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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 27, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

r r 4rs < < t- tr f Jn > VOLUMF Xl 1 COLUMBIA 100kev Tally at Breeding the meeting there were twentyodd conversions and the majority of these were received into the Church of Christ er Methodist Church at Breeding Bro Pace and Bro Tarter also assissted in rhe meeting Brother Pace rendering ome fine music Bro Tally has now gone to other fields but 1am sure the people of Breeding and the surrounding country will never forget him The oldand young alike have learned to love this good man who worked so hard for them for ten days He has been a friend to all saint and sinner alike and they all realize it and appreciate it Though they may not have said so in so many words their faces have shown it He leas made the people feel that it is real ¬ ly worth while tp live right even if there was to be no hereafter that it pays to be good even in this world but vo one who has looked into his honest face and heard his earnest words can doubt that there is a hereafter though they may not understand or realize just what it means to be a Christian yet they do know that he through some power unknown to them has learned the great truth Ihave thought while he was withus and since he has gone that even the Christian people do not realize the sac ¬ rifice he is making when he leaves his family and goes out to do the great work he is doing No doubt there are ether positions which he is qualified to hold that would not require so much physical exertion and pay a great deal more in dollars and cents than he is MOW receiving and yet he leaves his wife and children and goes out to do this great work for humanity How many of us would do the same thing How many of us would leave eur home even for a short time to engage in some work for the betterment ef the human race How few of us alas do even in our homes and in our ewn neighborhod the little things we could and should do from a worldly standpoint to make others happy Yet he devotes his whole time to this work Can we not then even though we are rot Christians do something to make thers happy Surely such a life is an inspiration to any one Personaly I owe Bro Tally a debt I can never repay and I wish to say to all who may read this If you ever have an opportunity to hear him preach by all meahs2 listen to him he will tell you something worth while and will tell it in a plain sensible manner and you cannot fail to be benefitted by it Even from an educational standpoint kis sermons are interesting but when we realize that the words we hear are coming from an honest heart it means more than mere historical facts It means that Bro Tally is interested in you and in me and is preaching for us and has the interests of the human family at heart As his blessings have rested upon the peoplein and around Breeding so may Gods blessings rest upon him and his family is the wish of A Sinner r Darkies Visit the Store kept by John Frazer and Press Williams is Shot THE WOUNDS WILL NOT PROVE re trialThere New Livery v Mr Hugh Richardson has opened a firstrclass livery and feed stable in Columbia and is occupying the barn on the side street leading from Greens burg street known as the Allen Walk ¬ er barn He keeps firstclass horses and he kas a number of elegant buggies He is also prepared to send out traveling Men with safe drivers Mr Richardson is a firstclass gentleman very ac ¬ commodating and the trade will make no mistake in calling at his place and taking a look at his splendid outfit ¬ 252t Mr William D Cobb familiarly call ed Billie died at his late home in Campbellsville last Thursday at noon a victim of paralysis He was sixty six years old and had been running an express wagon in Campbellsville for twentysix years Mr Frank Cobb who lives at Milltown this county is aI aephew of the deceased BillieCobb was a kind hearted man a friend to everybody and everybody was his friend ¬ John Kelsay a sixteen year old boy who lives at Glenville a nephew of Dr S P Miller of this place met with a is not a doubt but several dar ¬ kies and perhaps some white persons are bootlegging whisky about this town and they ought to be caught It is said that several trips to New Hope are made weekly by parties who go for no other purpose but to bring in whisky They convey it in suit cases and it does look like with proper diligence they could be apprehendedIt is further said that white young men of this town go and deal with the vendors The best evidence that this last statement is a fact is that several of them have been seen on the streets in a drunken condition There is a law agaist public drunken ness and the town Marshal should ar restevery man he Sin that condi ¬ tion and take him before the County Judge who will require the offender to give an account of himself and where he gets his liquor t J i 1 li II Currie the pastor goodones according to the estimate placed upon them by the writer who had the pleasure of hearing all of the evening discourses with the exception of one The Speaker invariably went down into the depths of his subjects andextracted therefrom truths in a forcible and fearless manner I have always admired a minister of the Gos pel who preaches the truth regardless of fear or favor but everyone knows that there are preachers who will de- ¬ liver sugar coated sermons especially adapted to certain members of their congregations if they be present and as Rev Currie put it upon one occasion they have to be smoothed the right way all the time or they will get mad and pout Rev Currie is especially interested in the salvation of the little ones he preached a special sermon to them and he would gather them together at a great many of the services and have them sing songs and the little voices in sweet accord were beautiful and in ¬ spiring to the older people The song service was one of the attractive feat- ¬ ures of the meeting Misses Ina Hulse and Jennye McFarland presided at the organ alternately and it was through their efforts that the choir loft was fill ed with excellent singers at almost every service Fred McLean I I DinnerI 1 25 Base Ball Mr Jnof ft Thomas manager of Base Ball for the Chautauqua has been in commumcation with R H Durham manager of the 1909 Columbia base hall team Mr Thomas wants to know about the Columbia team playing at the Chautauqua this year After talking to a number of the fans Mr Durham finds that all are anxious to have theteam compete for the pennant So hereby calls a meeting of the busi¬ ness men of the town and all Base Ball supporters at Flowers barber shop Wed ¬ nesday night aftrr prayer meeting Every Base Ball admirer besure and come as the team is to be organized and a manager elected for this year Field Day at LindseyWilson campus Saturday May 7th Every body is in vited to attend The sport will be in ¬ teresting ¬ Rosenfield Have you tried one of The Buchanan Lyon Companys easy riding buggies If not purchase one They please 4 The Ladies Missionary Society Meeting of the Ladies Missionary Society of the Baptist Church April 28th 3910 1st Leader Mrs Wilson subject The Scarcity of Hogs The hog scarcity is affecting the en Japan tire world So difficult is it to secure a Opening Hymn surplus of hog products that one En 2nd Bible reading power for service glish provision house reports that in 3rd Prayer Silent prayer for con ¬ the last week of February it handled secration followed by audible prayer hams and I aeon from ten different for our Missionaries in Japan and for countries including the United States the christianizing of the Japanese peo- ¬ Canada England Ireland Denmark ple that they may exert a christian Holland France Russia Siberia and izing influence on the surrounding na- ¬ Roumania It is also known that one tions by Mrs Butler cargo of frozen hog caacasses from ¬ China was landed in Liverpool last week No country has more than a I5th Readings from Mission Journal r small stock of hog products to offer Mrs Coffey and Mrs Bryant Lard is reported to be especially scarce 6th Discussion of Japans probable in Europe and oeo oil cocoanut fat leadership in the East cotten seed oil and various compound 7th Song Rescue the Perishing vegetable oils are being used as partial Business or complete substitutes for hog facI10th The Lords prayer in concert E Committee ¬ GarI I ¬ I A Real Genius Jersey Cow Sale small sum of moneycall on the Buchan- ¬ A Dickson County farmer claims to On Monday May 2nd 1910 at Greens an Lyon Co have a cow that lashes her tail with burg Ky I will sell about thirty choice such strength that he uses her tail Jersey cows and heifers Some are lashings for power on the farm He Execution Sale fresh in milk others scow to be fresh If you want a handsome buggy for a I barnI theI I ¬ a To satisfy executions 1838 and 1839 astened the cows tail to the beam which issued from the office of the and began to milk her Whenever she Greensburg Ky clerk of the Adair Circuit Court on the raised her tail to lash him in the face 14th day of March 1910 No 1838 in she lifted the beam and the power Mr J W Jones of Cumberland favor of N H W Aaron and against j gained operated sawmill which cut- county was in Adair the first of the Grace B Bradshaw for five hundred up wood enough for the use by week and purchased from his brother dollars 50000 with 6 per cent inter ¬ time the milking was done C B Jones Glensfork the farm upon J est thereon from the 29th day of Sep ¬ which the latter resides for 2800 Mr tember 1909 and seven dollars and six ¬ Got Three Months Sale25 barrel of corn 6 stacks J W Jones will remove his family to ty cents cost 760 No 1839 in favor sow and seven pigs New Poultry House this county in the fall He is a fine I of George E Stone and N H W Aa ¬ j 25 2t 7H B Garnett Mr N B Miller formerly a resident citizen and our people will give him and ron against Grace B Bradshaw for the of Columbia a United States Pension S H Grinstead Co the old reliable sum of three People of this county who are en ¬ family ah arty welcome 30000 hunred dollars Examiner and located at Springfield Poultry and egg dealers will open a with 6 per cent interest thereon from gaged in the ginseng culture are in Mo has just succeeded in landing a produce house at Russell Springs Ky Wanted high hopes of growing large crops One man in jail for three months for filing Monday April 25th with J C Acree the 29th day of September 1909 also grower sum of thirteen dollars with inter¬ informed us Saturday that his 500 poplar logs from eght oU2 feet fraudulent pension papers A man manager They will at all times pay the ¬ crop was ten inches high and was looknot smaller than eight inches in diamet ¬ named William L Stogsdill served in the highest market price for poultry est at the rate of 6 per cent per an ing verg thrifty The company of er ¬ Company E Sixteenth Missouri calval and eggs and all kinds of country pro ¬ num thereon from the 15th day FebruCo Morrison 252t ary 1906 and eight dollars and ten cents growers who have in four acres on ry from 1863 to 1865 This was of duce Mr Sel Bennetts farm report that it cost 810 The insurance on Mr Geo H Nells record but he died in 1884 The sec ¬ 1 will on Monday the 16th day of is growing nicely and theindications dwelling recently burned was paid in ond William L Stogsdill turns up and Death of Mrs Nona Dohoney Wild seng is full by the Home Fire May 1910 at the Courthouse door in point to a bountiful crop Insurance Com ¬ applies for a pension but his age etc Columbia Ky the same being the first very scarce hence cultivating it makes pany last week The amount of insur ¬ did not tally with the record and an in The death of Mrs Nona Dohoney day of a regular term of the Adair a very profitable industry ance was 1500 Mr L H Cabell vestigation was instituted by Mr Ml which occurred at her late home four Circuit Court at 1 oclock p mf or ler who learned that the real Stogsdill Rev R L Tally will begin a meet ¬ and Mr Gordon Montgomery represents ¬ the Home and Mr C boll adjusted the was dead and that the present one was miles from Columbia last Fridayabout thereabout offerfor sale to the high- ing at Jamestown next Saturday night a fraud The accused was arrested and 6 oclock was not a surprise as she est bidder on a credit of three months the 30th inst and the services will loss conveyed td Cape Girardeau and when had been in a critical condition for a the following described property or a continue until the Thursday night fol¬ G P Smythe bought of Annie Cox sufficiency thereof to satisfy said debts presented to the Court he confessed his long time lowing On the second Sunday in May the farm lying near Cheatham Bridge The deceased was a very excellent interest and cost guilt and was given three months as Two tracts of land in Columbia Adair lie will conduct a Missionary Ralley for known as the James Cox farm for lady and leaves besides a numberof above stated children county Ky one tract containing three the pastor of the Russell Springs cir ¬ 1000 many relatives throughout cuit The name of the church where A complete line of screen doors and this county She was the widow of and onehalf acres and twelve poles this service will be held will bE announ-¬ Three Graded School trustees are to be windows Reed Hardware Co 242t James Pierce Dohoneyt who died and the other tract containing three ced at the Jamestown meeting elected on Saturday the 7th of May and onefourth acres and thirtyseven twelve or fourteen years ago The present board has managed the The deceased wasa devoted member poles less a strip on the southeast Six Horses Burned at Edmonton Mr James Curt Wheat a native of affairs well and good men should be se ¬ of the Baptist Church and had been side of each tract 19 feet eleven and since early girlhood eights inches wide said two this county a son of Long Zach I lected at the coming election Three of The funeral ser seven Last Tuesday night Mr B B Purs vices were conducted at the home Sun ¬ tracts of land lie on Greensburg street Wheat died at Mattoon the the present trustees stand for re elec ¬ ley who conducts a livery at Edmon ¬ day morning by 21st inst a victim of inflammatory tion Rev Wm Dudgeon and adjoins the lands owned by J F ton lost his barn by fire The building assisted by Eld Z T Williams a Montgomery R F Paull and J f rheumatism He was 71 years old He No 7 Columbia AM was full of stock and six horses be ¬ large circle of relatives and friends Coffey and the same two tracts of land served in the Federal army during the will meet in Chapter regular convocation next sides a great deat of provender were being present civil war and entered the service from The interment was in conveyed by R L Jones Executor to Friday night consumed P E Tandy of Glasgow the Columbia Cemetery a great many J W Butler by deed bearing date of this county lost a valuable horse towns people attending July 29th 1886 Said land is levied on Dr Jas T Lapseyv aged 9L years A public indignation meeting should Theloss of the barn provender and The deceased was a daughter of Mr and will be sold subject to the estate be held in this town at this time and who was the oldest Presbyterian min ¬ horses is estimated at three thousand James T Yates who was deputy Sher- for life therein owned by Bettie W Danvilla every good resident men and Women ister in Kentucky di dollars no insurance iff of this county for many years and Butler Bond with approved security should attend and express themselves Monday At one time he was the pas- ¬ Last week we received a very good who has been dead perhaps for thirty and bearing interest from date at the in no uncertain tones on bringing tor of the Church here newsy letter from Sugar Grove Cum- ¬ years Her mother died when Mrs Do- ¬ rate of 6 per cent per annum will be whisky to this community It is being required of the purchaser this April brought in valises two or three times aI The new OddFellows Hall at Russell berland county but the writer failed to t honey was an infant A D Patteson Springs will be dedicated with impos ¬ week sign his or her name hence we are sor-¬ j The people of this community feel 12th 1910 25 3t ing ceremonies thefirst Saturday even ¬ SAC ry we can not publish the communica ¬ l the deepest sympathy for the surviving Rev J R Crawford delivered a very ing in May It is likely that a delega- ¬ tion We do not want names for pub ¬ children Singing at Zion next Sunday after- entertaining and wholesome address tion from Columbia Lodge No 230 lication but for our protection hence The Buchanan Lyon Company is mak ¬ noon conducted by Profs Dudley and directed to the pupils of the two schools will attend an author of a communication must ing a drive on harness Call early and Cabell Every body invited He also greeted last Sunday forenoon send in hisTiame will be on Take ¬ I I I I IFor I ¬ 1 r ¬ Illon it I I dat I select a set ScboolI 1 tJili 1 IF Zj I ¬ 1Bibical 4CDj I We desire to extend our sympathy to Snapp Vaughan of Camp Mr J bellsville his brothers and sister who were bereft of their estimable mother Mrs Amanda Vaughan who died at her late home in Greensburg last Friday morning aged eighty years The deceased was also a sister of Dr C D Moore who lives near Columbia Mis Vaughan was born and reared in Greensburg and never lived anywhere else hence she was one of the best known women in Green county The funeral was largely attended Nothing shows a harness horse to Prof M 0 Winfrey a native of painful accident last Friday morning better advantage than a real nice bug Adair county who had been the princi ¬ He was driving a team with a loaded gy and a handsome set o f harness wagon when one of the wheels struck You can get both at the Buchanan Lyon a stump upsetting the wagon young Company Kelsay falling beneath His head and anothe ear Prof Winfrey is very face were terribly bruised and He was much liled as a teacher by the people tKkwise injured about the shoulders Bell county band to the congregation at the Christ- 10f was called ian church last Sunday forenoon Those Mr Sam Lewis is the first person See our line of double shovel plows who heard her report the discourse es ¬ who has called at the office to ten interesting pecially e srd ka tbar harrows and fine tooth cultiva abaft seeing r WCompuny that thececntti cold snap could noflnveancctlrate deicriptioaiareReedHardwa P as M wasItome 11 d tm 24f2t tUitcoa OmIt f Actor BM Surprise Last Monday was the 74th birthday of Mrs Bettie Atkins this place and itwas duly celebrated A number of ladies living on Burkesyille streetand some friends living out of town con ¬ cluded to surprise the old lady with a dinner In the forenoon friends com ¬ menced to arrive each one bringing something to eat and by the noon hour a large table was loaded with good things which was highly enjoyed by Mrs Atkins and those who dined with her It was a delightful occasion and will long be remembered The following were present Mesdames M J McLean W T McFar land Minnie Johnson Will Todd Rol lin Hurt Joe Rosenfleld Sam Lewis Art Walker Margaret Tucker Dud Baker G A Kemp Kinnie Murrell L W Atkins Misses Lula Todd Lina ¬ Lyon Company ¬ 4 A who conducted the meeting preached thirty sermons in all and they were all themt You can save money by getting our prices on buggies and harness We have a large stock of each and they are going at low prices The Buchanan Rev q NUMBER ¬ yondThe ¬ ¬ I 1910 The revival services which were in progress at the Methodist church for two weeks and a half closed last Wed nesday evening Much interest was manifested in the meeting from the be ¬ ginning until the close Althoug there were not many additions to the church yet there was an awakening among the Christian people of the town and the results accomplished in this channel can only be determined in the great be f to the information gathered from several who were near the scene John Frazer keepsa little store on the Burkesville pike in the suburbs of Columbia Press Williams Logan Bomar and perhaps several othersw drunk and they visited Frazers place of busin s and undertook to take charge of things Frazer ordered them to leave his house and all left but Press who it is said undertook to bully Frazer who was standing behind his counter Press made a demonstration when Frazer drew his revolver and commenced shooting Press was hit three time in the arm leg and breast but the shot in the breast only pene trated his clothing Soon after the shooting Press rode to town and his wounds which are not fatal were dressed by Dr R Y HindmanIf what we have heard is correct Frazer will be acuqitted on examining ¬ C impossible to give a cor statement of a difficulty indulged in by darkies as witnesses refuse to talk and in writing of the Frazer Williams trouble which occurred last Sunday afternoon we give it according > 27 The Methodist Meeting > FATAL It is almost rect WEDNESDAY APRIL KENTUCKY Mr J W Pendleton of the Montpel ier neighborhood died on the 20th day of April 1910 He was 73 years of age at hislast birthday He had been in poor health for several weeks and his case was considered a critical one for anumber of days before his death and hence his death was not unexpected He had a complication of afflictions and was very much opposed to taking medi ¬ cine and the doct9 could not do him any good tv agd he was Some forty or mor married to Miss ChafeHMKjX Bradshaw daughter of Asure Bwoshaw and a His sister of Mr G A fpradshaw companion diedco 7 years ago He had lived in that community most of the time since He had two daughters the oldest Mary married Mr Ruel Stone Annie married Mr Hudson Conover Mr Pendleton was one of our best citizens and a member of old Pleasant Hill Christian Church and lived a con sistant Christian life He was an hon ¬ est man in all his dealings lived a practical Christian life and died in the triumphs of the Christian faith He told the writer a short time before he died that he was ready to meet death at any time and had no fears The funeral services were held in the Pleasant Hill Church A large gathering of his friends and neighbors testified their tender regards for him by their presence at the services The funeral was preached by the writer from 1st Cor 1312 The body was laid to rest in the old Bethel grave yard by the side He leaves besides of his companion his two daughters four brothers and one or two sister to mourn his loss a host of friends and neighbors to sympa ¬ Z T Williams thize with Several > ADAIR COUNTY Death of a Good Man A ROUGH HOUSE Rev R L Tally has just closed a good meeting at this place During i onuIU NIfW l1 ibt Ab atf t > i fd I abllt tieometc l fir The Buchanan Lyon Company Camp has more buggies to select from than any other firm in the Green Riversection of Kentucky They are marked low downbellRville Notice I the square his congregation at the evening service in Columbia the first Monday in May with a strong and forcible discourse and I want to meet all parties owing the firm of Grider Morrison and Good ¬ Miss Lura Clements a young lady WC man about twenty years old died at the home of her parents near Esto last ussellC Co are offering induce ¬ Thursday She was afflicted with pul ments this week Read their announcef monary trouble and had been confined ment to her room for several months She Dr C M Russell landed a couple of was highly respected by the people of tne community I 2tjn b35f v Notwithstanding unfavorable the endedlandwitne and Manners at thtLiudley Wilson GhapflJast Friday evening All who saw it M jvtbat itW aTery clever and rtaWnenj 1Hadit nOt pleasing 1bf3 for raiaa f Uouse bieripr t < 6 7 would t x- A fbaii t Every family should have a nice bugAn infant da titer lr montlia old ThBtiC aniD onComPas can oftMr T C mpWIf iesr PellJam tW my t lNr and a few a fekidaYys weeks prerious gy r I to ¬ 5 u GriderP Jfc J lt f I It IF I 0 t 1 1 t t

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