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Page 0 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.23 n.2

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LINCOLN INSTITUTE OF KENTUCKY A-CLASS HIGH SCHOOL-COLLEGE PREPARATORY VOCATIONAL COURSES 1. Engineering 4. Agriculture 2. Home Economics 5. Home Nursing 3. Building Trades 6. Commerce 7. Veterans' Program HEALTH WE PROVIDE - HAPPINESS - SAFETY The Domestic Life and Accident Insurance Company Louisville, Kentucky PROTECT THOSE YOU LOVE 1. DOMESTIC'S EDUCATIONAL POLICY will guarantee your son or daughter a college education. 2. DOMESTIC'S SPECIAL WAGE-EARNER'S POLICY will help pay the home expenses in the event of injury or sickness of the head of the home, and the Death Benefit of $250.00 will also guarantee a decent religious burial. The Domestic Has a Policy for Every Need See a Domestic Agent At Once for Further Information Help Make Jobs for Your Own Sons and Daughters

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