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Image 3 of Circular (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) n. 188

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

i J ii , V i-kr=' A 13% it J - Q. CIRCULAR NO. 188 3,, . A System for Scoring Kentucky Rural Communities. ~ By W. D. Nicho||s* One of the greatest needs of rural people to-day is to bring - together and make use of their various potential forces for i t the improvement of community life. iVhcn the farmers prob- . J l ` lem first began to receive systematic study, the phase of the i J ~ problem studied was that of gaining and applying seien- ,` t i title knowledge for the improvement of crops and live ~ l . 3 stock. Later, stress was placed on the economic phase of the t ' L problem and the application of business methods and practices i by which farm products might be produced and sold most J economically and profitably. More recently a third phase of _ the problem has come to be studied, the social or community ` phase. Farming people have come to realize that there are certain phases of their problem which cannot be solved by V . individual action but call for collective or group action, and [ tf . . . . ' , V if they are to have contented and satisfymg lives they must learn to organize their forces for united effort. Numerous examples of successful community organization i demonstrate the fact that marked improvement in rural com- _i *"ACKNO\\'LEDGMENTS: Special acknowledgment is due Professor ` . T. R. Bryant, assistant director of agricultural extension, and Mr. C. A. {ty Mahan, state leader of county agents of the College of Agriculture, Uni- _ tri! versity of Kentucky, for suggestions and constructive criticisms of this circular. For the prcparzition of the section on agriculture aeknowled,&$ _ ment is due Professors li. S. Good, J. J. Hooper, L_ J. Horlachcr, J. H. Martin, \\'ayland Rhoads, li. J. \\'ilfo:d, George Roberts, E. J. Kinney `=': and C, \\'. Mathews, of the College of Agriculture, University of Ken- lucky, and to Mr. L, C. ]$rew'r, Fayette County agrricultural agent; and .:_ for the section on homes to Miss Myrtle \Yeldon, state leader of home U llcmtnistration agents. The section on health and sanitation was pre- . g, t iilrcd by Dig J. S, Chambers and Miss Nancy l. Mtyers, of the Fayette Tounty public health unit. The section on education was prepared by , the staff of the College of Education of the University of Kentucky. Jn , ._ {llc preparation. of the entire circular' the community score card of the M ;.l\crsity of \\est Virginia has been drawn upon freely, for which spec- j ral acknowledgment is due Professor Nat T. Frame, Director of Ag`rieul * Lural Extension of the Univrrsity of \\'est Virginia. `

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