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[na] of A Brief History of the Colored Churches of Frankfort, Ky.

PREFACE. After some misgivings and much delay, I have decided to give to the citizens of.Ftatikfort, this brief history of her colored Churcheds While it is, of necessity, not complete in every detail, yet, it will 1possibly give to the interested readers a fairly good knowledge of these religious organizations whieb have dobe so much for the bet- iterment of the race in this city, and for the salvation of thousands 'of immortal souls. It is to be hoped that this little volume will be preserved in our libraries, that those who peruse its pages, after having read, the. his- 'tory of religious work among our people from the days of the pio. .neers down to the present time may be inspired to higher and nobler planes of Christian duty and fellowship. If it will but serve this purpose, the author will feel antsply repaid ,for the effort, feeble tbough it be. Grateful acknowledgement is largely due.a'nd is hereby tendered -the Rev. E. 'T. Fishback. Rev. Rob't litcelle, D. D., Prof. Wm. H. Mayo, Rev. W. R. Todd, Rev. Edward Campbell, Mr. Thomas L. Brooks, Miss W.(-Aunette)Scott, Dr. E. R. Lewis and others for in- 'valuable aid. - Thut this little pamphlet may serve a useful purprse, and redound ato the welfare of both the Church and race is my mnost earnest desire. E. E. Underwood, Frankfort, Ky. Mardh 15, 1906.

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