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Page 0 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.23 n.2

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[.11i S E.A1. JOURNAL official publication of the KENTUCKY NEGRO EDUCATION ASSOCIATION VOL. XXIII April 1952, No. 2 Published by the Kentucky Negro Education Association EDITORIAL OFFICE: 1740 West Dumesnil Street, Louisville 10, Kentucky EDITOR: W. L. SPEARMAN, Executive Secretary, Louisville PRESIDENT K. N. E. A.: D. L. DoWERY, Sr., Shelbyville ASSOCIATE EDITORS: E. K. Glass, Hopkinsville; V. E. Miller, Louisville; L. J. Twyman, Glas- gow; W. M. Woods, Harlan; W. 0. Whyte, Maysville CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: R. B. Atwood, Frankfort; E. T. Buford, Bowling Green; H. E. Goodloe, Owensboro; Mary E. Guy, Horse Cave; N. L. Passmore, Lexington; W. H. Perry, Jr., Louisville; Mrs. Lucy H. Smith, Lexington; C. L. Timberlake, Paducah; A. S. Wilson, Louisville; W. M. Young, Lincoln Ridge PRICE ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR OR 25 CENTS PER COPY Membership in the K. N. E. A. includes subscription to the JOURNAL Rates of advertising mailed on request Editorial Comment MORAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES Teachers today are concerned with develop- ing the whole child. This places squarely on the shoulders of the school the responsibility of teaching, not only the traditional subject matter courses, but also the discovery and development of moral and spiritual values. This discovery and development of moral and spiritual values is a necessity if we are to provide the child with the framework for achieving the "Good Life." This responsibility for the achievement of the "Good Life" is a responsibility that we have left, for the most part, to our religious institu- tions and other outside agencies. We have allowed this facet of the child's education to develop without stimulating experiences that will enrich his appreciation of moral and spirit- ual values. If we are to properly develop these values, then every phase of the school's program must be utilized to provide experiences that will emphasize the value of living a moral and spiritual life. A GREAT PRESIDENT Seldom does one find a person who gives all for a cause. In our retiring president, R. L. Dowery, we find a man who through the years has made great sacrifices for the betterment of education in Kentucky. He has reached the apex of his service by showing great leadership during a trying period of our Association. In spite of personal and family illness that has plagued him throughout his administration, he has drawn together the Association into a strong and working organization. The officers and membership of the KNEA thank him sin- cerely. THE

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