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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 6, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

r The Jeffersonian ALL KINDS OF PRINTING Executed to Order in the Latest and Best Style at Reasonable Rates. Office Apply or Call Comb. Phone at The Jeffersoniao 36-- 3 for Estimates. SAVE MONEY HERE. i ne jeiiersoman ana Both Louisville Times Evening Post Daily Courier-Journa- l Daily Herald.'. year! i $4.50 .'.50 3.25 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY cheerful and healthful and then when they are ready for high school, let them goto high school in Louisville. As in olden times all roads led to Rome, so now all roads lead to Louisfth Men Who Suggested Bonding ville. From every part of the coun- Sunday Morning on Southern Flag Raising at Newburg School-boos- e ty, electric lines are running into the city and taking the children to and County for School Purposes. Railroad Near Fisherville. Well Attended. from the high schools tor from 15 to 20, cents which for 100 children for 9 his home. months would amount to $3,600 just i Misses Cleone Summers and Off Track By Brake Very Sorry He Can Hot See As OthStereopticon Lecture By Prof. Speed at Hikes of the cost of the wagons to get the Ten Freight Cars Thrown Fegenbush and Hugh Summers Writer is children to the high schools in the Bar Falling in Front of Wheels-F- our ers Do Facts of the Matter Are were guests at a house party given School All the Hews Told in Brief county, to say nothing ot the little by Mr. Henry Merhoff and sisters at Tramps Injured. Explained In Fall. About People Yon Know. children who are taken to the little their beautiful home near Prestonia. schools. Miss Delia L. Standiford spent It has been said by the men with the Wednesday with Miss Cleone Sum Editor Jeffersonian: While all tne idea that the high schools will be Quite a great deal of exciteBtiechel, Oct. 3. Mrs. Lon Jones mers. county is hearing and talking about brought to our doors. ment was raised in the vicinity returned Friday from a short trip to schools and their improvements, I Who is the man, who are the men, of Fisherville Sunday morning' New York. ORGANIZE. wish to have a talk on the same sub- that could locate tight high schools in at 7:30 o'clock, when ten large Briscoe entertained sevMissLula ject. Jefferson county to meet the require- freight cars on the Southern eral of her friends Thursday evening I am very sorry that I am unable to ments of the law, to say nothing of railroad were thrown off tbe at her home. Growers' Association Elects Official Staff. see that the only way is the way pro- the little schools? The men who at track and rolled down an emMiss Gertrude Burwinkle, of Duker Pnrpose to Get Better Prices posed by the gentlemen who proposed tempted to do such a thing would bankment. The wreck occurred Avenue, was hostess at dinner Wedfor Produce. to bond the county of Jefferson for bring upon themselves the execra- one-hal- f guests included mile above Fisherville nesday evening. Her s the sum of $500,000. Just think of it: tions of of the inhabi- and is said to have been caused several friends from Louisville and One-haof a million dollars! Now, tants ot Jefferson county. from a brake bar falling off of Buechel. The Jefferson County Growers' to be honest on both sides, let us see This is not all, but I desist and now, one of the cars in front of the Miss Amelia Schmidt, eldest daugh- Association is the name of a new although I differ from some, possibly wheels, causing the cars to ter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Schmidt, corporation that was organized and if this will work satisfactorily. It is estimated by the promoters of a great many of my fellow citizens of turn over. Louisand Mr. William Merklein, of intrusted to the care of a full staff of No lives were lost from the ville, were married Wednesday even- officers and directors at a meeting of the bond issue that the assessed value Jefferson county, permit me to sign PRO BONO PUBLICO. ing. A reception was held at the produce men and farmers of Jeffer- of the property in Jefferson county, myself accident but it is said that four home of the bride, after which the son county held Saturday afternoon exclusive of the city of Louisville, is tramps were considerably couple immediately went to house- at Beck's Hall, in Louisville. The $25,000,000.00. The bond issue will bruised up. They were, it is FACTS OF THE MATTER. amount to 2 per cent of this, or keeping. said, stealing a ride in one of purpose of the organization, accordIt is proposed to redeem these the cars that was wrecked. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shively enter- ing to R. H. Whiteside, is to esBelieving as we do that the propo- The end of .'10 years by voting train was loaded with pig tained at dinner and supper Sunday tablish, if possible, a better market bonds at the on each $100 worth sition to bond Jefferson county is one iron, cedar posts and cotton evening the following guests: Misses in Louisville for home products. a tax of ten cents county, that would result in much good. The and was coming from the South. Dorothy Skiles, Lilian Hart. Eliza- Articles of incorporation for the new of taxable property in the exclusive of the city of Louisville as Jeffersonian dosen't want the above We could not learn the extent Katie Shively. Sadie organization have been filed. beth Skiies. above stated, which will bring in an- article to appear unanswered. For Skiles and Virginia Hart: Messrs. The company will be capitalized at nually the sum of $25,000. The bonds some reason the author of the above of the damage, but it was evidently slight. The tracks were Orville J. Stivers. John Kan.ler and (30,000, about 90per cent, of which are to bear interest at the rate of 4 does not sign his name to what he George Tinsley. has been subscribed aud paid in. At per cent per annum, which Is $20,000 writes, but, unlike some other con- considerably torn up. but workmen were at once placed on the Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Summers, Miss present there are about 300 share- each year. Which sum deducted tributors to this paper, he gave his job of repairing them and trains Cleone Summers and Hugh L. Sum- holders, but within another week or from the yeatly income of 825,000 name to us. were again running over them mers spent Sunday at Silver Hiils. so it is expected that the company leaves $5,000 to go into a sinking fund In the first pi ace we desire to inform by 4 o'clock in the afternoon. rill be backed by 400 of the leading to New Albany, and JefTersonville. redeem the bonds atthe end of the the writer and the readers of this A flag raising under the auspices of farmers and produce growers in this period for which they are to paper that he does rot understand Banner Z Council No 38, J. O. I". A. part of the State. The following run. But let us see if this $5,000 de- what he is writing about. He speaks of the poorer and more sparsely setM., was held at Newburg schoolhouse officers were elected at the organiza- posited each year for 30 years will of the cost of maintainingtheschools tled districts entirely ujion their Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. tion meeting Saturday: produce an amount equal to the bond after they are built such as having own resources, this will be a calamiPresident. L. C. Owings: vice presiA large number of citizens from Louissue. lordly janitors, etc. The proposition ty to both. Poor men are especially and vitalisville and this community was pres- dent. Edward Wetstein: treasurer If this same sum of $5,000 could be that is before the people is ta BUILD ent. The Hon. George Yeager acted and general manager, H R. White- invested so as to net 4 per cent, the the schools, and then it will be up to ly interested in this present movebe as chairman of the meeting. Bro. side, and secretary, S. E. Vogt. same interest drawn by the bonds, at the County Board of Education to see ment, since their children cannot George Tinsley made the opening The directors are: L. C. Owings, the end of 30 years there would be that tbey are put into operation. sent away to better schools, (as the prayer and "America" was sung by S. E. Vogt, Edward Wetstein, Jacob the sum of $243,000 to pay a debt of Our good friend seems to be alarmed rich ones can) but must take whatthe school children. The opening ad- Rosenberg, John Kalney. John C. $500,000: but, say the men with the at the large figures. One-haof .1 ever is provided near at hand. The men who are pushing this dress was made by E. C. Hay. Chair- Bruce. William S. Fegenbush. Henry idea, the increase of the taxable million dollars! "Just think of it," man of Division Board No. 1. Rec- Deibel. L. W. Hugo, H. Drescher, property will make up the deficit. movement have no personal interhe exclaims. When millions of dolitations on the flag were given by the John Wurtele, Andrew Wurtele, H. Let us see if it will. If $5,000,000 be lars are put into fine buildings, live est to serve whatever. Most of them R. Whiteside, Henry Korphage and following children: Masters Virgil stock, etc., should $500,000 be too are large taxpayers, and some withadded to the present estimate of Bryan. out children to educate, but with Reader, Walter D. Frey. Misses Pat- William in making it During the coming fall season the would require 10 $30,000,000 eachall$100 much to invest in the children? And whom a patriotic moral and general ty May Seeboft and Lucile Hindle. on cents are we rot financially able to do it? Judge Nick Vaughan delivered an ad- association will give its undivided for 30 years to meet the debt of $500,-00uplift of the community wherein Our friend says that $120 for every they live, is more important than the dress on the "Public School." J. A. attention to onion sets and the $100 borrowed will have been paid at Mclver presented the Bible to the socond crop of potatoes from JefferThe total amount of bonds would be the end of thirty years, and this is dollars they will have to give up in school and the Rev. Geo. Tinsley ac- son county, which is expected to be paid by the people of the county and order to see it brought about. They cepted it. County Supt. Orville J. quite large. If the officers of the besides the principal, $120 for every called "economy." Granting that to are men who are not dreamers: they be true, do you not think the great have battled strenuously in the busiStivers accepted the flag and made company are successful in finding a $100 borrowed will have been paid at good market for these products, and the end of 30 years, and this is called results obtained would be worth it, ness world for many years, have had an interesting concluding address. especially since those fully able to a wide and varied experience, and Miss Theresa Diemer was given a in the event they secure good prices, economy. pay it will be required to do so? surprise birthday party Monday even- plans will be perfected next spring would the expenditure stop The poor people will not be asked to have something to show for it. Nor Is there any farmer, who, if he ing by a large number of her friends. to erect a building in Louisville as a here. Take the eight large schools for pay it. If a person has only $1,000 company and also home for the were going to raise a crop of tobacdelightful time is reported. A to grace worth of property and a dozen childcan be instance, those that are where a new market-placsome green hills far away, so far ren to educate, the cost to that per- co, which requires a barn constructA produce warehouse, which is beestablished. away that wagons will have to go out son would be only $1.00 a year. That ed for curing and care, and he had ing constructed by Chas. Scoggan, not the ready money at the moment The forming of an alliance between into the highways to collect the child- would certainly be "economy" to be a large and handsome bids fair to the the produce growers and farmers in ren from the byways, how much will poorperson and the rich ones should with which to build it, who would buildiug. It will be completed some of this section of the State is the out- it cost to run them? It is said that it not kick. The Lord has prospered hesitate to borrow two per-cetime this fall. growth of a movement started many will require ten wagons to take the the value of his property for this them, and they should spend less purpose? Would he J as. B. Speed gave a lecture and months ago to obtain better markets be thought a magic lantern show at Hikes' school- - and prices. It was launched shortly children to and from one of these money upon automobiles and more reckless business man for so doing? wagons cost $2 upon the poor of the country. Be These after the wheat crops were pooled per day each, (other wagons get $4 sides they would not be donating to Surely not. This action would mean here and sold at the rate of 80 cents per day), which for a term offtmonths to a man worth five thousand dollars, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. cause, but making the best ina bushel. It is highly important would amount to $3. GOO which in 8 di this he should go into debt in the vestment of their lives. The returns that that all growers of Jefferson county visions would amount to $28,800. which would come back in dollars and cents sum of one hundred dollars in order Advertisements under lliis head One Cent take stock in this organization, as would be 1H cents on each $100 of from the greatly increased property to increase his revenue from the only members can become bene a word. No ad taken lor less than 10c. farm. Now. this is precisely what is that assessed value of $25,000,000 to valuations. ficiaries. wanted to do for the crop of the say nothing of the little wagons that We will try to present the acts in county's children. They are more Sale. For are coini: to take the little children the case as they really are. When precious than tobacco, cattle or BEAUTIFUL to the sixteen little schools. the original estimate on the taxable hogs, and their proper care, will in FR Sale Cucumbers 13, in brine. Miss Then take 8 lordly janitors for these valuation of the county was made the end bring greater, Jeffersontown. ANNK K. BRYAN, Koute far greater, 8 hiirh schools. One could not think the State Board of Equalization had returns than the stock. And Impressive Ceremony Uniting Mr. Wil- of offering less than the sum of $ voted to increase the assessment of Now, what these terrible men who For Sale Single Comb White Leghorn per month which in !) months would Jefferson county by 25 per cent liam Waters and Miss Maude Swann FARM. are pushing this educational moveCockerels. McU lEL S LEGHORN amount to$675which in eight divisions This would have made the total some ment throughout at Middletown. Wt Buechel. Ky.. .oute 11. the county advise, would amount to $5,400 yearly which what over 25 millions. Later, how is simply this that ALL of us be 22 acres of land on Preston For Sale cents on each ever, the board reduced the increase would necessitate 2 street road: suitable for bui'ding site and liddletown. Oct. 3. The wedding $100 of that assessed value of $25,000, to 12 per cent. This action has been willing (themselves as well as others) garden land; S miles from city on car line. i?P Miss Maud Lamoille Swann and (KM to borrow for a term of vears. two to say nothing ot the little jan enioined and is now in tne courts so per-ceW. A. GAILBREATH. Route 3. Station E of the taxable value of all Jan Mr. William Waters took place last itors that take care of the 10 little that it is somewhat uncertain what r.ouisvillt. the property in the county, and that IF Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at schools to which the little wagons the exact amount may be at this its repayment be extended over a For good Fultzseed wheat go to HENRY the Christian church. Rev. William take the little children. time. long term of years so that it may not HAAG, route 15. Jeffersontown. Tharp, Jr., officiating. The church After this let us furnish one of This uncertainty at the moment, be burdensome to any. was beautifully decorated in golden those high schools. It is safe to say however, does not affect the move They believe that not only our own rod and pompas grasses. The wedWanted. that one could not be furnished for ment or plan now being placed be county, but the whole state of Ken ding bell hung from a festoon of less than $2,000 which in 8 divisions fore the people of Jefferson county tucky, has neglected the subject of Wawted. Due notice of a public sale of golden rod. A number of seats were head of horses and mules in- reserved for the large family connec- would amount to $10,000. which would regarding the betterment of their education already far too long, that about thirty cents on each $100 of that as be fi cluding brood mares and stallions, registerThe principal point to be our present rural school system is and especial guests. As Mrs. sessed valuation of $i5,000,000, to say schools. ed saddle stock. Jersey cattle, etc. Anyone tion considered in that connection is totally, not to say disgracefully, inhaving good stock to dispose of will send a Brown played Mendelsohn's wedding nothing of the little furniture in the and what is now being asked of the adequate for the present day and T. C. Brinley at Middletown march, the two ushers, Messrs. Lawlist of same to at once, so that they will have the benefit of rence Waters and Wood Jones, came little schools to which the little people whether they will be will generation, and that if we hope to wagons take the little children, It is ing to bond all the taxable property having them catalogued. Due notice of sale keeu in sight of the educational proby the bride will be given. T. C. BRINLEY. Middletown. down the aisle followed true, however, that the expense of in the county to the extent of two cession, being so vigorously pursued and groom, who stood under the large furnishing ends with the first year Ky. per cent of its assessed value, these in other neighboring states, with wedding bell. Then followed the or nearly so, while the cost of the bonds to run thirty years, and retired whose children ours must necessarily Wanted. If you want to sell anything or beautiful ceremony by Mr. Tharp, wagons, big and little, and the cost by annual payments for principal compete in after life, we must come want to buy anything, this column is the during which Mrs. Brown played of the janitors' services are like the and interest, the proceeds of these out of this condition of indifference place to advertise. It is read by everybody. ''Oh, Promise Me. ' The bride was brook which runs on forever. Rates onlv one cent a word. bonds to be used iu buying suitable and lethargy, discard half hearted attired in a most beautiful lingerie Now, we will take the teachers. grounds, erecting modern buildings and half way methods, and push sysgown trimmed in Duchess lace and with suitable equipment, and for tematically and effectually, until we by the month. Wanted Good farm hand carried a boquet of white bride's There are some people in Jefferson THESE PURPOSES ONLY. county who think it is something Good job for the right man. E. V. SPROWL. roses. shall no longer have occasion to After changing her dress to f Jeffersontown; Cumb. phone. a traveling costume of tan, the bride "simply awful" that one teacher in To those familiar with the contrast blush when Kentucky, and especially aid groom, accompanied by their Jefferson county receives the sum of ed condition of school conditions in Jefferson county, ismenticned educaWanted You to place your are nsurance n any friends, went to the station, $900 per annum. Too much! Entire Kentucky and other states, no argu- tionally. In the very best companies. See J. C. A 'cock. Of course, all progressive move ment is needed. Ky. where the couple were showered ly too much. Agent. Jeffersontown. with The same people will tell you that with rice, and took the train for There seems to be one of two ments qi any magnitude meetFrom criticism and opposition. Cincinnati to visit relatives of the $2,000 will not be too much for the courses open to us. ine nrst is a hook worm" people will come the For Rent. They received many hand- principal in each of these high step of the sort recommended, or to cry tnat our nttie district scnoois groom. some presentsof silverware, pictures, schools which in the 8 divisions would continue to depend on the slow evolu are good enougn. reopie oi nine breadth cottage in Jef- cut glass bowls, Rent. One For tion of the present course. The re heads, with little brains, little to combeautiful linen amount to $16,000 which would be 6 of view, and little capacity J. C. BKOCE, Jeffersontown. fersontown. sult of this latter seems inevitably to prehend anything of magnitude, pieces, pieces of china, etc., their cents on each $100, etc., etc. ! Ky. number and beauty testifying the Jefferson county does need some- hold us to the small district tax, the will cry out and throw rocks. If aflove and esteem of the numerous thing. What is it? A good district inadequate grounds, buildings and fairs were left to such there would friends of the young couple. Scottish Celebration. school wherever it is needed, with equipment, or want of equipment, as be no progress and no improvement. day January 7 as the end It is believed that a tax of approxi see every thing to make it conducive to in the past, finally resulting in the mately 10 cents on the $100 will ef the holy season, is still celebrated J. For fire insurance at best rates Ky. C. Alcock, Jeffersontown, the needs and requirements of the consolidation of the wealthier sec- care for this debt and pay it at ma In Shetland with many antique Cumb phone 36-little tots. Make their surroundings tions of the county, and the throwing turity. house Friday evening, showing the condition of some of the schools of Jefferson county and other counties of Kentucky. Mrs. Charles Fegenbush was brought home from st. Anthony nospnai last, ween anu is now improving rapidly. Fred Currey is building a porch to BUECHEL Coi-del- C Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, October 6, 1910. Vol. 4. No. 16. WRECK DISAGREES ia three-fourth- Richardson- - Hall. The marriage of Mr. Levy Richardson and Miss Irene Hall was quietly solemnized Monday, September 26, in tbe parlor of Rev. T. M, Williams, the officiating minister. The were Mr. Mewyn Hall, brother of the bride, and Miss Elizabeth Smith. Immediately after the ceremony the bridal party attended the theatre. Mr. Richardson is a popular young man, formerly a resident of Hardin county, but at present situated in Louisville where he holds a good position. Miss Hall is an attractive and intelligent young lady. The following day they left for a brief visit to Mr. Richardson's family in Flardin county, after which they will make Louisville their future home. Mr. and Mrs. Richardson both have many friends who wish them the fullest realization of bright and prosperous lives. only-attendan- lf y- 0. 30-ye- ar lf $25,-000.0- 0. J e nt high-school- s. Contest Held. IB-I- t. 4-- I nt t. 2-- 5 16-- M-t- four-roo- 2-- 5 TJp-hal- ie 3, L The Y. P. C. E. S. of Beulah church, gave a social at the residence of Mr. Hugh A. Brown on the evening ot Wednesday. Sept. 28. A large crowd was in attendance and everybody had a good time. The incident that provoked more fun and good will, perhaps, than anything else was the disposition of a very fine cake, which had been purchased by M. F. Johnson on behalf of PresRav, our County Clerk, and which Mr. Ray directed should be given to some young lady. But Mr. Johnson being a young widower of some sixty-livsummers, or rather winters, said he was inwttling to choose among such a crowd of handsome girls as were present. So. he said he would let the crowd determine who should have the cake. He proposed that it should be settled by a vote of live cents per vote and was to be given to the best and most useful young lady. A carving set which had also been bought for Mr. Ray was to go to the young lady with the next highest number of votes. The race soon narrowed down to Miss Bessie Long and Miss Eunice Johnson. Miss Johnson being the win ner. But it was an exciting race. The of it was. the contest was made with the most perfect good humor and Miss Long made lots of friends and the friends of the winner are waiting for an opportunity to compliment Miss Bessie. Miss Bessie Long was awarded the carving set and another cake. The C. E. Society had undertaken to pay for the very line acetyline lighting plant which has been installed in the church, and the profits of the social were to be applied to the payment of that dept. The one cake brought them a little dollars, besides more than thirty-on- e what Mr. Rzy had paid for it. The additional profits from the refreshment stand enabled the society to e cancel the debt for the plant. Tells All Abont the People Ycu Keiw Altrg R. F. D. 19 and Among the "Saints". St. Matthews, Oct. 3. The letter this week is made up principally of reports from those who left us during the summer to visit relatives and friends. Nearly all have returned, feeling that lovely though it be to visit, "there is no place like home." By m $500,-000.0- Have Been Away. relatives. at Beulah Church Young People's Christian Endeavor Societ- Reports Return of Those Who We are glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Dick, after a lengthy stay in Missouri with her mother and other GREAT SUCCESS Was Social Given A. B. C. Mr. and Mrs. Weaver are moving from Warwick Villa to St. Matthews, in Mrs. Theo. Brown's residence. Their daughter. Mrs. Blake Eastland, from Danville, will reside with them. Quite a pleasant addition to the society of our little "burg, 'over which we all rejoice. The big automobile purchased by the county has arrived and is touring the worthy magistrates around in great style. will give a better description of it in my next, but can give this warning: evil doers need not hope to escape with this car in pursuit. ..a I Mrs. Matt Brady, having returned home recently, Miss Josephine Rob-iso- n and Mr. Robert Nans, of Louisville, spent last Sunday atthe Brady home. The children of Mr. R. O. Horsey are improving, after quite a sick spell during the last two weeks. Miss Hattie Herr has accepted the same position as governess she had last year. Oh, how we shall miss her at every gathering. The R. V. D's are sowing the fall wheat, cutting corn, and a general gathering of apples and pears. Women folks, of course, are preserving and pickling which will surely come to an end soon, as the supply of jars are giving out. Judging from the well filled cellar. we can in the future fare sumptuously every day. Whether we will be dressed in purple and tine linen depends on the second crop potatoes. Mrs. A. B. Simcoe's niece. Miss No- ra French, of Colorado, is visiting her at Springdale. This ycung lady, in her childhood, lived with her grandmother. Mrs. Lewis Kellar, near Jeffersontown. Many of The lighting JelTersonian readers will remember A. B. C. this family. Which Shall Wife Wash? Which cream separator bowl does the wife prefer to wash ? On the left are four styles of common "bucket bowls" used in ordinary cream separators. On the right is a light, simple, sanitary Sharpies Dairy Tubular bowl of the same capacity used only in Sharpies Tubular Separators. I2lbs Z'sbs. 8m. IG6Mfi 1 k u A B A B A vLt 3B u I u I Au Thesf were macie illustrations actual photographs. Notice the j c J c N c W p weights count the pieces. K- J E $ E (J E y y ,t a The Sharpies Dairy Tubular bowl contains but one piece, and that piece is smooth, instantly removable and about the size and shape of a napkin ring. The Tubular bowl can easily be perfectly cleaned in three minutes. Yet makers of ''bucket bowls" barred by patents from making or using Tubular bowls sav "bucket bowls" are as eas37 to clean, and wear as long, as Tubular bowls- Take another look at the picture. Show it to your wife. Which had she rather wash? Which do you think will wear longest? t irom t - We Sell Sharpies Tubulars the finest cream separators and surest money makers made. Bring your wife and look at one. THE SOUTHERN SEED GO. Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky.

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