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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 15, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

I r r Wt tii W3L > > I H atane tit 7- L b e mm < VOLUME COLUMBIA XI WEDNESDAY APRIL 15 < 7 < 1908 Cane Valley correspondent says LINDSEYWilSONE Our Page and J G Sublett two of C Baker who has been a com- ¬ positor in this office for the past four years tendered her resignation last The News Merit Contest has closedv to accept a clerkship in MrWand so far as we know it has been con¬ L Walkers store taking her new po- ¬ ducted by all in a manner well befitting sition last Monday She is an excellent the high standing of its contestants In young lady and we have not a doubt keeping with its purpose in breaking but she will be a valuable acquisition to the monotomy of a dull and spiritless the ladies department of said store We period of the year and to aid The News commend her to the purchasing trade in its effort of advancement it has nOto f the town and county believing that fell short of the results desired In he will do everything in her power to paying a high compliment to the young please those that will be a pleasure to dadies placed in nomination for the her to wait upon prizes the votes alone do not measure The Lyon Buggy Co nip to the high regard for each contestant for had this proposition been launch We have been compelled to remove qdat a more favorable time when sicknames of ness and disagreeable weather were not from our subscription list the five hnndred patrons who owe prevalent a magnificent showing about one years subscription each would have resulted for every one ofI re than The ruling of the postoffice department the young ladies But taking it as it step is every contestant placed in nomina- ¬ at Washington forced us to thiswould was no choosing of ours We tion by admiring friends should justlyb e glad if all those who know them¬ o3eel proud of the compliment as selves indebted would pay at once and ured by their votes The fact that The money is some of the nominees were not actived et back on the list ue us and there should not be alonger is largely due the small showing toarid while others sought to secure aidd elay in paying We do not want accounts in the hands of a their efforts brought them within the p lace the c limits of a Merit Contest for work un- ¬ are not made in a reasonable bears everyI relenting and Miss Sue CONTEST CLOSED KENTUCKY ADAIR COUNTY tb1Ji n111 7- TilE M t 23 NUMBER PRACTICES WHAT HE PREACHES > 2 F HIGH SCHOOL NOTES < our popular rat catchers have been Miss Mary Miller visited Miss Mary putting in good time exterminating the Rev W S Dudgeon of Cane Val- ¬ Williams at pests They have purchased a trio of ley Ky is known through this countyt ill Monday Montpelier from Friday s one of our very best citizens fi Miss Nell Miller and Mr Jo Miller musing to see the little animals in a rat- also a minister and known for his abil- ¬ Ball Game of The Most arbor Messrs Page and Sublett made ity to sing the gospel as wellas preach werel called to the bedside of their trip to Greencounty recently return it He is a thoroughbred Baptist with father who is very ill at Crocus ing with eighty rats St Marys If any of the the exception that he does not believe Mr James Shirley was absent from people of Columbia are troubled with it requires church approval to constis last week these pests phone Cane Valley for tute valid baptism This has been his Page and Sublett and the work will be theory and now he furnishes the publicC Mr Robert Miller is at his home in WITNESSED BY A LARGE CROWD rocus this week with a practical illustration of his done Last Friday while crossing Russell creek Ralph Hurt was not in school last Write wire or call The Lyon Buggy his horse became frightened at some week on account of his ankles being From all reports of the base ball Co drift and Bro Dudgeon submitted to badly sprained game played on the campus of the St the ordinance of baptism and had he not The class in Ancient History made The Fisical Court deserves the thanks been a good swimmer his landing would Marys College last Saturday afternoon good grades in their review of Greek ¬ it was the most interesting and exciting of the people of this county and espec have been different Proving himself meet of the season The participants ially the citizens of the town of Columbia equal to the occasion this Rev gentle ¬ history There were three above 95 Were the LindseyWilson club of this for appropriating two hundred dollars man is still with us and contends that a The Harmony classes are progressing place and the college team of St Marys t o assist in graveling or rocking the man may be properly baptised without nicely in their work There will be an The game was called at 3oclock and from public square The sqnare belongs to church examination on Thursday fternoon of start to finish it was exciting and at- Adair county not the town and the next week one time it looked like the game would time had arrived when something had The chorus class has begun to prac ¬ AN 1NTERTA1NIRIG PROGRAM be a draw Up to the seventh inning the to be done It is our understanding tice their songs for the closing exercises St Mary boys were leading four to that the municipal board will aid in of the school The chorus now num-¬ three In the seventh inning the game this necessary improvement Russell Springs OddFellows Lodge bers almost twenty w as a tie 6 and 6 When the ninth If you need a buggy see The Lyon No 180 will celebrate their fourth Miss Mabel Conover is suffering from ning closed the score stood the same anniversary at the church in that town a sprained wrist a the playing continued In the first Buggy Co on Sunday April 26th beginning at 10 part of the eleventh the Lindsey Wilson imeevidence of gennine Mr W D Xing who returned from a m The following is the programd Miss Triplett entetained at tea Fri made five scores and in the last half ay evening The guests were Mrs In point of rivalry it was animating Louisville last week brought Mrs Rounds Its Paint Time and the paint to use of same inning St Marys made 3 the sprig of shamrock which was us a small Music Grant Mrs Brashear Mr Ohlenmacher delivered in several instances but so far as we is Green SeatWeF Jeffries Address of welcome Sons game closing eleven to nine Dr Combest and Mr Darnall know love and good will prevail To Opening exercises N GiV chaplain Romey Judd pitcher of the Lindsey to him by an Irish friend in the city on c the young ladies we can only extend Prof Miss Lina Rosenfield and Miss Eliza- ¬ Jackmans wife reports Wilson struck out 18 men and allowed the 17th of March St Patricks Day Music Mrs Rounds congratulations and our thanks for the that she has over 100 young chickens fi- ve hits Sheets for St Marys struck It came direct from Ireland The Irish Objects of Oddf ellowship J K Holder beth Holladay annonnced their inten ¬ work done and place the premiums a nd some of them nearly large enough out 15 men and allowed 7 hits people wherever they may be found are History of 1 O OF F M Thather tion of entertaining the Beethoven Club where the Judges direct To the many to fry They are Brown Leghorns and great lovers of the memory of St Pat ¬ Music next at which The feature of the game was Tom 3Mrs R Rounds ing a evening time all are anticipate friends who not only worked for their Black Lang Shang She usnafly raises Judds catch in deep left field shutting rick Green Is the color adopted and it- Love and duty plesant Payne C favorites by extending the circulation 200 or more and does not expect to fallo ff three s verymuch in evidence every 17th of Circumference IOOF JL Waddle The Beethoven Club will have only of The News and aided otherwise we below that number this year She also The LindseyWilson boys are loud in MarchV the anniversary of the lamented I Music Mrs Rounds tmore meetings At the last one assure you that nothing done by you has a pumpkin carried over from last their praise of the treatment they Saint of Ireland OddfolshipWhatiS it F J Barger there will be a program of papersupon With good will year that will weigh from 40 to 50 received from the hands of their appo fails of appreciation Close by chaplain the lives of for all and promising faithful service pounds Prof Jackmau and wife are ments Every thing possible was done Willie Humble little son of Mr andJ C Popplewell J W Mitchell H W member will composers in which take part The meeting Mrs A R Humble of West Columbia Edmonds Committee 4o this part of the country and to the colored people who enjoy the confidence to make them feel easy and at homeof next Thursday afternoon is looked many new reaaeib 01 The News we tipa nd good will of the best white people 1adanarlow escape from j If an open date comes the decided s forward to with much pleasure Mr our hat ond enter upon the duties our in this country and their effort to stim game will be played here some time in drowning He was playing near acel1 Ohlenmacher has arranged an interset PAID LIST line of work tatethrift and exemplary living with the near future the St Marys win- Jar that was flooded with water arid ing contest and music and games will if The following is the result of the their race are highly commendable ning the contest called here two fell into it Being missed search was The following subscribers have paid be final count showing Miss Jennie Mc ¬ made and he was rescued by his anx¬ since last issue playedQuite weeks ago large crowd witnessed the The Fisical Court elected Dr W L ious father just in time to save his arland first Miss Mollie Caldwell L P Fletcher E V Thompson all game which was played between Miss Pearl Breeding third and Grissom Jail physician We have what you want The Lyon precious life Somerset Journal econd H McClister E L Sinclair S he second nine of the L W T S Buggy Co Miss Nina Marcum fourth Antle Hunter DG Murphey and the M and if As an evidence that Royal Peacock t The game The LindseyWilson and Russell G W Dillon 50237 rJTem i s M aJfeirland Columbia J C Cook Dr Jamesp layed Thursday Fafternoon on was 41169 the horse advert sed by Mr J H Goff Springs Academy boys will meet at Taylor S C Bryant BIRTHDAY DINNER our Mollie Caldwell Portland SS grounds It was not called till 4 oclock 25856 sires first class colts you have only to this place next Saturday afternoon Pearl Breeding Vester Mrs G W Thomas M Cravens Chas ¬ and four inning were only played Ifc 17256 take a look at his colts recently drop Nina Marcum Columbia Campbell Solomon McKinley A H number throughoutb Last Sunday was the fiftyninth Cook who is a fisherman an interesting game and Rev Bjradshaw Montpelier 12790 ped There are a core Nora of Mrs Bettie Hutchison of Ballard Kint Montgomery Thos Pulo f 12 to 4 was in our favor f men deviated from his calling lastl 11935 this section and they can Mary Fsese Cane Valley his place In memory of the event WB Yates John M Fudge J 8531 for staminy and style One of thet Lulaponor Glensfork sumptuous dinner was spread at the Wednesday and went out to S Stapp Beard WR Lyon V On his return NOtiCE 6540 handsomest colts noticed in the last ome of her daughter Mrs Hardin with the finny tribe VMaryHiiIse Columbia Mont M Murrell Emmet Goode H week is one at the home of Mrs MaryC ¬ r I Ruby Jeffries Ozark 4550 undiff near town It was a very home a storm came up and he took ref E Tucker J W Hancock W L Petty who lives near Inroad Columbia ge in Bob Hudsons bakery but in en- ¬ Brockman E L 2860 affair ahd very much enjoyedt i Alice Walker Pointer Mrs J R Warning given that by reason of ering the building the door slammed Tutt L G Montgomery 2050 dark bay and was three feet eightb y all those who had the < ora Smith Columbia MrsJ T election held in the Milltown voting inches high when foaled cutting his hand severely From this John B Garlin > MORE shapea good one Another good one tending The following persons were time on he says he Will fish for men al- ¬ Mercer Atkins Goffey Vaughan Leach precinct of Adair county at the reguPEWS present RAILROAD GA Wm J E lar November election 1907 it is unwas recently foaled at the home of MMr and Mrs A F Hutchison and together Moran J H Squires Miss Maud lawful to permit stock to run at rST Gluff It is a black mare coltf Mr and Mrs R A Hutchison Campbell B B Cravens Joseph E in said precinct The penalt foPdoingf Paint Durability means paint econ- ¬ Taylor Saturday evening when the- three feet eight inches tall J7iast and family Mr and Mrs J L Hutch ¬ Hattie Shirley W A Rose so is a fine of from 5 00 to 2500 It m a 1 arrived from Campbellsville quite without a blemish Style and carriage ison and family Mr and Mrs C R omy Use Green SealW F Jeff ries Miss Dillie McMahan Wni Rodgers is theduty of every peace officer to im Sons a nw nler called at the News office for cannot be beat A number of other Hutchison andfamily Mr and Mrs W G W Poff W H Sullivan Mrs A R pound any stock found running at large the urpose of looking over the Dan colts have been foaled measuring from R Littrell and family Mr and Mrs Hunble Jas M Russell S B Thomas in said precinct and the owner will be The rink drew a large crowd last N T Mercer R IfuS yule Advocateto read the railroad 3 feet 7 to 3 feet 8 inches G A Ftese and family MrA H J S Young V compelled to pay the costs and exen 1 news They were much gratified to see Tuesday night The pig race had beer We bought em below the market Feese and son Messrs Jas Feese and well advertised and many were in ¬ B Strange John Ben OlieJConover ses of such stock and theinpjuntfat J Pierce S S Courtney J Bryan of same See Section 4649 an article stating that Mr Burps a when the panic was on You canguess Gee Cunningham Mrs M E Cunning- ¬ i8 Ken tendance to see the winner Eight or Stone Dr J G Staples Isaac Willis contractor of Springfield Mo railroad ham Mrs Ella Feese and Mrs Ermine tucky Statutes the rest Lyon Buggy Co been awaidedthe contract for grad v Hutchison Messrs Lula Cunningham ten boys under sixteen years or age all Geo Coffey I R England A D Coy W B Patteson S A C i4r 1iUu toScottsvilleafid in lieu of Thee Fiscal Court made a general Minnie Kate Tupman Bertie Hutchison good skaters were placed on a line and G A Smith J tanton Wooldridge Dr a bond Mr Bulrns had placed 10000 in levy of 25 cents on the one hundred and Miss Williams Messrs A E R the pig turned j loose the boy who P V Ballot Mollie Glover S W COLUMBIA HORSE SALE a local bank which was to be held as a dollars Nand 25 cents on the one hundred E and David Murrell Sang cought him to be its owner Leon Lewis Dohoney Hughes J W Coy J forfeit if his fork did not come up to dollars for road purposes The road tax Browning Calvin Hutchison and Otis who is rapid on skates was the win W McClister J W Garnett Thos A contract MJ Burns stated after the is to be distributed by districts each Grasham ner S Stapp Sonsliverymen of this Bryant T E Waggener L Knight contract had feeeri signed that he had district to expend its own road tax place will have a horse sale at thB Burton G R Feese Junnis Jl Samuel Hunter one of the oldest J 7 Well Painted Property indicates a 100 mules inf transit from Springfield The amount of money that will be Holl J F Triplett WE Bradshaw stable in Columbia Friday May 1 Green Seal adds value to colored citizens of the county and one P H Ingram G B Smith Glen G All persons who have horses for saleMo to be pitt to work on the new road raised for this purpose if used proper¬ wise owner property and prestige to the man who of the most respected diedat his home Taylor W W Dickinson Fred Gar ¬ should send in their entries at once This was the most encouraging news in the Flat Woods about seven miles received anJi Judge W W Jones who in good ownsJtW J Jeffries Sons year a rison Clyde Jones Mrs Suella Robin1this time there are about 100 headmen of Columbia last Thursday He was son is anxious fir the road immediately an- ¬ was not made for road purposes and J A Diddle J P Beard J F tered This sale will bring many Buy ¬ 76 years of agefanElder in his church sly Now Charles Harris nounced FINE HOUNDS RECEIVED Montgomery John W Flowers W H ers from a distance and it will beta as a result the highways throughout and was highly regarded forris I want to siy this that if that road the county were in a fearful condition Flowers J C Dohoney W T Do the interest of all parties who have honesty and efforts to live right comes I waiht to get irfon the coal lands II during the whole of the winter and they honey J D Walker F T Smith M surplus stock to enter the same in this Gov J R Hindman of this city and The matterf of the coming great enter- ¬ are not at this writing in a much better Mr Eli Bailey of near Columbia two sale It promises to be a big one WANTED Two neat energetic hus- ¬ E Dudley G T Dohoney A H Ro e- CaptT B English of Danville Aucprise was discussed until late bedtime fix Squires Loren Miller Scot V lovers of the fox chase who have for tling young men to take orders for a every bodw retiring to dream of the many years prided in their respective fast and easy selling article Salary Montgomery Mc C Goode JH Gris ¬ tioneer whistle of the locomotive Green Seal Paint The paint to relyIdogs have recently added new life and and expenses or commission must be som MissFannie Griffith S E Blake Moruingt came and also the Louisville on alwaysW F Jeffries PREACHING NEXT Sons to the sport by each pur¬ good talker experience not absolutely man Ben Allen Dr McClendon Rando enthusiasm afternoon papers In the Post this an Carnes EM Dunbar SF McWhorter chasing from Senator Renakers fa J P Jennings nouncement appeared sent out from reception held atifcne old colonial mous kennel in Harrison county this necessary C Snow J A Russell Springs Ky MF F Guthrie jA A sensation was sprung here home of Mr and Mrs J S Breeding in Danville WH C Sandidge Union Vanghan H A Ballou GL Conner State The Governor purchased a dog morjoing when it became known honor ofMrandMrsJ TC Breeding J F Roach Pierces Chapel this while Mr Bailey selected a female Friday and Saturday evenings are W 0 Long Bryant Long J M Steph F J Barger Pleasant Hill L that President A lenof the Danville was something very nice and tbe hostess the big meetings at theinlThe Co ¬ enson M E Jones W E Todd Rollin Z T Williams Mt Pleasant and ScottsvIlle railroad had been duped are worthy of many compliments The ¬ lumbia Band furnishes the music en Hurt J T Goodman M C Winfrey H T Jessee Smiths Grove put of t 000 dinner consisted of turkey ham cakes est expectations The dogs are about these evenings and all the best skaters S H Mitchell John SgSMcFarland 3 G Cook Columbia It Wa this way Mr Burns gave Mr fruits and every thing in the diet line 10 months pldbut have been trained in town put in an appearance and a Sol McEarland B DIMc arland J Nation J M Pierce Freedom 3Allen jfdr >ft drawn by the First the Han The following young folks enjoyed thEM W T McFarland McFarland Ivery large number of spectators ARKasey Columbia jot Gainesville Ga on al occasion Mrs Charley Pyles and Jenni1cFarland Mont McFarland Wad Cane Valley T over ijjjiional Bank of New York for Mrs T A Holladay Mr and Mrs J sensational reports may be expected McFarlihd Attis McFarland J A ohtlJton Elroy 5 12 000 Mr Allen giving him 2000 C Breeding Misses Maude rrh omasIThese dogs are said to be the best bred J D McFarland Theb McFarland L J N Walbert Big Greek wbich epresented the difference The Kate Squires Cora Pickett Lelia Beard M Thos ever brought to this section being pupsjcorn but the ground got too wet to 0 McFarland by the contractor was his Bertha Breeding iooc0 left Peaal Breeding of the two famous hounds that won the be Denny MF Hill Robt For sale a 6 horse power forfeit Mr Burns tooK his departur Messrs Cleve TbomasJA Thorifs f International Contest in Virginia two plant A great deal of seed will Maud E Stopper GE Nell lit isoline Engine mounted Fairbanks ground this week on steel put in the from Danville the draft was a forgery Charles Williams E G Hardwick ner W H Brown Roy Jea pruesse tfu ks In first class condition years ago between America arid Eng1 Jk land In keeping with their breeding r In expending the road fund just levied Howard G G Atwell D Blades Wm Mr Allen is out 2000 and Mr Burns Wall eBard J F Patterson good time in some congenis haying a fOrabUgJ I with with expectatipris of sensational each magistrate is to work in conjunct Qlark Porter Garrison Bass Pickett Columbia ial clime That is all When we have If you pay a high price Rodgers Grace Squires WGo 1running and believing that they will tionwith the rqadsupervjsoi in using Will encouraning railroad news we will is riot our fault Lyon Buggy Co more w V i ri eyer weaken in honest work keeping D tile money where itWill do the greatest Pickett JI O Morrison Fannie P be sure to write it One of the finest lemons we ever saw Itoright trail friends ol Gov Hind good Blakeman TfJEL Booker It J Howard f < John Blakeman Elmer Franklin Jce McFarland sold two was 0xnibited at this office Monday by ikchave named his dog since lie is i- 1 T WTh W ride If it does conic you It grew at Tier ttkewest Wmi J Bryan while Mr rRead the nngunceraent jof rW Reynolds 0 D Parson Nathan Slink Week one to J C Dohoney Mrs J Q Russell mules last one < < k BLIb Mrs E Hlake 1 have 6 second hand buggies It measured 11n twillintQliesJJrpas qbi- L Walker imvtodays paper He has eK Sv E JBiakemahv 110 and one to Dick Rodgers f of h imefllon thehill for 1 pfoduce wagon for sale 1ghe an ttractive stockofgoodsiid inJite s man A JC Pattespn Wade Eul > ani 1tl t the cnarm a 7 arne aIl iiiO both were horsemules age 4tandJ 3inhei cercumferencelarid w 5 F Eubanki H signifi 3tnce + al1shi MfryBaird Bryan you J Wv CpffeyVS p Q arb rp f VERSES ST MARYS hthe s- meritt I approvale inollecting scoresi eachr requirest 0b At JS Jc aJ it JR < 1 or p ¬ TB countyI JL i At r JN SUNjv I ¬ lThe agott eyareadaptedl jr J 4daircountyl JR LE C n Grzir I4 > t jA j l z j iij fi fr 2 F i jS i I ho II I i 4 fI r I xviio t a 1- < h 1 i i l 1j cSd i 2 < i r 3 fttt r tG i 42 oJ iJ11i fi 1 p i i i 3 j5 f ir > >> c > J1 f irJ Eet 2321S IS e i t4 ii- 4 4 c 1 I

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