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Drake (Daniel) Papers, 1824-1846

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Drake (Daniel) Papers




University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292

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[Identification of item], Daniel Drake Papers, 1824-1846, University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville.


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Scope and Content

This incomplete collection consists of ten Xeroxed copies of handwritten manuscripts of Dr. Daniel Drake composed between 1824 and 1846- though many of the manuscripts are undated. The collection is preceeded by correspondence between Dwayne Cox, of the University of Louisville Archives Office, and the Cincinnati Historical Society and Cincinnati General Hospital. The correspondence consists mainly of Mr. Cox's inquiries to the institutions pertaining to what manuscripts are available and the cost of printing and sending them. He apparently wanted the manuscripts to facilitate his documentation of the history of the University of Louisville.

The manuscripts themselves are addressed to a variety of topics. Those grouped in folder no. 2 are formal lectures addressed to the Medical Institute, the Temperance Society of the Medical Institute, and to Medical and Law school students. Folder no. 3 contains four less formal essays. One is a medical essay on aspects of audition. The other three are idealistic, Romantic, advice-giving essays addressed to the needs and interests of young physicians.

User Restrictions

These are reading copies only of documents held at the Cincinnati Historical Society. Researchers interested in citation or publication should contact the Cincinnati Historical Society.

Collection Inventory

Box contents
Dwayne Cox's bibliography of Drake manuscripts in the Cincinnati Historical Society
Dwayne Cox's bibliography of Drake manuscripts in Cincinnati General Hospital Library
Daniel Drake Manuscripts in the Cincinnati General Hospital Library, (dated 8-28-68)
Letter from Dwayne Cox to Cincinnati Historical Society and Cincinnati General HOspital requesting if copies of Daniel Drake's sritten documents pertaining to the University of Louisville and the Louisville Medical Institute are available, (dated 5-17-76)
Replay from Historical Society breaking down available manuscripts and citing cost, (Dated 6-2-76)
Verification of receipt of above letter. Cox undecided whether to purchase copies of the material or travel to Cincinnati personally to view them, (Dated 6-7-76.)
Reply from Cincinnati Medical Center: a copy letter enclosed with Xeroxed copies of the manuscripts, (Dated 6-29-76)
Thank you letter from Cox to Medical Center, (incorrectly dated 6-2-76)
Letter from Cox to Cincinnati Historical Society requesting copies of Drake material, (Dated 8-6-76)
Cover letter sent with Xeroxed Historical Society material, (Dated 8-12-76)
Thank you letter from Cox to HIstorical Society, (Dated 8-18-76)
Papers by Daniel Drake
On the need for continued exertions to maintain the advantage of the Louisville Medical Institute. Pages 29-35, N.D
Introductory lecture to the Medical Institute of the City of Louisville, Nov. 9, 1839
Valedictory address to the Graduates of Louisville Medical Institute, third session, March 10, 1840
(Address at the) Opening of the Physiological Temperance Society of the Medical Institute of Louisville, Nov. 12, 1842
Lecture before the Physiological Temperance Society of the Medical INstitute on the Uses and Abuses of Opium, Feb. 17, 1844. Dated Jan. 20, 1844
Opening address. To the Medical and Law Students of the University of Louisville, before its Physiological Temperance Society, Nov. 7, 1846
On the need for piety and patience among physicians, N.D. 1840-1842
Advice to young physicians, N.D. 1824
Popular lecture on the ear, hearing, and deafness, Nov. 30, 1840
That which should be cherished for a wife, N.D

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