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Image 1 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), May 29, 1968

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

jvted "v1 9710 R. GATLVSA LOUISVILLE, as ttficavod KY. 40299 3-- 67 i u Police Say Is A Shoplifter; LlosJly Amafours If ! V J' I ' 7 7 1st A . I. The term"booster" has different meanings to different people. A high school student applies the term to a member of a club supporting school athletic activities. A doctor is reminded of subsequent injections that reinforce a typhoid or polio vaccination. To a rocket scientist, a booster is that part of a multi-stag- e rocket that blasts the payload into space. Back on earth, however, in the millions of .J retail stores across the nation, "booster" is the slang name applied to shoplifters a brand of thief who annually relieves merchants of S2V4 billion worth of merchandise. - As with PRECINCT WORKERS yesterday had little to do, as voter turnout was very light for Kentucky's primary. Here, manning the poll at 3307 Allison Way, are Frances Miller, seated and eating her lunch, and James Hughes. increase in recent years. Reporterland merchants are finding it to be a particularly difficult problem, a major obstacle to the successful KENTUCKY'S DEST WEEKLY Kenfrcky Press AssocisJicn 16TH YR., NO. Ikmd At Liiiing Goods; Docs Proiiy Well! without this or that item. Unfortunately, these same merchandising techniques have proved similarly effective on the BY PETER CONN operation of a profitable shoplifter the only problem is Shoplifting is easy. I know. business. One of the reasons that he doesn't bother to pay for I've done it. "boosting" is so vexing for local what he takes. The policemen, the store merchants is that it is often Most of the shoplifting done in managers and the 1 0 year old kid difficult to tell that a crime has the United States, (and this area is down the street weren't kidding been committed. "No inventory is 100 per cent no different according to police when they told me how easy it is perfect," observed Don officials), is done by amateurs. for dishonest people to steal Young housewives who try to merchandise right under the eyes Dickinson, manager of Department Store at Hikes Point, stretch the family budget by of other shoppers and store "There is always the possibility hiding a grocery item or two in personnel. that we made an error in stock their clothing, men who need The first step in my criminal transfer when we come up short. inexpensive items like scheme was to get an accomplice. or ball point pens All us Then, too, a clerk may have razor-blade- s have marked down the wrong and don't want to stand in service accomplices. Mine was Assistant number." Another Reporterland lines to get them, teenagers who Editor Pat McClanahan who merchant observed that his have trouble stretching their decided that going shoplifting inventory procedures were so allowance between the soda with me beat writing a "informal" that he would have a fountain and the record counter essay on the importance of hard time knowing if he had been so they smuggle a dozen or so of cumquats to the American their favorite 45's between the economy, which was the choice I boosted. Mass merchandising, pages of an inexpensive magazine gave her. according to the experts, is which they pay for in the service After briefing her not to start largely responsible for the line, youngsters who steal for giggling while we wiped out the tremendous amount of excitement or on a dare are only a store, a Reporterland variety shoplifting done each year. Stores (Continued on Pag 12) store whose name and location I - arch-crimina- ls 12-pa- am definitely not going to reveal, we drove to the scene of the crime. In order to conduct the perfect experiment we selected a store with booster-wis- e a particularly manager. The building was constructed in line with recommended security precautions and the personnel have been briefed on the conduct and behavior of boosters. Pat and I wore street clothes with no special linings or cuffs. We carried no special apparatus except Pat's purse which was of average size. (She carriedthe purse. I draw the line at shoplifting.) We entered the store at about I I a.m. last Friday, a bad time for shoplifters because all of the store personnel are on duty and there are not too many customers. That AW - Three Reporterland schools vandalism. The pride an schools are among eight schools have been named regional Individual 'has in the school may throughout the county named winners in the county school also spread to other areas, making regional winners. Others are system's "Good Housekeeping" the individual a better citizen, he Zachary Taylor and Dixie Elementaries and Fairdale, competition. The three are said. Redman said the program is Waggener and Stuart High Jeffersontown High School, Rangeland Elementary and not designed to make students Schools. w . Craigniylc Mow Aido At Seneca - - schools will cut janitorial staff to work at maximum efficiency. Trophy To Be A warded During May the schools form after each visit. School: Xn compared on a point basis so - William is many points allotted for. each W. O. picked for having the most points. For instance, Jeffersontown was visited seven Regional winners were picked times and averaged about 156 by outside judges who visited the points, of a possible 168, schools periodically. No one throughout the regional knew when the judges were competition. coming. On the rating sheets, points During May no one in the given for classroom when the were schools will know appearance, corridors and stairs, judges will visit either, and the heating plant, judges may come individually at toilets, the areas, grounds, walks any time they choose. and drives, and also on the selected as regional winners will be visited by people outside the school system who will choose a winner from the high school and attitude and appearance of Everything Inspected elementary school categories. A personnel. Four points were given Literally everything in a large trophy will be awarded the for "excellent," three for school is up for inspection by winning schools. "good," two for "fair" and one on ' The three Reporterland judges, who complete a detailed for "poor." down gym-show- Seneca prior to taking his counseling position. er 1 A "big job" is what Craigmyle expects next year, he said. His responsibilities will center around scheduling and discipline. Craigmyle taught industrial arts for six years at the Kentucky School for the blind before coming to Seneca. His wife, Betty, is a dietician at Central State Hospital. The Craigmyles have two sons, Billy Ray Jr., seven, and Joey, six, and live at 1915 MUburt Drive. He received his bachelor's degree from Morehead State College and his master's from Indiana University. In addition, he has done graduate work at the University of Louisville and Catherine Spalding College. Since elementary schools don't have gym and shower areas, their maximum score was 140. v J, i Filson scored an average of about (Continued on Page 3) N Raymond Craigmyle the new assistant principal at Seneca High School. He replaces Wilson, who became principal in September. The appointment was announced Monday at a meeting of the Jefferson County Board of Education. Craigmyle is presently a boys' counselor at Seneca Junior High School, a post he has had for the past two years. He taught science and industrial arts for a year at - and regional winners were area 10t 2 SECTIONS it Pays To Keep it Clean and teachers do janitorial work. Rather, he said it is to enable the stealthily I SINGLE COPY WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 1968 3 Schools Are Honored Filson Elementary. The "Good Housekeeping" program, according to Lloyd Redman of the County Board of Education, is in its seventh month of operation. It is designed to emphasize care of schools as a responsibility of the entire school system "family" from principal and to encourage to students habits which will lead to good citizenship. As an example of the latter, Redman said encouraging pride in Pat and approached the mixer, an $ 1 1 .95 model that did to eggs what the store manager would do to me if I got caught. I looked to the left, I looked to the right, I grabbed the mixer and shoved it into Pat's waiting purse. After resisting the temptation means some overly helpful to jump up and down shouting salesgal will follow you around "Stop that girl, she has a mixer in (Continued on Page 12) the store dying to wait on you Serving Southocstom Suburban Louisvilh end Joffcrson County LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 40218 1 fJoiTSfiJcn Trios and make it impossible to boost so much as a paper clip. Wc were in luck, though, because most of the salespeople were stocking shelves when we came in and scarcely looked up. Pat and I cased the joint just like Bonnie and Clyde. We were looking for the best merchandise to steal. Deciding upon what to take occupied as much of our time as actually stealing it. Pat set her heart on a small electric mixer and I picked out a set of ties that would wow the folks at the Saturday night dance. (I sure wasn't about to settle for bird seed, which would have been the easiest thing to steal since the pet department of this particular store was obscured from the front sales counter. Dog biscuits anyone?) J,JGFFGESN THE Judged other crimes, shoplifting has shown a marked w go out of their way to make merchandise very desirable and easy to buy. Attractive displays which offer thousands of articles entice the customer to help help himself. Advertisements convince the shopper that he can't survive Of 60 1 u CEiurc!) To Celebrate 100th Year o- - In other action this week, the school board granted water Grace Episcopal Church, 3319 a easements for the Paxton Wilt hundred years old in June, and the event will be celebrated in a round of festal ceremonies styled as "A Centennial of Grace." and Minors Lane Elementary THE MOST RELAXED of Fern Creek's graduates appears to be the young lady who longed for a Schools and Marion C. Moore Bardstown Road, will be Marking f Photo by Jack Smith "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING" inspectors here check one of Jeffersontown High's restrooms. Examining a pipe for dirt is Bill Parrott, one of the judges, who is so careful he uses a magnifying glass with tiny light. Standing in back are William T. Reynolds, principal of Jeffersontown, at left, and Bill McDonald, another judge. Homer Sober, also a judge, leans over to watch. As 421 Get Diplomas Soeicsg Memos Honor (free Five honor graduates of program. The other honor received a speech scholarship to Seneca High School were named Tuesday night as 421 seniors received their diplomas. Carson Porter, a 1963 graduate of Seneca who is now a law student at the University of Kentucky, was guest speaker. Named top honor graduate was Anna Marie Hassenpflug. She received all A's in high school and was in the advanced program. Douglas E. Walker was named top honor graduate for the regular students are Steven V. Dunaway, Dwain G. McMullin and Karen E. Becker, all in the regular program. Diplomas were awarded by K. B. Farmer, principal and W. O. Wilson, and D. N. Robertson. The invocation and benediction were given by Reverend Robert Russell the University of Kentucky. He is presently a second year law student at the University of Kentucky. E. C. Grayson, associate superintendent of Jefferson County schools, spoke briefly. L. Q. Glasgow introduced platform of the Southeast Christian guests. Church. J. Stewart Williams, director Porter was active in speech, of the Seneca Chorale, was in drama and debate when he was a charge of music for the evening. student at Seneca, and he (Continued on Page 3) a century of independent existence as a parish, Grace Church is designating the centennial a memorial tribute to Reverend John S. Letherman, late rector of the church, who died in June, 1967. A Requiem Mass for Father will Letherman on June inaugurate the observance. On June 2, Whitsunday, the day 1 traditionally honored by Christians as "the birthday of the church," a Solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated by the Very Reverend Donald J. Parsons, dean of the Episcopal seminary at Nashotah, Wisconsin. During the following week, Dean Parsons will conduct a special teaching mission at the church on the theme of "The New Testament Church and the Consultation on Church Union." This "school of religion" meeting at 8 p.m. Monday, June 3 through Friday, June 7, will be open to the public. An dinner Saturday, June 8 will feature John M. Prendergast, a layman and executive director on the Bishop's staff of the Diocese of (Continued on Page 12) Photo by Jack Smith mini-skiinstead of her long commencement gown. The graduating class heard Ray A. Muston, assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville, who told them to become "involved" and "service oriented." rt "Do As High School. An easement for the Paxton Wilt School was also (Continued on Page 12) Involved', Huston Tolls Seniors Fern CrooEi CoanoncoraoDJ Eiiorciso Fern Creek High School seniors graduating Monday night were told to become "involved" and "service oriented" in order to combat the problems facing society today and in the future. Ray A. Muston, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Louisville, was guest speaker. to awaken the "invisible Valentine, Laura Walthall, Steve White, Sandra Wynn and Cathy Wysocki. The invocation was given by Reverend Denzil Probus, pastor of the Dry Ridge Baptist Church. significant superintendent of the county "the youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity," and commended the young people who are becoming aware and "involved" today. He asked them as saying, majority" of people who have yet to make a Jack Dawson, associate school system, introduced guests. W. K. Niman, principal, and Honor Graduates John V. Rcschar Sr., assistant At the commencement Named honor graduates were: principal, presented diplomas. exercise held at Freedom Hall 26 students were named honor Sharon Aldridge, Susan Bedell, Reverend Probus also gave the Paul Bridges, Carrie Bryan, benediction. graduates. Muston said there are three Barbara Dowe, Donna Francis, Scholarships kinds of people: the "status Nancy Gordon, Marsha Hardin, Also announced at the oriented," those concerned with Dot Hoagland, Brenda what they can get; the "objective Hornbuckle, Ellen Imcs. Cathy ceremony were scholarship oriented," those worried about Klapheke, Christy Klapheke, winners. They include: Susan what they have to do; and the Pamela Knight, Larry Martin, Bedell, National Honor Society; "service oreinted," those who ask John David Moore, Don Pelly, Charlotte Brewer, Fern Creek Sandra Routon, Gay Seitz, Sue Woman's Club; Carrie Bryan, what they can do for others. He quoted Benjamin Disraeli Stephenson, Linda Swan, Carol Student Council; Kathy Ditto, contribution to life. Fern Creek High School PTA; Barbara Dowe, PTA; Brenda Ells, Buechel Woman's Club; Deborah Hardin, Western Kentucky (Continued on Pege 3) Caps And Gowns Graduation schedules for Reporterland schools are as follows: A ssumption High School, May 30, Memorial Auditorium, 8 p.m. D urrett, June 1 , Freedom Hall, 1 0 a.m. Southern, June 1, Convention Center, 8 p.m. Thomas Jefferson, June I, Freedom Hall, 2 p.m. A list of Fern Creek and Seneca graduates appears nn nao A

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