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Image 2 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : Weekly ed.), March 14, 1901

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : Weekly ed.)

l TbcPaducabSun 1ClESS aeaNOew I Swell TailorMade Suits and Skirts A < AND Y i THE SUN prank Prawn PrMtdtklatilKdltorIW 1 TAtTOn Ornerat Manage at IWT MINE V OltlnHS VND f RATOlia STILL IIIIPI AT- GUTHRIE SIT iLIMENf C COSB- r NT iii St RATS t tTho I i i ft i i II iit IuntilGOODSi yalI elm rronteuJ J a TRY 999 1eorlcE 0r TtgSFdo tryI roundo ton 111J ridelaJI nlldV thon v Ii I e t I ItIOS Ii 1 i I J Jj t iUItULeCleStroll You Need sr p f We have them akf ptlNHN mJMnmWN W1m yW i everyWMaesday polaBlasted l tbtlerk t DHTt LOWESTPARRY h1tVra 5otetra lImldriot Waldory raowrdddance workmlnbll refilled l kW14il OUR ENTIRE STOCK 9 t 6 1Opt ljfi2i PI l 7PAK1 SFrnet eariieroortof ScfffnnSJcwtihrag titi le thyTurbo Rubbers la PHILLIPS t ww spentbut ELLIS RUDY l ORDKRM BoysWomens i 1 r TypeCan t Talk ingRubbers 1J J Third Street t ott UBiuiD crimep r HARBOURS 112 North PLUMBIN ofk i llon fwiiSE ItwilliYou ITh SILK DRESS SKIRTS ate 1 IRIIMany Iijckol 410I nBJII Also a very of Walking Skirts Black Light Dark Grey and Brown in materialstyle and I vooli hOllnlon Walking Skirts 1 Iun lOur I j lJlar a 0STYLISH DRESS SKIRTS YaS SELLING ata trimmed it Dross Goods and Coat Suit 398c 698t GUTIIRIECOSc itY f WEEI< OF 110u 425c 300a lOur YanCuhinBrosi 111111 I ltOt E i A Louisville Starch PTII arbitra The Paducah Chess and Whist club at pa6 line pf Ladies Stylish Ratmd at tli < poitoflSct matttr- 1 cah xtM n wee last night organized at the once United accoad till lack 7zottd Flaring Skirts re- tlion commltteoof the Ktiitneky Mine hive jUlt received our new specially to examine We THK DAILY ION dis Workcn of America and Taylor on duced from 250 to 200 of On Coleman sad Skirts and ask you and Brcarrlcrpcr cioatbU advanet Spring Slit operators late contin 4- Broadway near HUthand articles of ftr mall poT Black 7 gored Flaring SkIrts re- trict end tho nd see r yourself that the materials 431 these garments their conference without reaching Lowest Prices aIf raalUtwrTnrlaadTaoca lOts Incorporation will bo lied at once duced from 1 150 to and Btst hown at Tilt WEEKLY make is the Vrrv latest pad x One feature will be tho prohibition of Plaid 7 gored Flaring Skirts tCa agreement I of the Mlwi Work FI T EREE of charge Is an attractive 0 Im4r anti DOaIrmdatah Kr President Wood Adder Turn SDK OUR GUARANTEED drinking intoxicants of any descrip Juctd from 650 to While ire here not yet said featu eiu this line One 114 Broad war I TnarsowNtxee tion and nil forms Of gambling In the re reached an agreement I will wy we Castor and = Plaid 7jored flaring Skirts i made of fine Velllli1n Cloth l n Dark lIcd seams club rooms The directors will select Very t v ish 1111111111N1111111111111 duccd from 498 to not yet without hops The scale flare ettect well lined and tailor ni and famish suitable club rooms at Blue ktrtur with new 1 R Inyd y Skirts for 198 I s being discussed In all Its bearings SUN can be found fori once Nobby Eton Jacket lined with Satin trimmed iu buttons I and buttons MilitaryI trimmed in stitching be equaled In the city and our sessions are held morning sale at the following nlaces Collar and itishop Sleeves The officers elected are president new flare skirt lined A better one for 298 and an afternoon end at nlitht It Is n very I Beaut tot tack Cheviot Suits amt i3ced back wilh vr give a peed push to Brest goods J Q Taylor i rice prsetident 0 W et well lined we are R D dementi k Co J Thompson secretary Wm Bradshnw extra quality double f aced Golf IImportant matter that not hope to Ill + Ijitt week ito lalknl riinuuntr and nut1 suits and might Interest yen Iercal flareslccsJ a Ud dl uble breast cUc Tbls suit for only1ok get Piles of them were sol and wr did I sttched k tusllki Thl J Jr i treasurer W Werner The Skirt for However II through within a week JAn elegant line of shopping I J board of directors consists oi Dr J Q This cut shows a handsome cos I fe may reach an understanding at any i W Blue I t 111 11111112 Taylor Dr J F Coleman Edgar D Skirts for tume made of veY fine Tan and t time When this Is accomplished coosj Whlttemorc Many Slyer and J I Dont fall to see the swell line of will present onr report Perfect hanging skirt I Venitian cloth silk Applique and Tucked well lined new MocqnotThe Doubl width gray boiuwpuu suit IIng You never turned money Into I The delegates from tho various I cut with separate flounce and now include N Talfeta Skirts Also the Flounced pretty dress goods to tatter advantage unions In the Southwestern district Injtl2Io yard with good Percaline short round Jacket James Campbell Jr W VanCulIn than you can tarn It now and here Wool ones just received re still here awaiting the result fI Inch henriettae In nil sprliiR Beautiful new spring shades In tans and postilion back lined with Nagol front If Lout Rteke Jr Fred 1001 t he deliberations of the eonftrenM shades anti black SBo yard t heavy Satin and trmmtd with stitched = THURSDAY HAtlOU t4 Diehl P Chattaln Harry Myen T I castors reds grays and black Its a i Ee I fancy buttons 2350 silk bands and J Flournoy Gea Langstalf Jr E ttlillth trl et waist MatiueU In tho irrral assortment of handsome all A DAILY THOUGHT Chairman T J Flournoy returned Wm Rogers E Sntherladn JE new grays tans RHVIIS cold reds for Venetian In the newest cud teat pop 315 BROADWAY at 4 oclock this morning from Louis Vac Any man may make a mlitake but A very nobby suit made of Grey Bradshaw Jr Tom Harrison J D yanl ular shades for spring and Is an at ville amt stated that ho ngre nnitjwas skirt cut with deep separate none but a fool will continue ItOlc- Mocqnot Dr J It Coleman Edgar Cheviot attrnetlro Me drew goiiils offer tractive lorgalu for zoo convention adjourn GOES TO LOUISVILLE good lining double breast Eton ere D Ewell W 0 flounce W Whlttemore C I cd U Seofleld NVH Brown Gco 0 Wal Jacket with velvet collar and new sleeve DR II G ENELOE BE MORALS ANDPDLU10 lace R W Walker Dr W 0 En REV a ae4dnvr I Co I A suit for service 1950 OF COMES JUNIOR RABBI banks W M Reed 0 W Thompson PUOLIO JOURNALS caret It but carrying ban aUttl CON A very dressy knitl in extra fine ISRAEL AVAS Taylor Dow Wilcox W ot BALLARDS HORKHOUND BII1 In arpmn VTMTM pellet wares Initrcms finish of black sdlid There Is no question but that pnb 1 Dr J Q GREGATION Blue and Tan Vcniiian cloth new A Martin Wheeler Werner Al Berry UP ami using It as directed will ctay wfratpM weeitca taro serges I It vtry l with many of the strongest turret Ii I flare skirt handsomely trimmed in fancy llclty Is one Campbell F J Hugger W B Me 1rtoe thTtot serge twftlM Had solcll at We are cITtrlnu a superb t cure the worst rob or comth Dr II G Eueloe for three years Nobby jacket neatI regulating and purifying public mor- IjPhcrson L J Oriue II lank 0 braid and buttons treat 71 to fl a yard ThrahlHy on dollar a yanl 29 and 60 cents There are times when public Jones W M Rleke Jat Selver rabbi at Temple Israel here hai ac al DnBoit Kolb A Ca I lined with Satin Bishop sleeves with eJttraI t c Ernest Sarton Talbot Laurie John cepted a call to become junior rabbit h I LADIES NEW SPRING SUITS AND SKIRTS Lonltvllle J Silk puff at hand 195Emmet Bagby Jr Rabb- Aval Israel congregation 50 buys a good home Inquire officers of the law In view of the in- Wilhelm 1 1 The Avas I McKnlght Dr J V Icy and tears May I tf I Advance styles won ebermlug Noble Hoghet at Sun office difference of the public Ignore tb I ire I Israel congregation It composed of tho I E Whltetlde Evert I Vorls Dr tame Sun non to eau a went think thou ever Mon We taught I conduct of Immoral people i and whet I Thompson Dr I B Hovrell A Ole- largest and most prominent Jewish publl o citizens of Louisville and Dr Endue env C Brown Tom Hall J Wolff new separate dress the violators of the law and be DO YOU PLAY POLICY i IRIIItrllmt flue Venitian cloth suits In a take no pains tto Frank Boone John Sherwin 0 F at well at the congregation Is to 3 in decency themselves styles and colon for decidedly new II W Shlnn L pant O congratulated publl cI Rleke contempt for conceal their or 118 according to MilaA SERIOUS MISTAKE rang not I wvo your genial else InI work anti trimming opinion In such cases it pfen be Hank 0 styleVery Princeton Ky March tThotnas press tia I what you like test amt way have to Uroadeloth salts In all colon sod nNEWSPAPER CHANGES line pebble Cheviott comes the duty of the public Jones a married man of Wetter send In year ord r Dont delay long elaborate short notice for make known llioltrue state pf affair I county came here with fourteen er Cone this Skirts in Black Blue and and sometimes to publish detail i I II to t0NEWS AND HKOISTEn TO USE yearold girl named Farlelgh Herring weekSILKS Brown Flare effect skirtt which are as disgusting to tho auto rSAME MECHANICAL DKton lest Sunday claiming the girl Consult as on your silk wait anti I wu hit wlfeand they have been stay E H seams trimmed in satin cord himself as to his readers In orate r PARTMENTMR well try to bo of service to yon I Last night Ing with Jones mother GOES THOMPSON that the public may have a true cue andwell lined 598 the local authorities were notified ant WITH NEWS cepilon of the fpormltr of the cv II both of them The man who claims Serge YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Extra fine French threatening onler decency and cal I that he hough ho had a rig 4 tp act made with extra morals It has frequently happend Several newspaper changes are on hoe because he has a divorce pending Skirts II I n the taplt for the near torture In Hopkins county was reminded to I flounce set on with stitched that a vigorous newspaper campals Jlondsy Mr Henry Thpmpson for jail charged with poiuctlon The Etrl1 against vice hoe been productive of r two years with the San accept lb was very Indignant when separated silk bands fine Percaline E P Ollton Si Co tout other against11 suite of Incalculable benefit to soclet r position as associate editor of the from her lover y Steamer City of Ooleonda lining 500 In fact the public press of today Is or 19 News Pursuant to an order of the UniteThe Newt and Register have com IMPORTANT CASE CONTINUED tho greatest If not the greatest re of 1 t StttN district court at Paduoah Ky Princeton Ky March arrangements to print lath- pa ILC s fpnung pgepc7In par social systet > pletad entered on the 5th day of March pen by the fame mechanical dp part > 004 damage suit ol John Davis f i 1 The Sun however does not b e surely want some plumbing done right soon It ment The arrangement will affect this city against the Western Union I lleve that the recent cue of Immor l the ownership of It It Telegraph company was continued IIn 10 oclock a m at the port of 1mi FOR FANCY WEARt ply that bas cows tq nnblo notice Inpr laNe nn ell neitherbe japer constructed the circuit court thlt morning Jtlll theI will cab Ky11 to the highest btddn Davis city Is a case In point The em to from tho Register omce to Fifth street June term of court S r for cent Ip and tho steamer City ol Beautiful Black Silk dresssthlu the Newt The- died lu Princeton Ind and he recelv r of miscegenation Is unspeakably r e to provide space for Golconda her engines taokel awartoo N 4th St Mlnubdmet Plumbing Cos old stand Skirts made of best Taffeta voltlng It IIs Impossible to coneel re now management will probably not go ed a telegram announcing It case late el furniture etc to satisfy tlM h II to attend the funeral The the wtheJ on all Work Into effect for a few weeks Telephone 362 no 1011111001 width seams full jme H f Silk tho depths of Immorality to whli h nada Held Pe R In the mIJew n I r an dsof I ftstage 1wa1 in tucked trimmed p prove a ca co w pea wboae range of uaefulnesa OOGIbe 3boaFofiPHi41llbltl4Ab r ito neei oiSLSdeb8il purr It lire minutes on this aide of the ricer you mourn I d of profitable culture I s perhaps J ela r II Is equally a host of friends while t urifltnfot tale anti lure specific that vice Neither dees tha poll 3AirpnKLL 01 ell aad In the far south IS w J oJPICIlTP the welt kpown oonml slpi fliq CRIOE Proctors for tltell force need prodding to get them to u IL season prevents Van Uuyn A Areas NEW FAD IN left today for im10 their duty In such eases The rece rat the further development ofjbontump Peoria III to become manager of 1 tion Price 33 and 00 cents the Policy IloUert National attoeta l LOUIS AND TENNESSEE RIV R DuBois Kolb d Co > TAFFETA lion lie will carry with him the e withes of hit friends PACKET CONPANYI case In hand long befpre I he newspi Y 9beet EXCITING SPARRING t l A new and stylish lig ht per reporters were taken into the r The sparring match at John Moore iTY4VtIWkN1NhtihiW Notice of lint Meeting of Creditors Wkhr1r Nk rr1frWlWW1Y jAf I FOR TENNESSEE RIVER = 11 IIIi Money you weight wrap for early sprii g confidence The court needs no snji grocery ltact nigh between Jm Watts In the district court of the Unite Want to save we an save It for you Our stock of Lonlrtllle and Oeo Bayer of Phil States for the district of Kentucky in of OlocerieIs fresh ao1 to alwsss no Our Siesta Ire all the Season wear is our handsome Taffeta Silk Jackets Just the BarmenIs gcstlons i his only regret Is that th e atforde IJiT f8 a bankruptcy extreme penalty ho can Impose I ww for dressy occasions small crowd hat wan unite lively In In the matter of John J Hroinley Tdrp5u430 = f stylish Eton effect made of extra fine Black Ta It shamefully Inadequate as a punish the main event Defer was knocked put bankrupt In bankruptcy A very sod Trimble In the second round Kid St Law TothelTelltonolJohn J Bromley feta beautifully tucked and neatly lined with Satin new Bisho I Therefore In this case The Sun duet rence Watts tparrlng parnter anti of Paducah In the county of McCrack STR CLYDE sleeves 850 and 1250 en and district aforesaid a bankrupt Lures I not believe that It was called upon t draw and St Lawrence got a decision Notice Is hereby given that on the spread broadcast the disgusting detail LARCESTANDMOSTCONPIETEDU6tiYPACTORYN I EARTH WRITE FOR over Sullivan of San Francisco in 22d day of Nor JAS TILL Motet X D 1900 the of the revolting affair us sId before PRICES AND the fourth round liUGHNI ROBINSON Clerk The Sun Is a regular visitor at tb e CATALOGUE This company Is not responsible fo DEATH AT BAO homes of a majority of the goal peo meeting of his creditors will be 441ci at office of undersigned referee In Pa pie of this city It does not juopoe his home In Massno yesterday after- dncah McCracken county Kentucky l ge Into those homes filet with needl- noon from < 1to pneumonia The funeral on the 20th day of Marsh A D lell details of vice and crime unless took plate I I afternoon at the Mail tUi j 1901 at 9 oclock In the forenoon at sac M K church OUR Cooos ARE THE society the goal such which time the said creditors may at full line expospre of The Sun demands to go an to- DEAFNESS prefers w wllh r body CANNOT BE CURED tend prove their claim appoint a uLj tiMia or Uthelpku trustee the bankrupt and ir l rte readers filled with clean pal fly IffFS 1 appllcatlont at they cannot transact examineother business labciifWRIOHTS ea inch at may wholesome news rather than with die reach the diseased portion of the far wild meeting gusting details of revolting mime There Is only one way to cure deaf come properly before Blue and Emmet W Bagby Referee In fleet RHEUMATIDREMEDY such as are found only In sensational ness and that It by constitutional NEW HOUSES AND BUILD remedies Deafness It caused by an ruptcyPadncab newspapers and publications catering he erred DO per cent of Ky Much 8 1901I Inflamed condition of the mucous lin INGS EQUIPPED to the lowest passions of human na log of the Notice of Tint Meeting of Creditorsi Eustachian Tine When every ture The management of Tire Bop this tithe gets Inflamed you havo a mnucyWriCkle In the District Court of the Upltcd trhItllrYIloDlblnltoptn tan firmly tallest that the borne loving rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing Statei for the District Kentucky In out price tM and lawabiding people of Paducab and when It It entirely closed deafness Uuikruptoy lt learllly approve of Ita policy and It the retail and unless the Inflam In the matter of Thus B Taft re 18 6ideenplnototlo itue ta I hour Oont motion can be taken out and this tube bankrupt In bankruptcy nilInoderll It i jourse conveniences supplied We will leave restored to Its normal condition hearTo the creditor of Thoa D Taft K IM We are not surprised however at Ing will be destroyed forever nine of Padacahln the county of McCrack V WRIGHT COMPANYPERU y the course of our two oontemproarler cases out of ten are caused by catarrh en and district aforesaid a bankrupt Their course in criticising the actions which Is nothing but an Inflamed con Notice It hereby given on the 39th day of October A D IBOO the lcof this paper has over been dictated dillon of the mucous inrfacet We will give One Hundred Dollars said Thot B Teft was duly adjndl by envy and jealousy and no one for a to any case of deaf nets caused by ca anal bankrupt and that the flu moment believe but that their criti tarrh that can not be oared by Hallt meeting of bis creditors will bo cism In the present cue are born of Cutnrrrh Cure Send for circulars held at my office In Padocab ORIGINALCOUNT malice and of an Intense longing to free county Kentucky onMcCracken BISMARK J CHENEY d Ca Toledo O th e 20th day of March A D prejudice the good people of this city L Sold by drnggbtt Tie 1001 at oclock In the forenoon at Of Box Calf and Vici Calf lined must go against The Son Malicious and fate Halls Family Pills aro the bet which time the said creditors may at CdtaUrl lrcbrC statements and Innendoes have over 398 buys Mens Box Calf or Vie High Cut were 500 tend prove their claim appoint a true ALLEGES ABANDONMENT J3ookfccyittg lmtLmlitp 248 buys Mens Box Calf Calf lined sold at 300 and 350 been the chosen weapons of those tee examine the bankrupt mid tran John Jones has Sled 248 buys Mens Tan Russia Call lined were talc ort c r optScltcc etc trIOtl9 410 papers In their warfare on Tho Son cult court for divorce tult In the clr sect such other business as may come alleging aban properly before said meeting Em t 268 buys Mens Vici Calf lined were 350 The Sun expects nothing else from donment They were married No lltn enter at t entire year Else met W Bagby Referee In Bankruptcy 248 buys Womens Box Calf elegant shoe were 300 them CD vember 20 1895 and he claims she Pndncah Ky March 8 1101 buys Mens Calf lined Vid were J98 250 Wo arc not sorprltodl that both our ran away and went to California 77o00d3iiyjc f lA 168 buys Womens RainyDay Boot wire 200 and 250 coiitompoarle should feel flue neces And many seasonable goods in broken lots and sizes we city of tome apology for the very lucid h Tab wish to eliminate includaccount they harp furnlshnl of tho lets All druggists refund tho money It Ovcfbcy COM Tire Jolloo Onzcto If It falls to cure R W Groves tig 1 Y cud Tho Last Sensation were In nature lion each toe 25o RelioruandcurwM Y Y their time l suppressed bylaw became Understand at cut prices No goods are sent out on aproval they pandered to tho cravings the No one know the unbearable tor = DR FOSTERS jay one pu departed portion of humanity and tnro one undergoes from 1 iles nless TABLERS Re sidence 220 Sourth Fourth street I printed jut such rcallttlo accounts of they ere to afflicted ALsollltely Pun cent Union Hand Mad4 Ci BUOEKVE PILE OINTMENT faa such occurrences u this quick safe end pafnleta core Price relepllono TOgars Havana Filler TELEPHONE 41 CurD SO cent In bottles Tubes 44 cent Ir a i n OFFICE TELEPHONE 171 Made bye M ROSENBLATT snakes kidneys tad bladder tight J DnBolt Kolb Jr Co Tol UBBCRIPTION ti CLUB ORGANIZED LAST NIGHT WITH A LA11OEMEMBERSHIP I C SOCIAL COMPANY NO AGREEPIE Skirt Sale mtaleB- PUBUSHIJiU III1OOUOO M J AND WHIST Foleys Kidney f t taj1 r PYrrJ IrJtmiJ LOUIS ilJ Jf outsaf r UNION BEER Attt tj h I tlE4F10TtIl i OI INX OBERTS 5third 1 rr SPCt cf htcrt ti 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