copy be sent to the city has been At present, he holds the speaker, Miss cipate in a parade at 10:00 Office & Court House Bldg., OfSts-- , Dur-'an- d definite figures of the cost of Kentucky Senators, Honorable sented the first who did a 7th rank of Cadet Sergeant. on Saturday afternoon at A. M.. Saturday- - Adjudica- fice and Scott 105). (Post Alben W. Barkley, Honorable Roberta Jenkins, Box No. mg the past athletic seasons, i:oo pan. in the Corbin Gym 7 humorous monologue, "Mandy tors for the festival are: Zl'nZ he was a member of the West Their performance wiU again cordng to the Mayor, toward Earle C Clements, and Hon- Goes To A Wedding". Dwifrht Fnrd Monttrnmprv. Conorable Carl D. Perkins, Point Wrestling Team. be televised during the Finale hospital, now well Following Roberta's speech Steere, Donald Ivey, Russell Adams, Craft, Webb m gressman of Kentucky, SevenUpon his graduation in June on Saturday afternoon. Six completion, wiU participate Pound, was an oratorical declamation, Aukerman, 'Comer Meets 1955, Cadet Polly will re members of the WWtesburg this project to the equivalent th District, all of Washington. "The Defense of the Negro"; Ernest Lyon, William Tanvat-- Reunion Com. of I At a meetine held at the about $60,000. Thus the D. C. ceive a Bachelor of Science anrl TTnarH Hnllp urn"!! martini. of done by Harold D. Cook. er and Mrs. Lois Adams Mil- Daniel Boone Hotel last Sat-"- ' Degree and be commissioned (pate. The public is invited to need for early approvement of ler. The festival conductors 17. S. , enterproject. The cost of the Congress of the the Charles Day then a aecona ueutenanx in xns. attend these periormances, are Robert Chenoweth, At- jurday the following permanto citizen, House of Representatives tained the Club with a clever lanta. Georgia and Edward ent committees was electee Regular Army. The clubs ask your cooper- - plant to the Tf"U eqial Washington, D. C. carry out plans for the Adams, reading, "A Henpecked Coon". Hamilton, Knoxville, Tenn. twoys0'ft ation m helping in every pos-I- J or April 11, 1955 Craft, Webb reunion to be In Negro costume and dialect, sible way to raise enough Local Student of cigarettes daily, The Jenkins instrumental held at a later date: Chair he portrayed well the part of funds from this performance .Pother special meeting of the Whitesburg Post No. 5829 Gets Reader's music is under the direction man, Ben A. Adams, Flema henpecked man. to buy playground equipment u d Qon to Veterans of Foreign Wars Bert C. Bach was ably in- of Andrew Jackson McCarty, ing; David A. Kincer, Dave L. Digest Award for our new park. It is a pro- t h e Whitesburg, Ky. andthepPlant troduced as the last speaker Jr., while the vocal group is Craft, Dock Webb, Mrs. tt. a. O. C. James, valedictorian ject m which everyone is on the program and he pre- under the direction of C. V. Adams, Mayking; Burdine ' and ,at Gentlemen: of the graduating class at terested and one in which we,uu 'f " ti . 5. I am in receipt of the reso- sented his speech on the Snapp, Superintendent of Jen- Webb. Sergent: Frazier Fleming-Neo- n High School, 'all must help. Tickets ,w , u as I wo. lution adopted by your Post ' 'Foundation Program for kins Schools who is also Pres- Adams, Dean of Lee's Col has been given the Annual now on sale, ads are being!8 on April 4th concerning the Schools. This was the speech ident of the Southeastern lege: Wardie Craft, Van, Ky.; Award of the Reader's Digest sold. We will appreciate yourjtne j This plant has long been recommendations of the Hoov- which won third place in the Kentucky Music Association. Hillard Kincer, Neon, Ky.; for students who cooperation. er Commission in connection Regional Public Speaking All musicians and interest- Fred Kincer, Cromona, Fiby their successful school) We wish to thank Suzanne needed fo tns to!tein now in "seis anSat with Veterans Hospitals and Contest and first place in the ed persons in and around nance Committee; Bill Adams, promise of attain-'fo- r work give her generous assistance a medical care for veterans. Letcher County School Ach- Jenkins, Whitesburg, Neon Dave L. Craft, Alfred Adams, ing leadership in the com-.heus in our Communitv.and ?an no lon&T sY.e. I appreciated receiving your ievement Day. 'growing town like wnitesmnnitv if ,.rac onnfiiinr.fvi tr UIUICI.L. and other n,earby points are Ed Kincer Program committee 54 " T views very much, ana you Mrs. Hall concluded the urged to attend as much of Bill Adams, D. B. Franklin, aay oy jason TTtl xioiorooK, prin-- , ,Mrs Adams has been teach. burg. may rest assured that I will program by speaking briefly the program as possible. Cer- Mrs. C. B. Adams. M. L. a!r"n James will receive an, ing and directing colorful re- - Party Given Honoring certainly always vote to pro to the Club about the educa- - tainly many of the people of Webb. O. C. dtals for the t fiye ars W. C. Dixon tect the interests oi the vet- tion of our youth today and this area ought to journey to A meeting is set for Sunhonorary subscription to the in whitesburg and in sur. Mr. W. C. Dixon df Hazard erans on every opportunity quoting the following from Corbin on Saturday for the day, May 1st at 3:00 o'clock Reader's Digest for one year roundin citis she has stud. guest at a afforded me. onrtifipata ied Harold O. McLain: parade at 10:00 o'clock and (CST) at the Mayking Reganri pn pnpmvpd lk the past two summers in was an honored "Boys and girls are men the Concert at ular Baptist Church to fur .Editors "in recogni- New York and has attended reception given for him at the from the With best regards, and women in cocoon. You 2:00 P. M. ther the plans. tion of past accomplishment the International Dance Con- home' of Mrs. I. N. Lewis on Sincerely, md in anticipation of unusual ventions there. This summer Sunday, April 24th. Those Carl D. Perkins (Signed) do not know what they are Ada sroinir to become. Their lives WOMAN'S CLUB SPONSORS FOOD achievement to come." she will study in Hollywood in attendance included are big with many possibiliThe Reader's Digest Assoc- and attend the Dancers In- Fitzwater of Richmond, Ind.; United States Senate ties. They may make or un- SERVICE, TOURISTS COURTESY iation has presented these ternational Convention. I.r. and Mrs. Arthur Dixon, Committee of Finance Hib- make kings, change boundary SCHOOLS, CLEAN REST RCOMS DRIVE awards yearly in senior high of Whitesburg; Mr. and April 11, 1955 lines between nations, write schools throughout the Unitert Dixon, Cornettsville, Ky.; Whitesburg Woman's Club ian. Pictures to be made when books that will mold characed States and Canada to the Walter Kreis Dies Mrs. Rex Farmer and Martha Whitesburg Post No. 5829 ter, or invent machines that is sponsoring food service, the campaign starts and from of Hazard; Mr. Veterans of Foreign Wars highest honor student of the After Long Illness Lou Farmer courtesy training time to time as the program will revolutionize the world., tourists graduating class. and Mrs. Roy Crawford of Whitesburg, Ky. to O. C. James Yesterday I rode horseback schools and clean public rest continues. community of Whitesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Gentlemen: The entire The award Merit awards may be given who is the son of Mr. and Mrs Whitesburg was deeply sad- Joe Reynolds and family of This will acknowledge re- past a field where a boy was room campaign for Letcher Jackhorn, Ky., dened to hear of the death of Whitesburg; Mr. and Mrs ceipt of your resolution cf plowing. The lad's hair stuck County, Mrs. Pearl Nolan, such places which meet all Tip James of was made possible through Walter B. Kreis at Mountain Frank Towery and family of April 4th concerning the out through the top of his president of the Whitesburg cleanliness specifications.planOther surveys being Home Hospital, Johnson. City, Crockett, Texas; Mr. and Mrs, Hoover Commission's recom hat. His form was bony and Woman's Club, said today. the cooperation of Mr. and his teaching staff. Tennessee on Saturday. Mr. James A. Mullins and family, 'mendation to reduce Veterans awkward one suspender only The food service schools as ned will cover garbage hand-to Kreis had been confined to Cincinnati. Ohio: Mr. and i Administration hospital and held his trousers in place. planned will be held in June (ling, sewer systems and pnThey selected O. C. James and vies, water supplies, and His bare legs and arms were while a general clean-u- p receive the award, designed the hosppital several months Mrs. Edwin R. Lewis and medical care public rest room drive eral community sanitation sur- - but his death was a great family, Kingsport, Tenn. and I beg to assure you that I brown and sunburned and to stimulate scholarship, cmHe swung his is planned to begin first week.veys. He Mrs. I. N. Lewis, Martha shall do everything in my zenship, and continued to many friends. power to retain the Veterans , horses around just as I pass in May and to be a continuing ' This clean up campaign and tact with good reading after ; .,ras a native of Warthurg, Hunsucker, Whitesburg. hospitals in Kentucky, and I ed by, and under the flapping program for a period of five drive for clean, decent, public graduation. Tennessee, but had been hv rest rooms, win ds a tine con- ng in Letcher County for sev PROBLEMS OF FOREIGN thank you for sending me brim of his hat he cast a quick months, Mrs. JNoian said. half-basTo begin this campaign, tnbution to the health of the years where he was in glance out of dark, Postmasters League eral coal mining business and STUDENTS DISCUSSED c your resolution. yours, Sincerely ful eyes, and modestly re- surveys will be made of the community, because it means the J Benjamin Schmoker To Hold Convention at one time was an employee New York City, general sr (Signed) turned my salute. His back following: service stations, so much, not only as an exAlben W. Barkley turned. I took off my hat food service establishments, ample to home folks, but also in Lexington, Ky. of Elkhorn Coal Co. Funeral retary of the Committee or and sent a 'God Bless You' and all public rest rooms by for the tourists who stop in The Kentucky State Branch services were held in his na Friendly Relations Amo Bud Hanks Dies Tuesday. Foreign Students, visited th; down the furrows after him. the Woman's Club Health our county. It will also mean of the National League of tive Wartburg on Who knows? I may yet go Committee with the guidance better health for everyone. He is survived by three bro- week at the University of At Vicco, Tues. Postmasters will hold their sanitation. Kentucky to discuss various Bud Hanks, age 47 years, a to that boy as a banker and of Beryl E. Boggs, sanitarian Environmental state convention in Lexing- thers and two sisters. Those from Whitesburg at- problems with foreign stu resident of Vicco, passed away borrow money ; or to hear him of the Letcher County Health is everybody's business. Why ton, Kentucky at the Phoenix tending the fungal services dents and advisors of these at his home last Tuesday fol- preach; or to beg him to de- Department, also the health not everybody join in and Hotel, May 2nd and 3rd. t; or he education division of the state work at it since there is so lowing a long illness. He is fend me in a were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ki:i-c- students. Every Postmaster and Postmuch to be done on the var- unhast-enehealth department. survived by his wife, Callie may stand with pulse and daughter, Karen Kreis al Employee is invited and Service stations and other ious projects which so badly Gross Hanks, one son, Walter Miss Hester Day and Estill in white apron ready to urged to attend the convenNOTICE WOMAN'S CLUB MEMERS Hanks and one daughter, do his duty while the cover public rest rooms will be in- need more attention? There Blair and Willard Kiger. tion. Placards are many ways that all gorups is placed over my face and spected monthly. The April meeting of the' Irene Hollan. There wEl be speakers from can. in DON'T PAIIi TO READ AI) Woman's Club scheduled to Funeral services were held night and death come creep- reading, "btop! Are You Help- and civic organizations much-needthe Postal Department Vicco Presbyterian ing into my veins. So I beg ing To Keep This Rest Room help to promote the meet Saturday nigh , April at the Washington with us as well ON PICTURE PAGE, improvements to make "PEOPLE CAX DO 30th at the home of Mrs. Sam Church on Friday at 1: 00 p.m., you, Rotarians, be patient and Clean?" will be placed in all as from the Regional Office ofpublic rest rooms by the this area, a more healthful, degenerous with the boys and in Cincinnati. Inspectors will ANYTHING." THIS AD IS Collins, Sr.. has been post- with Rev. Ottis Pigman, and progressive be present to answer our SPONSORED BY OUR KY. poned until next Saturday ficiating. Burial followed in girls. You are dealing with Club's health committee and- sirable, in which to live. comsoul-stuthe health department sanitar- munity cemetery near Hazard. POWER CO. night, May 7th. questions. Cross-Countr- y su-an- cross-count- ry I i4- - I r-w,- "; ifTJSS! six-wee- ks Las-site- Mid-dlesbo- ro w, - News-Sentin- el -- . the All-Festi- All-Festiv- i , al uieu" .Xm tcT. areiri Plam-Associatio- n S I "J T 1 ln -- 1 A Z I All-Festiv- Hol-bro- al ok gen-cle- an briar-scarre- d. - h- j I t f I law-sui- er d. ed EX-TITLE- D I ff

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