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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), July 14, 1910

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

The Mountain Eagle 1910 THURSDAY, JULY 14, Published "Weekly at Whitesburg, Kentucky SUPPLEMENT BILLS INTRQDUCED AND all) and erected a budding in Con- hold LAWS PASSED BY CON- which to RnrpJtlffits court. tliat" (rroccmnn intmrlnrH GRESSMAN EDWARDS. bill providing for the public building at London before he The friends of Congressman died, and it was his bill, in subEdwards claim that he has intro- stance, that- finally passed, get duced a good many bills since he ting the public building for Lon has been in Congress. Suppose don. Even Congressman Edhe has, what of it? What kind wards gives Boreing most of the of bills are they? A close exam-- " credit for the public building at ination of tlte Congressional Rec- London, for when the corner ord' discloses the fact that the on- stone of the public building was ly bills he has been able to get being laid last fall, Congressman through, are some relief bills Edwards made a speech at Lon (paying people for property de- don, using this language, in substroyed in the Civil War) and stance: "He (Boreing), was so pension bills. In other words, successful in settincr a Federal bills for the relief of the individ- Court established here, which ual, and not for the good of the made it possible to erect this masses of the people of the dis- public .building." The Democratic Congressmen trict. The only bills of any imwhich Edwards has get from the Republican Admin portance, tried to get passed (and they istration, money appropriated to don't affect the good, or welfare build public buildings in their of the great mass of the voters of districts in which to hold Federal Courts and otherwise transthe district) are as follows: FIRST. A bill for an appro- act the business of the governpriation for the improvement of ment. A Democratic Congresscertain portions of the Kentucky man got money appropriated to River, and he failed in that. He build a public building at Richdid not get a single cent appro- mond, from a Republican administration in which to hold Federal priated for that purpose. SECOND. A bill to erect a Court. A Democratic Congressmonument to Daniel Boone, and man got from a Republican administration, money appropriated he failed in that. THIRD. A bill to erct a pub- to build a public building at Covlic building at Middlesboro, Ky., ington, Ky. A Democratic Conand he failed in that." The bill gressman did the same thing at was first referred to a Committee Paducah, Ky. 'Other Democraton Public Buildings and Grounds ic Congressmen from Kentucky and there died. This was on De- have done as much. And. as to the public building cember 13, 1905. And yet they tell us that Edwards has gotten at Somerset well, there is none a promise for a public building as yet. We take it though, that at Middlesboro, Ky. We wonder one will be erected. Somerset is from whom he has gotten the the biggest town or city in the How could anybody, district; possibly five thousand promise. with the power to do it, make inhabitants. When a town, or such a promise? It could only city gets to be big enough and the come from the House and Senate, business of the government transand everybody knows that they acted therein of sufficient importance to justify it, the Governhave made no such promise. FOURTH. A bill to construct ment goes ahead and puts up a a road, at Government expense, public building in which to transfrom Somerset, Ky., to the Na- act its business. Uncle Sam is tional Cemetery at Mill Springs, not a "renter." He can't own a house at every Postofficc in the Ky., and he failed in that. FIFTH. A bill to amend the country, because' the business pension laws, so as to give more done is not enough to justify the pay to the old soldiers under cer- outlay; but where it is, he invartain conditions, and he has failed iably puts up a public building. Go down in the Bluegrass, dism that. SIXTH! A bill to get money tricts Democratic to the core, appropriated to build Locks 19 and you will find pubjic buildings where the and 20 in the Cumberland River in all county-seatpopulation justifies it. There is and he has failed in that. SEVENTH. A bill for making one at Georgetown, one at Paris, an appropriation for rebuilding one at Winchester; one every"the old wilderness road" to be where it is a paying proposition known as the "Boneway," from to the government to build of rent. These districts are Cumberland Gap,Tenn.,to Boons-borKy., and he has failed in represented by Democrats. As to the appropriation for the that. The only bills he has gotten improvement of Lock 21 in the - s, -stead o, passed ,of any moment, which even his most partisan friends can give him any ccredit for, is a bill to erect a public building at London, one at Somerset, and an appropriation to build Lock 21 in the Cumberland River. He is entitled to but little credit for the building at London, Ky. River, we underCumberland stand this to be true. The Government away back yonder in 1888. undertook the project of building dams from Nashville, Tenn., to Bumside. Ky., intending to spend $8,500,000 on it. It has spent 82,519.000. The Government is now pushing, Congressman Vincent Boreing with renewed vigor, all over the deserves credit for this. The fact country, the improvement of its is that Congressman Boreing in inland waterways. This year troduced bills on all of the above there has been appropriated over for that purpose. matters referred to, and Congress $51,000,000 $4,500,000 has gone to the Ohio man Edwards stepped in and took up the bills already introduced by River. Other rivers in Kentucky Boreing and tried to get them "have been provided for. Swagar Sherley; a Democratic through. It will be remembered that Congressman Boreing, while Congressman, has gotten approhp was in Consrress. SfOt a bill priated $350,000, for river im0 pessed dividing Kentucky into provements, since he has been at two Federal Districts, an Eastern Washington. The first speech and Western District. Congress Edwards made in Congress, was a speech, he made the man Boreing got a Federal Court second year he was there. In established at London, Ky., one at Richmond, one at Frankfort, that speech he admitted that, the one at Catlettsburg, one at Cov Democratic Congressman in the ington, After Congressman Bore State of Tennessee had gotten ing bad gotten the bill passed es- - appropriated $500,000 for the imtablishinsr the Federal Court at provement of that part of the London, the Federal Government Cumberland River north of Nash.- would have gone ahead as a jville and just south of Edwards' democratic ConeTess- business proposition, (even if we ,ng the Cumberland had had no man in Congress at !men five-minut- es River, has gotten appropria ted this year, $610,000 for the improvement of the Cumberland River south of Nashville. Edwards has gotten $95,000 for the Cumberland River in his district. I suppose one had just as well call it Edwards's district. He seems to think that he owns it and that nobody is able to represent it but him. Hon. John W. Langlcy, the Republican Congressman representing the Tenth District, has gotten appropriated since he was in Congress $1,000,000 for river improvements. Edwards has gotten only $95,000 appropriated for that purpose ; and he did- not do it then until certain corporations' had bought up the lands at river fronts of all towns of any. size. The truth of the matter is, that at no time, since he has been in Congress, has he passed a bill favoring the right and interests of 'the people, as against the interests of corporations. At no member of a good Church and affiliating with soine good secret Order Societies, is an, evidence of morality and manhood. New tial nomination. Edwards fought POWERS NOT EDWARDS IS for Taft, Bradley fought for FairTHE MAN WHO HAS THE banks. And yet, there is no comINFLUENCE. parison between the influence of the two men with the Republican One reason for the lack of inAdministration at Washington. fluence of Congressman Edwards President Taft recognizes in Senat Washington, is that he and ator Bradley, a man of ability, Senator Bradley are at "loggerforce and influence. He knows heads." The only other two that Edwards is but an ordinary Congressmen from Kentucky, man, and not capable of being ol Congressman, John W. Langley much service in the halls of NaB". Bennett, and Congressman, tional legislation. When it came representing the Ninth and Tenth time, therefore, for President Era. EDWARDS DESCENDS TO A LOW LEVEL HE CALLS' CALEB POWERS A THIEF WILL HE ALSO CALL HIM A MURDERER?. - J. Districts, are standing with Brad Taft to place the patronage, at ley as against Edwards. Bradley his disposal, in such a way, as will be in the United States Senwould best serve the party, and ate for six years; Congressmen, the people of this State, he listLangley and Bennett, are both ened to Senator Bradley and not candidates for renomniation and to Congressman Edwards. Bradelection, and if they succeed and ley, ' who fought against should Edwards succeed, his Taft, has gotten nearly everynext two years term in Washingpolitical speech. thing; Edwards, who fought ton will be confronted with this SECOND. Because they say for him, has gotten very dangerous situation: Senhe got rich in jail. Taft, he is trying. to do ator Bradley is not his friend; THIRD. They allege that he the best he can for the RepubCongressmen Langley and Benwas implicated in the murder of lican party in the State and Nanett, are better friends to Bradtion. He knows that Senator Senator Goebel. ley than they are to Edwards. Mr. Powers denies all these Bradley is worth more to the Senator Bradley is a friend of time, has he passed a bill protect- charges, and it must be said to his cause of Republicanism and the Caleb Powers and desires his ing the rights and the interests credit, that he has produced country's good in one minute, nomination and election; Conof the poor man, or man with lim- abundant evidence to spport what than Edwards is worth in a gressmen Bennett and Langley ited means,, from the ravages of he has said. Mr. Edwards has month. are friendly to Powers. Powers the money power. We make addressed an appeal "Tothe voteAs proof of this, Mr. Edwards working in harmony with these these statements advisably;; we rs of the Eleventh Congressional has not as yet been able to land men, and backed by their supmake them only after examina- District," including the Demo- but one "juicy plum" ior his diport, can get much more for the tion of Edwards' entire record in crats, in which he takes the posi- strictCollector of the Eighth District, than can Edwards, actCongress. We make them with- tion, that the first two charges District to J. Sherman Cooper. ing in disharmony and disagreeout fear of successful contradic- made against Mr. Powers are District which went to J. Sher- ment with them. And, besides tion. Somerset Republican. true. Edwards says that Powers man Cooper. Itt is true all this, Frank Hitchcock, the did' charge $500 for making a that J. N. Sharp has been Post Master General and closest political speech, and that he did appointed by the President, political advisor of the Taft AdTHE REPUBLICAN PARTY rob his friends "while in jail, and, District Attorney for the Eastern ministration, is unfriendly to OUGHT TO STAND BY therefore, is nothing less than a District of Kentucky, but his ap- Congressman Edwards. Edwards THOSE WHO STAND BY common thief. Such charges pointment has not as yet been apbroke faith with Hitchcock. IT. comes with bad grace from a can- proved by the Senate, and it is promised Hitchcock, if he didate for a high and distin- likely not to be approved. Some could be permitted to name J. Edwards' friends say that guished office. If Mr. Edwards very grave charges have been Sherman Cooper as Collector, Powers ought not become a can- cannot win on his own record, on filed against Mr Sharp. While that he would not ask for any didate for Congress but up- his own merits, he ought not to the President appointed Sharp other big appointment for his diswin .at all. He ought not to try upon the recommendation of Mr. trict. reon the- contrary should Edwards denied having to win by besmirching the char- Edwards, he went right into the made the promise. main in the background. Why Hitchcock ground? Why should he no lon- acter of his opponent. But Mr. low office of Caleb Powers and knows that he did make the ger exercise the rights, privileges Edwards has endorsed the first appointed Hon. Sawyer A. Smith promise, and knowing that he and prerogatives of a free Amer- two charged made by his friends to the high position of Assistant made and repudiated it, HitchWe United States District Attorney cock hasn't" much respect .for ican citizen? What has he done against Caleb Powers. -. that the people of the Eleventh would now like to know what he for the Eastern District of Edwards. has to say as the third. Do you, Powers' influence is felt District should forsake him, or that the Republican party should or do you not, Mr. Edwards, say before he gets to Washington. EDWARDS IS" IN HARD turn its back upon him? Is the that Mr. Powers is guilty of com Edwards represents the biggest STRAITS. plicity in the murder of Senator Republican district in the world fact that the Democratic party Goebel.Have the courage to wrontr fully charged him with the banner, and onlv sure, ReWhen it comes to it that crime, a sufficient reason why he take a position. Don't dodge the publican District in Kentucky, Edwards has to WouldV naturally expect that Congressman issue. Cosey County News. jQne should cease to be a free citizen? have letters written by some of Any reason why he should hang President Taft would be reward his henchmen to his colleagues his head in shame and conduct ing, upon the recommendation of up in Congress to have them himself like a guilty man? The! THE TRICKS OF THE 'Congressman Edwards,. the faith-- J write letters to be published and TRICKSTERS. Union soldiers fought for the ful Republicans of the only circulated among the voters of stronghold of Republicanism in J till JiJV,LltllJr Jl LIIJS (Jll" the Eleventh District, telling us ion in the Civil War. lias any- - Congressman Edwards has, this! the State. This has not been people what Edwards has done body ever said that they ought week opened up his campaign in done, because we have had no for haVe us, , things come not to seek, or be honored with Harlan county. From now, until one at Washington with power, to a pretty pass. If the office, because in so doing, some tne campaign is over, we may ex- influence and standing to present people in the Eleventh Dis of the bitterness of the past might pect to hear a good deal from the our claims, or to plead our cause trict are not intelligent enough, be revived? Although Senator Edwards press, about how the with the President.- - Compared and have not got sense enough to Goebel was engaged in the rob- people are deserting Caleb Powers with what Edwards has done, see know what Edwards has, and has bery of the rights of the people and flocking into the Edwards the record made by Senator Brad- not, done, in Congress, then he when he was killed, still the Dem- camp. It is a recognized fact, ley. Upon Senator Bradley's ought not to want to represent ocratic party has never forsaken that the people of the district are recommendation,- - the President such an ignorant and benighted him. Upon the contrary, it built overwhelmingly for Powers; and appointed Lawson Reno, Collectconstituency. The people are ona monument to his memory. If every scheme and device will be or for the Second District, A. to your little tricks, Edwards; the Democrats will build a monu- - resorted to by the Edwards crowd. Fields Collector for the Seventh you cannot fool all the people all ment to William Goebel. who was to check the tide, that is sweeping District, L. F. Petty Collector for of the time. Whitley County killed when trying to rob the Re- -' them on to certain defeat. the Fifth District, A. B. Patrick, Republican. United States Marshal for the party of the fruits of its fide Item, Eastern District of Kentucky, M, victor', and the people of their COUNTY IS FOR rights, what should the RepubliH. Thatcher, Govenor of Panama KNOX EDWARDS HAS BUT LITTLE POWERS. LAUREL COUNcan party do for Caleb Powers, anai .one, at a jmu.wu vear INFLUENCE WITH THE TY IS AGAINST EDWARDS who spent eight of the best years ADMINIS- REPUBLICAN of his life fighting for its princiMarshall for the Western Dis TRATION AT WASHING-- 1 trict of Kentucky., Besides these The ples and the perpetuity of its Edwards press is busy TON. good name? The party that fails big and important appointments, saying to the people that Knox, to stand by a man that has stood the President has, upon the the home county of Caleb Powby it, as Caleb Powers has. would good deal has been said by ommendation of Senator Bradley, ers will give a majority of its not be worth three whoops in the the friends of Congressman Ed- - appointed Post Masters at the votes for Congressman Edwards. lower country. The Whitley wards about his influence with following cities and towns in the We are .here on the ground ; we County Republican. ' the President and about his abil - State: Adairville, Bowling Green, are in a situation to know that ity to do things for the District. Campbellsville, Carrolton, Frank- - such statements are but the emptiest of rot, and made for the The inability to get passed any fort, Hickman, Brooksville, CALEB POWERS IS A MEMLebanon, purpose of deceiving and deluding Lancaster, his five years' stay grange, in BER OF THE BAPTIST in Congress" that has redounded Letchfield, Mayfield, Mooreh.ead, the voters throughout the Dis CHURCH AND SEVERAL to the general good of the masses Mt. Sterling, Murry, Newport, trict. Knox County has always SECRET ORDERS. Paris, Scotts$ille, stood by Caleb Powers like a rock of the people of his district, Owensboro, shows that he has no influence Shelbyville. Winchester, Stan- - of adamant. He has the confiMr. Edwards and his rank par- with, either the House of Repre- ford, Sturgis, Catlettsburg, and dence, respect, love and esteem tisans are claiming that Caleb sentatives or the Senate of the Louisville. The Catlettsburg and of the great mass of its citizens. Powers is a mighty bad man. United States. His failure to Moorehead Post Masters were Caleb Powers, of course has a recommended by Congressman iew personal enemies in Knox They fail to mention that he is a land for his friends, any of the fat member of the Baptist Church, jobs at the disposal of President Bennett. Edwards, of course, has county. He. is a mantlbf force as well as a number of secret or- Taft. shows beyond question, been permitted to name the Post and influence. A few, there were, ders. He is an Oddfellow and that he has but little, if any, in- Masters in his own District; no who would have been.'-glato Redman. He is a member of fluence with him. Mr. Edwards Congressman has ever been de- have seen Caleb Powers hung; La Bells Lodge No. 59, I. O. O. has been in Ccmgress five years. nied that, but he has not been they are now against him for F., Barbourville, Ky., and of the He was an original fTaft man, able to name a one outside of his Congress, but that is not the feelTchopatulas Tribe No. 111. I. O. and was one of those leading District. The big jobs like the ing, the sentiment, or desire of R. A. M., at the same place. It Taft's fight in Kentucky for the Postmastership at Louisville, the great mass of the voters of Sena- Frankfort and Bowling Green, Knox County. Caleb Powers will is true, of course, that all Bap- Presidential nomination. tists and all secret order men, are tor Bradley, who has not been in Newport, Winchester and Owens- carry Knox County overwhelmnot necessarily exemplary citi- the United States Senate for a boro, have all gone to the friends ingly. Will Edwards do that zens, but it must be admitted by year yet, led the Fairbanks for of Senator Bradley. Tompkins- - much in Laurel County? We seriously doubt it. The indications the most partisan, that being a ces in Kentucky for the Presiden-- ! ville News. - The Edwards papers in the district have taken the position that Caleb Powers should not be nominated and elected to Congress for there reasons: FIRST. They say that he charged the Republicans of Jackson county $500 for making a v . noth-Preside- nt Ed-dwar- - Ken-tuck- ' - ' VI J Burn-public- an , -- al-'- so - d -- i ds

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