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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, December 9, 1858

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

m? TV A ill . VOLUME. XV. t i. 1 ! " ' J DEMOCRAT. T ' : i LOUIS VILLEKENTIJCKTIKSDAY MORNING, DEC. 9, 1858. President's Message. NUMBER. 123 j haJ claimed double quantitr of Dublic lands der to accomplish this object, as I informed you to have been annoyed by a succession of irri directly to him 'at Havana, we are local jurisdiction; but tbe central government, versy- - This id our whole policy, and it for tne eappot of common sch(old which had in my last annual mesvtge, I appointed a new tiling and dangerous questions, threatening plaints to cat obliged ever been previously grantad to any Sute upmi governor instead of Brigharn Youi?, and other their friendly relations. This has partially at Madrid. present them through our Minister although rereated'y urged thereto, have made fail to be acceptable to other nation., " FrilmP cUizrM nf the. Senate no effort either to punish the authors of these A U these difficulties mi6ht be avoided, i entering the Union; and also the alternate sec- federal fn;ers to tako the place of those who. prevented the full development of those feeland of tlif Haute of Rrprtsentatioet: These are then referred back to the outrages or to prevem their recurrence. No consistently wita the good faith of Nicara.-When we compare the condition of the coun- tions of land tor twelve miles cn each side of consulting their own personal safety, had found ings of mutual friendship between the people for information, and much time is thua American cit:z?n can ' two rai lroads, proposed to be constructed from it necessary to withdraw from the territory. try at the present day with what it was one year of the two countries, so natural in themselves consumed in preliminary investigations and ful business, without now visit Mexico 00 law- the use of the transit could be thrown ope; competition, ao, at the meeting of Congm., we have the northern to the southern boundary, and To protect. these cwil officers, and to aid them and so conductive to their common interests. correspondence between .Madrid and Cuba, be- - person su-- property. imminentis daagsr to Lis general payment aproviding at the sama ; no adequate tor the Tiers of reasonaaie rate to the much respon for rutu,!e to that Almighty from the eastern to the western boundary of as a posse' comitates, in' the execution of tbe Any serious intmuptiou of tha commerce be- lore the Spanish Government wiil protection to either, and ia this respect our caxaguaa Government, on passengers consent Providence which has tever failed to icterpop? the State.' Congress, deeming these claims law3 in case of need, I ordered a detachment c f tween the United States and Great Britain proceed to negotiations. Many of the difficul-to treaty with that republic u almost a dead let- freight. j , for our relief, at the mostetitical periods of our unreasonable, provided, by the act of May 1, the army to accompany them to Utah. The would be equally injurious to both. Ia fact, ties between the two Governments would te ter. la Augvut, l;o2, the Accessory Transit Ce, to wnicn i nave ju?t referred, for the ad- necessity for adopting these measures is now no two nations have ever existed oa the face of obviated, and a long history. Ore year ago the sectional pttiie train of negotiations The state of affeirs was brought to a crisis pany Baaete its first icteroceaaio trip over the earth which could do each other so much avoided, if the Captain General were invested in May last by the tle North and tlie SeuLh', on the dan mission of the States, bat "upon th fundamen- demonstrated. promulgation of a decree Nicaraguan route, and continued ia success that a majority of the people tal condition On tho lS:h of September, 1S57, Governor good or so much harm. gerous subject of slavery, had again become with authority to settle questions of easy solu- levyin a con triba tion pr ' thereof, at an election to be held for that pur- Young issued Lis proclamation, iu the style of intense as to threaten tho peace and perpetuity Entertaining these sentiments, I am grati- tion on the spot, where ail the facts are fresh, cipiul lathe republic, betwrata nnoa all lKa operation, with great advantage to the pub: sen certain speci- untd thelttth February, Isod. when of the Confederacy. The application lor the pose, shoe Id, in place of the very large grants an independent sovereign, announcing his pur- fied to inform you that the long pending con- and could be pjomptly and satisfactorily ascer- fied amounts, whether held by Mexicans or closed, and the grant to this company, as w PBIVTFD AM) rrELIsntD BY admission of Kansas as a State into the L'n'.on, of public lands, which they had demanded un- pose to resist by force of arms the entry of the troversy between the two governments, In re- tained. foreigners. Mr. Forsyth, regarding this de- as. iu charter, were summarily and ar fostered this nnhappy agitation, and brought der the ordinance, accept euch grants as had United Stutes troops into our own Territory of lation to the question of and search, We have hitherto in vaia urged upon the cree in the light of " forced loan," formally trarily revoked by the government of Pr U tab. tij this he required all the forces, in the has been amicably adjusted. The claim on the Spanish government to confer this power upon protested against Its application to his the whole but ject once more before Congress been made to Missouri and other new States. Previous to this date, however, ia 1?V country- Rivas. Under this act, sbou'd a majority reject the Territory to " hold themsfclves ia readirssS to part of Great Britain, forcibly to visit AmeriIt was the de?ire of crery patriot that such the and our Minister to Spain men, and advised them not to pay the contri- serious disputes concerning the scttlem.' meaurts of legislation might be adopted a? proposition offered them, "it ehall be deemed march at a moment's notice to repel, any and can vessels on the high seas in time of peace, will again be instructed to urge this subject on bution, but to sufTjr it to be forcibly liKAPIXG 1ATTi:i OX VE2Y l'AGS. exacted. their accounts had arisen between nd held that the people of Kansas do net de- all such invasions," and e&tabliohed martial could not be sustained under the law of nations, their com would remove the escltcment from the Stales, notice. In this respect we occupy a difActing upon this advice, aa American elti-s- and the government, threatening the intend, sire admission into the Union with paid Con- law from its date throughout the Territory. and it Lad been overruled by her own most ferent position and confine to it the Territory wheru it legitifrom the' refused to pay the contribution, and his tioo of the route at any moment. j stitution under the conditions set forth in said These proved to bo no. idle threats. Forts eminent jurists. This question was recently Cuba is almost within 6ight powers of Europe. Much has been done, I arj mately belonged. THURSDAY DEC. 9, ItSU. of our shores ; our These the Uoited States in viia endeavor-thippy to bj, toward the accomplishment of proposition.' In that event, the act authorize Bridgcr and Supply were vacated and burnt brought to an issue by the repeated acts of commerce with it is far greater than that cf property waa seizdJ by armed xoeu to satisfy the amount, hot content with this, the govcompose. It woold be useless to narrate tj this object, Juricg the last senwion of Coagrts?". the people of the Territory to elect delegate? down by tho Mormons, to deprive our troops of British cruisers, in boarding and searching our any other nation, including Spain itself, and proceeded still further, and issued a various proceediEg3 which took place betw-- . Democratic ITestixfj. The Supreme Court of the Unitod States had to form a Constitution aud State Uovernment a shelter after their long and fatiguing march. merchant vessels iu the GuU of Mexico and ad our citizens are in habits of daily and extend- ernmentbanishing decree him from the country. Our the par: es, up tail the time wheo the trif The Democratic AsHooiation of the Third Ttviously decided that ali American citizecs for themselves, "whenever, and not beore, it Orders were issued by Daniel H. Wells, styling jacent feaa. These acta were the more inju ed personal intercourse with every part of the minister immediately notified them was Cisconrinued. Sudice it to sav that-- ' that if is ascertained by a census, duly and legally hini3clf " Lieutenant General, Nauvoo Le- rious and annoying, a3 these waters are island. It is, the refore, a great grievance that, decree should be carried into execution th.s February, and Tourta Wards will hold a meeting on Fri- have aa equl right to take iuto the TerritoLe Isil, it has remained closed, jrr that the population of said Territorj eqnal gion," to stampede the animals of tho United by a large portion of the commerce and when any difficulty occurs, no matter Low un- wou'd ries whatever is held us property under the law day evening, the 10:h insL, at seven o'clock, at of any of the States, and "the most tj tae ratio citizen of tha L' tj hold such proper- or exceeds theof the of representation required States troops on their march, to set fire to their navigation of tne United States, and their free important, which might be readily settled at decidedfeel it to bo bis duty to adopt the powers States. prejuuice oftime measures that belong to lbs? Red Men's Hall, corner of First and Jeffer- ty there under the guardianship of Smce that for a member Housd of Representatives trains ; to bum the grass and the whole coun- and unrestricted use is essential to the securiy the moment, tha competition ua the Federal w." shou'd be obliged to resort to and obligations of the representative between the rival routes of Panama an. son tre-trade between different Stitcs Madrid esnecially when the very first step to Notwithstanding this wam'ln, TW Democrats of the two Wards Constitution, so long aa the territorial condi- of the United States." The delegates thus try before them, ana on their flanks to keep of the coast-wis-e , the banishment Nicaragua, and. ia consequence thereof, a assembled shall first determine by a vote them from sleeping by and to of the Union. be taken there is to refer it btck to Cuba. sue earnestly requested to attend, as business tion bhall remuin. was enforced, and Mr. Forsyth promptly an- unjust a ad unreaBonabi aatouut haeeu ex Such vexations interruptions could not fail to Thi is now a position, and whether it is the wish of ths people of the pro- blockade the road by felling trees and destroyThe truth is that Cuba, in its existing colo- nounced to the government the suspension of importance will come before the meeting. the proceedings of the Iruit ses? ioa were alone posed Sute to be admitted into the Union at ing the fords of rivers, &.c. of acted from our citizens for to aa excite the feelings of the country, and to re- nial condition, is a source of injury and annoy- the political relations of hv legatioa withtheia fro nx Call ibrniv By order of the President. These orders were promptly and effectually quire the interposition of the government. ance to the American people. It is the only wantii:g to give it practical efTvct. The prin- that time, and, if so, shall proceed to form a until the pleasure cf LU own government w is signed" oa tin MsJi A treaty On the 4th of October, 1853, the s di? ot ciple has boeu recognized, in some form cr Constitution," and take all ncc?s.nry eteps for obeyed. Remonstrances were addressed to the British spot in the civilia-- world where the African should he ascertained. by tae establishment of a State Government in of S e an captured and burned on Green River government against those violations of oar slave trade is tolerited, aai we are bound by almort of by U" If Black Republicans in Indiana wish to other, that an Territoryunanimous votecome into the ice jC7eniment u;d net regard the contri- Minister of Mcaragu. uder th-- st conformity with the Federal Constitution." three ol our supply trains, consisting cf sev- rights of sovereignty, and a naval force was treaty with a has a right to lert successors to Bright and Fitcb, bj all the union either at a free or a slave State, ac After this Constitution shall havo been formed, enty fo wagons loaded with provisions and at the same time ordered to tho Cuban watcr3, foire on the Great Britain to maintain a naval bution imposed by thedecreo of the 15i May or winca the use and jrtev.: ,a of tbe J coaat of Africa, at much expense last to he, in strictness, a - forced lean," aud would have Ue ii t Congress, cairyine out the priaciples of Popa- - tents for the army, and carried away several with directions "to protect all vessels of tlie both of life and meer.s let them do it. It is to anybody but cording to tha will of a c?jority of its u the treasure, solely for the purpose as such prohibited by the tenth article of the route tw . hr,ve hundred animals. This diminished the supply United States on the high seas from search cr of arresting slavers bound ular Sovereignty and cr nations tuaeu oi.ifcc, nut '. themselves a harmless amusement. A prty The jut equity of all the States has thus been to that island. The treaty of between Great Britain and Mex- tlow ana on what pretcit left "the mode and manner of its approval or of provisions so that Geueral that bad any tact would not undertake such an vindicated, and a fruitful source of dangerou.-difKei- ratification by the peopie cf the proposed son was obliged materiallythe rations, andJohn- detention by the vessels of war of any other late serious difficulties between the Uiated ico, to the benefits of which American citizens 10 tae rat.acau-i- ireaj iaVrile. even nation." These raeasu'es received the unqualto reduce ion among them hs been ri'tnjved. State 9 and Great Britain respecting the right are entitled by treaty; yet the imposition of government will appear bj the prrs her exploit. Of coarse the Senate of the Ui.itej WLih-- gush ban bee-- the btneficia! tendncj States" to be "prescribed by law," snd thy with this precaution there was only sufficient ified and even enthusiastic approbation of the of search, now so happily terminated, could the contribution upon foreigners was communicated from the u:e Dvvt American people. States will not notice the new hopefuls from of your legislative proceediiga outsid-?oKan "shall then be admitted into the Union a3 a lelt to Eubs stth"! troops until the 1st of June. nfver Lave arisen if Cuba had not afforded a an and oppressive measure. 1 ae principal cbjcuoa seems Vj hae been Onr little and Most fortunately, however, no collision took marke t for slaves. our liigbbcrirg State. It would cot do to tas, tlitir infiuerice tag nowhere been so happy State under such Constitution thus fairly said encampment army behaved admirably in their internal factions ia other pvts of the Republic the proirioioa aataorizing tao United outes at Fort Bridger under there try- place, and the British government promptly as within that Territory itself. Left to manage legally made, with or without slavery, aj t As lorg as this market shall remain open, How the Senate of the United States to a employ force to keep the route oten, in cas-In tho midst of the moun- avowed its recognition of the principles of in- there can be no hope for tho civilization ot be- were at the same tiaie levying similar ing privations. and control its own afiuirs in its own wij, with- Constitution may prescribe." upon the property of our cit zena, and Icaragat should fad to perform her duty ifc its action in such a case, any more than out tbe pressure of external itflucnce, the revwas held throughout Kansas, in tains, ia a dreary, unsettled and inhaspitahle ternational law upon this subject, as laid down nighted Africa. An tleclian Whilst the si their commerce. Ther-- ha-- been tan respect. pursuance of the provisions ot this act, cn the region, more thaa a thousand miles from home, by the government o! tbe United States, in continues in Cnba, wars will demand for am-- ves it would do to allow a court of last report to re- olutionary Topeika orga rotation, and all bew:gej g aa entire failure oa th-- part of our Minister to Frora the feebleness of thai Republic, its 21 day of Augn?t last, and it retnltcd in the they passed the severe and inclement wtntor the note of the Secretary of S:ate to the Brit-i-- the petty and t) the territorial foverr.ment esUblishe-baibarou3 chiefs ia Africa, fur the secure redress for the wrongs which verse its own decision in the uame case ; other our citicharges of goveremea:, aad its constant witheuta mur i nt. ' They looked forward with by Congtos, fiaa:!y As rejection, by a large msjurity, of the proposi M'f.i.'ier at Washington, of lS5e, wie we should never know who were Senators, a natural cons-have beenthat fineaiiandancd. no tion submitted to th people by Congre.??. Tills confidence for relief from their conatry in due w hich Fecure the vessels of the April 111, States purpose of seiz'ng subjects to supply this trade. zens had endured, notwithstanding his perse- luteraai dl.thid had becorr.4 a most - queme Territery United In suc'i a condition cf affairs, ii is impossible vering efforts. important stipuiatioa, a. id one essentially neor what was a settlement of a litigated capo. appears to bo upon the high seas from visitation or search that the light of civilization and religion can and prosperous, and i? being the case, they are authorized to form season, and in this they were not disappointed. And fiom the temper manifested by the Mex- cessary, cot only fuc the securitv ot to admission Tho Secretary of War employed itll his en in time of peace, under any circumstances ever penetrate thwe dark abodes. rout. We question tie right of the Senate to re open atirttctibg increasing thousands ef cm'granU ta another constitution, preparat-orican Government, he had repeatedly iii to the Ul ion, Lat not until their number, as ergiea to forward the m the necessary supplies, of citixens whatever. The cla:ni has been abandoned in It has been m.d known to the world by tuy that no favorable change could be assured us but the sai'ety and American Pacific pa.ini anj 1f the C4e, if that body were eiip sed to do it. make it the ir happy home. expected repassing to frora our by a census, shall equal or excee d an i to nm-tand tend such a military force to a manner reflecting honor on the Biiiih gov- predecessors, that tee Uuited possessioas. The pst unfortunate experience of Kaner.a States have, on until the States should "gire striking Were such a stipulatioa embraced in a treaty 1 ft will be no cicdit to any party to engine in luu e nforced tlie lesson so oiten taugiit, ths ratio required to elect a member to the Utah as would render resistance on tlie part of ernment, aud evincing a just regard for tha several occasions, endeavored to acquire Cuvn evidence United of their will and power to protect betweea th United fcutcs and Nicaragua- House cf Representatives. Mormons hup less, and thus terminate the law of the nation??, and cannot fail to strengthen from Spain by honors hie negotiations. this business. It will be regarded by all the that resistance to lawful authority, under cur If this It is not probable, iu the present state of the war without the effusion cf bleed. In his efforts the amicable lelations between the two coun- wero accomplirhed, the last rtl.c of the African their citizens," and th it "severe chastening is knowledge of thu fact would of itself eaunot fail in the end tj nnd reflecting tnen as a nitre psrty form of ovtrnmc-ut, the only earthly for our grievances." prooab.y pre v eat hosule parties from commit case, that a third constitution can be lawfully he'was efficiently sustained by Congress. They tries. Had the Slave trade vcv.ll is'autly disappear. We From this to agitate a querion, for the prove diatnu to iu authors. obeoiertCd topeo- f.Hiued and presented to Congress by Kacsap, granted tppropriations sutfirient to cover the ple of the Territory j itl Jed The B itish Government at the same time would not if we could acq aire Cuba ia auy been worse suieiaent toof ticl;, it would have ting aggTtesious oa the route, and render oui thaa idle direct Mr. Forsvth to actual iaterference for iu protectioa unneces mere purpose of agitation. Such policy will its population shail have reached the de- thus necessarily created, aud also propo-e- s to the United States that some mode other manner. enacted by their Legislature, it would a! This is cluo national retrace his step9 ftn j resume ciialomktic rela sary. signated number. Nor is it to be presumed provided for raising two regiments of volun- should be adopted by mutual araangement be- character. All the Territory to ocr we not ; it will dwnage iu authors. If the the present moment have a lar which lave tions with that government; aud it W4S, there- . The Executive Government of this country atter their sad experience in resisting the teers, for thi purpose of quelling disturbances tween the effa-tivwithout being ert'ensive, for acquired since the origin of toe government, fore, deemed proper t saner ion his opposition, therefore, wih to the additional fopulation of iudustrous and eu that, withdraal in its intercourse wita natioati, is linn- teri.rifciiig ciliccs. who have been deterred territorial laws, they will attempt to adopt a in the Territory of Utih, for the protection oi verifying the nationality of vessels suspected has been by fair purchase from France, Spain of tbe Kgvj-from the city of Mexico. iL.loif, let them forthwith get frbout it, a:id rrora tea to ue employraont 0. . i;Iomacy alone. enteiirg its borders by the existence of constitution in express violation of an act oi supply and emigrant trains, and the suppression on good grounds of carrying false colors. They and Mexico, or by the freo and voluntary act Abundant cause now urnloubtcfdly exists for It caa not iegiiimately rtsoJ I force, without 1 r.'57, ranch have it over, and etjoy all it be nefits as soon civil strife and organized rebellion. Corgrcss. During the session of of Indian hostilities on the frontiers. Happily have also invited tho Uuited States to take the of tbe independent State of Texas, in blending a resort to against as possible. It was the rcsisunce to rightful authority, ol the time of Congress was occupied on the there wes no occasion to call these regiments initiative, and propose measures for this pur her destinies with cur own. This course we still holding hosti.ihes of the the fovernruent tha direct authority of CoDiXl, except in repossession capital. Should sisting and repelling hostile av.acks. It would question cf admitting Kansas under the To iuto service. If there had been, I should have pose shall ever pursue, unless circumstances should itey succeed The State has a remedy id lime, if her people and the pereeveiing attempts to establish a re v peka Constitution. ia subduing constitutional GraaaJa, expresoly guartntee the neutrality Again, nearly the whale felt serious embarrassment ia selecting them, vVLiIst declining to assume so grave a re- oecur, which we do not anticipate, olutionary government under tlie Towka Con- rendering a forces, all reasonable hope w ill then have ex- have no authority to enter the Territories of 3es.r a remedy. It is well known that when of sututiou, wnich caiiio3the people of Kansas to of the last session was devoted to the quefction so great waa the number of our brave and pa- sponsibility, the Secretary e.f State bas in- departure btm it clearly justifiable, nrder the pired of a peacelal settlement of our dinicul- - Nicaragua, evea to preven; the destruction of LVghtaud Fitch were fleeted, they were the commit the grave error of reius:nr to vote f Mf v - . .J wujirnivu uuui kill; M.s.KJ ill i wurvi triotic citizers anxious to eeive their country formed the Brilish Government that wo are imperative atd overruling law of ties. the transit, and protect tho lives and property tu tion. Surely it is not unreasonable to require iu this distant aud &pj.arcntly dangerous expe ready to receive tny pris-ilwhich they choice of a decided majority of the members dele gate to the convention t- frame, a codMi On the other hand, should the constitutional of our own eitizets oa their passage. It ht the people ot Kansas to wait before making a d lion. Thus it has es,er been, and thus may may feel disposed to cftVr having this olject a law not eie.iiioj to bo fair The Island of Cuba, from its fgrsthlcal party prevail, and their au elected to the House and Senate ; that is i.t tion, bo estabtrue, that ot a suJica eraerg-iiwof teis iu view, and to consider them iu an amicable position, commands the mouth of the Mis, ia lished over iu its provi&ious. This refusal to vote Las been third attempt, until the number of their iuhabi it ever be. the republic, there is rca.oj bo hose tha PresL'eat would direct any aimed denied. After a hot content, they were Th wiselom and economy of sending sufli spirit. the proiitn soure-- ol all tnc evils which have tants shall amount to ninety three thousand sipji, and the immense and annually iucreas- - that they will be animated by a less ui nieud'.y force kith vicinity to inarch to. their relief; by a majority, and voted for by a ma- folic wed. Iu cient reinforcements to Utah, arc established, A strong opinion is, however, expressed that in;; iraue, toreign bjki coast is?, hostility to the trriloiial tour hundred aud twenty. troai During this brief period the harmony of tbe not only by the events, but in the ot.inion ol the occasional Rbus? of the flag cf any nation vfl'.ej of that noble river, now embracing tfce ppirit, and may grant that redress to Ani'ric.ta but ia doing this he would act upon Lis owa jority. The ciJV is, was Ibis choice government, thev iliregwded the principle, :e a th. respotvibiJiiy. States, as well as the great busicieas interests those who, from their petition and opportuni- is an evil far less to be deprecate d than would the sovereign States of the Union. Wita half citizens which ii.uice reuaircs. so olutely esseutiaJ t- the working of our form of that may possess the means. form ? The lack of form was made in Under these circnm?t icces, I earnestly gov eminent, that a majority ed those w ho vote of the country, clomind tliat the people of the ties, are the most capable oi forming a correct be the esiabhidaae&t of ary regulations which rind- - the d a distant foreign But for this expectation, L should at once to Coc.'-- s thj passage of an a?t the fault of the Biack Republican party. They tot the majority who may rem:un at bom?, Union shall not for the third time be convulsed judgment. General Johnston, the commnnder ni ght bo iiicompati lc with the freedom of the power, the tridf, of vital iinportuice to these have recomaien led to to "rant tha the Pr""nder sueb restrictionsi of the forces, in addressing the Secretary ol seas. Lad a vmill majoriry i the Senate, and fac- from whatever cause must decide the result o by another agitation on the Kansas question States, is exposed to the danger of beirg de- neceseary power to the President to take ,' to emrloy they may as the land Hy waiting for a Ehort time, This government Las yet received no com- stroyed in time of war, md it has hitherto tious refused to go into a joint convention, at an election- - For this reason, seeking to Ute dienec to law, Kansas will and acting in ote Wsr from Fort Bridger, under date cf October of a si.ffLitnt portion, of th remote and naval lor . 'aite-States in preglide into the Union 19, 11)7, expresses the opiniou that uuless a munication specifying in the manner in which been exposed to perpetual irjury and annoyadvantage of their own e.ror, they denied the anl unsettled territory of Mexico, to be he'd in venting the a time L a it was necessary to (Ject Senators, authority of the convention thus elected to without the slightest impediment. being obstructed or large force is sent there, from the nature ol the BiLiah Government would propose to cirr ance in time of peace. Our reT.4fic.n3 with pledge until our ir juries be redress d and closed sy lawless violence, and ia protecting or leave the Sute urn epresentc-This excellent provision, which Congress has ibo country, a pnMrs.ctcd war on their (the oeitthrir suggestion; and lam inclined to be- Spain, which ought to be of the most friendly our rntirtrly in frame a constitution. just demands satisfied. We already the lives and property of American citizens The Cenver:tion, notwithstanding, proceeded applied to Kansas, ought to be extended and Mormons) part is inevitable. This he con- lieve tht no plan which can be devised will he character, must aUays be placed ia jeopardy, exhausted every milder means have the Senate of the United Sutea. -;. u at the jame time thai Still I shall whilst the existing colonial government over justice. In such a thU rr. Senate of the United States, after having to adopt & constitution unexceptionable in iu rendered applicable to all Territories which may sidered necessary to terminate the war "speed- free ironi grave embarrassments. The the momer" hereafter seek admissiou into the Union. ily and more economically thaa if attempted form no decided opinion on the subject until I trie inland snail remain in itn prrsent oendi- - lis recognized general feeturos, and providing tlr the rubrnis- by the l.v of examined the cae, In viex of til the fact?, de eien of the s'averv onestinn Without While Congress possesses the undoubted by insufficient means." shall Lave Carefully, and ia the best enirit, ex- tion. a voto of the just ia itscif, but aa a cj-- Ia the mean lime, it was my anxious desire amined any proposals which they may think rided thfet the elation was Talid, and Messrs. people, which, in my opinion, thej were bo'itd power of admitting a new State into the Union, Whilst the possession of the Is?an-- would be tun war. to do, under the Kansas and Nebraska Act. howe ver small may be the number of its inhab- thut the Mormons should yield obcdlonce to proper to make. 1 can imai-:iiBright rdu Huh cnt'titrd tj their aoeU. of vast importance to the United Stetea. the I am truly sorry I cannot also inform you that value of Spain is, comparatively, which had itants, yet this power ought not, in my opinion, tho constitution aud tha laws, without renderTliis was the question Ptimoortant. eibw a Vi The Blitck I'cpuUlictn msjtity, at this bite i alune convulsed thes to be exercised before the population shall ing it necessary to resort to military f'rev. To the c.)iupiicatiirina .be.teeu Great Britsin and bncj was trie s Territory ; and vet of the parti cj dty hsvir; git a nocidenUl majority tl ?ct j ain'jutit to the ratio required by the act for tbe aid iu accomplishing the result I deemed it advis- tlie United States, arising out of the Ciaytou when the great relative position of UiC lawful goreruaient, XapoK-otraiiaicrrcd Loui". J Had this been previous able in April last to dispatch two distinguishand Bulwer Treaty of April, 1ST0, have been to tii Uuited SUUs., a,s first error, refrair:t-- from xreLsing the ir admission of Vnatcrs t !h ir feclecth'-- , nnd b&j to the of the United States, Messrs. finally aeljusted. slavery should ly the rule, the country would have escaped all ed citiiz-Miol nation il honor and inter- -' Senate: ' We, the UertcUlicaa inj&rity at' rig!it to vot, and preferred At the omrnrncrmrnt of ycur Inst sf ssion I r perstn throughout the continue, ratner thaa surrender their rcvcla the evils and misiortimH to which it lias been Powell and McCuilock, to Utah. They lure and faction? j tiouary Topcka ergani.a ion. picjient, by cisotdcHy, expo e;i by the Kari.-n- s quosfnu. with them a proclamation, addressed to myt-lhad reawjn to hr pe that, ercancip.iticg thembiane to him for ai Of course, it would Lc ui just to tire this ruV to the inhabitants of Utah, dated on the sixth selves from further unavailing discussions, the; alent for the sum?, aa we think, the lirocrcdiiijps, Lvi! A wiser and better spirit seemed to prevail sjf bcJore the first Mondiy of January last, wher.a retrorpsctive application, atid exclude- a Sute day bf that month, warning them of their true two governments would proceed to settle the voice of the pxrie of Indiana, two years tgo, The publicity f h, ae.Mpg rpou the past practice of the condition, ar d how hopidcvs it was on their Cei tral American questions ia a practical m an election was h leld under the consti'uii in. A former iK goti '.t: by v uial'.nj th furra of eiprcfiion, have has already iorme-- its coi.stitu-tiou- , part to perMst in rebellion against the United n!ike honorable and satisfactory to both, large msjorftycf the people then voted loratijv availed of oar opporttinit'es, and no en'.r and other State tleced iu Legislature and other officers, States, and offering b11 these who should sub- and this hop? I have not yet abandoned. In my eiljet thf for a member ol mit to the laws a full pardon for their past se- las' enter the Union. your action, and Congrc?, an j members of the SUte L.g'rl.a- - and is low prepared dcciuxi thit you b Wid rtv ,v ?rited that overtures had bcei. making rl 'I l.wrule ought to bo adopted, whether we ditious and transgrcsions. m vie by the Uritish Government for this prr- by C'. v th" "Ll of our raeoaiiiy at the time tun . i in tiecr'ou was wartnlv At the same time I assured those who shot '"! p .se, in a fri'Hi.llv spirit, which I cordially re- ' two political p;trtio3 ia Kan-s.atd a coi eider its bearing on the r eoplc of the!ijod " ciprocA-"edgreater vote was poli d t!sn at any previous tories or upju the people of the existing States. persist in rebellion against the United as it ir- -i - .vi s ;rr i.rr ratified that thty trioc!J.n. A large m. j irity ef the rcerriliers ol Many of viie serious elissensioni which have that they must expect no further lenity, but Their proposal w; to withdraw those qa I prevailed in Congress f.:.d throughout tSe look to be rigorously deal: with, according to t!. e 1l froi'i direct r gr ttation between the two elect bcloiijicd b that p uty 'r'jn a Q'iction of the which had prcviouy refused to vote. The country, would have been avoided had this rule their deserts. Tbe instructions to these agents,, but to accomplish ti e same ob U rj, eu!,; :i vrj ,i.! J be much dinned slavery party were thus placed in the as- been established at an earlier period of tbe as well a3 a copy of the proclamation, and the ject by a nvgotiatioa tb? British Gov'' to it j i 'i ib , : .", if t'' cy hi-- the pewer. anti i:.V..l- - f ug:.t to trans" repcrt, are herewith submitted. It will be ernmcnt and each cf the Central Amer'ey" ' cendant, anj the political power of the Ciate government. iT5rnmei.ts of closed bag: the miiu But we do InimcuiaU'-lIm1..'c t:. power cxi.-tiIt was in their own bands. upon thn f of a new seen by ihese reports e.f the 3d ed" July last, publics whose territoiial interest aro im ; aa-are iatinded lor distributoia the . of tho X- .- KaV'i'? into the Territory, people from tlillerent States and for- that they have sadly would ba a LJ precedent, that the country the opinion e x- ately involved. Had Cjiiess admitb-.t of iu c.m by the Ia Jiar.s. coarmuaicatlou; also, the effects ol the United CAristitution, the eign countries rush into it for the laudable pur- pressed by Gen. Johnston on the previous OcThe settlement waa to be ma le it; a.ccJ" S;aU.-would not justify ; and the party that advo- Uakn ui:0U;r th? the Government and i's cit'zms which may M5 not the power, i' t:oy Their first tober, as to the necefsitf of sending reintorce-ment- s with the general tenor of thy i ttrtu, firct sepsiou, have pose of imprcviig their condition. Legislature m'ght, ti .ven to restrain lawlets Meiiev. from be intended for transit. nl wot i)U;K.,ri cates, cr expects Fuch action oa the part f th submitted the question Iiit very cut there. placod upon the Clayton and Bulw ar tre- v Tr a tutt ef the people duty to themselves is to open and cultivate the borders and conamit.iii d prti on the Isthmus, free of custom-hous' and other Senate, will only eppear the country as a whether thev would or would not have & con firms, to construct to establish schools, It &!..o affords ms great satisfaction to state the Uoivcd States, with certain niodifidf""'""- - " a our remote charges by the Mexican Government. trt-jplace cf religious worship and to eie- - that Govtmcr Cummir.g Las performed Lis duty As negotiations are sttll pending upo factious, rcckle? dies of pitician, not fit to vention to suitnd the cni.Kti! u' ion, ciJicr oa .te of aaarchv and violence prevails Thesetreato stipulations wi.h New Graaad vote their that distant frontier. Thi law s are and Mexico, ia be trubled wiih public ofiicos ; ready to wia, if the alarcry cr any o.htr epiestion, and have j wilderness coetgics ge nerally to reclaim the in aa able r.r-- conciliatory manner, and witn sis, it would not be proper fur me rloj to the considerations! and to lay the foundation of a the happu st til'tct. I cannot, in this connection, municatc their present condition. adopted ail nece.-mrfor giving spei dy A u. letter, and life and property are wholly appl'.cyblj to the Nicaragat route, seem to rw.Hiuie, without re;rrd t the liieans. refrain he in mcLtioulng the vtluible services tltment of these questions is gre" the wiilof the majority. Thus the ishh;g uid prosperous commonwealth, For this reason the settlement ot legiolitioa lor the purpose of carry in The po; tbn of Bright and Fitch, on the If m this incipient condition, with a popu of Col Thotna3 Kane, who, from question ol desired, as this would wipe out the Ltf h ue been immediately and is arrested, while it is of trreai them into effect. latiqn of a few thousand, they should piema- - pure bf Luvolcnet, and without uiiy official char- iitgsu'ject of dispute between the qution, we do not approve. Tl:ey hnally settled. t chain cf inh ibitant? should extend Thj Injuries which have been intllfi.! nnnn I submi'tcd to turcly enter the Union, they arc oppressed by acter or pecuniary compensatieu, visited Uiah tries. rnder these eircutr-tancr""jfti southern border, Sufficient lor thtir J our citizens ia Costa Rici and Nlcaaagua, dur-are not mn we phould chooa if we were a during tho last inclement winter, for tho purCongress the constitution thus framed, with ail the burden of State taxation, and the Our relations with the great empires of I L tica and thit of tb U:;ifed Sttes "u.g the last two three years, havereceived r.iCz.a of that Sute ; but that is not the point. the olUcors already elected nec esMry to put the necessary for the improvement of the Teriito pose of contributing to the pacifievtion of thw and Russia, as Kill na with other governtua sirg to and from ell the iroaiot attention of this r.ven. :nn s,m t. TLcy were the choice of the State of Indiana, State government in txration, accomtwenicd ry and the of their own interests Territory. on the continent of Europe, exc-pthat Sr. .1 apprehensions are entert4Uiol th U of these icj unes were ol the moot agTvia ted 1 am happy to inform you that the Governor Spain, continue to be to very ehllcreut purpo.ies. of the most friendly! at the time of their election ; and they have bv a strong recommendation iu favor of tht are tnus oivertcaGovcrrjmnt .l:a3 and wanderir.g .viex cats, equally character. admissi-oThe Federal has ever been a and other civil (.facers of Utah are now per- character. of Kansas as a State. In the course rft .S may bree.k up the imptwtaat stag-a:.d The traasactioLS at Virgin Bay in April, ieea ton rmtd in their scats by the tribunal of of my wr forming their appropriate functions without; pubiie lik I have never performed liberal parent to .he Tenitories. and a geneSpain, our relations remain in an un- nn.itii With Vramunit-itio- n long rccen'ty e3iabllshel be- - 1;5, whoa a company of unarmed Americans, ast resort ja eu-a ciee ; and the deciiou any official act, which, ia Lac retrospect, has rous contributor to the useful enterprises of the 'Ihe authority of the constitution ad satisfactory condition. Jn my message .?ur Atlantic and Poetic posoCarions. who were ia no wav ccnneete.1 witn hL afforded me more heartfelt, satisfaction. Its early settlers. It Las paid the expeises of tae lav.s Las been fully restored, and pece pre- December last, Iinfoimedyou that your- cannut lie ret tr.ed. vVses very near to the M; xlc ia b'.unda- - ligcrtnt conduct cr p txty, were fired upon by admisriun could have inii.cted no possible in- their governments ai d Legislative assemblies vails throughout tho Territory. Extraordinary and Minister PlenipoV 4roughout tho whole Jeugth of Ariz laa. th troops of CsU Rica, and cumbers of thenx A of the troeps scut to Utah are now Madrid had asked for bis recall; at. e and thus relieved jury on any human being, whil it would with- out cf the ccmniou wri'l l.a killed and wounded, w is brought to the knowl Tint itil i'ri thit tOii mii.n?-E F. "Waide, f Oldham Ccutty. Kau- - them from a hevy phargc A:J ia a friendly spirit by the encamped in Cedar Valley, fortv four miles purpose to send out a new Mil-?gorfnsieu edge of Cor.grej by my predecessor soon atter This gentleman l as been mentioned as a in sa brief priod, have restored 4 ace to tae&i; and harmony to the Union. In that event, nothing can be southwest of Salt Lake City, and the remain- Court, with special instructions o people of Chiuuihua and Soaori, as it will its occurrence, and ww also presented to th cuiuble man lor the ofiioe of Register of the the slavery question would ere this hnve been better calculated to retard their material der have been ordered to Oregon, to fcuppiess tions between the two Governmcu;.-J,. 0 equally effectual Sot tho pr::ct,iou of government of Costa Rica, for that immediata Land Ofh'cc. It isnot at all likely that he will settled, according to the legally express grcps tluu to divert them from their useful em-e- l Injian a determination to have them ci.izeus oa that remote aad la less Iroa-:- iavestigaoa and redress which the nature of f The march of the army through Salt Lake amicably Rrjustod.if that were possible. L will of a majority of the voters, and prpular plaj meats, by prematurely exciting augry as f.r cllist.s cf tbe Ucijcd States. eleetiotiec r for the place, or Uke any trouble the case demanded. A similar course was purcontests anong themclvs for tlie bene-- City, through the Indian Territory, hashed a purpose has been huiui to defeated, by cau. would thus Lave bi?ea vindicated iu And, iu this perruU nit? t recall sued with reference to other outrages in thew to make b;aielf more generally known. He fit of aspiring leaders. It is surely no hardship powerful effect ia restraining the hostile feel which I ueeti uot enumerate. coLstituti iuJ mauler. .,'ijour attention to i,s ii. s ior me success of Arizicia countries, soiae of which wero hardly less agis a lie fxgau an apprentice Wi'S my deep convictions of duty, I could ior ecahryo Governors, Senators and members ings against the United States, which existed The mission to Spain bus been intrusted to a;.d uave indulged tne hope tiw'i..'!;'..! at The populatioa of that Territory numbering, gravated ia their character thaa the transacto a trade ia th's city, and worked bis way five have pursued co other course. It is true that, of Congress, to wait ucU the number of in-- among tho Indiana in that regioc, and in se a distinguished citizen of Kentucky, who will last, after all the trials, enjoy peace and pros- as is alleged, more than tea thousaa souls,are tion at V'irg'a Bay. Congres- curing emigrants of the ar West against then proceed to Madrid without delay, nnd make perity nnd-- a free and stable government. opinion, habitants shall equal tho- e of a practically wkhoat a government, without liws At the time, however, that oar present minyears as an apprentice and journeyman. He as an individual, 1 had expressed sional district. The-- furcly ought not to be depredatious. This wiil also be the means oi another and a final attempt to obtain justice conboth before and d urii.g the session We have never hitherto interfered, directly and witrtf.-uany regular admiirstration of jus- ister to Nicaraus. was appointed, in December, made enough to attend school, and 6tuJy law. vention, in faFor of subntittiag ihe of the remaining permitted to rush iuto tha Union, with a popu- establishing military posts End promoting set from that Government. or iu directly, w ith its internal affairs, and it is tice. Murder and other crimes are ccmaait el Iao7, no redress had beea obtained for say of II was adt.iitt.'d to practice with high credit. clauses of tlie constiiution, as well aa that lation l'.sss thaa one half of several cf the tlements along the route. Spanish officials, under the direct control of a duty which we owe to ourselve?io protect with impuaity. Tnls state of things calls liul-l- these wrongs, aud no reply evea had beea reI recommend that the benefits of our land l slavery, to the people. But, acting in largest couutici iu she interior of some of the proved Liznsclf an able and reliable at- - i the for redress; ahd I therf rw repeat rav re- - ceived to the demands which had been mule of Cuba, Live insulted the integrity of its territory agiinst Ihy.osile huStates. This waa tlie coLditu n of Kansas when laws and an o"ieiai character, neither myself nor any system be extended to our national fiag, and in repeated Instances iuierierenc-01 any oiner pewer. vac fteocrwc eomiBemiatiou for the establishment of a Tu by this Government upon that ol Costa Ric torney. man authority had the power to rejudge the it m.ide application to be admitted under the tho pe ople of Utah, by the establishment of a nave, frosi time to time inakrted injuries oa pb'ical posiiion, our direct interest in all torial (iovernment over Ariz-more a year oeiore. uur minister was int. Jr. Waide lias always been an active Demoroceodii'g8 of tbe coveritlon, and declare the Topc-Constitution. Besides, it requires land cmee in that 1 emtory. Mexico, and our persona and prope rty of our citizens. Tbe-concerns e politietl condition of tbe narrow isthmas structed, therefore, to lose no tima- in express the pobcv f I have occasion also to congratulate you on have given birth to numerous claims against in regard to tee North American continent, ot Ckiitral America thro'i-'crat, tut not an offensive partisan. His ser- constitution which it had framed a nullity. To seiioe time to render th mass of a population transit ing to taose governments tai deep regret ILh tho Spanish government, the merits cf which render this an indispe nsible dutt , routes and have lone this would have been a violation of collected ia a ik w Territory at all hetrogene-ous- , the result of our negotiations with China. between the Atlantic aad Pacific which the President ha.1 witaesd thi inAtrn. vices were invited in tha canvass of arid wo unite them on anvth'ng like a fixed Yoa were informed by the last annual mes have bceu ably discussed for a series of years the Kausas a.vl Mcbraska act, which left the Mexico has been in a state of constant revoooeans, pteaents a subj ;ct of devp interest to all tion to the iust cltims of the Uuited States. iven wlii effect. He wxs appoiute-- as.sitant peoplo of UiC Territory pOift'etly free to form policy. EstublUh the' rule," and all will look sage that our minister had been instructed to by our successive diplomatic represcntatives- lution almost ever sinco it achieved its inde- commercial nations. It isj over these transits and ia demanding their nromrA and atit- for tliis ili.strict, in 1 ".'fi, and none ma-land regulate their domestic iusti'.utions in the ir forward to it and govern themselves. occupy a neutral portion in the hostilities Notwithstindingthis, we have not arrived at pendence. One military l.- ader alter another liiat a large pmprtioa ot the trade and travel tor adjustment. But justice to the people of tbe scroral conducted by Great Britaia and r ranee ngamst a practical result in any single instance, unless has usurped tlie government ia rapid succes- between tne Kuropeaa and Asiatic eoatiaents The ofu way, sutject only to the Constitution of more influential aul effective Unl-- s this dem tad shall be complied with States requires that this rule shon'd be estab- Canton. lie was, however, at the same time we may except tlie case of the Black Warrior sion, and the various constitutions, from time is destined to p?js. To tho United States at aa early ci ty, it will only remain for thU strict iutegrity and h'gh moral touc of Mr. the United State. would eq ial!y Lave violated the great lished by Congress. to It cordially with the British and under the late Administration : and that pre- to time adopted, hare been set at naught al- theseYoutes are of incalculable importance, as Government to adopt such measures as may be Each S ate is entitled to that all can ap principle Waide five hirn an of jsopul tr sovereignty, at the founda- two Senators and at least one Representative French ministers, in all peireeful measures to sented an outrage of such a character as would most as soon as they were proclaimed. The a means or communication between their Asi- necessary, ia order to obtain for itself that juspreciate. Should the people of the States secure by treaty those jost concessions to for- have justified an immediate resort to war. All successive government have afforded no ade atic and Pacific possesoioiis. The latter cow tice which it has la vain attempted to secure tion of our institutions, to deprive the people ii Congress. We have thovght it due to Mr. V. to state of the jxiwer, if they thought proper to exer- fail to elect aVice Presidant, the power devolves eign commerce which thes nations of the w ot ld our attempts to obtain redress have been batHed quata protection either to Mexican citizens or extends throughout seventeen degrees of lati- by peaceful mean) from tha governments of the Senate ta elect this officer from the demand. It was iinpossiblo for me to proceed and defeated. The frequent and Kueigh residents against lawless violence. tude oa iLe Picitfr coast, eebracing the im- Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Waile it has shown thus much, that our readeTS may kaow some cise it, of corSd'r to delegates elected by upon highest themselves the tUft of framing a constitution, two r.ieiiJate3 on the lift. In case of further than this, on my own authority, with- cihaDgcs in the Spanish miiiistrylhave been tm Heretofore a se;zure of the cepital by a mili- portant Stati of California and the douiishing and wilt continue ta show, tho mot sincere retiling of him, flnuld his iiam? come befeire the without requiring them to w.bject their con- tae death of the President, the Vice President out usurping the loy-:- d power, which, aa reasons for delay. We Lave been tary chieftain has been generally followed by at lerri tones of Oregon and ttshinaton. gard for the rights and honor of those repubCjnveutlon on the eighth- - Without dispar- stituents to the trouble, expense and delay of thus elected by the Senate becomes President under the Constitution, belongs exclusively to compelled to wait, again and again, until the leant the nominal submission of the country to All commercial nations, t; Kttore, have a lics, it cannot pe rmit this regtrd to bo met by tho United States. Oa ail questions of of Congress. new minister shall have had time to lu,esti-gat- e his rule for a brief period, but not so at tlie deep and direct interest that tLile coaioiunica- - an utter neglect on their part of what is dua of any other, we may safely a second election. It woall have been in aging the Besides, after a careful examination of the the Senators from the smallest Slates present crisis of Mexican affairs. to maty precedents iu our history, the justice of our demands. tions shall be rendered secure from iaterrup- - to the Government aad citlzeaa of the United my that one ure competent and reliable than iu the very best ege of the repub- of the Uuion have an equal vote with those nature and extent of our grievances, I did not commenci"g Even what have been denominated the "CuA civil war has been raging for some time tiOT.S. States. Mr. W. for the ofik-- iu connection with which lic, of tlie admirtriioti of Territories as States from the largest. believe they were of such a pressing and ag- ban claims," in which more thaa a hundred of throughout the Republic, which has endeavored II aa arra of the sea, connecting the two Ag uist New Granada wa Lave long standLm name has bcn mentioned, could not well into the Union, without a previous vote of the The same may be said in regard to the gravated character as would havo justified our citizens are directly iuterested, havs fur to subvert the constitution last framed by mili- oceans, penetrated through Nicartgua aod Costa ing causes of complaint, arising out of the peopls approving their con slit utioiiS. of treaties and ol Executive apf oint- Congress ia declaring war against the Chinese nished no exception. These claims were for tary power, and those who maintain the author- Kica, H would not be pretended that these claims of oar citiz?cs upoa that rebe found arywherc. II this has worked admirably ments. It is to be lamented that a question so by empire, without fhst making another honest at- the refunding ot duties unjustly exacted from ity of that cont tution. The antagonist par- Stated would have the right to arrest or retard public, aal to these have Bre recently when viewed in its practical effects on practice, while it conforms in principle with the tempt to acjust them by peaceful negotiations. American vessels at dill'erut Custom, houses ties each hold possession of different States of its navigation, to the h jury of other nations ad led tho outrage coTiraitteJ upon our citiE7 The Legislature of Iudiana Las so far the people of Kanss, whether decided one way character of a government instituted by sov- I was the more inclined to this opinion, be- ia Cuba, so long ago as 1843. The principles the Republic, and the fortunes of the war are The transit by Ltd over ibis aarrow isU.aius zens at Panama La lsib. A treaty for ths ad succeeded admirably In dhig nothing which or tha ether, ehouid have kindled such a Himc ereign States. I presume no American citizen cause of the eevcre . chastise ment which had upon which they re4 are so manifestly constantly changing. occupies nearly the same position. It is a high justment of thes? ditficultie ws concluded by then but recently been inflicted upon the ChiMeanwhile, the most reprehensible they were called together for. They have oc- - of excitement throughout the country. This would desire tbe slightest change ja tho 'just, that after a period of nearly teu means way ia wmca they therajeiveshave li tie iaur-- tae secretary ot State an 1 ths .X.ister of New Still, it is not unjust and unequal nese by our squadron, in the capture and years in ItZl, they were recognised by the have been employed by both parties to extort est, when compared with the vast interesto of Granada, hi Septernor, which conteiued cupied their time chiefly iu discussing points tf reflection ruay pros to be a l?son of wisdom of the Barrier Forts to avenge an al- Spanifh government. money from foreigners, as well as natives, to the rest of the world. While their rights of just aad acceptable provisions for that purpose. of warning for our future guidance. Prac- to the existing States to invest some ferty or irty interest. They have passed a resolution and considered, question is sirnplv fifty thousand people, collected in a Territory, leged insult to our flag. Proceedings were afterward iastitetcd to as- carry oa this ruinous contest. sovereignty ought to be respected, it 'm the duty the tically The truth Is, this treaty wis truimiUel to Bogota, and declaring the elctioj of Bright and Fitch vo id, whether the people of that Territory sliou;el with the attribute of sovereignty, and place The event has proved ths wisdom of our certain their amount, and thit was affixed nc that this floe cou itry, blessed with a produc- of other nations to rr q'lire that this important was ratified oy tha government of New Uraaa-djut have cot 7et agreed to elect successors ; first come into the Union and then change any them on au equal footing with Virginia and neutrality. Our minister has executed his in- cording to their own statement (with which tive soil and a beniga climate, bas been reduced passage sha.I not be interrupted by th ciil bat with certa.B ameodataQts. It wis not, Ithough they intend to do sj at present. The provision in their constitution not agreab!o to Sew York in the Senate cf the United States? structions with, eminent fkill and ability. In we were satisfied) at the sum cf one hundred by civil dissension to a condition of almost wars and revolationary ontbreaks which have however, returned to this city until after the For these reasons, I earneatly recomineud conjunction with the Russian plenijajteutiary, and twenty-eigh- t thousand six hundred and hopeless anarchy and iruliecility. themselves, or accomplish the very same ob It would be so frequently occurred in that regioo. close of the last session of the Senate. It wiil State finances is the mala subject that seeds ject by remaining out of the Union and framing the passage of a general act which shall pro- he has peacefully, bat effectually co operated thirty-fivr dollars and Ju3t at vain for this Government to attempt to enforce cent Ine stake is too important to be lett at the be immediately transmitted to that body for Attention ; but they make no headway. We another constitution in accordance with their vide that upon the application of a Territorial with the English and French plenipotentiathe moment, altera delay of fourteen yevrs. payment in money of the claims of American mercy of the rival companies, claimiui; to hold their advice and consent, aod should this ba thieve that, iasteal of assessing a tax, they wilir In ither cae tbe result would be. pre- legislature, declaring that tho Territory con- ries ; and each of the four powers Lai conclu- when we had reasoo to expect that this sum ciuzens, now amounting to more than ten mil- cot. Diet id g contracts with Nicaragua- - The obtained, it wiil remove all our exiting causes diffirt-nein point tains a number of inhabitants which, it in a ded a separate treaty with China of a highly would be repaid with interest, we have received lion dollars against Mexico, because she is des- commerce of other nations is not to stand still f complaint against New Craaada oa the subiateud U borrow money lo mike np de- cisely the same. The only of tact is, that the olject would Lave been St tie, would entitle them to elect a member of satisfactory character. The treaty concluded a proposal offering to refund of that titute of all pecuniary means to satisfy these and await tbe adjustment of such petty c. u tro- ject of claims. ficiencies. ver jieS. The government of the United States much sooner attained, arid pacification 5f Kan- Congress, it ehall be tho duty of the President by our own plenipotentiary will immediately be amouut (forty-- t wo thousand eight hundred and demands." Questions Lave arisen betweea the two govfl't;cted. had It seventy-eighOur late minister wa3 furnished with ample exoecct no more thaa this, and they will not be ernments as ta tha riht of New Granada to admitted to cause a census of the Inhabitants to be tak submitted to the Senate. sas more dollars and forty-oncents,) but SJ There is no law fixing the ovale of elect- as a Statespeedily the lart seMion been I am happy to announce that through the without interest, if we would accept this in full powers and instmctions for the adjustment of satisfied wita less. They would not, if thej levy tonnage duty itpja the vessels of the Uniof Congress. en, and, if found sufScientthen by the terms of curing ing Senator ia Lidiaua. Several bills for the My recommendation, however, for the im- Una act, to authorize them to proceed "in their energetic and conciliatory etTutta of our consul satisfaction. .The offer is also accompanied all pending questions with the- central govern- could, derive any advantage the Nicara- ted Sutas ia its porta on Cia iatkmus, aod to purpose are before the Legislature at present ; mediate admbision cf Kansas, failed to meet the own way" to frame a Sute constitution prepa- general in Japan, a new treaty has been con- by a declaration that this indemnification is not ment of Mexico, and he performed his daty with gua transit, not common xo the rest of the levy a pvsenger tax npoa onr citizMa arriving ratory to also into tho but there i ttbt much profpect that any bill approbation of Congress. They detmedset-It commend admissionappropriationUnion. I made re cluded with that empire, which may be ex founded on any reason or strict justice, but is zeal and ability. The claims of some of our wo. Id. Its neutrality and protection, ior ths ia that country, w Lethe v wita a design to reto pected materially to augment our trade and made as a social favor. that an may be citizens, some of them arhiug out of the viola- common use of all nations, is their only oriect. main ther, or to pass from oceaa to ocean bv wiser to adopt a dir.. rer.t measure for the rill One alleged cause fir procrastination ia the tion of aa express provision of the treaty of tlement of the epiepticn. For my own part, I enable the President to t ike a census of the peo intercourse ia that quarter, and remove from I ficy have no objection tnatN icjj vgiar ball I the transit rvite; aad alsu a tax apoa tha nail ' our country men the iiaabililL which have- examination and adjustment of our claims. Guadalupe HnJalgo, ami others frow gross inju- demand and receive a fair rorBpeTutUhv., fron, 0r should have been willing to yield nty assent to pie of Kaw?aB- Fuitei States tmwpArted over the Pi: ItaU ly tha Lower alfl. . r the coiupaaiei aad iad: viduala who aviy trvers J ma Railroad. The present condition of He Territory of heretofore been imposed upon the rtercWe of arises from an obstacle which it is the duty, of ries to persons a well as propoity, have lemaai-ealmost fcny oocrtituticmJ Bieasui-- to accomThe governaaeat of New t; ra Some daje ago a negro who Lad a knife achiLpli Ji this tl ject. I, therefore, cordially unredressed, and even unnoticed. Remon the route; but they irrsist tliat it srttil r.ver nada has been inlonned that tbe Fiited Statest Utah, when exntrasted with what it, was one their religion. Ihe treaty shall be submitted the Spanian uovernment to remove. l Cuba ia invested with strances against these grievances Lave beea hereafter be crossed, by an arbitrary docrce of cf the keepers, was suljectVd quiesced in what Las been eaTbd the Lnglish v ear ago, is .a subject for congratulation. It to the Senate without delay. of the . to kill in euuaidar tbe collection of tnher of every inisundclf g"enwal iespoth! authority in the Government addressed without effect to that goveniiuenC. It Is my earnest cf open, the government. If deputes arise between it taxes as an act ia violation of the tresfy to tbe ptitiwhment of the water bath for about compromise, atd eppnm--thethe "set for the ad- W63 thea Li a fctate characterrebellion, and, cost standing with the desire that of L'liiou' upon the what it might, the mission of Kancas into Great Britain of thaVKJand, ?He"V.Xfrti withheld from'vhirn , Meantime, ia vartous parts of the republic. an.l those with whom they may bare entered of the government gOTernicjit tho counTies, an J a ra:b would e reeased Le could Lot boax. When Jiklf terms there in prrscribf d, , required that tais rebellion should be fuppress shouild be amicably and spetUWjr aJyuVik 4 J to exarri.i andwjcji es w rong,&&;H' r by instances Lave bceu numerous of the murder. into contract, these most be adjusted by some sisted by tlie Uaited A: tae Muetiw, Fund. He was taken to the hospital, and died Under the erdir.arce which accompanied th ed, and the Mjrmna compelled to yield obe has been the misfortune of both anuhie-s-, a Pollicials Ttcder La control, ou citiz?nsT the Imprisonment and plunder of our citizens, by fair tribunal provided for the purpose, arl the we are pre par M to di?tr.isa these questions in ' .,. Lecompton Constitution, ths people of Ktaeai dience to the coustltutioo and tho laws.. Ia or most ever since the period of thoahition, ) United States. Instead of making our com- - different parties claiming aad exercising a rouU must not be closed pending tha contro-- spirit of amity aud, aad w ith siaeeni . half aa hour. isi DAILY :DEM0CBAT, i Captain-Gener- al , ! Harney, Hughes &Co. Captain-Genera- l, te j t. rr Mor-men- d , iccr-ur-r -- pet-pie- 4 if t exac-tiou- rer.s-tans- e frT-qic- - tru.n-'jii- l ta thJ fft i s frtti aoc'UL-plis- , - LWLA anat un-i'-- r i char-a.:t- er nomi-bate- th-.i- fr - al mb-iir- n f i or-o- f.t .'- 1 tbe-eu- nt I I c theop-lioriert- persi-.ttn- :? Kau-us- J tb-i- t lh., - l apprf-i'w,- r o! i; 1 J ?, St-.te- 1 LegL-iaitc- i 'j. .ot-'.- ut '' . i i 1; ! l a.-- C'j;:.-iai- f fi-- t- - , i t L-a- i t 11 j ve-ul- inir-or- t 1 -- L a j -- t j -' u, tret-i-ur- . j , y r, coeiue-ctioi- I self-mad- e w n. 1 - r g y al Captain-Genera- well-ettt's- e a'?' lij, - g v .. - .. a t, equita-blean- d 11, - a, fi'ty-fou- e 1 one-thir- d t e fra ' I . d d -t , Captain-Genera- th--- " -- rl

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