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Image 12 of Bourbon News, December 6, 1910

Part of Bourbon News

f J- r A mt r l f m BOURBON District Miss Gertrude Sleddt maid of honor Shelby yille in pink dewdrop chiffon over satin trim med in ermine and best man Judge J Judge of the M Lassing Newport l Kentucky Court of Appeals Then i groom Miss Al bride A lee nAlveron Wedding Gele came theattired and white chiffon over¬ in len was at Brides Home in- satin with real lace pearls and crys ¬ tal trimmings The wedding veil was J Millersburg Saturday caught with orange blossoms The whole formed a pretty group in the front parlor where they were met Jfi Ellis of ION TO NEW DEPOT by Rev W an appropriate Cynthiana 0 ceremony who with with the ring pronounced them man wife after which an informal re Caldwell is Prospering in and ception was held the entire company Ices and extending congratulations Northwest Where He Locat cakes were served They were the re ¬ cipients of more than one hundred and e News of Millersburg fifty handsome presents consisting of cut glass silverware China linen and R if checks and coin the most valuable of One of the most notable weddings which perhaps was one hundred dol ¬ in the history of Millersburg took lars in gold the gift of the best man place Saturday afternoon at three Judge J M Lassing of the Kentucky o at the beautiful home of Mr Court of Appeals a lifelong friend of Ji G Allen when his youngest daugh Mr Alverson ter Miss Eliazbeth Wall A lien became I At five oclock the bridal party took the wife of Mr Jesse March Alverson an auto for Lexington where they of Frankfort The event had been boarded a C 0 train for a wedding looked forward to with much interest tour in Washington New York and since the announcement of their en other Eastern points They will return gagement in September to Millersburg for the Christmas holi ¬ Last w ek was a festi Ie week Four days and will be at home to their brilliant entertainments were given in many friends at Frankfort after Jan ¬ honor of Miss Allen On account of- uary 1 the prominence of the contracting parMiss Allen is the youngest daughter ti t a large number of guests from a of Mr J G Allen president of the distance were present many of whom Farmers Bank and is a beautiful and arrived Friday Notwithstanding the accomplished young lady and a gradu ¬ inclement weather of Saturday the ate of Georgetown College Since wedding was largely attended The making her debut a few years ago she gowns were costly and handsome The has b en recognized a leader of socielarge palatial residence was darkened ty She belongs to an old historic and softly illumined with pink tapers family with a large relationship in this The color scheme was pink and blue and other states many of whom have The decorations were smilax and carved considerable fame on the tablet palms with blue tulle A string band of time Lexington furnished delightful Hon Jesse March Alverson former music while the guests were gather- ly of Stanford is now connected with ing carriages conveyed the Frankfort News He is prominent Autos and the people to the residence and though in both political and social circles it as snowing hard the guests experi ¬ a large circl of friends throughout enced but little difficulty in getting Kentucky He has Lincoln county twice in the Lower House of thereAt appointed time the wedding the Genreal Assebmly and in his last the party wended their way down the co election received the largest majority lonial spiral stairway in the following oE any Democrat in his county For order Mrs Chas Kirkpatrick Mt the past two terms he has been asis Sterling in blue marquisette over sat ¬ tant clerkof the Senate This couple with crystal and lace trimmings have begun life under most auspicious the arm of General Henry R Law circumstances and it is the wish of tall rence Cadiz Ky former Speaker of who know them that the beautiful the House of Representatives Miss rainbow of fortune may brighten their Sallie Taylor Woods Stanford attired future lives as it has their past Mrs Kirkpatrick and Judge W E Bowling Lawrenceburg Ky present The many friends of Mr J M aId State Senator from the Twentieth itrirsociEn 4 < < lE 11l JM 1 PIi It l ijI lhi 1 ¬ jtJ nj ¬ it J 1 4 f I J 4 t r I < I t th ¬ <> 41I i tij j i M I ¬ I ¬ j1 i 1 1 jtI Jj ¬ n i tht j Ii I ld I r dY r It 1 ion IB I i I ¬ I it is said will erect the new depots on Mill the site formerly occupied by the er warehouse on the East side of the track This is decidedly objection ble to merchants shippers and passengersA great deal of the time a f riegh train will be in the way besides it ii not accessible for business It is hop ed that the company may yet rescind this order and locate their building = on the west side of the track of Miss t Mary Belle Taylor Rochester N Y is the guest of her sister Mrs R S Sanders Miss Nellie Shea Mrs S D Dod son and Mr J H Linville continue about the same Mr William Letton of Atlanta Ga is the guest of his mother Mrs Jennie Letton and family Miss Lottie Virnont of Keokuk Iowa arrived Thursday as the guest of her aunt Miss Elizabeth Vimont Mr Henry Miller of Atlanta Ga arrived Saturday as the guest of his brother Dr W M Miller and family The heaviest snow of the seaSon fell here Saturday night and was about seven inches in depth It was the t earliest snow in many years here See the California gold quarters and halfdollars in my window They are just what you are looking for AARON McCONNELL The Mission Study Class of the Presbyterian church will hold their Christmas bazar today in the vacant room of Mrs Sue V Sandusky Mr and Mrs William Marshall re- ¬ turned Thursday from their wedding tour in the East and are present at Mrs Sarah home of his mother Marshall The advance pupils in music and expression of the M F C will give a recital Friday evening beginning at 7 30 oclock in the college chapel All friends and patrons of the institution are cordially St Louie Sheridan of Miss 2 I a I I f 1 Recent Stock Sales Monte Pox of Danville purchased 1 McClir tock of Paris Sat ¬ of Clark ¬ urday eight mules fur 1760 He al BRO CHAS S BRENT so purchaseu of Thos McClintock of Millersburg 14 head at an average HomeMade Candles G McClintock W price of 21750 home shipped Saturday night to the Cincin Miss Holladays celebrated natimarket two car loads of hogs for made candies now on sale at B ruce 25 tf which he paid 6 cents Holidays ¬ SATURDAY j r 10 >a > S II g dt t Shoe- Benchmade of the highest quality and style all the ap proved designs are included The leathers are Suede GunMetal Patent and Vici Kid 4 values Sale Price t I Ir ill I 300 values Ladies 1f Price 1011 ff 99c A Jockey Boots great assortment of Jockey Boots in Prtent and Gun Metal Worth 3 Misses 199 fj 1 I J ti I J q < Boots Price sizes 1 > 1FI < 1 l r iI Y 5 assortment r l f i 9 toY d r y Christmas thoughts are now occupying the minds of every man- woman and child What In this great store to be solved Let us help you to decide is the hall I v n ov wise Walk in and look about to7 your hearts content delivery on Christmas eve The whole store is at your service Well set goods aside and make point them out lif A ft iill A DAVENPORT AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT > One f the most attractive of all Christmas gifts is a Davenport Sofa It Bed fills a want in every home And this is the bed to buy because its the nicest in town for the money In either maeogany or oak Colonial design serpentine front claw feet covered withlchase leather splendidly tufted automatic in operation for J Ir 1If p > r iI4l 349 i I 250 and Sale Price Patent Mens Price Ladies and Misses Felt House Slippers Sale Price 200 Shoes that ROCKERS Thosands of Rockers will be on the fA Christmas list and what could be more acceptable Heres a very handsome chair in mahogany Colonial design hand carved banister back solid wood seat and chea for Js J 75 th = H i t c PORTABLE LAMPS vr 1 Just in time for the holidays these beau tiful Portable Gas and Electric Lamps Ar tistically designed with early English stands and mounted art glass domes Complete with all attachments for gas or electricity A rich and beautiful gift for L z > 198 c Paris Kentucky Ilfm I t1rr 0 tipfJ1 de t l sa 1 Ladles Chairs Desks Library o T 7 joI f < s SSw 1j Tables 47 Merris Leather Couches China Clesets Cen ¬ ter Tables Caret Sweepers Pictures Mirrors Umbrella Stands Screens t j rf It WHEELER RO HEEL BUILDIKG L t1 d i r Jj ir Speaking about pretty things for Christ ¬ mas we know of nothing more handsome Colonial design than aa parlor table t in mahogany with 26inch round top 22 inch f base and 5jnch square pedestal Ele say the least i i > r < <> t1 STORE EM PIORRSft t PARLOR TABLE THE NEW tt a the good < Clc DAN COHEN = t 1 7 housewife a pretty extension table for her dining room Heres a beautful design with massive and large claw feet that we offer to Christmas shoppers for 13123 I I V24 49c EXTENSION TABLES Something will delight Y 3 Sale Rubber Goods are retailed a our store at c gf i wholesale prices J it K q = < I l AT THE BIG ELECTRIC SIGN l l F V i4 174 Sale 99c Lace 336 Main Street j 1 Two excellent pictures at the Cornet this afternoonand tonight The Sage and the Cherub and the Widow Watch The Message of the Violin pf J for the flight of the airship in the Comet this week CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS > w a I to ItJ 1 values Childrens Red Top Jockey 99c < lens 199 and 249 r f At the Comet II latest styles button and lace The leathers are Pat 4 and ent and Gun Metal 5 values Sale Price I Sale Ladies Button and Shoes Sale Price H Jt 2650 of custom made Shoes of unusual merit all high and Childrens dura ¬ shoes in Box Calf Gun Metal and Vici Kid Sale Price 2991- j A splendid t st ses ble ¬ 4 t 1 Last Week l t ill Mens Shoes Misses and Childrens Ladies Shoes r P i Read the prices quoted below t iI I ir r ¬ J As this sale comes right at the beginning of the season we would advise you to prepare yourself with your winter supply 1 I ti I T factory enables us to offer you tremendous Shoe values that could not be duplicated outside our bargain store c t1I 1fJJ I 1 lei I f t rf 4 1 A fortunate purchase of highgrade Shoes from an overstocked I f n Buggy Blankets Robes Etc i Nowis the time tObuy buggy blanks Suits and overcoats for men young blankets ° The last week to secure bargains at fits fur rOLes and horse line men and boy are being offered at a ever I have the nicest and Best great sacrifice at the sale of Mitchell the great removal sale of Mitchell Bargains in all lines seen in Paris Blakemore This week will conclude Blaken ore N KEIENER3J 8 6t never oefore heard of in Paris this great sale Last Week of Sale t 11 keys for the Christmas market Will pay the highest price for fat turkeps tC jdnfc o f the December court smallest in many months The iiiote effect of TaStec ment weather had crowd but tag the size of they pr season BO close to with he h hd hand merchants in all branches ft f ness rpport a brisk trade Only a n Asa JeweU of mules on the market Lexington purchased seven mules of McClintock at 200 per head Clark two of Thos McClintock for 380 bna D McIntyre for 160 Thos McClintock purchased of Earl For guson a pair of males for 450 At the pens of M J Murphy C 150 head of cattle were offered all of which were sold atfrom 4 T to 4J cents = One hundred head of sheep were ed but the demand was slow and light and trading dull a few changing hands ether at 4J cent A few milk cows market but no demand 1 f Seasonable Latest Style Footwear Beginning t t relatives have received news of the death in Hobart ukla Mr Bed- ¬ of Aytette Hawes Bedford ford who vas 72 years old was a native of Bourbon a son of the late B C I SALE I j December Bourbon if a a F Bedford His mother was a Miss Buckner Mr Bedford resided on tie Spears Mill road intil ten years ago of West ket pay highest price when he wentHe wasfor tho benefitMiss married to his health for fat turkeys Talbott daughter of the late Sampson BRO Talbot who survives him with ore CHAS S BRENT daughter Mrs Drusie Bedford Spears two brothersCapt Harry Bedford Something for Everybody and Mr Hilliary Bedford who was with his brotherat the time of his Something at the sale of Mitchell everyone at bargains death never before heard of Only one week more su take advantage of it today We are now receiving tur- Nashville railroad The Louisville I DEATHS I i c lvrtt T j b been well will be glad to learn of his MC spent Saturday and cess in Alberta Canada He relatives in writes that considering the season Sunday with relatives here l for a short visit with relatives everything is flourishing Realest t M 0 is steadily advancing and we are glad at Mayslick before returning to her to report t following sales recently made by him He sold 160 acreage 100 pe acre and 160 acres at r We are now receiving turacre leaving him 530 acres This was large advance over what he paid keys at a the Christmas mar¬ for it a little over a year ago Will REMARKABLE SHOE nli 1lQ IJ J 5v Judicial1 grated s JCENIoacr PARIS NEWS i 1 4 i J 41 t nlji i r Q I n fP l Y t 1 i

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