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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 28, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

195f WINNER OF FHtST PRIZE FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE Kntvky PrM At UHan VOL 52 NO. 50 to. 6ft dUttuutai WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THE EAGLE EYE Signs of progress: New automatic 7. THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1960 10c PER COPY EIGHT PAGES Educators will visit hospital Governor Combs to be rWe Friday wiener county will get a look at the state administration's plans for the area Friday night when fi nvprnnr Bert Combs addresses a ban quet at the Whitcsburg VFW clubhouse. The dinner, at 7:30 p.m., is sponsored by the Whitesburg ot Commerce, which will present to the governor a program for Letcher County: 1. A hfphwnv first class through the county. 2. A state park on Pina Mountain. 3. Flood control lakes. first-han- Distinguished educators will be at the Whitcsburg Memorial Hospital Saturday morning to confer with the hospital staff, according to Charles D. Jenkins, administrator, and Dr. J. check-ou- t stands were installed this week at the A&P store In Whltcsburg. All you have to do now is set your groceries on the counter; a motor-drivebelt carries Huston Westovcr, Chief of Clinthem past the checker, who re ical Services, in charge of ar cords the purchases as they go rangements for the Whitcsburg by. Signs of less progress: While we were looking through some 1040 Mountain Eagles the other day, we came across a list of things Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Nolan, then publisher of the paper, hoped would be done during 1040. Among them were a "publicity campaign for Pine Mountain" and a "state park on Pine Moun-- tain." And "a better water sup-ply for Whitesburg." nias newsstand sports a new coat of white paint this week. A small example of what improvement a bit of clean up work can make A last reminder that we need visit. Specialists in dietetics, medi cal technology, nurslnb, phar macy and physical thcranv. the educators are coming to East ern Kentucky from four states tor a two-daconference at the invitation of the Miners Memory Hospital Association. The first day of tho program will be held at the Harlan Memorial lospitaL The second day will 4. An airport. "The highway and the park are Immediate projects," said Fred. Coffey, president of the Chamber of Commerce. "The lakes and the airstrip will fol low in the course of time." Governor Combs will be in troduced by State Senator Archie Craft. State Commis sioner of Parks Edward V. Fox, who also will bo a guest, will be introdnppd hv Pnnn. ty Representative Harry M. ial nn ItvtrlASI luiltifnnn llVilf .. ,7 - I ,- .t "EVER UNDERESTIMATE . . . These members of the Whitesburg Woman's Cmb arrived at L, :", 2J vStni 5n h uSS?. ,he vacanf ,of in front of ,he L&N dePot Tuesday afternoon, only to find their job was a bigger nd ,h"n ,hy had exPc,ed- - But ,hey du9 ,n wi,h anyway and succeeded P5ck a"d h beforo departing mo I ui uu i mil vii uau uracil uunipni as Till on ins IOI. AAtiuaujr, uuin Jqj, JJj23f(J " rflK3. m. .,,me..wm.e.n The states represented be-- " PreP?.ra?n .T.or 7 I" no P? H,onnn Bra t bui unKnown to mem tne u ions tiuo, which Is responsible for filling in me ildni nm r.M v,uo Tnn AU .lurY had nol rnmn.A.n.. St. m i,mn!nn . -.rt, -i .l ill t -. l ikn U. w i ty u ncsso and Virginia. The col- - Wax r In malm ihat Inl a iHm rrt w p.i nu.anlikU hii r- HID ,i.iiui wiiuwiiiy wi U U..l fI l ail ui ins imvu r.U.' V9l, . ..w t WWV. Dnrf VUMIU. ...U UUI I CI Qll IIWUI W C w " UJVIHUUIO "'WI UVII (Continued on Page digging, the women decided the governor would Suit have fr tea thn nn a !l wnt and hear Caudill. lhat eventually it will be "the beauty spot of Letcher County." Carrier mail Z", Jta! i rak' ' an T7Ta - - f.-- D- I 11 f- " W W 1 L.- y- -,. I Another feature of the banquet program will be the showing of color slides of Pine Mountain by Dr. Walter L. Owens, of Whitesburg Memorial Hospital. A motor tour precednig the dinner will give Governor Combs a look at Pine Mountain and the area of the proposed park. The guest list for the banauet will be limited to 150 person. tho seating capacity of the VFW dining hall. The tickets hav been sold for some time. Pres ident Coffey said. Drought causes water shortage Several high areas of Whfon burg were without water for two or three days this week aj an unusual spring drought left Whltesburg's two community wells nearly dry. Hardest hit was "school hill" where grade school children carried drinking water and cup to school. The water shortage occurred on the day eighth graders from throughout the county were visiting the school. cuy oinciais worried for a timu about the possibility of re at the school, because no water would have been avatt- - Orval Hughes, for the Chamber of Commerce, will be mas ter of ceremonies. The Rev. tucker Friday and Saturday, for in Washington wo win be on official InspecCharles Tanner, pastor of the Decision on whether Whites Methodist Church ,will lead the tion by state officials who arc burg will obtain carrier mall looking over our area and won servico is In the hands of the singing of "My Old Kentucky TTnmn " nnnnmnnnin 1.. H- r- nhlo in f IftVlf tt Viitt T?trn r1. t dering if tourists would be In- Post Office Department and terested in visiting here. If you Postmaster Albert Jones. The Rev. Robert Remious Day said today tb General Arthur Mrs. J. Huston Westover. amrpssions mnri on them and community. For several years S. Owens, pastor of the Presby-- rains Tuesday night and Wed- already dono your Summcrficld, it was announced iiavent CleanUp Week chorles, please today by Sam Collins. Jr.. resident of Whitesburg for only the love for the best in musci benefit concert has been tenan Church, will speak the nesday had eased the shortage get them done early Friday. on Pago 8) somewhat. invocation. Whitesburg postmaster. and four years, was named this will remain a part of their heri- Work is to begin Monday on, Fred Coffey, president of the wcek as Whltesburg's "Woman tage always. drilling a new well in the neiAt the Easter sunrise service They're roally going to be Whitcsburg Chamber of Com of the Year." ghborhood of the two which th She won the award, given an- -' the voices of the trained choral giving away somothing for noth- merce. ing ovor at Kyva Motor Com, city now uses. P.' W. Ramsey Application for tho carrier nually by the Vctorans of For club wafted the notes of "Christ pany next week. A total of service was channeled through eign Wars Ladios' Auxiliary, for Arose" ovor the hills and valand son will do the drilinig work. ?189.05 worth of prizes will be the Cincinnati Post Office. An hor sorvice to the community. leys, under the direction of Mrs. given away In appreciation for inspector is oxpoctod to come She receivod a citation at the Westovor. This choral club has Plans for a new well wcra fmade some months ago. but pairt. business received. You to Whitosbure to check' the sit annual VFW banquet Saturday enjoyed the best in music at thoir Tllfisdnv niflhtv nrnptWc night. water board members decide don't have to buy anything, Juat uation. J stop by between May 6 and first to clean out the existing Mrs. Westover was nominated and the many formal presenta-tinoTho local officials expressed May 14 and sign your name and optimism that the service will for the honor by the Whiteshave contributed to the wells and see if that helped the drop a ticket in the box. burg Woman's Club, which she love of classical music in our situation. However, the well bo approved. were found to be clean and no has served this year as more water accumulated. Methodist women The nominating letter said of meet tonight her: Plans announced The "Halleluiah! Christ tho Lord ciety Methodist Woman's So of Christian Servico will for 'Dugan Day' is Risen today." The voices of 30 children hold its general meeting at the The Dugan Day dinner, honMethodist Church this evening oring Miss Ann Dugan. pro- Whltesburg's Boy Scout troops Scouting in Whitesburg has pealed forth their faith in the at 7:30 P.M. ises to be well attended May 19. vuia wlx-announcca pians lonpccn reactivated under the risen Christ under the direction at 6:30 p. m. at the Whitesburg several outings this spring and sponsorship of three churches. of Mrs. Huston Westover at the All members and guests are school cafeteria. Boy Scout Troops 67 and 68, Methodist Church Easter serv Invited to attend a very Inter- ice. She has directed this group pstintt nrnarnin hv T T. Uiuc Everyone is Invited to the div May 14 they will take an over-(fo- r boys 11 to 14, meet at the ner, which will be covered disk mam imkc io uau urancn aus ,1'resuyterian Church at 7 p.m of juniors, aged 8 to 12, on Wed- - The topic will be "The Trials of auurnouns eacn weeK Jesus from the Viewpoint of a and pot luck. The menue will on Pino Mountain. May 20 they each Monday. The Cub Scout consist of meats, vegetable. will havo a fish fry behind tho Pack, for boys 8 t oil, meets for tho past two yeras. The im- -' Lawyer." salads and dessert. Those who Presbyterian Church. During each Friday at the Methodist Mrs. Charles Tanner and Mrs. plan to attend are requested t June they will spend a week Church. The Explorer troop, J. L. Hays last week attended Dring a generous portion of at Jennie Wiley State Park on for boys 14 to 18, meets at the tho annual Kentucky Conferen- any of the above mentioned Dewey Lako in Floyd County. Baptist Church. ce of the W.S.C.S. at Cynthiana. Sixty-sevefoods. Drinks and rolls will ba boys already are James and Blucher Allison Rev. Kenneth Clay Is pastor of served by the Whitesburg P.T. enrolled In the new troops re- are Scoutmasters for the reguthe Methodist Church in CynthiA. which is sponsoring the dincently organized, and another lar troops. James Frazier Is Ex- William Burdine Webb, who ana where the conference was ner. The home ec girls will troop will be formed if enough plorer Scoutmaster, and Bruce reported news for The Mounheld. i boys express an interest in it. Pesls Is cubmaster. decorate the cafeteria. tain Eagle since it was founded Members are reauested to Mrs. Morris Mullins, (left), retiring president of the VFW In 1007 by his brother Nehemi- The day will bo set asid at bring their world banks to this Auxiliary, presents a citation to Mrs. J. Huston Westover school with special surprises by ah, died unexpectedly Wednesnaming her "Woman of the Year" In Whitesburg. ;ne students. day morning at Sergcnt. He was meeting. to have on our best bib and decision rests Mrs, Westover honored as city's Woman of Year ' ed I s ft K Boy Scout troops plan mm :x & ua activities for summer V f is k I Death takes Burdine Webb n Dinner honors athletes Coach Blanton CollJer of the University of Kentucky will be the guest speaker for the annual banquet honoring athletes of Whitcsburg High School. A special guest accompany ing Coach Collier here for the dinner will be a former Whitesburg High star. Llo.d Hodee. for tho comlne foot ball soason of the UK Wildcats. Tho bannuet sponsored bv the Whitesburg Boosters Club, will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at tho high school gymnasium. Tickets are availablo from all members of the Boosters Club and President Herb Caudill. Ermlno, urges a good attend BLANTON COLLIER, ance to show Coach Collier that Itchor Coinlv will Mipport an athletic program. 85. Tho credit line. "By Burdine Webb," appeared In newspapers over several states for half a century with the news from Letcher County. The Burdine post office was named for him. lie was a salesman and a school teacher during his lifetime, but his first interest was news reporting. An hour be fore he died he had called Al fred Adams In tho office of Sheriff Johnny Fulton to ask "wnat's news?" Ho claimed that he had been "writing for the papers" since he was 12 years old. Burdine was one of the 1ft children of Jason Webb, pioneer of Letcher Countv. brother Is John S. Webb, 83, who is reported very 111 in a nospini in Louuviiio, where he (Continued on Page 5) study of East Kentucky set Seven-yea- r Letcher County and tho rest or eastern Kentucky arc going to be studied again. This time the University of Kentucky is sending a team or specialists into the Kentucky mountain area. They will havo seven years and $754,-OOto complete their work. 10-ma- n 0 The study Is to be financed bv the W. K. Kellog foundation. in announcing the study, the University called it an Inten- slvo program aimed at Improv ing economic conditions in 30 Eastern Kentucky counties. The announcement also referred to Eastern Kentucky as a pilot area which would servo as a model for futuro improvement programs in other areas beset by the same problems. of team headquarters will ut require more time, rctoar-giPresident Frank G. by early fall, with thelcca, or insitutlonal rearrangt- Dickey said a foundation conproject expected to be in full ments. tribution of $754,000 over a Welch To Be Director seven-yea- r period will be . com- - swing by midwinter. . . . .. According to the announceThe U. K. team will be under Dined wun fciaio support in an attempt to find solutions to ment, economic Improvements the general direction of Dr. problems confronting the more in the area will probably be in Frank J. Welch, dean of tfea than 500,000 residents of the the direction of developing ag- - College of Agriculture aa4 riculture and manufacturing 'Home Economics. It will be ue- area. 3 program, a 10- wun a mgn rauo oiiuer me immeaiaie supcrvuam Under tho . ' 31 I.L til membcr U. K. specialist team muur io ouipu:, anu me en- - oi a project director wun neea- will be availablo to work with couragement of labor to seek quarters at the Robinson local residents and guide a bloc employment opportunities out station of U. K. In Breathitt Couuty. of governmental services seek side the area. ing to provide new economic "Working In Proiects to be develoDed will opportunities and alleviate un be of two general kinds those with local citizen groups, exit employment. that can be undertaken with ing organizations and agencies, Planning Under Way availablo financial and Institu- tho U. K. team will seek peck-ea- t Planning L already under tional rosourcos, of opportunity in rack and thosa way. Staffing and construction v. :,ciu are potentially feuslLlo (Continued on Paoe 4) be-'b- n U. K. . ! . T A I 1 Aft - f . m

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