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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 21, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

i S p b If Ii VOLUME 10 Juuntu rl COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21 If b1 ff IV 1907 NUMBER f 41 c NEW RAILROADBEING Will said river to the mouth of a branch be low Jo Dentons residence thence to and including Shelby Cowans residence thence to and excluding Milton Burton thence a straight line to Milton Smileys store thence down the Stanford road to and excluding Clem Bartons resi ¬ dence thence to and excluding W H Bennetts residence thence to and in ¬ cluding the residence on the Newbold farm thence to and including the resi¬ dence of the late Ben Grant thence to and including Jas Butlers residence thence a straight line to the beginning By establishing the new voting pre ¬ cinct east Columbia and Cane Valley are effected Cane Valley and Egypt voting precincts will constitute one magesterial district and a pole will opened in said new precinct at the nex November Election Done by order of court the 12th day of June 1907 T R STULTS Clerk Adair County Court ¬ Pass Through Danville lumbia and Other Kentucky Co Towns Evening Post Special Service Danville Ky Aug 15Danville is to be the terminus of a new railraod extending from this point to Savannah Ga by way of Nashville and Chatta nooga The promoters met in Danville and elected officers as follows James S Allen New York City President F P Combset Liberty Ky Vice President M J Farris Danville Treasurer and E A Hundley Dan ¬ ville Secretary Mr Allen is interest ¬ ed in a road which is now being built through Georgia and which will unite with the Danville road at Nashville The survey has already been made for the Danville branch which will be known as the Nashville Scottsville Danville branch The company is < capitalized 12000000 and the entire output of bonds has been sold with the exception of 2000000 worth which have been practically dis ¬ posed of to Eastern capitalists Mr Allen the President will leave today for New York to consummate the deal The officers announce that trains will be running to Liberty twentyeight miles south of Danville in less than a year The survey has been completed and passes through Hustonville Liber¬ ty the county seat of Casey county and Columbia the county seat of Adair Thence the road goes directly south to Scottsville and on to Nashyille The road will pass through a section of undeveloped coal and timber lands and no doubt will prove highly profitable HELD WITHOUT BAIL and Campbellsville A HOBSON t ¬ in Lebanon SALEA 7500 two story brick business house in Campbellsville Ky Make me your best offer I JABLOW 232 Madison St Louisville Ky FOR JOHN Y Mr L C Winfrey has purchased the They Are Overtaken in Adair Coun residence in which he resides from Mr ty and Returned to Their Home Allen Pile Consideration 1400 Capitalists Interested PRINE MOVER WERE ENROUTE FOR TENNESSEE L 41lt Last Thursday about the noon hour Mrs Sarah A Burris and son Ches two boys stopped at a grocery store in ley of Smithville Ind who were called this place purchased a lunch and upon to see her brother Mr Jo Dudley who took the Burkesville is dangerously sick left for their home leaving town road They were shoeless and were last Friday wearing overall union suits Z M Staples has transferred his In the afternoon Mr Charles Caskey you would like to have itIlin residence on Greensburg perhaps street to advance of the other papers also Horace Jeffries for 2600 Possession reached Columbia on a hunt for the runaways He telephoned Sparksville thought your Commercial Club would will be given the first of January and learned that the boys were there like to take some steps to locate this This paper was printed Monday in plant in your town I had a talk with order to give the office force an oppor ¬ and ready to pursue their journey the President of the Banjo pickers tunity to attend the Fair consequently He ordered them held until his coming Union of America today with a view several important letters are carried and they were detained by Mr Mose Wooten Mr Caskey returned to Co ¬ to having him use his influence to lo = overSome lumbia Friday forenoon having the boys cate this plant at Greensburg but he railroad talk will be found in informed me that it was not practica another column There is one thing in charge and landed them in Lebanon able on account of the distance from certain that if we cannot get steel SaturdayUpon this place a News man hides and timber but he thought if rails put down we can build a road ev ¬ ery few months on paper interviewed them and learned that Columbia would offer any inducements their names are Hugh Moorman aged the factory could be located at that At the Teachers entertainment last place Trusting that your Commercial Wednesday evening conducted by Mrs 14 and Lee Childers aged 11 They Superintendent are both bright lads the oldest one Club may be successful in getting this Georgia S h e 1 1 o n prizes were awarded as follows Hand ¬ stating that they were en route for enterprise and with kindest regards writing Miss Estelle Willis Spelling Sweet Gum Tenn where a sister of Respectfully I am Miss Ruby Jeffries Reading Prof Tohis resided They had not been mis ¬ JOHN A HOBSON bias Huffaker treatedwanted to make the trip for A runaway team on Burkesville the novelty of it Moorman stated Two prominent gentlemen of Camp street created a little excitement last bellsville President and Secretary ofIThursday morning It was hitched to that his mother was dead but that his the National Association of Banjo a road wagon and was being man ¬ father was living in Lebanon and was planing mill Childers Pickers will be in attendance at the aged by two boys The boys got out foreman of the wagon but the team went on stated that his parents were both liv ¬ Columbia Fair on Friday the 23rd of running into a buggy mashing one ing that his father was a tinner and August for the purpose of organizing wheel plumber and was at work in Spring ¬ the Banjo Pickers of Adair Cumber ¬ Prof T C Cherry of Bowling Green field when he left home land Metcalf Russell Green and Tay ¬ who conducted the Institute delivered Moorman is a better talker than lor counties into unions to be known as a very entertaining lecture at the Childers and the question Swas asked The Banjo Pickers Union These gen- Court House last Thursday evening tlemen have a National reputation as All the teacheres were present and him if he did not know what a hard banjo pickers having made music at many citizens of Columbia pronouncing- time tramps experienced often they nearly all of the State Fairs through the production scholarly and abounding- could not get a place to stay over night came There are plenty hay stacks out the Unionat the Worlds Fair in in much valuable information cold But weather is FOR SALEA pair of twoyear old the answer Chicago at St Louis Worlds Fair and at Jamestown Fair Jamestown Va horse mules well broke and good work- ¬ coming then what would you d01 This year they will also be at the State ers Agood young brood mare with Crawl under mule colt by her side 200 bushels extra Fair to be held in Louisville Septem nice winter oat seed CALDWELL BROS PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY ber 16 to 21st All banjo pickers are 404t Burdick Ky requested to be present on the above The Russells Creek Baptist Asso- ¬ J L Adkins Gradyville date at Columbia and to bring theirIciation will convene in Campbellsville- W H C Sandidge Edmonton W S Dudgeon Hutchinson School banjos Steps will be taken on that next Friday and Saturday The Asso- ¬ ciation will be called to order by the House date to organize a stock company forI Co- ¬ J F Roach Pink Ridge the purpose of manufacturing banjos of Moderator Mr James Garnett of lumbia The sessions will be held in AR Kasey Tabor the latest pattern this factory to be the new Baptist Academy They prom ¬ J A Johnston Clear Spring located at Russell Springs on account ise to be interesting and every body is G Y Wilson Pleasant Ridge T J Campbell Greenbrier of its nearness to the best timber belt invited F J Barger Creelsboro FOR SALE in the State most suitable for the Z T Williams Columbia peculair tone necessary to construct H T Jesse Independence My home in the suberbs of Columbia banjos on the right plan The small C Cook Columbia There are 14 acres of land a good well J tough sheep hides produced in Russell J F Claycomb Columand good spring number of fruit trees county are said to be the best hides There is a comfortable dwelling good and are used in preference to all other smokehouse and barn and woodhouse GEO A CHEATHAM hides Quite a number of prominent 391m I men of Adair Taylor and Green NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS counties have subscribed for stock in of the capital this company I have made and filled appointmentswhich is placed at 20000 and it is said ni each magisterial district of Adair Turner Bros sold a bay horse to the that one fur and hide dealer of Colum county as required by law for year Wm Vanhoy Cane Valley for 125 purpose of receiving taxes for the J W Burdick sold one Jersey cow to bia has a corner on all the sheep pelts 1907 and from this time I am supposed C H Moody for 30Hatcher cor in the four adjoining counties having to have it paid to me at my office in Co- ¬ 000 been quietly buying the same for the lumbia Ky and I do not intend to The George Buchanan farm near keep up this thing of visiting and beg-¬ past two years with a view to this new to enterprise It is said that one Dry ging people county me These taxes Roachville in Green county was sold and State and all last week to JoVance of Hart county are due the Goods and Notion house of Louisville that I get out of it is a small commis ¬ for 7500 has contracted to take the entire out sion for collecting out of which 1 have 000 put of the factory to live and pay the expenses of the ofJ W Keltner sold a nice pony to Ed fice and I do not purpose to spend it 1 cor We would suggest to Mr Hobson traveling over this county If you owe Kelther for G0Weed 000 that a more suitable place than Rus it come and pay up and save the cost Horace Massie bought 3 steers from sell Springs for the factory would be of a forcible collection This is intend ¬ every tax payer in Adair county Guy Farris for 6800 on the Morrison Farm near Greens ed for who has not already settled burg It is said that cats are very 000 W B PATTESON S A C prolific on this farm and could doubt ¬ July 30 1907 Antney Simpson bought 8 sheep from less furnish all the strings It also Dock Jeffries for 40 also 4 hogs from FOR SALE Milton Brown for 39 Dr W B Helm produces much banjo timber Saturday August 31st at my home sold a pair of twoyearold mules to The News favors the above suggeston the farm of W L Walker I will Cork Blakeman for 190 and bought a ed enterprise offer for sale at the highest bidder mule colt from James Neagles for 60 one horse two cows one calf and Cord Blakeman sold a mare to Odie Pat Napier T JMarcum and household and kitchen furniture The Neagles for 140 Hartford Moss bought Fayette Wilkinson arrived with their sale commences at 1 oclock p m H B Shuffetts crop for 175TJ1ur runner Friday night < low cor JFTuRNER Aug 14 1907 Mr Charles H Murrell Columbia Ky Dear Sir I give you herewith a little piece of GREENSBURG A WARNING Several cases of fever in town ad ¬ monish us that the streets alleys privies cellars weed patches and back yards and every place that can cause disease should be immediately looked after All mud holes and stagnant ponds should be at once filled and lime and other disinfectants should be freely used A warning to our citizens is all that ought to be requiredU L TAYLOR Health Officer The Adair County Medical Society will meet in Columbia on Thursday September the 12th 1907 at 10 oclock when the following program will be ren ¬ dered Malignant Tumors C M Russell Humbugs and their uses William Blair The Fevers of our day N M Hancock New Remedies U L Taylor How Doctors make a living W F Cart wright Shoud we charge extra for consultation L C Nell Where are we at S A Taylor Are the old time remedies better than the new W R Grissom Let every one be prepared on these subjects and we can have a profit ¬ able meeting Let allcome C M Russell R Y Hindman U L Taylor y Committee The Russell county people are having the location survey made for a turnpike road from Jamestown to the mouth of creekmoney Greasy all raised Pulaski county people are preparing to build an Electric line form Somerset to the river below Burnside Taylor coun ¬ ty people are feasting on large divi- ¬ dends from their many good turnpikes and other new enterprises Is it not for our people to be aroused from oft slumbers and catch the spirit of improvment Dr Geo W Perryman pastor of Deaderick Avenue Baptist Church Knoxville a native of this section of Kentucky preached two entertaining sermons at the Baptist church this city last Sunday forenoon and evening Every body here calls Dr Perryman George as he is one of our boys and in testimony of the high esteem in which he is held at home a crowded congregation heard him Sunday even ¬ THE INSTITUTE ing In the forenoon there were ser- ¬ vices in other churches Dr Perryman The exercises in the Adair County is a Bibical Scholar and a very forcible speaker Teachers Institute closed last Friday It was an interesting session from the BURKSVILLE FAIR beginning until the closing hour The Cherry advanced instructor Prof many new ideas which will be very Citizens of this place who attended the Burksvllle Fair report that it was helpful to the teachers Besides infor ¬ a success in every particular The at- ¬ mation gained from that source inter ¬ tendance was large each day and the esting talks were made by many who ring shows spirited and interesting are in charge of schools and by visitors The best of order prevailed The As ¬ sociation evidently made some money who were in attendance Coffey Bros and Grady Smythe The coming together made the social this place who had on exhibition about feature very enjoyable twenty show horses secured a number of premiums NOTICE NM Tutt Plff against Rachel Hughes etc Deft 1907 of the Adair Persons having claims against the es- ¬ County Court an order was entered appointing B Russell J W Burton tate of John C Hughes deceased are and L B Hurt Commissioners to Es hereby notified to present them before tablish one new voting precinct to beJ properly proven as required by law or before the 15th day of September known as Egypt voting precinct No 14 1907 Failure to comply with this order which is bounded as follows will forever bar your claim against Beginning at an oak tree where the said estate HERSCHEL T BAKER old Casey creek road left the SpringMaster Commissioner A c C field road thence with the Spring field l i At the June term ¬ withgoad Greensburg RUNAWAY BOYS KY 4 Thoughtt + Ben Carruth and Billy Archdale the two men charged with the assassination of J McScott at Helena Ark August 4th was given an examining trial before James R Turner last week The evidence was stronger against Archdale than against Carruth but the proof was sufficient to send both men to jail without bail The regular term circuit court will convene in October The Helena World the paper that Mr Scott was connected with is doing every thing in its power to bring the guilty parties to justice It seems from the evidence aduced at the exam- ¬ ining trial that Carruth had a grudge against Scott and the evidence further shows that there was a conspiracy to murder him Teachers Association at the Russell Springs next Saturday An interesting program has been prepared A NEW ENTERPRISE 393t > j 1 ina I < r A J 1 < > biaStocksalesj I ¬ h A r I J a 7 t f 1Y i +

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