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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 10, 1953

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11 HE IrkENTUOCY IrkEKNEL LEXINGTON. KENTUCKY, FRIDAY, VOLUME XLIV Goes Expenditure called for in the Superior scholarship and leadership honors were presented to more tlun 2(!) UK vhiiihi students on March 2o at the annual "Stars in the Xiuht" program in Memorial Hall. The program was presented hy the Women's Administrative Council. The theme of this year's ceremony was "Twinkle, T'vinkle, Little Star." with all presentations centered around this theme. purpose of the pnnual program is to recognise women who have distinguished themselves in leadership and scholarship on the campus. The identity of all award winners are kept secret until the announcements come from the Memorial Hall stage. friends, and faculty Parents. members were present at the ceremony to hear campus honorary societies announce new officers and members. They also watched the presentation of trophies and awards. Kim Sanford Is MC Kim Sanford. president of the Women's Administrative Council, acted as mistress of ceremonies and introduced presidents of the individual organizations. Joyce New officers of YWCA Williams, president; Norma Devine, vice president; Elaine Moore, secretary. New officers of Home Economics Club Karen Kercheval, president; Lou Nell Pitchford, vice president; Ann Lutes and Lee Ann Leet, secretaries; Betty Hamilton, treasurer; Inez Toohey and Barbara Ellis, student advisors; Martha Holt, and Anna Mae Wise, chairmen. House Presidents' Council awards for best rooms best over all sorority house. Alpha Gamma Delta; best sorority room. Kappa Delta; best overall dormitory, 643 Maxwelton Court; best dormitory room, Lydia Brown. 3. Halls Named Halls having students who made 3.0 standings Patterson Hall, Boyd Hall. Jewell Hall and Barracks No. 1. Hall having most 3.0 standing students, according to number of students living In a hall. Boyd Hall. Halls maintaining a standing of 1.5 or over Patterson Hall, Boyd Hall. Jewel Hall. Dillard House. Hamilton House. Barracks No. 1 and Barracks No. 3. New officers of League of Women Voters Emma Barnhill. president; Anne Crockett, vice president; Catherine Campbell, treasurer; and Lib-b- y Smith and Pat Watlington. secretaries. Women's Athletic Association girls. Mary Outstanding Estcs and Shirley Duncan; outstanding council member, Marilyn Sigma Ann Reichle and Mildred Henderson. Tau Sigma Pledges 17 Carey New Tau Sigma pledges Adams, Dolly Chandler, Kathalene Downing, Patricia Honshul, Diane Hunt. Elizabeth Kemper. Martha Morgan, Jean Morrison, Lois Roy- den. Marianne Royden, Betty Lou McDonald. Elaine non-coun- , . xusi.c.,,. wi. r.mUknal n, lyn Rieg. New Tau Sigma officers Nancy Schaeffer. president; Janet Clark, vice president; Beth Deen. secretary; Sarah Compton, treasurer; Judith Henry, business manager. Panhellenic foreign student award Julia Van Gelder Martinez. Panhellenic award to sorority houses with standing of 1.5 or over Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega. Delta Delta Delta. Delta Zeta. Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Delta. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zeta Tau Alpha. New members of Kappa Delta Pi Mrs. William S. Taylor, honorary member; Ann Davis Bohon, Evelyn Cundiff, Emmy Glo ' Davis, Mary Jo Riddle, Marsha Shindel-bowe- r. Martha Raby. Rebecca Adams. Joyce Miles, Carol Smith, Ruth Stilz, Jane Duncan. Martha Howard, Wilma Howard, Coleman Hunter. Hyla Hunter. Marilyn McDonald. Betty Jo Kelley, Eloise Lorch. Margaret Chilton, and Saro-ly- n Pees. Vena Mae Southwood. Wilma Fay. Sumpter, Ethel Thompson. Joan Thompson. Annette Westerman. Joan VanBeber, Nancy Campbell. rvokrjv Margaret Havnftt. F.lms Eunice King, Patricia Moore, and Eloise Roberts. Outstanding Seniors Honored Kappa Delta Pi $25 award to outstanding seniors Betty Jo Kelley and Ruth Ann Maggard. New Chi Delta Phi pledges and members Eleanor Addams. Joan Albauch. Marie Hamrick, Barbara Featherson. Kim Sanford, Deborah Schwartz, Dolly Sullivent. Sandra Inrram. and Anna McGlone. Chi Delta Phi pledge, but gradVirginia uated before initiation 1953-5- - wa UK budget $5 240.217 4 approved Tuesday by the University Board of Trustees. The budget contains requests for the Division of Colleges (instruction, research, and related activities) and plant a:id restricted funds. Budgets for the vnrif.r ; Stati ments of the Evpr-i-pe'i- t and the Argicultural Extension Division were omitted because Con grcss hni not yet approved federal appropriations for the ensuing year. Other Budgets To Be Presented Experiment Station and Extension Division budgets for the comine year will be prepared and presented to the Board of Trustees for approval as soon as the University is rtotified by the U. S. Department of Agriculture as to federal grants ' available for Kentucky. budget approved The 1953-5- 4 Tuesday is practically the same as this year's except that it takes into S249.6C0 appropria consideration tion made by the General Assembly for the second year of the biennium which was not included the first year, and an estimated increase of $141,778 from student fees and collections from the Federal government for veteran tuitions now in arrears. S90.000 Goes For Equipment Of increased expenditures, $90,000 is earmarked for equipment for various campus buildings, including new dormitories. A $44,000 increase will go for maintenance and operation of the physical plant of the University. Other increases are pri- - AwardKay risncr. - One of fliese candidates will he OXE WILL HE QUEEX of the Military Hall to le held tonight in the crowned queen Student Union. Marilyn Herrmann is sponsor of the University Army ROTC, and Connie Smith of the UK AF ROTC. Military Ball Planned Tonight In Ballroom The second annual Military Ball sponsored by Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, and Pershing Rifles will be held in the Student Union Ballroom from B to 12 p.m. tonight with music by the Troubadours of Frankfort. Highlights of the evening will include the crowning of the Military Queen at 10:30 p.m. by Cadet Col. Henry M. Vance, commander of the ROTC Corps, and an exhibition by the Pershing Rifles drill team. Marilyn Bergmann, Army sponsor, representing Patterson Hall and Connie Jo Smith, AF sponsor, Chi Omega are the finalists, one of whom will be chosen queen by popular vote. From the 36 representatives of tha sororities and residence halls selected as AF and Army candidates, these two were chosen last Tuesday by a repreesntative group of both the Army and AF. lne courl wlu consist, oi tne queen, ner nrsi aiienaani, ana carmen Pigue. Chi Omega, Scabbard ng j j appropriate action. William H. Townsend, Rupp's at- torney, sought to take statements from Mrs. Bradberry; her husband, Lee Bradberry; her brother; George and Blade sponsor: Kay King. Chumbley; and her attorney, Abit Kappa Alpha Theta, Arnold Air SoNix of Athens. ciety sponsor; and Joanne Shelton, The court's ruling meant that Kappa Alpha Theta, Pershing Rifles Townsend would go ahead and take sponsor. depositions from the four Georgians The dance is formal with the for use as evidence on a motion by A reROTC students in uniform. Coach Rupp to strike the suit from quest has been made that no flowers the record as "sham and false." be given. Tickets will be on sale A hearing on Rupp's motion to at the Armory today for $2 but will strike the record of the allegations be $2.50 if bought at the door. as to Rupp and Edge's move to dismiss will be held before Jud;e Ford at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Edge had won a previous move to vacate a notice to take depositions when he contended that he had not To bei'n allowed enough time to travel to Georgia and prepare himself. All students who expect to enter Coach Rupp has instructed his atthe College of Pharmacy in September must make application for torneys to seek federal court disadmission in the Office of the ciplinary action against Edge. He Registrar. The period from April said he plans to explore all means to counteract damage to his reputa- 10 to April 18 has been set for the filing of the applications on forms tion. which may be obtained in the Registrar's Office. Pharmacy Students Requested File Panhellenic Day To Be Saturday In Student Union n Th-t- a Moore. (Continued on Page Gamma 3) Ugh! Vote While You Can For UK's Ugly Man Delta Tau Delta: Bill Choate. Sigma Chi; Bill Price. Delta Chi; Ronald Tiller. Zeta Beta Tau; Don Young. Kappa Alpha; Ray McClure. Pi Kappa Alpha. Jim and Joe Taylor, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; John Meiners. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Don Richardson, Phi Sigma Kappa: Philip Dixon. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tom McReynolds. Triangle; Doug Ridley, Alpha Gamma Rho; Ted Kirn. Phi Delta Theta; and Marshall Amos, Alpha Tau Omega. Voting for UK's Ugliest Man will begin Monday at the booth in the Student Union. Students may vote from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday STUDENT UNION BOARD C A N D I D ATES Piet u red alxive are candidates for memhership They are, from left to right, standing, Leslie Morris, Sallv Maggard, Barhara Ashhrook, Pat Matlington, and Jim Moore; seated, Jane Stockton, Doris McCarv, Emma Belle Barnhill, and Joyce Miles. on the Student Union Hoard. through Friday. Votes for candidates will cost a penny each. The candidates' pictures will be displayed at the voting booth and a jar will be under each picture. Students may vote as many times as they want to. The candidate with the most votes will be declared the winner. Elections for the Student Union The Ugly Man contest is spon-soie- d Board will be held from 10 a.m. to by Alpha Phi Omega, national 4 p.m. Tuesday in the Student service fraternity. Each fraternity Union. All students are eligible to on campus has been asked to nomi-rat- e vote. contest. a candidate for the Five of the 10 students on the 7 he service group will present the Two members of the art depart- slate are elected by student vote inner with c cup, a key, and a degree entitled "Bachelor of Ugli- ment faculty have received awards and from one to five more may be ness." for their pictures in the Kentucky appointed by the present Board. Students on the slate include Fraternity men will sell Alpha Phi and Southern Indiana Exhibition of Omega tags during the wek for their Art now being held at the J. B. Barbara A.shbrook, an Arts and Sciences freshman, who has a 2.5 candidates. These tags are similar Speed Museum in Louisville. to those sold by ODK during the Prof. Eugene Grissom won the standing. She is a member of football season. first prize in the graphics division. YWCA. The Green Pen. Outing Political Newman Club, Alpha Phi Omega uses the money His winning picture is an etching Club, Science Club. Dutch Lunch Club, gained from the contest to buy entitled "Seascape." radios and magazines for the in Dr. Donald L. Weissman, head of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Cwens, firmary, to olfer scholarships, to give the art department, received an ' anti Alpha Lambda Delta. parties for undei privileged children,, honorable mention in the painting A and S Junior Is Candidate to fcr work with the Emma Bell Barnhill is a junior class for his work, "An Airplane sponsor and contribute baskets for in Arts and Sciences with a 2.1 needy families at ChiL'tmas, and to ' For Christopher." standing. Her activities include the Several other members of the art Student Union Board. President of, tet up an iniormation booth during orientation wtek. department staff also have their League of Women Voters, YWCA Contestants from each fraternity works included in the exhibition. cabinet. Clique, Alpha Delta Pi are George Reynalds. Phi Kappa They are Miss Anne Green, Prof. sorority, and Mortar Board. npiip Marvin T.nmhri'i fThi TonMargaret Ann Holyfield is a Jolin Prnffitt Siima Nil: Geoi'op CIifford Amyx. Prof. Raymond sophomore in Home Economics with Si rn- - a 2.5 standing. She is a member of .Shadoan. Kappa Sif.inn; Lester Pur- - Banuiari, oitl I't'uf. Jin the Baptist Student Union, B.T.U., dom. Farm House; Paul Holleman, bergs. Tiro UK Artists Recci ve At va rds j - Depositions of four Georgians v.ere scheduled, to be taken yesterday in gambling-los- s a suit following a denial in U. S. District ii a motion filed by Attorney J. A. Edge to drop the depositions. UK Basketball Coach Adolph Rupp is one of the delendants. Edye had fued the original suit in Federal Court listing Mrs. Lucille Chumbley Bradberry of Athens, Ga. as plaintiff against Couch Rupp and gamblers Ed Curd and Frank Cos- tello. Mrs. Bradberry later denied that she had authorized it or knew anything about it. Judsie Church H. Ford said the taking of the depositions seemed an half-milli- related activities. auxiliary enter-- I prises and gift funds remain about the same as for the current year, Governor Wetherby this week ordered state departments and agencies to cut next j ear's spending by $5,000,000 because of declining State tax collections. According to Finance Commissioner Clifford Barnes no special consideration would be shown to the UK budget. .We nope the re(iuctions will not reach the schools, President Dono- ' van said. "Schools have fixed ex- penditures that are more rigid than some of the other agencies." For Building Dorms Depositions To Be Taken In Rupp Sail j p ' $662,156 Contract Granted Local Firm Sigma Phi. members Dolly Sullivant, Johanna Terncy, Diane Renaker, Betty Bauuh, Kim Sanford, Peggy Lexington Business and Professional Women's Club Commerce New members of Beta Tuomin -- V. sneiton, Barbara wnite, Marcia Roberta Lee Rice, and Mari- Morse. New of w-- 4&ht For Equipment Mortar Board, Cwens Arc Among Honorarics Tapping New Members rs. NUMHEK 21 10, 193:3 UK Budget Calls For $5 Million 200 Women Given Pu blicRecogn ition In A wa rd Progra m I ni" AIM1IL SUB Elections Set Tuesday Cwens, Alpha Lambda Delta, Home B.S.U. Student Union Board, PubClub, Student Economics Union licity Committee, and Delta Tau Publicity Committee. Phi Upsilon Delta fraternity. Oinicron. She was named the outLeslie White Morris is a sophostanding sophomore at the recent more in Arts and Sciences with a 2. standing. His activities include Stars In The Night program. Doris McGary is a junior in Arts Keys, Phi Eta Sigma. Young Demoand Sciences with a 24 standing. crats Club. Political Science Club. She is a member of Suky, Art and English Club, Kernel. Phi Delta of Theta fraternity. United Students Poster Committee, treasurer Delta Delta Delta sorority, Alpha Party, and Stylus. Lambda Delia, Newman Club, and Has 2.3 Standing W A A. Jane Ann Stockton is a sophonjoie in Arts and Sciences with a 2.3 Kduralion Soph Is On Slate Sally Maggard Is a sophomore in Education with a 1.9 standing. Her activities include Pitkin Club. Dutch Lunch, Worship chairman of Religious Emphasis Week, YWCA Wesley Foundation, and rush chairman of Kappa Delta sorority. Joyce Miles is a junior in Education with a 2. standing. Her activities include YWCA, Kappa Delta Pi, F.T.A.. Student Union Board, and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. James E. Moore is a sophomore in Arts and Sciences with a 1.7 standing. His activities include Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Glee Club, Choisters, standing. Her activities include secretary of SGA, YWCA, Coffee Chat. Alpha Lambda Delta, Bacteriology Society, and Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Patricia Watlington is a sophomore in Arts and Sciences with a 2.5 standing. Her activities include Coffee Chat, Student Union Publicity Committee, Activities Committee. Secretary of League of Women Voters, Secretary of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. YWCA. 240 Committee, and Political Science Club. Annual Panhellenic Day will be held from 9 a.m. until noon Saturday in the Student Union. Panhellenic, which is composed of two representatives from each sorority, sponsors the annual meeting to work together for constructive suggestions for the improvements of each sorority. Following the meeting a luncheon will be held at the Phoenix Hotel with Miss Maxine Blake, grand president of Alha Delta Pi. as guest speaker. Jacke Cotton, newly elected president of Panhellenic. will be toastmistress. Scholarship ratings of each sorority will be announced and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Cup. Panhellenic Cup and Kappa Alpha Theta Cup will be presented. Discussion Groups To Be Held Individual discussion groups from 9 until 10:30 will include sorority presidents, led by Mrs. Sarah 3. Holmes; chairman. Pat Morrissey: secretary, Mary Jayne Pinson; pledge trainers, lead by Mrs. Thomas chairman. Ann Oldham: secretary. Donna Thieman: rush chairman, lead by Mrs. Jess Gardner; chairman. Joey Seofield: secretary. Pegcy Sabel: house presidents and house mothers. Miss Margaret Storey; chairman, Ann Smith and secretary. Ruth Longhurst. groups which will Discussion meet from 10 30 a.m. until noon are Panhellenic with Miss Jane Hasel-do- n as group leader: chairman. Evelyn Mary Pollite: secretary. Helen Oumm: treasurers, Mr. Clay Maupin as advisor: chairman. Wanda Pace; secretary, Joyce 'liny: social chairmen. Miss Brucie Cruise and Mrs. Bcrnice Hays: '.'hnirman. Lee Dillon: secretary. Pat Mobley: and scholarship, Mrs. John ""i. Atchi.-oi- i Jr.: chairman. Sue Heu-l'.a- n secretary. Gloria Travis. and New Officers Elected Mew Panhellenic officers are 'ac';e Cotton. Alpha Gain, presi- leiu: Kay Goldberg. PhiSS. vice president: Pat Morrissey, Alpha Xi, vcretai'y; and Pat Curry. KD, treasurer. Member sororities which spuiisor r'aiihellenic Day are Alpha Delta Pi. Mpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Xi Delta Delta Oclta. Chi Omena, )elta. Delta Zeta. Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gumma. Phi Kirnia Sigma, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Residences Are Offered To Campus Fraternities To House Men Students contract for the construction of m small dormitories for men on the University campus was uiven to a local construction firm Tuesday hy the UK Board of Trustees. The contract marks the end ot several years of planning for a "fraternity row' on the campus. Under provisions ol lxar,l action, the'i's will first he ollered to fraternities on a rental hasis. If fraternities do not accept this arrangement, independent students will lc housed in the huildimis. A S6fi2.1.6 Authorization for the construction lifted by the University comptroller as desiring to lease houses after completion. They were Lair.hda Chi Alpha. Phi S:gma Kappa. Pi Kappa Alpha. Si'ina Chi. and Phi Delta Theta. If fraternities accept the new buildings, their rent is expected t; be sufficient to pay interest on the bonds, liquidate the debt, pay ir.sur-th- e project is scheduled within eight anre, and maintain the buildings, months. Board members said. The Fraternities will not have to pay aim of the University is to move taxes on the hoavs because they students into the dormitories for the will belo:i'r to the University. beginning of the Spring semester in To Install Healing Plants ' February, 1934. Individual hearing plants for eacli According to plans, each building of the buildings will be installed, will house 48 students. Each of the and the buildings will be of m!ern buildings will have 12 bedrooms, design th flat roofs and slnp wm- houte mother's room, dining room, cIojts. kitchen, chapter room, living room. Dr. Ktrnian L. Doiicvan gave as and fellowship room. Although the a re.sson or the construction of th . houses will be built on the same new buildings trie prediction that plan, their appearances will be altered through the use of varied enrollment at UK will exceed 13.0C0 students by 1960. accompanied by types of brick and stone. Location of the buildings will be the return of Korean war veterans, on the east side of Rose Street, near Dr T,novan expressed, earlier this the south end of Woodland and vear, . the hope tnat another d .rmi- Hilltop avenues. tory or 'men could be built in the Five Frats May Lease In January, five fraternities were near future. was given last September with the cost cf the project to be defrayed by bonds to be amortized over a period of 30 years. The Board today an- thorized a bond issue of $710,000 to cover the project. Work To Begin Immediately Work on the six buildings will be- gin immediately, and completion of State Speech Festival To Begin On Monday The 33rd annual Kentucky High mation will be given at 8:30 a.m. School Speech Festival will be held in the Bluegrass Room of the Stunext Monday. Tuesday, and Wednes- dent Union. Interpretative readings will fce given at the same time in the day on the University campus, Debators and coaches will meet in music room of the Union. the Blue Grass Room of the Student Interpretative readings of a more Union Monday to receive instrucserious nature, monologues and sotions for the first day's participation. liloquies, will be giv?n in the Guig-nResults of the debates will be anTheater at 8:30 a.m. nounced at 7 p.m. that night, along At 10:00 a.m. radio speakers may with a plan of events for the fol- be heard in the radio studios. McVey lowing day. Finals in debating will Hall, and at 1:20 p.m. humorous be held at 8 p.m. in the Ballroom interpretative readings will be given is planned in the Guignol Theater. Fine Arts Tuesday. A ol er for all participants and guests fol- Building. lowing the debate. Senior HUh School Poetry ReadOn Tuesdav, an oratorical decia- - ing will be presented at 1:30 p.m. in the Music Room of the Union and Tuesday's activities will end with Public Speaking in Room 123 of the Student Union at 4:00 p.m. Dr. J. Reid Sterrett. associate professor of speech: Wallace Briggs. Approximately 700 folk enthusiasts director of Guignol Theater: Canull . are expected at the annual Ken- H. Halyard, acting head of the Detucky Folk Festival held on campus partment of Radio Arts: and Joe in the Women's Gym today and Mainous. debate coach, are those Saturday. Miss Jean Marie McCon-nel- l. from the University taking part in the Speech Festival. of the UK Extension Department, announced this week. The festival will begin at 7 p.m. when a folk tales session will be conducted in the Student Union. Leonard Roberts. Pine Mountain, specialist in Kentucky mountain folklore, will relate folk tales and Commerce professors will get to explain the background and meansee how thev will Uok 20 years from ing of the stories. now next Thursday night when the Folk Dance Planned College Chamber of Commerce hold.-- , Folk dancing, singing, folk arts, facalty-siudeand crafts work will comprise the its second annual program that has been planned for banciut t. The theme of the v.ill Saturday. A folk dance from 8 to center mound the build,:ig of a new 11:30 p.m. in the Alumni GymnaWhite Hall on the UK campus. sium will end the Festival. 20 years be festival, along Time will pse-e- set ahead body of the will student when the with the University, is the Lexington be returning alums. Folk Dance Center of the County Harold Hall will act a; mailer ot Dance Society of America. The folk festival is and non- ceremonies for the dinner. O'htr participants in the program include competitive. Dancing groups throughout the Ti:n Ci'onui who will por'ray the state are invited to participate, and Chairman o: the Board of all other persons interested in folk Mrs Tun Croaiii. as a saltsuom in dancing are invited to watch the selling new t)i;inment for the building: Mtry I nu Beeler. Martha S:ill-liuidancing. and J;".U't S'ono. w ho are secSM' i.ilists Kiu urd "00 persons who retaries; t' xiuie Kir.1,, president oC The estimated paiticip.Ued in last year's event the University; Don Thomas, a : 41 Kentucky cota'.tie-ai.- il l T';n Brabant, an t i ep reseii ted ard. Coleman Coffee, ptl'sonel seven other stales. Several director. specialists have been The purpose of the annual banto assist in the direction of quet is to further student and the festival this year. faculty relations. Some of the objects of the FestiTickets may be purchased from val are to .stimulate interest in the representatives in fraternities and folk arts, to encourage high standards in folk dancing and the other sororities or at the ticket booths to folk arts, to make Kentuckians be placed in White Hall Monday aware of their own heritage in the and Tu 'lay. Deadline for tickets, folk arts, and to give Kentuckians which are $1 60. is Tuesday at 5 p.m. be held at 6 p.m. the fun of dancing and Jii'.gir.g to- 1 lie dinner gether and to see fine examples of Thursday in the Studnt Union Ballroom. folk crafts. 700 Anticipated At Folk Festival Commerce Group To Hold Haiupiet nc nt Tru-Lee- s; a. te ed :

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