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Image 1 of The Hartford republican, August 17, 1906

Part of The Hartford republican

tartferb ke IIFine Job Work a Specialty IF IT IS NEW YOU WILL FIND IT IN TilE REPUBLICAN Subscription 1 a HARTFORD OHIO COUNTY KY JrttIDAY AUGUST 17 1906 VOL XIX surplus is consumed and that we ONLY TWO DAYS agree to patronize such millers and merchants and demand of our mem bers to do the same and we urge all Called Session County Union other organized bodIes of labor to And The Long Awaited Tale buy flour made of said wheat Will be Told So Decrees On motion the following Commit ¬ tee consisting of two members from Buy Flour Only From Millers and each Magisterial district was ap- ¬ Who Will go to The Cave With us is Now The pointed to notify the millers mer Merchants Who Handle Ohio passage of chants and miners of the Question County Wheat the above resolution Hartford DistrictF W Pirtle In two more days the tell tale votes The called session of the County and W H Rhodes will all be in and who will go with Cromwell DistrictS T Williams TilE REPUBLICAN to the Mammoth Union A S of E met at Taylors Wednesday Aug and Warren Taylor Hall in Hartford Cave will be determined Boys in Sulphur Springs DistrictJ E most of the seven districts have 15th at 10 oclock a m with Presi dent Moreland in the the chair who Mitchell and Albert Cox manifested deep interest in the Fordsville District J J Smith contest Their efforts have been apstated the object of the meeting On motion the following Commit ¬ and S FI Whitely preciated and their success whatevBuford DIstrictrJohn P Foster er it may be will be known tomorrow tee on Resolutions was appointed Hon A B Tichenor EGAustin and Jack Millerafternoon at 5 oclock A grand rush Centertown strictAlney Tich is expected from now until the last E C Baird J T Miles L G Wel enor and W attTaylor bJer moment and the tide may yet change Rockport DistrictJ E Maddox in favor on CreThe following Committee of other candidates than dentials was appointed J L Mil- and J W Brown those in advance This committee met immediately ler John M Graham T F Tanner Who will go with us to the cave is after the body adjourned organized a question that a score of boys are R Hickey It DBaughn and G was ordered that the delegates be for their work and Will meet in patiently waiting to be answered Aug 25 to and it will be seated at the afternoon session The Hartford Saturday answered tomorrow 1 make report session then adjourned to meet at at 5 oclock p m The action In reference to our mil The standing of the various candi ¬ oclockAt afternoon meeting Presi ¬ lers and merchants was not taken in dates is as dent Moreland asked the body to en a spirit of emnity but to assist them NO1 dorse written permission for mem and furnish a home market for our Darrell Sullenger Hartford 241 hers of the order who live near the surpluswheat as against the cheaper Robert Davis Hartford 925 line of another county to pool their wheaLwhich is being sent here out ¬ Ernest M Coleman Beaver tobacco in another county if it is side the countyDam 90 Notwithstanding there were differ Godfrey Bean Hartford 70 most convenient DISTRICT No2 The Committee on Resolutions ences of opinion as to what was best through its Chairman lIon A B to be done on the wheat question Johnie Wallace Rosine 240 DISTRICT No3 Tichenor made the following report every delegate present pledged him 10 Whereas The A Sof E has al- self to stand firmly by the action of Roy Crawford Olaton 32 ways demanded a profitable price the majority and present a solid Bernice Neighbors Dundee Loyd Narrows 5 for all farm products Therefore front in whatever fight may be Palmer Midkiff Magan Herbert 7 we your committee would recom necessary to procure their equitable Elijah Daniel 96 following rightsA mend the adoption of the Albert Baughn 62 Upon the pool pledges resolutions DISTRICT No4 1 Resolved That all owners of for the 1906 tobacco crop showed a Roy Keown Fordsville 109 5 merchantable wheat which will test total hills pledged 8964223 un PeteTilforFordsville 4 Showing 80i Arthur Burdett Herbert 58 Ibs per bushel should hold for pledged 1726424 DISTRICT No5 per cent of the Ohio countycxup one dollar per bushel Talmage Davis Beda 102 That owners of already plf 2 Resolved Smith The meeting adjourned at 5 Jesso C ChamberlainNocreek 1210 wheat of unmerchantable quality Sherman 1887 should be allowed to exercise their oclock DISTRICT No6 own judgment and discretion in 10 John Morton Ceralvo marketing same Vig Morton Smallhous 60 REDISTRICTING ACT Resolved Ben Kimmejl Ceralvo That Whereas the 2 Frank KuykendallCentertown 4 marketing of our surplus grain has 138 always been upon a very ruinous And Gerrymander Declared In ¬ RoweCondlt Matanzas John Smith Ceralvo 50 basis for the farmers we recom DISTRICT No7 valid by Judge Gal ¬ mend and urge the organization of a Carroll Smith McHenry 295 Grain Growers Association to fix a lowayBrown McHenry 80 fair and equitable price for same 23 Orlett C Carter Rockport 14 Carl Davenport Cool Springs and make permanent arrangements Morgantown Ky Aug 15Ata Raymond FrancisRender 6 for marketing same upon an equit able basis and that our delegates to special term of the Butler Circuit Argued on Demurer the next State Union be instructed Court held here yesterday to try the Anderson against M S The case of C P Keown vs W S do what they may deem proper case of S A to Tinsley etc was argued before for the promotion of such an organ Ragland and others Judge J M ¬ Judge Galloway granted a prepetual in Birkhead Wednesday night A B TICHENOR ization junction enjoining the defendant as on demurer filed by defendants fo E C BAIRD chairman of the Republican county the petition United States District L G WELLER i committee of Ohio Butler and Ed Attorney DuRelle and Judge W H J T MILES monson from holding a primary Holt of Louisville were present to E G AUSTIN for the section of a candidate for present the case for the the plaintiff The report was received and on and the defendants were representmotion it was taken up by sec representative in the said county Smith composing the new legislative dis ed by Heavrin Barnett trict created by the new legislative This is the suit brought here to Constitutionality of the re ¬ were considerably divided upon the district under house house bill 216A test the persuo upon the Judgment was rendered dedlaring the cent act of the Legislature which best course to deprives Ohio county of a member wheat question and the resolutions act unconstitutional and an appeal was granted which will be prepared of the House of Representativeswere listened to with intense inter The whole question was argued at at once and filed for the coming Sep estUpon tember term of the Court of Ap length Judge Birkhead giving a being called upon President patient hearing and seeming very Moreland gave his views in a well pealsJudges Attorneys Du ¬ W M Holt and George much interested appreciat- ¬ timed speech which was DuRelle of Louisville were present Relle and Holt presented maps and ed by the delegates He took the showing that one voter of position that as the great wheat and represented the plaintiff and tables defendants were represented by N Spencer county has as much voice in sections were unorganized and sell ing the entire crop it would be un T Howard and G V Willis of this legislation as 7 in Ohio county un der this law They also showed that wise for Ohio county with her place in 12 Representative districts the drop in the bucket to undertake Remarkable Robbery populationexceeds that of 12 other to control the market After sever Probably one of the most remark districts over 300000 al speeches on each side of the ques able robberies ever reportedin these Judge Birkhead took the ease tintion a motion was made and carried limiting all speeches to five minutes parts occurred a few miles East of der advisement agreeing to give a Hartford a few days ago It was decision sometime next week After more than an hours warm and from the crossroads re orDD interesting discussion by such men Lawn Fete Schroader that the articles making as Alney Tichenor John P Foster And exhibitiondrlllwill be given up the unusual theft was taken Albert Cox E G Austin L G Welt by Company H 3rd Kentucky In ¬ ler and others the first section was which consisted of the following fantry on Court House Lawn Satur 150 yards of calico 40 yards of do The adopted by a vote of 31 to 37 40 packages of Arbuckles tiny evening August 18 1906 from other sections of the report being mestic Coffee 75 pounds of Sugar 60ppfincs 8 to 12 Refreshment will be served adopted practically unanamously dozen handkerchiefs and proceeds used for the benefit of of flour Alney Tichenor VicePresident two lands five pairs of jsljqes and then presented the following resolu- 20pounds of candytion which was adopted by a large Sargt E M WOODWARD > Com Corpl OTTO MARTIN majorityResolved Tborapsdri MosSand J Sargt That we demand our Plasterers and contractors satin OsCARFLENERCourt millers and merchants to use the Phohe29 or surplus of the Socities wheat in faction guaranteed Comth Vs > Wm Burgess the county and that alone until the leaver Dam Plaining Mill Co DOLLAR WHEAT ¬ I ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ WH ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ dI ¬ f 1 ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ encampr I ¬ ¬ I In cist visited friends relatives and his sweetheart in Ohio county last week Misses Annie Dunn and Lou Greenesales ladies with F Renfrow Thursdayfor Mrs Dr A B Riley went to Liv ermore Wednesday to visit her mother Mrs D L Johnson Messrs John Renfrew E G Kir andI Kuykendall ¬ ccontinued YearI No5 statement filed and stricken off AFTER 35 YEARS Josephine Layton vs Wm P Brown verdict of jury 14389 for defend ¬ Hopklnsvllle Girl WIIIWec1 ant C Lee Warden vs M H E Her Old Ohio Sweet ¬ R R Co continued for plaintiff Wm Warden Va M H ERR heart of jUry 500 W S Cove Allen vs Out Chinn dismissed Hopkinsville Ky Aug 14Miss Gib Hoover vii Westerfield Bros Harriet Dietraich of this city will verdict of jury 30 for plantiff be married tonight at Defiance 0 James Sullenger Vs G B Likens to Guildford Seward wealthy man administratorset forward to 11th ufacturer of Akron 0 The bride day Y L Moseley vs C D Brown Riley are going to Owensboro Friday s five Thirtyfive years ago the night to see Senator Tillman of couple planned to marry but on ac- South Carolina and incidentally to count of parental objections Miss hear him speak Mr and Mrs Jesse Bennett re ¬ Dietrich broke the engagement Since that time Mr Seward married turned Tuesday from a few days twice His first wife lived only a few months and the second Mrs feeling very kindly just now toward Seward twenty years of Bar ¬ Miss Dietrich has been teaching Mr and Mrs T LiLloyd The obligation is on school and was one of the most effi- ¬ retts Ferry cient teachers in the Hopkinsville the account of a birthday dinner high school Over a year ago Mr given to the former by the latter at Misses Annie Seward rendered his suit but his their home Sunday sweetheart had promised to remain Dunn and Lou Greene and Mrs in the public schools here during the Hirschof this place were also Uncle Billie 19056 term At the conclusion of guests of the occasion the session Miss Dietrich informed was sixtyfive Sunday and contrary the trustees that she would teach no to the usual order is growing young ¬ longer and went a few days ago to er insteadof older May he have her old home in Defiance 0 where many returns of the aaniversary of host of the long deferred ceremony will be his birth is the wish Griffin vs North America Accident Insurance Coverdict df jury 150 for plan tiff Haden Westerfield vs M H E R R Co passed A J Ad dington vs C L Warden contiuad D B Rhoades VII J Funk c same order S A James vs B K Jefferies cverdictof jury 190 for plaintiff L A Thomson vs CejUral Coal Iron Coverdict of Jury 500 for plaintiff Comth vs Wade Park charged withstealing chickens verdict of jury guilty and confinement in the penitentiary one year A H Ross and others trustees of Pond Run church vs Pi R Robison verdict of the jury for defendant countyMr followsDISTRICT ¬ rejectionit p1tbliu ft CAME NEAR DROWNING y 3f ofa performed tomorrow night by the friends Did Two Men in Creek Near aged minister who was to have mar RENDER aied the couple thirtyyears ago Fordsville Horse DrownAjug 14 Mrs R J Engleby Jr Miss Dietrich is a sister of Prof Charles H Dietrich who was the returned to her home in Herrin Ill ed first superintendent of the Hopkins ¬ last Wednesday after visiting Mr anoVMrflf JR J Engleby Sr for the ville public schoolFor pville Ky Aug 13Sunday past hrJIPweeks afternpon three buggies started sResolutions of Respect JW13aker went to Bardwell Whereas on July 15th 1906 the Supreme and Divine Ruler of this Geo Edmons was in Horse Branch being Ip the near buggy When the Universe in His infinite wisdom has party got a haw miles front town a seen fit to call from this lodeand lat Thursday Wm Burton Hartford was here heavy rain commenced to fall community into the presence of the they met Mr James Supreme of us all our dearly bel- lastThursday About Bupleft mining from Hartford with oved Brother Arthur G Moxley Hub Herrel Wysox was the guest one of Mr Sam Roberts livery rigs Therefore Be It Resolved of his brdther L E Herrel last Fri ¬ and Mr Clark and Miss Ford turned That by the death of Bro A G dayEdw back and followed the rig towards Moxley Shreve Local No 596 of the Jones went to Central City Fordsville When they reached the A S of E has lost a true good and last Friday creek near Gaines coal trestle the worthy Brother the community a Roy Stevens Centertown was stream was so high they helped Miss moral upright and noble citizen and l1relast Saturday Ford across the creek over the tres- his mother a kind and indulgent son tle and then Mr Clark crossed back Resolved That in behalf of each to the buggy and started to drive individual member of this lodge this Jast Saturday up the road a distance which was committee extend to the bereaved K J McKenney Louisville was flooded and ran some distance para- ¬ mother brothers and sisters the here last Saturday on business llel with the creek He had gone heartfelt sympathy of us all and F O Allen spent last Saturdays but a short distance when the horse that a page be set apart in our and Sunday in OIaton and buggy were washed into the record book of this lodge as a mem ¬ Messrs W H Sloan R M GWynn stream The horse was drowned orial and a copy of same furnished and Jno Hopkins went to Leichfieldi Mr Clark swam to a tree climbed the family and that they be publish ¬ last Sunday it and remained there for three and ed in the county papers and the Robert McDowell left for Ind last Sunday onehalf hours before he was res ¬ Owensboro Inquirercued Mr Burdettsucaeeded in get ¬ A J Stewart went to Horse C T WHITTINGHILL ting his horses loose from the surrey Branch last Sunday Rev Fred G Jones Drakesboro mounted one and got them out aft WALTER WALKER J filled his regular appointment here er the surrey was overturned by the water last Sunday at the Baptist church Death of Clayton R Stevens m Those who attended court in Hart ¬ Clayton R Stevens died at his Company ford from here yesterday were home at the Almshouse last Satpr ¬ Our local military company is day evening after lingering illness Messrs Simon JonesJohn S Spence working hard to get in shape for from a complication of diseases re- Judge L Francis Robert Simpson Sam Filmore and Jas Dean the encampment next week They sulting from typhoid fever A 0 Ross Echols was here yes ¬ will leave Beaver Dam next Tuesday Mr Stevens was born and reared evening at 930 over the C for in the Nocreek neighborhood but res- terdayDeputies They have been order ¬ Henderson Sheriff S A Bratcher ided near Centertown until last ed to march to Beaver Dam which spring when he was selected by the will give them their first experience Fiscal Court to keep the Almshouse in the soldiers tramp Capt De During the short time in which he moved his family to this place where Weese has been untiring in his ef had been in charge he gave every he is now engaged in teaching the forts to secure uniforms and equip- evidence that he would makeasplen- ¬ school He seems to be well liked ments for the boys and put them in did official to have charge of the by the patrons and scholars We position to make a creditable show ¬ unfortunate people in his care both wish him much success J A Reneer Centertown moved in kind treatment of the inmates ingLieutenants Midkiff and Keown and in looking his family to this place where he after the interest of have also given much of their Valua the county has acccepted the position as night ble time in drilling and training the Clayton Stevens was a true man engineer and watchman for the C C I Co young soldiers for service John in every sense of the word an up Taylor who has had several years right citizen and a loyal L A Thompson Edw Barrass friend ¬ training in military tactics at His remains were laid to rest Sun Ike Austin and Dr H B Innis at Louisville has also been very valua ¬ day tended court in Hartford today afternoon at the Carson cemetery ble to the company in drill work J R Cannon left today for Vicksin the presence of a large assemblage We all feel proud of Co Hr and of his old friends neighbors and burg Ind where he has accepted u position as blacksmith expect to hear nothing but good reports from its work at Henderson relativesRev A Bennett conducted ser next week Flood at Evansville vices at the grave f Evansville Ind Aug 14Arain NARROWS City Like storm this afternoon did damage in Messrs Cyrus Sharp and Jack Evansville to the extent of 100000 Down at Fordwille they have con ¬ crete sidewalks and a fellow feels Walker and Misses Verna Renfroiy The power house of the ° street car like he was stepping alongon Fourth and Rosa Shreve attended the Chau company was flooded and for two street in Louisville This is a splen ¬ tauqua at Owensboro Tuesday hours there ware no cars running A did improvement over the old plank Mr and Mrs RobertShultz Ms and muddy way and we congratu srs Virge and Bill Renfrow venjCto rush late the citizens of that town on Owensboro Tuesday to see Ha en foundations Lightning struck the fyg backsshow ti Vt Mr Albert Acton a Chicago char ing and did considera fewdays MrAlfred theg W Lantonj ComD ¬ I c mentIBreckenridge l todayI ¬ I ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ I I I porti I ¬ > lr- Iwor id tt4 1t 1 l > fv s I e Flt cr Y ki

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