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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, July 10, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

MOT TNT AT NEER. KENTUCKY For the Hlghlt of the Mountain Tccplc of Kentucky VOLUME ,1 ,UMP.ER 2. ' 2C. Not Thtir Vrongs. SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY, W.iat tfis Mountains "Please Don't PuLlish." "Whal'J LoiiiJii!oJi:ve ti Pay?" E.nry newspaper ij fami ia As the cattle buyer climb 'd out of Ui2 livery Wagon and began to, wiih the request, "Pleas- - don't rcraps tv.e mud. from Ins coit, publish nn'.thing..about it." It someone suggested, "Found tlir.t is sometimes made in the form f road IdntW muddy in spots, eh?" n demand and accompanied by "Muddy in spots!" gruwld the threat of dire results if acquits mm; "I nver saw wove any ceiice does not follow, There arc ir few ihinss, the L- where. Why don't you fo'k gov . Inwy and build nul roads?" lLoxsvillc Herald says, the pub- " Taxes are high enough now." lie atiht keep in mind in the "Make the list ot the State .matt r of iniswspriper's relat on to the printing ot news h" p ytm ' In tin.' fnvt place, a newspapsr "what (In you menu?'' 1 miau thatjo'i pe peoiig.,t owes an obligation to us wimie diiv and iirlit Irvine circle of readeis to print a far. to 1' -- - Host! More of. Epitome of JULY WHOLE NUMJHLR 8! Kentucky News, Rule Johnson's Weekly Letter. I am almost decided to become a candidate after nil. My heart leaps right up into the upper part of my larynx when I think of it, and I am tempted to throw my hat into tho middle of the ring and say, "Kuic is a candidate!" It'3 like this. I was up to the circlis n few days ago and saw more people than I had in aground hog's age. In fact, I don't know when I overdid see so many people before. And, to cap the stack, Never since I was a boy Anil uscil to Eft up Into Have I ever Imil n kooiI a tlmo, Kor 1 ued to sleep till elf-li- t! I u.ocil to go Mnmn snitl, "Uo lnck nt tlKht," Put tho It made mc hustlo After school to dig my bait. Wo nlwnys went to betl nt eight, Tho bell, it rnnc at eight. Anil wo always got a scolding If we were n little late; If we were n little tanly Ho used to box our pate. And that made me remember All about thi figure SI Hut I must leave on tnlking, Kor it is getting late, Hut my mind will gn on thinking About thi? llgure Hi Oh I there's another thot, If you will only talking About the CHiidiilSI I don't see where the "candy" is. There's nothing sweet, by Kate, In always being bothered . With this eld sour undidate. T.ieiv'i one nmng these fellovvt Whose fortune' linkiil with fates; Kor Klim is my choice Among these candidates. A birr street fair and carnival is in progress at Carlisle this week. A bronze statue of William Gocbi I was placed in front of the. btqto Uipitol .Monday. It is mid to ben Wonderful likeness of hi.ii. U hi'.e in the act of shaving a wm 10, 1913. mer Saturday. Lonnic aged thirty-twa barber, of llend' ivon, wni stiicken with heat prostration and died it seemed that thebiggest portion tv o hours later. of then were candidates for the The ouen season for shooting your comprehensive repoitol the day's to get your representative or poor betrodden neople. Now, just rqu rrels is now on. They can State senator-t- fiht fora Jawp, happenings: It cannot ovtri ok what the poor downtrodden peob1 hunted until September lfi, cental this rcsponsibi i y merely to fa you might levy a tax of five ple want with such a lot of canwhin the law forbids the killing get vor individtia b. That pjhey on the hundred dol'ara sihd' didates I wculd ho sniggered if I of th-t- n cntil November 15, the building in ev- -i vo'.ves nn injustice to the many aid can even expectorate. There was b' .nniiig of the u'dl season. cry county in Kentucky. I mean and favoritism to the few. Who one thing that was powerful plain A MBtr. tniCKiL. that a lot of counths like yours shall bs faored? .lo uw, anil tliat was that the Jud.tqtephcn Gircrd Kinner, y Who Owns tiie Birds? sixty-siare unwilling ,to put up a little Much of the nevs that is years old, one of the candidates for the Legislature t- - get a much larger sum eel unfortunately occasions Th Now .York Tribune lias an widest Uiuwn .iuiism in ha tern I never mentioned that they were noyanee and often heartarhe to editorial on h protection of our Kentucky, died Sunday night affor road buikliiiy." for Uuio .lohiis-on'new state. "But taxoj arc high en'o'ugh." somebody. 1 hat is an udnod- - birds that is 'oe'early and strong- - ter a prolonged illness, which bs-- 1 And that's why I have been think-- j "I understand," continued the a"dc incident of the newspaper, y put that it should have the came acute only a few davs ago. ing of running for misrepreseni there cattle man, "b it if by a tax of widest possible reading. We re tation on the trangrcssivo ticket. ...... t., . .. (!,,. A,. ""tomohilp driven by 01.- !.. ,1 Mntlnv.9 for Fh:eldl?.ir irom such c,n . !. You sec 1 havo time after the it i Ilonl. contatiuiiK hU mother. ' rjiv. uhati.itho quenrea the man or woman who' vnu oniild ki's.-"On- - lawmakers have lunn'lT1 primary to come on by petition. flecooeffi I'.ilni if I i frti'lnlv L.ij i nflnoTi Knlit-cnfii'il'v lie ill llll - IN, ttni.m.l ll..ii"rS. All. V ilot'd, ail(I MrS. .1 and I don't know of any one who N- "nd rmall cluld ran iefl.;,' anyhow?" ncss, while the tinny who lack it the men who hi arc the sole would sign my petition, but, of "Somewhere about ?2,000,000, must be treated without such ciictaloru rf ths fate of the game "Vt'' I'1"" ncar Maysville. killing cuui'M. I can get a plenty of signMi s. i f and pixibulily fata - When I was but a little lad. . I.;., i (Hill HHMi I t!, .,.n,wi,Lrsi!mi?i Mi ...i t ouuum i!i " ers after tin! primary because so vuuyiti.iHwu.i vtIILI J uuuti M i ciinnM oii.r. lllllt i ' nova. No hair uihiii my face, "Well," continued the cattle 1'ersoi s ,who wi.-- to escape; Am 'ticans out of every t:n (0. 'V iJu,'i" many candidates will be all in, used to bear them talk man," five cnt? on that would should bs careful not to, day have in tlr-i- heads a well-- i Senator Ollie James has for- -' down and out. My principal plank About who'd win tliu race; give y?u about $1,000 for your malic nows, or should count ihe defined state of mind which as- - mnlly roc m me tided Ur. Arthur! will be for a new state, to be contoads. Under u State aid law, costof advertisement to i lie world jsively concedes' that the spem-- ' Yager, of Georgetown, for gov, 'i hen I began to study structed out of these nigged cdj-e- s What all this talk could iiichii, ernor of Porto Kico. Dr. Yagiri that would force the Slate to pay as p:irt of the price they must pay men, kuimits and "game-hog.!- " of Morgan and Magoffin countias, Anil I found out all about it you same whore Letwecn $7,000lfor what they lmc dttermintd actually own all th," birds recently had a conferenzo with which have been in dispute for Uoforo I left my teens! up:m doing. and ."510,000 " tho President, and is said to bo tho piiiit few decades. It will be land may diet ite their f 'te I certainly remember d n- "WlurewoulJ tha' $10,000 the There are certai.i e "JJut every to th has forcmo.'t among the candidates. the Utopian idea of government When I cast my nmideii vote of thepastngea. The people will State would give us come from?", zones of pub ic.ty. The individ cd difftror.tly, and the day of slinniiiL- - in i 'Twns ll'ider open bnllot bo in charge of everything, and "That's exactly the point I was ual who ttepi into any of these reckoning n, nrrivctl. Wnely-Iinfni were wrotu! Uefore when I a'ktd why you may count up. n getting his name five in r cent of the birds, gimci if they want a thing done they MXv ' m' wht' And if it the thingsway again, was that simply meet at tho old school didn't get the rtst of Ihe State in the newspapers. One is Ihe and rot game, belong to the pen- And you could hear my voice, to help you build your roads. courts, civil and criminal. The plo who don't shoot and never''':--, house, or, if the old pchool house in lii b't.iil You'd bear mc tell the "lection board is too dangerous to meet in, thoy Stop and think how many big man who gjes U law invites ad-- 1 Hill, ".'heneve- - fiey decide that t ho 1.,1 ..fVort w.clV" v; .7, i Yet many men- - the-- thai! lo no bird shooting ! That "i:i.AM IS MY CIIOICEl" will meet under the big oak tree buaausshouieu. corporations and, vertisement i JJi Mow come, my brother voter, would have to help you and sometimes women-app- eal anvwhere in the United States and do what they have todo. If r Pray, help him if you ,,!,; "hit anybody objecta we'll throw him with their enormous funds. The: toil rtcSvspap.'r U suppress re-- , for five year.; that decision will. the thildien's all shouting thing that gets mo is that jou ports of legal proceedinRS in out ofour state and our Shin of The l cal sportsmen will Articles of incorporation of the willing to goon pulling' der thit Um may be taved an-- 1 cone ir; the gunners wil objtctJ folk Tliat "Klam is tiik manI" State will sail forward rh tho (ha mud. when for ev ry noyanee. The time to consider Tho game birds do not belong to (Independent Tobacco Warehouse thru Mr Kditor:I am Not n Candidate, nothlnydiad occurred. Our new youM put w in the wav of immunity is bafore resort to law. the gunners any more thin to th Company, of Lexington, with a but a Candid Voter, and if you desire stato yould bo the smallest in dollar the above the woid and it would pay the Dai.arturtS from tha convfln-- 1 or (lie s'ntimimv nnni- - capital stock of $80,000, have you nro at liberty lo publishsincert-se-n taxes ths? towm aid Lir citks which expresses my The in would have to riv.; ou fiom six tiona it csof life is another means nner3. Tho nu stion of what the been lil"d tit Frankfort. toward our friend, l'rof. Klam, least tnx and get the biggest ben the pulhcity zone gunntis will a ree to in the line corporators are ,1. Waller Rodeo, timnt July tune. Stite aid looks to nielof cut-rinefit from Iho taxes. There would Kvtor, StlVfirS. CIlUI'll'S Con- It.l ,o ln,V ,,u I it m.,1. .j w ..... . .. uii.ii, vuuo I iiiiuii n nn...., iiiab- -! ILL r" , like n snnu fnv .1 bs huttjie one officer to bo paid, ,,. ,..fctv.uiiwuwb i vi iui inn i .n,il. III.! l'..n.ln1f .ui.uf is .iff lUn ImHun ,.f nor, ij. m. i.anu ami w. r. i.ami. ty build and no monev tra'l affords now. Tho?e who mic interest onlv. and in at wou'd be the Misrupre hive roads A CcmpetB Education. -- "thru their greed y social C0,"(' or ttyadtio bu'uTtm v.ti. 0 r Two sw.irms ot twe uu- on u A glrl'H education.! most incomplete onlv four counties in Ke.tuci-becaUM'he "f lly mte the unoiCitabhshLdinstit'ilnnsmuft ness in shooting tin lo tho bag mare valued at.1 lt. belonging to unU.M she has learned: f wouldn't nave to nerce witn any iriiu, uuu lima unu oeyomi, me iiueuiu.-s-; Jjavc tourtney, ot LlllOlin, in Tn few. u imu'ioKij m mure iiiumy iiol txpeci iu 'one hut himself. Then the pco than they'd lake out of Ihe fund." sho.iid not nsk to be saved from sportsm' n, the gunners and the 'Graves county, Saturday. and To cook. "game-lions- " pie would meet and agree it he "Say, if we wre to c;et that: such notoriety. of tlrs land have Bt,.nf. i10 animal to death. It) To mend. i were right or wrong. The only anil nut up' Further, much injusticemay be: brought our once beaiiiitul sup- - hnnoenpil kind of a law pns-cthe fmcnkini- - of To be gentle. hard proposition in connection of new3. ply of legitimate game to an candidates in the woods at Wingo $1,000, what'd Lauisviiie hive to done by the value time. pay townni roiu uuuuing; with this slate is whether or not mo longuj or gosMj), uniniorm- - alarmingly low point, ineyuave and came near breaking up the To dress neatly. To we should have any school or let "Let me see; I believe Louis- - cd of the red fact, can do a lam- shown us that the way to bring How ol oratory. To ktep n secret. every child have his own educa- mo. e injury lo. the in- -' back the birds in to stop kill'ng villu hi!D an nsfcsed value of died Aft'-deliberating for about' To avoid idleness. lion in his own hands. Somo Five cents, noceni than publication of tho, them. If this spells "prohibi-o- n about $200,00(I.C00. two hours and a half, the jury in To be d seem lo want schools, but others tho hundred, makes $100,009: truth will do to those a tually in ition," ns some of (ho killers the case of Dick, George and) To rtspect okl age. say we can let the children grow Ixiuisville hasn't a mile of volved. Often a inwspapor.iis.clare, then prohibition let it be, Wil- -' make good bread. Smothers and Fi up soft like poke stalks and hardread of build. Your tax would .shielding the rpuutation of a score for our bird fauna must and shall TenneyNegroes charged ank the, To keep it liouso tidy. To lianis, with en later. Scat my dogs! if I "F. II. It." murder of Town Marshal A. C. To be above gossiping. be $1,000, and you have no end from the ectndjl of suspicion besaved. know what is the best road to of roads to build. I den't tee when it is tel in.f i he truth about nc Lost 01 ,ir;.".j UOOdo. Petit, of Cl.iy City, returned a To make home happy. cliiiose. In fact, I do not think I for the iife of ine where you poo one who has mcum d tho li ibility To control her temper. verdict at o clod: t liursuay a' will have to choose cither one, as (he To take cure of the sick. aJndS SSUtack f ute I have decided that there's no ymn-'owwith a ,ono of tha.essly made that the buyer ternooo fmding all J- -r of To take care of the baby. to pay for the cost of adveruse for me to try to get up my r. ill exctaa from $6 to $10' To sweep down cobwebs. .petition in case Elam gets the To marry a man for his worth. Migilty Good SugEesl.QH. . ImKrcSmaS tliat It would be equally re nsonable in the penitentiary. aged 1iomiuation, and it seems like he To rend the very best of books. I). Lillnrd, stm-to claim because Dr. John will not miss getting it, as I did Editor Eubank makes this great 'justify nipme.-si- ' n. Some ha-- i for a small Tn take plenty of nctive exercise. one years, one of the not hear a single man, woman or in the current itfue of1 pinh gs ina in ihe repmting of To be u helpmate lo her husband ( cntral Kentucky, a trav- pitronsof tho store men in child express themselves against Southern School Jouriia': "Why them stvp no proper end. Ot ler of wide repute and a man of To keep clear of trashy literature. . cws-- ; had to pay an extra price because him at the snow. Ihe hoys all cannot Kentucky have spelling two thinga th ' and To be tre.t i ivationandmforniatioii, To bo u womanly woman under all cir- - , j.:- - .....(uro on little slick namatches? Why cannot tho dif- - paper will be j alou!y carefu- l- of those additional clerks. ' dlell 1' I'ldaV at Ilan'OdSbU Tg. l)V DCfSl.- tCnt At nl pers and told thu old folks that e..linl- - .nmiiatn vifl. n.eli h mn,l l,i..n nf f. IV mnn III. ill A IPOSt atlV m did not go to the show to vote for thus the. venutatio.-- of a financial ill-- advertising, justly proportioil'd his reqi.e.-- t his body will be taken cumstances.-Auslra- liwi ntherthni their s Eanl a he was the man who pinca can dounio im to I ncn'.aii arm cremaicu arm choosing the best in each county stttution. Still rtUKin My Uawg Aroilll. in Kentucky was going to help them get an Uolh are of that deli- acy to bo trade. It he did so, it is not.lii-- i ludiev for entrance to the State conte-tis teeming educat'on l y giving them better Such a contest would be bcncfi- - easily hurt. TlVe go d i.ame of likely that his rent, taxes, book-- 1- river from the. High bndg'. We, Washington 1 that he wilh rM, irU to lm. t.frect that the school houses, and a.o on. If all i cial tohe pupils, by reviving in- - a woman tieasure beyond keeping cost, insurance and Mm- predicted I'i bruary seems price, an'd5 cloud cat upon the liar items wouldt bedoubkd. Very would die July 4. As a result or a,,njnisirntion has a knife up its the county is of tho same notion torest in whit ocomotor a'axia likely it will put Elam in Champ tobenbstart. Even those who reputation' of a bank or trust- cd they inn-li- w,t o incrcn an atluck of become bliiid. lie sl0V(; for nt,xt Clark and will as these parts an unanimous vote, n Ci'iitly lim linu. jf possible, that ollico hv were not successful competit- rs, company may cause los to thou Lvcry article has to be charged could not fail to be benefited by - sands who are dependent upon sen!itor Ollie Jamrs accompa- - using Diremus's Congressional Hut I don't look for that, becaus Isomeilimit for thes? general ex njeil Thoma8 siat'ery. of Mays Campaign Comm-tlcto that end. history repeats itself and such a the general contest. In the op its solvency. wiauiha-inu-i ine; portunity which the plan would tiling Tint tin's loss ,n themiblieshnnld vb: Jiidife Crooks, of Uwings- - ' TIlH H interesting, It bytrue, a:, canals iiuvur uappuueuif in ino you th much business or vjl) ;inJ jj(!iry ivcwitt, of Mt. Dormnm was of history But James, Elan; afford for the better acquaintance icarn-i- he way to avoid publicity wheth-- Ir.iinacniirifit It fl m , . .. .. - wnu inuiingiu it- -. .1.1.. ........t HAt Knnnnnln, huiv. T.iVi.ior.- -. nm ...l. l'nnaill ,.. ,, of teacher?, pupils and ichoql is to avoid departure from the hiihiiiim.u Ifinn ' uoparit.iiin. u .iiujiiiiijii iS'erling, to ine doubles his business and increases, term nn,i l.f,Mir,.,i n in Kcnluckv last vear. but is now iiuile down for a four-yepeople, there is much to be torn i,.t schools do any. menued. Ruie Johnson. Fledge Fulfilled. ck..-,t- i Will-iligha- o te for-ma- print-mone- j x a-- 1 -- pt: pr.-duc- 11 I , 1 r j isily-tlefinc- li-- j fl ' ,h tc'Mo 'r-vi- u-'- ap ' 1 LV-m- enn-1'j- lini-bt-i- , - ! oUi-vvanc- Theco-aioldof- .-- I. - and-seJfig- a"" h eat-ap- 18, tlm-iti- i j t. de-an- Tt, CI n p'hlmp'SI P.Mljj ' 5 sixty-euggSstl- Ihi-k- ' c lle..t-foote- d 11 f.-o- i bt-Kneller- -, ? go-si- 1 -- ' e u, ' . .. ",. According to a pledge fiat I made last fell. I have denosited fivedoilars ($5 00) in th. Salyers- -' ville Bank, subject to be checked i.. t. i... ii.' "ZJ5.,.1 ' , "LY1 to the School childre Fair held las. ear; If any or- will add to tma funa son or I shall place . their name an" amount on. this list. Join in afftl'let us have one of tho best 'School Fairs in the State thisly.ear. ' .:. iui inur fuiv TrZZrUK confidence fiankly L. & H. Does Some Earning. Th2 increase in gross earnings th(, Louisville & Nash ville rail- ad for the fiscal var 1912-1- 3 ai $3.25 b. 083. T! iss-- t of ih .the ci.mparativ Too oreat Dtti.f in Luck. , Ihnv n fallnw Is rnch a flrm.lio- - eillllltl'tlU W rrtllllU; ru. 'UtS.i IB- llevcr In lucu that ho would rather sued Monday from the office at clover than1 Louisville The operating ex- look for' a pensoa of the'toad have increas- S. tnttl'. for a job. ed, however, and the net orn v. ill K. C. GiffoW, Xef - Wibc-th-tmvn- , in niak'- 'he showing Alwis Aafi'avsfna, this Stat4, a trident at' Wl.eM't, bacuwe ha fades that is i:iticttd 'In the big m- (;V(-- ie Chicago Univerkitv. thi) gross Inatcoi'dujit wtth-li- l in Maid to act The slatt! U it'uyjiit m to pox, compelling all othenr to be ttonb reajlb i!tuUy exptiw nui u "a Id" 'Inmif: ha-- i twt btsn twudc. "rarcirmtd oMBBt -nf i ''ne .'-mcnt four-Ieacu ' , - hi " 6K ar housewife you bonn to hi and Fleming count;os to Mt. based on Mr. Johnson s pi rsonal ' healthy or beautuui py washing swcening and doing dishci. Ktnriinir if tbn pitWunH inif.r('tfil rflations with Clark. housework all duy, and crawlinar would raiso the rest- - $80,000. Ickfifl Inrrt I it flirt of ml.vlif Exactly just one year to tho day iu nXt sesdon will pats a law You must get out into the open from the time he entered the re- - protecting elk the United States air and sun light, it you do formatory at rrankfort, John L. Government will give a herd of this every day any keep your Saylor, of ni.evilie. one ot the those animals to us, Game War- - stomach and bowels open by prominentmcnintiellcoun - iden Ward, of I'aris, communicat- - using Chamberlain's Tablets P,i..,iii.rt mi reirnli. f ,mwi mui;ri it,o unu J """ r - nnrl ,l ...ill, C'n,,nl lo,.,o mo lolt.iv you will be both healthy and mill left early last Thursday morning pilrt of last week to ask him to happy. For sale by Dr. M. C, a nerd lor a leservauon Kasli. ior nis nomii wnu urn uautfm.r, ,c-ur- o Adv, who had made a score of trips to( nearMiddlesboro. Mr. James at Look at the announcement colFmnkfort seeking his pard"n. once asked the proper depart ayior wu in mu uiBunmcu uun - rneiii, wmcn ini'.rmeu rum tna' umn and see if any new names at.'i nnocnuy, ni irienus iim animals wi be sent lrom appear inis weeK. wouian i u delaie bpew a puty to a dr Y- - iMw'on" Park next year if (exhibit more political enterprise e In tho meantime if all candidates would anuounc ti.o ci'ptn m ..eejjru.jf it'iaekyjtgislwutc at1 wul iut.s a tnnttctivc !a-- . Jf. ih-- t iMhe Republican newspaper; r(!aKnr.iililv Such confidence is rarely abus ed- - and assuredly never by any, newspaper tln.t makes of dccenc'' or has rcgatdx for eimcs rr I wAtnl , . " 1 J.s i m-is- t -- i Legi-ifur- I 1ij--

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