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Grace Anderson Cruickshank, B.S., Lexington Secretary of Student Government Council (4); Secretary of Philosophian Literary Society (2). "Let other other hands fashion The marvels of art; To thee fate has given A loftier part." Did you ever have her ask you: "Say, you, why don't you come to Sunday school ? We just have the grandest times." If you haven't, you cannot understand what it is that brings success to everything Grace attempts. She came to our rescue just in time with her supply of reconstructive methods and her work will live after her. Though the ardor of "'Salvation Grace" often causes a smile, we predict for her a future filled with reward for her energy and earnestness and add she is "Grace enough for us.'* Ernest Darnaby, B.S.Agr. Agricultural Society. "Life is real; life is earnest." Here's another farmer who's bent on being a genuine agricola. Ernest is an easy-going, soft-toned fellow, whose greatest pleasure lies in doing you a kindness. A touch of society, and good grades have satisfied his longings entirely. Though spoiled when a child, he will make a respectable citizen, and an up-to-date proprietor of a country store. William Terry Davis, B.S. Agr.. Fulton Agricultural Society; Freshman Track Team; A /. Fresh from Fulton High, with aspirations to become a distinguished farmer, Terry entered the Agriculture course. Flis favorite pastimes were track and five hundred and it was that same quiet, gentle zeal which put him in Alpha Zeta, that generally made him a winner. Terry's weakness for femininity is not so noticeable but he is strong on romance and conquest, and after finishing agriculture in less than four years, has gone home to conquer the hills of Western Kentucky. Ada Uransforo Dean, B.S., Owensboro. K K P; Home Economics Club; Owensboro Club. "Silence in woman is like speech in man." "Votes for women"—"Desh" from her place upon the platform rambles on. "Yes, I came here simply to chaperone the other kiddo, but all unawares 1 just rossiped my way through the hearts of 'Tige' and "Mary E.," and here 1 am with my degree." An exceedingly modest young lady is Ada, but when she is "on a tear," she is the life of her whole crowd. Owing to her adoration for "Miss Chinn" we hope that she will return next year and make use of her knowledge of domestic science. 43

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