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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 17, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

b al IICOLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY APRIL 17 X spected by the entire community His attention is given to the purchase of timber and lumber for the Company and also keeps the mill supplied with logs Mr A W Kreinheder Treas ¬ From The Wayne County Outlook urer of the Company from Buffalo N For lion James F Montgomery Y who recently visited here expressed great satisfaction at the work so far of this City done and bespeaks nothing but praise far the aboved named guiding the Co lumbia plant Judge James F Mor ornery who was commissioned by me Govenor to GOOD ROAD SENTIMENT hold the special term 6S court which Closed on yesterday 1eftfor his home at Columbia Ky this morning after hav Several of the committee appointed jng been engaged as judge of this court by Judge Barnett to procure petition- ¬ for more than four wee s ers in their respective districts for A great number of important cases was tried during this term of court and Judge Montgomery endeared himself toall of members of the bar litigants and The good road sentiment has come jurors by his universal kindness while to Pulaski to stay until the best re ¬ on the bench A number of Special sults are obtained All issues that may Judges have held court here during the be brought into the question to check last few years and this is the first time the spirit of progress will be sidetrack- ¬ that a judge has pleased all of the ed in favor of the main issue That members of the bar who speak in the determined in all minds the highest terms of his ability as a lawyer easy There are men in Pulaski thatI Judge Montgomery made many the people can and do trust and to friends while in our city and it is with such men will we look with confidenceuniversalregret that he leaves us to take hold of this great question and Many of the members of the bar have bear it aloft from every petty opposi ¬ said that when another special court is tion and on to complete success called for this county that they will Remember April 30 the day of the Unanimously pe next meeting of the Good Roads As Ireappoint Judge MontgcneryWayne- sociation and see to it that your neigh County Outlook bors are on hands ready to help on the good work Somerset Journal NOT OVER THE PUMP J I I p eXIpression tot Timber has been placed on the square for the purpose of building a band stand over the puplic well on the Court House square We are for the Bandhave been for it from its birth to date but this move does not appear to be desir¬ able from the standpoint of the public good he well is not the place for the stand While the members of the Band would keep the premises in order so far as they could yet they could not pre vent a crowd from collecting From a sanitary view it cannot be justified and the standpoint of beauty it would be a failure Why not fix the balcony of the Court House That would put the Band on high footing and it de ¬ serves the best in the town i ¬ BARN BURNED Last Friday afternoon a barn belong ¬ ing to Mr W H Flowers near Bliss was burned destroying a fine lot of hay corn oats farming utensels of every description and one valuable horse The loss is estimated at 900 with no insurance The barn was hear Mr Flowers residence and it is sup posed that it caught from a spark from the chimney of the house When the fire was first discoved it was well un ¬ der way and every effort possible was made to release and save all the live stock but impossible to do so Two were left to the ravages of the flames but one made its escape which in some way is unknown and unexplainable by its owner Another barn near by con ¬ taining much feed and stock barely es caped it fired twice but was extin ¬ Mr Flowers guished Fortunately was ready to respond on first notice of the fire as he was on the puny list and unable for field work Due to his pre Ngence the stock excepting 1 horse and the other barn and its contents were saved As we understand it the insur ¬ ance on the barn that burned had ex- ¬ pired a short time ago ¬ ¬ i t I ¬ ¬ SHARP = COFFEY On Wednesday April 10th at the home of Hon John D Sharp near Amandaville Miss Mary Lee Sharp and Mr L F Coffey of Russellcounty were united in the holy bonds of matri ¬ mony the Rev I C Winfrey of Becks Store officiating The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr J D Sharpe and one of the most beautiful and ac ¬ complished young ladys on Crocus creekThe g > r < l no 1907 NUMBER 23 J No sacrifice was to arduous for him when in Malone Such a citizen Malone can not afford to loose That he will be missed is evi ¬ dent from the expressions of regret from everyone when it was learned thathe was to serve his connection with the Malone Bank While we regret to see him leave yet we congratulate him on his promotion and he and amiable wife have the best wishes of everyone in Malone for much happiness in their new home feeling assured that in their new home they will soon make as many friends as the left in their oldMlaone Tex Regis ¬ PAID LIST 4 We are informed that the only hin News Honor Roll Is Your Name derance in the building of the Green Written There county pike to the Adair county line as heretofore mentioned is that three or four people refuse to give the right of L 0 McFarland Nathan way through their farm into Greens J C Pelly J R Price George Royse own interests burg In view of their Miss Lela Naylor Azure Damron 1 C in view of the public good the advance ¬ Winfrey T Willis J K P Con ment of Greensburg and Green county over Waller Morrison M B Loy we cant see or understand why any one should take such position a There is not a doubt that every farm the store of Coffey Pat through which the pike would pass will teson Mr Hughes looks very much at be enhanced in value from 25 to 100 per ter per cent Those standing in the way IThe above clipping concerning a fqr home in this establishment and has a of this enterprize evidently are block mer Adair county boy will be read wit 1host of friends who will be delighted to learn of his entering business in Co ¬ ing their own interests as well as the interest by all lumbia welfare of their entire section GOOD ROADS trust that all these troubles will disapIA good small farm for sale on the pear when the prosposition is viewed Standfordroad one mile from Garlin from its real worth by those holding up Ky Good water good orchard house PICKETT KY the concessions needed for its speedy reasonably good 15 acres in grass and For further particulars call on I clover 232t J F NEAT Columbia Ky of dirt road between the great bridge The Taylor County Fiscal Court has spanning Green River and Gresham elected to travel the muddy way There is one piece of road about 150 Editor News yards in length that has been impassi ¬ We were under the impression that the Adair court was in a class by itself but Of what consequence are some mens ble for some two months The fence opinions any how When advanced con ¬ nas been pulled down and the people find another of like calibre cerning their fellowmanusually the allowed to pass through just inside the Mrs Mary P Carlisle wife of the man who they make slight remarks fence by paying 50 cents for a fou rlate Charles Carlisle died of heart about are far superior to those making horse team round trip 5 cents for the remarks in both character and horse back rider and all other mounte passengers paying prices ranging be ¬ to several families in Columbia tween This looks like people are in a delight in attempting to bring some favor of toll gates The land run over We publish on the third page the of our own citizens into disrepute by in this field is thin and not worth 250 plan for the building of pike roads as telling a malicious lie on them for some ¬ 1 think the county could force road a at thing that never existed but what they this place for 20 yet Fiscal Court met developed by the Commercial Club and ask every person interested in better would have uninformed people believe during this time and I understand noth¬ roads to read it and to read it carefully is the truthing has been done in regard to this I have no respect for a hypocrite who road In my opinion there has been at YOUR HOUSE will feel more com¬ will practice this kind of a thing on his least 50 toll collected at this mud hole fortable over winter in a warm coat of fellowman and he is not entitled to any This looks like Green county is interest ¬ Green Seal Paint WFJeffries Sons just consideration from men who have ed in good roads Adair should build a fair and impartial regard for their a pike to the Cumberland MASONIC PIN business and social in this life I ¬ 111 front GIVE WAY GENTLEMEN RDS Of PRAISE t nn1rtr i a anY j j settlmentI Cowenr counI a ¬ 1 I atd COIlumbia charJactersverJR ri- J HOWARD Mr W B Patteson found on the streets of Columbia a small diamond groom is a substantial citizen of injure and women or men who with Russell county gossip and vile declarations and with ¬ out a just cause use every effort to ATTENTION MERCHANTS lower the virtue and chastity of their sister sex are devils on earth so to speak and they will doubtless receive The Columbia Grocery Company sells only to merchants and will furnish the a liberal portion of the punishment prescribed for such people throughout brands of flour made by The Columbia Roller mill or by Russell Creek Roller the ages of eternity F McL mill for the same price as at the mills shape Masonic Pin Same can be seen 100000 acres of rich Texas land con ¬ at this office venient to railroads produces finest al ¬ falfa cotton corn also a good stoc country The climate is ideal and th altitude about 2500 feet All kinds o fruits do well Price from 10 and upCOMMISSIONERS SALE per acre J cash and balance to suit purchaser Any one desiring to inves tigate this proposition write RUSSELL CIRCUIT COURT T L INGRAM Camp Knox protects your interests gives the It OF KENTUCKY or call at the News Office 21tf 0 B Vaughan c Plaintiffs NOTICE TO ROAD OVERSEERS lowest price possible and asks your t patronage 231t Miss Anna Stults entertained a num ¬ Margie Graham c Defendants f of her friends Saturday evening a MANS SKULL CRACKED It has been a bad winter on our roads ber home on Burkesville street Re ¬ virture of a Judgment and Order her and they need work very bad Let of Sale of the Russell Circuit Court freshments were served and the eve ¬ each overseer work his section at least ¬ ning was very enjoyably spent Th Richard Newby a wellknown far ¬ 4 days this Spring and that will leave ¬ cause following young ladies were present mer of Cumberland county was struck two days for repairing the roads in the Misses Carrie Walker Mollie and Non on the head wi h an ax in the hands of fall getting them ready for winter Jeffries Edna Lewis Minnie Kemp Sylvester Barger it is alleged and his If any overseer has a road that needs Nona Powell and Sue Baker to offer for sale at Russell Springs Ky skull fractured It is said that the man redistricting or is lapped over on another at the old hotel to the highest bidder had a dispute over a boundry line and section if he will let me know it I will Rev J Frank Turner and family at Public Auction on had been quarreling for quite a while try to remedy it and if any overseer or were dumped in Pettitsfork last Sunwhen Lanis Barger a son took up the citizen knows of any section or piece ofI day While crossing the creek th quarrel and tried to cut Newby with a road that needs changing and will let horse began kicking and to save them¬ at 1 oclockp m or thereabout upon knife Newby caught young Barger and me know it I will see what can be selves jumped out of the vehicle N was holding him to prevent any further done in the matter I hope every over ¬ serious harm resulted Mr Turner wa use of the knife when the elder Barger seer will use as many plows and teams kicked but not severely and all got tract or parcel of land lying in Russell it is alleged used the ax The assailant as he can on his road the work is done wet and thoroughly chilled county Ky at the town of Russell were arrested and waived an examining much faster and better with plows than Springs containing about 74 acres and trial and were held under 500 bonds by hand Each overseer working the Rev Thomas Hadley Rowes Cross owned by the heirs of Attis Vaughan each for their appearance at the next roads nearest Columbia should work Roads Russell county is confined t- o Decd and the heirs of Golse Graham term of court Courier Journal Sun ¬ his section at once as these are the sec ¬ his room with a complication ofail Decd and divided as follows Lots No day April 14 tions that have suffered most during the ments Those who know Mr Hadley 125 abcdefghiTwinter and need repairing the worst admire him for earnest consecration famous chalybeate spring and A BIG HOG I suppose there will be no public money to duty and trust that he may soon re- health resort is located on the above expended on the road this summer andIcover and be spared for many years to land and a good portion of said lands for that reason we will haveto work it labor in his calling are located in the town of Russell St Marys Ky the better by hand Jo N CONOVERSprings and divided into suitable lots Since I have been here I have been THE SPRING painting is a task of for residences SACR For a more complete informed of a very large pig that was no little importance to property owners descriptoin qf said lands reference is killed in this section this winter which MALONE LOSES A VALUABLE CITIZEN Uptodate painters recommend Green hereby made to the judgment in the after being cut up weighed as follows Seal its pure W F Jeffries Sons above case found on record in civil or ¬ 400 lbs Lard produced der book No 17 in the clerks office of Hams and shoulders 60 Ib each 240 lbs Bridgwaters Estes of Edmonton the Russell Circuit Court Said lands Mr Melvin A Traylor left last week 25 lbs for Ft Worth where he has accepted were refused renewal of liquor license will be first offerd 1 2 5 a b c d Sausage 75 lbs position as cashier with Wm Reeves a because the local option people secured f g h i separately the lots a b c d Head and Jowl Gross waste 100lbsccapitalist in that city a larger list of petitioners than the e f g h i will be offered together and then lots No 1 a b c d e f g Mr Traylor has been a citizen of Ma whiskey menTotal 8401bsl one only eighteen months but in that i wile be offered together and h I have a witness to this short time he has made and can num- ¬ The Cumberland Fiscal Court has in- ¬ then lots I2a will F Next ber his friends by the score In fact it dorsed road building elected a road offered together accepting the bid or could be said with out any exageration supervisor and authorized the purchase bids that will realize the most money CHICKENS AND of machinery tools etc Adair is still For the purchase price the purchaser that he leaves not a single enemy That the Malone Bank for the past in the mud and its growing deeper with approved surety or securities must execute Bond bearing legal interest The S H Grinstead Co produce eighteen months has enjoyed a business The band boys under the efficient in ¬ from the day of sale until paid and dealers bought during the month of unprecdented by no other its size in the March 33390 dozens of eggs and 5757ccounty can be largely attributed to ener- ¬ struction of Geo W Lowe have at- ¬ having the force and effect of a Judg ¬ chickens weighing 26294 pouncjs The gy courtesy and popularity of Mr Tray ¬ tained a great degree of proficiency and ment Bidders will be prepared to with these terms t month above recorded beats any period lor In every laudable undertaking in their entertainment on the evening of comply J like time since the opening of the every movement that was theinteres of April 23rd should be witnessed by a of a Malone MrrTraylor was always at the large audience Commissioner house at thiS point t Dressk juste 21tff F I ¬ t Y at tBy theree 1907e followingo certains hereaftera ¬ he ¬ SUCCESS ASSURED I Since the Standard Hardwood Lum ¬ ber Co installed their new Saw car¬ riage three weeks ago the mill has With this im ¬ been running steadily proved Machinery the output will now reach 15000 feet per day The estimate taken recently shows that the Company has over 700000 feet of lumber on sticks 61 which is now being hauled to Camp bellsville This enterprise since its lo ¬ cation here less than a year ago has developed rapidly and promises to be a great benefit not alone to Columbia but also to the entire surrounding coun ¬ try The Company employs upwards of thirty men Mr W D Frazier Manager of the Company here has gained the confidence of the people by his direct and honest business methods and is personally well liked by all Mr Walker Bryant also connected well known with the firm dre isc bcdefghi McLf EGGSC u v < i i i ef RoBELI f

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