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Image 1 of Daily Louisville times, October 17, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville times

i pn w n Us I p sty a ww sm I P S I RJ' 1 111 H Vt I 1 I T An TTC1I7TT T OFFICE ON THIRD STREET, BUSINESS CARDS, TIMES DAILY LOUISVILLE l,A W O CLiailKt) KVKR7 KOhNiKO, (j0NlAY3 EXClP'lt J, BY JOHN O. BULLOCK AN JOl'K C. SOU:. rmUR TH( FIRM OF IN O IS A: H. T.iwrASTna. ATTORNEYS businp:ss cards. wmT'soery & co.r C'O.V.V 1SS10S AND RS !(C., LOVISVILtF PLAXL0 MILL, Mo. WZ'l "uni Mrfft. :! ti hh and SU Wnito and Yellow Pica Floorlits, VK keep toe lamest GLtiS In the cily ick of - 1,1 N F.T A I liL'.N N sash, y'i'.iwn axa ii LASS, I'U'ITV, FA INI LS, .S.o.,,.c. " Circular work of rll kl ids. fori;fl9d, Se:iji, f'tsiit J. OREGN AND DRItiD FHUITS, Coiirtantlv Wines. Cordikls, Syrups, Tobaoi, Uvsiers, Fire Works, Confections, Fruits, Nuts, Preserves, Uickles, Sauces, Alaccaroul, Vermicelli, etc. n o.i uts'J o 15 d ly . J. VILVAIN. HANKS k Froccpt acJ pardcular attontioo p4:d AROMATIC i MMIAIN ATTORNEY AT LA SON, hmpcrloi A OP b onu , AiiU-I9y;c- SCHNATP.-j('. pf oi-r- i (feii1.if.n?l o irn, L0UISV1LLK. iyC9dly we iinhiltu, is more or l i adiilterate.',: hud la nothing has udulu-- ration be on practised to uv-t- an i'x'.P!:' 1m .'. J.T. KOOr H;.iiitin,u5, vinous and ItTinented i(Uorc. So miuti . H. JONBo' o, Iti fj.t, tliai it is un to procure purg liii'c und w i'n-s- , unle 8 otttu':ed direct fion a ii' y ru-io;;abli.-htimporter, of known COMMISSION', FOli WARDING AND PK0DUC3 jorejjjn c nnecllona. rupuiaiio.:, uui veil It i. owinr to the corro-ive- , !nTlammatry and properties of the Ihpiors sold enerti U inthi country, disfraecful, boi.ual iiHoMt-i'io- o is s f.ficoud St., betweon Main autl 'Watr, frequer.t, that tue of ot the have tulieii the matter in hand, at id prohibited tio mI,i oi 'spirituous or leruiented liuorw aa common buver-t-ljre- Cf, TiO i 'I'lllJtW STitKET KV. j5dly JEWELRY. WM. KENDRICK na'.lou. WOULD K lis PfiCT FULLY CALL ATTIf to his stock of BKAUTIFUL S1LVK1! WAKB.suchaj o 1' t;AS TOUS, Gold an I Silvor, of many v&Tietiet . such as aDHlriJ'ING, ,eof aauy wf Truuii l:c MIC110T iiieid-ii- tl t' r' , L.aio prnprir-'o''- enr Aiin'i and - .'vnL'ff tlidu. H. L. A. Z Ail 0 E, Foreign and Domestic vv iiKA'l' approve' LIQUORS AND WINE S, se7 M4.VANA CKJA I'Ulf H.'CO, AX., ON FIFTH STREET, BgTK X M41X AXD MVF.H,X.AST IDS,) PJf 1 T. C.McAFKB. uns.-5- 0 Wheat Funs, of tho mo stvle, ior a!o by BYrAl , PITHIN CO. TECS. Loniirllle, Hj, Draper W. L. MoAFEB V .Vrr, 'm, .' ! IHO!, oi a'; j r.r'iii aj uo. tri i ."ii iu's til 5 47) Itlff.iu street, Louitvllle, Ivj'. W (ttr.iiij'tt- - ftO.i, at 4hW Ol'ty t ice. 'i sLtiiti'i ui reel y m po rii'u i rom our own manuo'.c-- n ior-t.'KKcm Vo-whuleK'H and rothil- - it Wwu h ("Meaning and Kopiirlng done ant! dispatch. with noatnocs Toe UtfUrUylo and patterns of Joweiry, Ac, re- ed every "" Wo hi vlt.u rift ldjos to call and oxrii:)ii:e f Loa-.sev. s. .No troeblo to show goods. All our good? warriiliind or uonflo. trIM we. fr hali pizo, in gi't frame, group of white infant i black nurne. tine quaru lizo, in giitfjivmOjOf Mrs. Capt. Hirsch- buhl. Two halfmze, In srilt frames, views of residence? neai the city; one of ''hem the residence of U r. S) inraes, rJri'i of v Sjmin-HTiio above, w'uh several other daguerreotypes not row rueot eeb'd , have been stolon from my door duWill pay t'ie above ring the last three or four weeks. re war J for (Mich information as will load to the detection of the thief or thmvos. THKO. HARRIS, 4?7Ma1n St., i.;.'5tf Louisville. Ky. vaiid FIciK'nel. OpP' An assortment A.C. ol WnCV Oilclor ctb . i ii. JOHH A. BOEDER, RI r. MACRI sale by DRAPER AND TAILOR E DKAIEK IN flourDi:for dabi by anl Nos I and 2 Mucfeore! in itoro A. FONDA. au 5b bbls good flne Flour In "tore 6eH PKTKK SMITH. Wrx3 S. DAVIii READY MADE CLOTHING,. ISoutticawt cor Ciy and Jefferson fcta., inp. WM. R. DAVIS will personally aifend tho d. ltv-r- , of Lumber at the V..rd, whero ho wi'l be pi -- aed to meet all his former patrons and othor? in of Becaived! clot m i FK liil: iH & aiKRKLVlY. NEW Pall & Winter Goods. Furniture HAC1I&1IERZOG foreign and Domestic JOHN SIMM, fVf.rifs one dour below l iitJi, iae ,'ios. 3SG Hml 3SS mortUoiiMt cor. ktnl Seventh fct.t .Iln MU1SVIL! i:, KT, Y E A3 T irIN, tii: SSLITIOVL. CtIB?f-:n29 McMono rtcoveC and Ninth,?-- .tub formerly J. VlncuJir.-7and for jale by ,A. 5 VliHAKIi. OMJA, W Fourth street. inrfro nod airy r onis with bear J. on rblcterun, by Mrs. F. B. Kdinoudson, on tho - fin'mVCn. bbls Cider Vinegar rioTDI r, FARLOW HOUSE, Corner of Sixth Hordon, Mattliows & Co., ' h i& tV!ll!tV, tCt, l')0 boxes Fancy Bar Soap; do Toilet Shaving do do; do; o a&V by 5 ROCK, WICKS do 30') do Viosiu do; Just received and for sale by and , Elm Stret CANES, UMBEELLAS, &C. JIT? Particular attention Daid to Ordered Work. g our Fall end Winter stock, whkh lu recommencing as one of lee most eleeant and tnseiui ever opened in the FalU City. Every tast" has been consulted in the r.elctioii ani alt wec.eoirn Is an examination, wi-.- the coidi denee that it H all wo will need to convince anv one of our ability to satisfy the most f&t'dious. K theiv-iany doubt about it the only fair to.--t is a trial. V. rospectfully invite all in need of anytlor gin ourline. are recelvii "TEwefeelsafo vV Proprietor. FARLOW, r" J HIS large and commodious new house is situ .' iii the cent ie of the city aud on the si to of the Hotnl. ll is Just being completed at an menne cost, and fitted up with entire new furnRuri A liberal share of public patroni.w thu lateststyles. is respectfully solicited. Board $1 50perday. R. PAKLOW, Proprietor. mGuJT fi.lral GIBSOxN HOUSE, Walnut Street, TEE CKBAP CARPET STORZ3 iige ami ri;snt.Hi t, SMALXi, IIITEI c3beitvveu atkiru il blreclf r Ieafne ni2!tdtf WINNIE HOUSE. Tnlrd and. Uroid-way- . CINCINNATI. rAM happy to inform my old friends, and the public that I have purchased the furniture UK) fixtures, with the lease of the above Hotel fora tevm of years, and I assure the public, that neither pftin? nor expense will bo snared to render ray guests every comfort and luxury that heart can wish. Give me a call, cud bo your own Judgos. J. B. YOUNG, Proprietor. WM. YOUNG. Assistant. inr4 dly CHYSTATj Valises.Ep.gine.Slcamboat, PALACE, Super Tapestry do, Croslev & Son's bo' Rich Brussels do, Euudi&h manufacture; Brussels, Tapestry p.itd Velvet Mair Carpeting; Extra and Imperials ply do; Supor2-pldo: Taoes'ry Ingrain do; Common all Wolii ply I'arpeting, Cotton Chaiu Wool filling do; Union do; 5 8,3-and 4 PI tin and Twill Venitian Kail an Stair do; PJ-and 10-- 1 Printed Drurgcts; Medalion t'mmb ( loths; Brussels, Velvet, Tufted, Choneiilo and KrIi Landscspe Motaic Rugs, Parlor and outdoor Mais, of every grade. CURTAIN MATERIALS. Handsome Lace Curtains; Do Muslin do; Curtain Muslim; Satin DeLaines; Union Damask; Worsted do; Cotton do; Brass C ori'dcfs nand"; Gimp Band;,: Crca and asso's, Ac.; Buff Hollands; Transparent Shades, and Shu do Trim mings. Fancy , CO. Staple Dry EMBROIDERIES, &C. AruntS3, W. K. lu tho city for J turbines Celebra-i- hita Swfttcg Salve 50 boxes just re- ceived. Iso, 50 bottles of Durbin's Cough Syrup. Also, Uurbin's Celebrated Chillsand" Fever Drops. J AM US FISHKK, Fantll y Grocer, corner Green and FKthtrets. al4 A CEIIF'S, TO". HIAKKKT SXItUKX. A VK jiHt LOUISVILLE fPII i only agency ted W AT ft. ht this morr in?, opened, 11 .13 an:il my five stock of tH and and Parisian Millinery Goods, bracing every vorioty, st le and color ol Kib'Jo.,. wer.-- Ai c., &e. Also, Hot. roll, KcathorSj a la').-- o variety of Fancy fai of every variety. 'l ho ladn'rt ur-- i invited tc.-y- t and examine my stock, at ho Ladies' titn poriti in, o. 4117, ilarkot street, between and L''i th. 0 I.oo'.c i tii 4 Ihhscs. A largeas-sortruo- od hand, and for e;ile cheap by KVAKTS & MUKTON . JJj XSIA A New Song for the ladies! NiifficldX "Money iw a hard tiling to I3orrow." In i;lli and t'lllCitQ'O, additions to a well this fact, ASmakeisroom forknownGoods, Itopropose in order to new dispose of a splendid lot of Km broideries, and Li dies' furnishing Goods-muc- h below cost. 1 am dailv receiving a fine assortment or Embroideries, Laces, Dreys Trimmings, and Ho.dery. Junt received the newest styUs of Belts, GBO. C. SMITH, Velvetand Silk. s Jefferson street, roar Fifth. havejusi raceiven direct I'K WII KaT-V- .e fr ra Canada, a choice lot of Sed Buckwbeal, aa BYrtAM , PITKIN & CO. forsalo by Competition is the Soul of Trade. M H K time for doalors to lay in their Fall and Win-ter stocks of Clothing is close ht hand, and the aim of every one being to buy in the best and cheap-ou- t marftot, the undersigned deem it a duty due to the 13-- 4 to o'clock, ON the lGt'iday of OCTOKtiK next, at TEN oflr for m., of said d y, tho undersigned will jale ntauction, seventeen hu idred lots in Klston Admany very do d ruble water lots on dition, comp-isinthe north branch. Also, . THIRTEEN HUNOUKI) LOTS IN SHEFFIELD'S AUDITION TO CHICAGO, including many fine !ano water lots, situated on and went of liie north branch of tha Chicago ri ver and af fordiug the most favorable opportunity, at prices within the reach of all, for purchasing lotj, either for residences or for business or manufacturiag purposes. 'i his properly is known as part of tho property belonging to tho CUicugo Land Company, N. St. Long, Nov. 14,1853. Itglves fr.egroatploaeure to bear tostimony to the I have been under value of M the necessity of using glasses in reading, especial ly ut night; and 1 find them far hotter adapted to my difficulty than any lhavetried. CHAS. W.STKVKNS,V. D. Professorof Anatomy is tho St. LohIk'j . . ilth. IOS.(;G7 mm (;o!), MARKET ST., BET. FLOYD AND PRESTOS IMPORTER OP, AND WHOLESALE STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS, Hosiery, Gloves, Lace3, EMBROIDERIES, &C , &C. selling at the lwest prices. rriDA'KPULfor past pa ronaso has been so liberably bestow-s- .,n me by my frien.lsand customers, and hope hy .trict attention to busin.-ss- , and keeping a 500 stock of eve-dejoription of gvods. lo .hare a continuance olhe same. Trade from .lie cmtnlr oliciled. All orders promptly illld. F. MOKK Market at., bet. Floyd and I'resto'n. . au.'S d3m south side. Louisville, Ky. Widch cofroi of Soveiithand MurkotstroM?. A few day Boarders can alo meet with good the undnrslgne J . M iS. f. tf. EDUOS DSON nu'Ji dtf I am WHrAT. WILL give the highest Louisvil'e price for good merchnnthble Wheat delivered at ihe correr of I. KlktltftnH .1 uo o Sh.lltr.l,uai. MITE 2c4 (V SMALL, of Bank of Louisville. lH WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY Silverware. brother. vixc3. ramsey: Mo. S3 Manufact uror LOUISVILLK, KY., OP Chairs.Bedsteads, Tables STANDS, WARDROBES, iVc &c Mvll HRV. NCS. 633 AUD6S0, MATiKET SThUZT BotweenFloyd and Preston North sidu LOUISVILLE, KY., n 11. xx fa ctiiror OF, AND trilOLlvSALE; A MM ttliTAILBEALEU in every Aettcrl ption o( Flue I ttncy A-- F TJ 11 N I T U R E. KEiiF constantly on huiid a larpo snd varied stnti - of ifnaewood, .Miliozunv, Oak ;md Walnut furii. ore, coin pn .i 11s: every article rorKousohold purposes. ' Iso. maunliu-'iiioof every descriptioa of Cotton. .hticlf.nnil.lui. At was s "1L"""1 ! Fourth 1 keep 'Iii IQfir; clocks warrant Also Manufocturer Plain, Lined, tlrif I, m Ji.urlL.i, 1. .tialn oirl Every variety. IA I JO A HI , 12 JEWF.LKY. Tlamond. Gold Stone, ( am-- Mosaic, nanieled, i ar-- a? buncle, Coral, Jet, Frosted. V. and plain stylus. Sials, Needle, liin-ir'iTbimblfH, Keys, Pens, fipoc'aclos. Bracelets, Lockets, Cliains, Irgt'st variety Clock. in the city at wholesale and retail. Silver AYare. We manufacture Spoons, Forks, Gob'.ets, Cups. Masonic Jewels, aud Surgical Instruments. Mr. J. R- - EsrKKL, our Watchmaker, is an old and well known workman. ijsV. Spectacles. large assortment, finest Imported. We, the undersigned, citizens of LouUvillo, are using Ramsoy At Bro.'s Spectacles with perfect satisfaction. We have tried Solomon's. ur. Curtis rmiiL, John C. Lane, M. D., John Rope. A. James Hull, Sr., Mrs. M. Hamilton, J. A. Bayne, M rs. Ann Webb, John Patterson, Henry Crawford, Mary Bull. sej7 A 'J Western tt v. G-xo- t iRar i hS . .0 order.) I am hlwayspro, Iiirni:l a fnoil tT:...A .iik anv number of TitV ;es th.,t day be ..utea,at short N' t:ce lhtvor .i(lit. : n"cd wilh l,roopl"8ss,on sjort notice6" s"''c"'e1 'I hank fill lor lho nia.iy pan favor- - fr-- in (he cltlze.. .I .oiii vill,on. hope oy btrictailenti.iD to buolue.s, .ml delimit a Kood article at lair rices, to siiare and inerita continuance of the same. . KOriUE HESS, au.'S dtf Nos. 688 ami t.jn jiarkol street. H. &J.DEPPEN, 8SERCHAKT TAILORS, NO. 439 JIAIK 6TREE WOULD respectfully announce to thoir pn l.u..iru 111 Keiiotai mat tney havo UKALliH.S IS Gold and Silver Watches, ? rr c0 & 44 lately enlarged and redltcd tiieir t.l houfe Iii JJL.very handtome style, more suitable to their a receipt of NPHlf; aboautl-ulsui'i.!-- AVll SI1TM1.'.' rmn-n... ... l. wi:i.l, hlch have been selected by one of the Arm out of o, n.,tLern nil j.ortan. ns, OOI'ei&tinje ol t "Ills. and variety ol everv shao Hi I'Olor Of Irrt ntr,t r...ri ...... V. .. . ' 1. ut Sln.oni. a. : r."'.'-Th , . ... n . ,,.0 kk.,Lv. ".. . f i'l.,mu. hioi nr. 01.u French ' KW.te., black and fancy Silk, buff, white, pla.ii t t """v lit. Hildiancy Marseilles ... OC niAil.i to orderm. I h ..oj. Ac, all of which will .tsh.oiiable and approved style. Also, received a splendid adsorttueiit of GBNTLKMEN'S PUBLISHING GOODS, uchao black and fancy Cravats, embroidered Tie, lapoleon and Prince Albert Tios, Linen Bosom ulrts, Underpins, Drawers, lianukerchiels. Ktocks. A:o. Buyers will ilnd.t to thoir advantagoto examine heir stock 01 Heady. Made Clotbinir, manutaoiured '.y tbeuibelvosor eood material and well made. . PnP4nhlnu..l)..nU.i . ,.n'.ia!u street, inree ...u'j, .1. a'.5 otf ... H. BAMBBKGER. N. BL00f. E. Bamberger & Co IMPORTERS OF, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN MANUFACTORY, Foreign mid Domestic No. 46G Market ID. llt.WVAV street, one door from 0'XXX1T3, Third )r'. AVtt HKIII 1. l :KH SVl.l; AXl KFTIIIi l.ll.l.)t I.N ALr, lvl ' Js or Valicets, Carpet Bags, STAPLE D Ai,D FANCY HT GOOD ;1;et, ."VO. liii M.lKSiirr m llctween t'ourtlt and Fi((li,.uiU side E nowr. ceivine one of the 1 .rgesl aart best V7 ar0 V . assoitedsicksul' For. Ijtu and sti plo md PaucvlJry Good, whici. we wl!i .eU at hrstem for cash. vV- - invite ihe trade generall) to ourstotl; before purcha-ini- ainuti LADIES' TRUNKS, &C, &C, &C. New York, Juno 4, IS.'O. Persons des'rous Having made atrial of Mr. Solomons' Spootaole, purchain any oi the r- -. ind examined the principle on which they are constructed, I havo no hesitation in prooiMicinctheai su a to p . to any with which t am acquainted, and accord-I- n . W'""? well as give Ibis housetho bestJ.JlX J they are ol "Hll, quality, r v canmostcheerrully recommend ttv-rto uil who CiT-'LKneedarliScialaid in improving 'h.rir viiori . m tn by epo;ieucod work men. n id enn be bought 1 0 CPAS. A. LKK, 1 D., r . eat. lower than In au other house in 'he PrnfessorofPathologyand Viauria Mo Geneva, city. Country merchants will remember the laotmeu BufTaloand Bewdoin Colleiro. o2T dowbmlm tinned urn, ho viHthe Mechanics Institute Fair, will Thos take notice that the specimens exhibited by D O'iiart; se27 ly are the ordinary work of hid eHtabli-hireii'- ., lici. llarkct aitrccl,Nortlt Krook and i lord. ido, . 1 FRAVCIfi K DIETRICH HESSELBEIN, . Hh for W heat. rresh Arrival this JUST icceivedJars, Glass se22 41 for Marke-s- Glass Jexs. an additional supply of iVuit, or bruidy p achos. HOOIC & LUt Kr.l T, , bet I hir i and Fourth. jrjeu t (IlItFLIM CJAKJIMCTS! CAUPJET! V KK KF, HKATH Ai CO. aro now offering thoir - fi,j..d-- . ie Carpets ail Fii'iii-FalUtoek of great varid. in of st le, ciinInin th ;u is inp iri ij ipiihtieain market, down lo in 4 liiwst all of which wt will sell bjlow a . "f on - cmpet'.tora. DURKHK, HKA'fil & CO. ell) BEIIOVAL. K K K k' ; un rn 9.415 .Market at., Louievllli ,Ky. Iron Hailing Works. HAVl.NGeniarf.-eduiyslioi- . and added machinery work . ll euul.les me to turnout work atlhd siiot to it jiosstblo notice and at prices :ow as u. any ..i.Mar in the West a. I uaveaK. never .1 ie p.tturns lor VeranUas and Brl. woicul would invite tea attention oime . alts, Iron a- h.Jail n ork.f nd to the huikiing line, and Jobbing t ull sinJa done with neatnoes ana dispatch H. f. MfiAI), leHdOmts Grocn,2door west ol 1 bird st. public. B,ink-Doo- r, SI7ELLS & i:EMSTHCHG MERCHANT 1: O.j .. TAILORS, FitOi st., marble lta.ll Uulldt nigs, A kfc. this day in roceipt, per American Express Co., from Sew o k,oi aiaricean t sorlmeiit of Fancy H!uu Silk Vostinf iVc, st lected in New Vo.-k- . Li) ourjolvcs. fro a luiest Importation: also, TUos. p. Williams'. Fill and Winter Fast.iou Plates lor Gentlemen ai.d the ira'lo are Invited to otll aud ex. acil'ie our eitcnslve stock. Wi.aL8 4 AR.MSTKO.VG. tii fl and will bo sold on tho ground. Terms One Huh canh, balance in four annual payFURNITURE OF ALL SORTS k KINDS. tradieg community and to themselves, to draw attea-tio- n ments, with six per cent, iniert-sannually. Btoro havo t. ficft . v. ick a to their co UJ&to .o. removed onr stroet, opposlio our rM land au29 dr Call and examine. Prices low. VV. B. OOD.SN.i J hOiuh side, 4i:t. .Mdrbt ( Trustees Chioago M 1) miuKP Pluaccr i'lolliin JCsitablisiinicnty 1'iyor :ile.l BlkUu-C- oii Fourth and Fifth strtn't, wnoro we will bo nuppj to tot JOHN A DICKINSON. .JOHN HNYDti;. Company. D.'Ef.ST,' ) (wholesale only,) northwert corn r of Main and Fifth btantly Oii biii-- ai. I tal" bv our old irlunds and cuslonters. WUKTS, HAT'Mc CO., Auctioneers. & JAi".)!', KKLLF?, i ho have pro.ltod by the dull timos of the 8l2dtd Ji. BAMKEKGElid; CO. al i dtf Ssiy-slcr- , " ot., bet. Second and Tnlrd, months, in making up and laying in a stock of 80l." p3't Tal'i vSfacks lust received per steam GlKrCJKKl:; Clothing BUeh as ine L T. C. Tw itchell, and (or alo by Wholesale and ilchJi!ao cannot bosuitable for with approaching season,in tlruir by any o her house luittrovt'd V. tftti coaiptjtcd (bt'Of iJjORS TO H. W. WALTON, J B. K. CLAKK A CO., HA VK now on hand one of the bostassorled stocks line. WO 79 POURTH hTKEr.T, liFT. M.M.N A MARKET THP..--Maeh'ne-ar- o in M 1111 St., bet. l'iiirl ml Fjurta. of Grocories, which I will sU both wholesale and I lia stock consists of every variety of Garments, NO. 55 THIRD STREET. now in use in iheSlato from the Shanghai of tho man of fashion, to tho rouh retail, far beneath tho usual rates. Min OSce,") Highost prices given, both in cash and trade, for (Second Door from the "Courier Tobacco Vvarehoutes Blanket Coat of tie digger of the soil, with full suit C'arb.sortu DEALERS IN country wares and produce. and many to match. of thi O 100 ca ks S. C. So la; H;(i boxos do others whore a icral Callandoxamiiio my stock beforo purchasing elseAHthoyask Is an investigation of their Goods.--Thudo. lb inriers; H OKI fl P. Si LA H, amount of hoistinc is Justrecolved and for slo bv aredetennined tocouvince the most eseptical, where. BQuthyoHtcor. of Walnut, and Preston sts. required, and aro i o m tocfc is the stock of tne season. A genoiat je ociO (OCK, WICKS CO. acknowledges after invitutiou is horehv tendered to the trade to call and two year of ior vice to exaao'ie, Ll HTKN, L(jE W KNTliA L v CO. US1 No he the bet now in u Oi Nort!iwostcortier Main and Fifth sts. aul 4 d3m L Ko. 1 Salmon; a25 tour rnzoe to Ali M ATTACHMENT LOCK, Of Hi! Klin's of Jioa. I and 2 Mackerel; snitlargo orsmall wre f;-SCHNElDErt & Io. 1 Coilfl.h; il ft MESSKS. Y., m n iiacturersSCHUBERT, storo and No- - 1 W; in store aud for sale bv of tie nbove Lock, MA( KDi'lDU and Solmon-I- n ti ! i v,' nouxos unn pui int-rCity rtrv7r7and Lager Boer Daloon, vip and J . B. WKiliuN I'OM & CO., by lately had patented. constructed that it. ocl6 POND A U o, and wiijrant with ;nroiework all the to well st., hotweew Utaiu and fiilvcr. haveone using ait htoleton keyIt isorsoother iustrument, se28 Third st.. opposite the Pa.'o.lce. the fixtorescom any am prepared to furnish Barkeepers and others, and will either be Killed or badly scaled or no suo. It Iv: HKI.-- D I deliver' to all parts of tho city, a good article oj 1 to any kind of door or shutter. Mr. Is well adapt- T IMPrtOVF.D F"Uir Kxtrn line Ounpow.ler Toa; Abo, PATttN l:t'FIKII IlamH. Thocelclinitedbv Uuftleld A. C Harig, f'.eer. or put the same ap iii bbla aud half bbls, ready Thirdst reet, will explain us workings. During upon tho paveHams constantly 011 haod and for &ule Youn-Uo TkI'I'IC. T:ii truck cuii bo l..;t Hvson Tea; the For ;3toaraboata, JJotels, I'rlvato Dwel' 1o ocl A. PONOA. ment and then run up on the cale and weighed and for shipment. Old Hy' n Tea; Exhioitioa Ihore will bo one at the Mechanics' instiThankful to myold friondsand customers for their tute, lings, &o. then hoi u.'d to Any par, of tin: warohoino aniT?niop.a-O'l- . lo Oolong Tea; In store and for sale by ociv dim IC A Fancily Hants t favors, I hope by strict attention to business lo nro in uxn by toany merch;tntn In this lot ol Theeo nlo nr a tresh A. 10.DA. EV'I Family Hamsjust received aud for sale by TARPAULINS AND .FLAGS ,0u0 gallons assorted StoDe merit a continuance of their patronage. have In ovory nssi nice iven saiit' action. J AltS . 0n hand, or mude to order, for rale or hire. FKANKLIN L. KATfcp, N.B. 1 will puy the QighuM market price, In eash. O ware In store aud for sale by mc27d'ira i. B. WlGuLNTON 4 CO., U OraudF- - In st.r. and for sal. by f )l-LL WKli WAHRA.NTEil 11 AS HIS PKESbSTBB, r raney. Opposite the Ptistofflrt Kast FalPi Avonae,aljolnuig Prut I n. BMde,Halt. A. FONDA. A. FONDA. J JOHNSTON tlclii'? I Regular Proof and mo lictail. SON, sou & PAINTERS' DEPOT, f, kv. PAXHT5 & Cms, GLASS, &C. Mistake. P. Noll's DPHOLSTEKERS ELiNUFAratJESiiS Bedding, Window Shades &C., D 3n AND RETAIL DEALER IN FOREIGN & DOMESTIC I find JO. J Loumville, Aug. 2t!. lf.5.( by the SKALKD proposals will bo received ot October, for until Moudnv.thnlath dav i the GKA Oil A 1 10, tlLYEKl and bKIUGK N li V of ?! mile" of the Louisville and IS ash villi Railroad, exlonding from the t own of B wllng Green, the city of shvi!le, lb'. worR is wli wonl.y tho attention of c jt, 'raptors, beirs of a fait ir ad pmduc ive o-coan-try- , and esy of access troni ihe tmo u uieiiii" - th Cumberland and Gre n Rivers. Planj, spciticailon, and proll.'sof the work will be ready for exkiitmattou by the )t,h of October, at the oitlce of the Company in Bovliug Green, where all nerjesjary informavion relating to it can be obtained from tho hnginecre in charge. Bidders unknown to the undersigned, must produce testimonials from responsible persons as to ability, Ac. By orderof the P.onrd of Directors. &21 dtd GEORGE AUcLEOD, Chlel Engireor, J'2-- Pill iw Chatelaines, Mr. Solomons has furnished mo with my first pa. f? glasses. They appear to answer the purpose very wtT and occasion uo uneasiness to the eyes when use The testimony of other medical gentleinon of expedi. ence on the matter is very conclusive and firm of JOS. K. FLINT, Professorof GlassesiKentucky School of Modioino. I havo made atrial rora short time of Mr. S glasses, and am much pleased with them. They rci der vision very distinct, and appear to fatigue the .e leasthan the glasses I have heretofore used. Thoee'i need of artificial aid in this respect will do well to ca.l F. MILLER, onhim. ProfeasorObstorics, University of Louisville. I have this morningexamined Mr. Solomons' glas-es- , and hving forthe lasttwo years made diseases of the eyes my study, I have no hesitancy in saying to those whoneed glasses, tbatthey will dndthem a superior article, well adapted to all ages. Given under m ; L. YATES, M.D., aandthi823dOct.,U-54- . Ocalist,LouisvilIe,Ky. Locicville, Ky.,Oct.23,1854. Ihnvfl examined Mr. Solomonss' glasses, and ai though ! have been using spectacles for the last six yean, I fladtham superior toany I have ued sofar. Given under my hand this J3d day of Oel., 1H54. T. P. LA TTE ii L Y , M . D. Pitts cj :t c , June 8, I a in using a pair of M . them very comfortable, i ciioorfullyadu my the number of those who recom meii'l them . JOSEPH P.GAZZAM,M. VALUABLE LAND J.t Cliicago, 3DD3ry)n ?) ti ALE, conthactoesj. notice ao Office L. ot R. R., Fnoinxkr's GOODS. ftirnm, tjest brands; Cotton Sheeliuir; infn; Pillow .,"tt..n; TjU Lin-:- , of evej; r:-Damaifr'-'oweUNajik?nr; JJolllos; w p. o Cloth; Table covers, Piano Covers; Marseilles Spreads, from to 13-FLOOR OIL CLOTHS. n, 12, IS and 21 feat Oil Coihs of suporior mam. facture of vnrioiM styles, whkh we cut to lit rooLi? or balls without wast-- to purchasers W'e have been replenishing ouratorkof Carpo:!i.; duringthe past week to fill th vacancy caused by bt;n during this fall trade. The goods we havo fu received we aro sailing at tho same low prices a heretofore Our ( took never was larger, better aborted, ij.t cha: er, which we leave to the judgment of purchasers atter un examination to 54 Looisvilli, Oct. 22,185 i "i3,;-- Famny Flour bbls K. O'KrietC- - Hedlord Ml Is, "W hito Wheat; yo do Spencer county do do; j" do J. Carver's Shelbyville Mills, extra; IbO do J. K. M irrisonT8 Westport Mills, do; 50 do Oldham County !o do; loo do Shelby Street do do For sale by PETKR SMITH, so Ko. 554 Maiu street. LINEN Haiiiiiiotli FuniitHFC Cl Alf DEPOT d,.f ouritit hand a splendid HAVE still on Velvet tarpetie:assortment of Royal MO rfORTtaT CORNER Of FIFTH AND JEFFERSON STRUTS. NOS. 6.1 AND 05 THIRD STREET, the very liberal patronago hitherto extended to them, the Proprietors renew their acknowled-- . Between jH.iIu and JTIurket and iUar-- st me nts to the public, and assure them that no pains or 'Cct, near Second expense will bo spared to procurt all articles in the LOUISVILLE, KY. Inu of their business, of the most superior quality, and A LWAYS on hand, at wholesale or retail, Furniture such as will be approved of by the best connotseurs. and Chairs of every description. A fine LUNCH will be dai'ly and regularly served Spring, jrtosa, Cotton and Shuck Mattresses, as low from 10 o'clock, A. M., till 12o'clock, M. as any house westof the mountains. se5dtf Our bar is at all times stocked with the most choice liouors, and we believe we have an article of Ginger 1 J' S. Bah BERUkR 8. S, Bamberger. 7 H,n,l,. ...naplni. In onv In ha fViiin.l ii, lha .liu Tne Billiard Xooms, under the superintondnt-- of BROTHERS. our amiable and accommodating "Uncle Georg'V are IMPOKTEliS ASU WHOLESALE UEALEKS furnished with superior tables, and every lmujUiable 4 convenience. 'lho best Brandies, "W ines, 6cc, can be obtained e & GoodS, ;he "Palacb" ready bottled, and are especially recorc mended for medicinal purposes. LUP3 A HAMBRlGtn tLidtf W uiie ta.ilFRANCIS MctiAKKY,ro7 ,ime Corner of I Ulli and iTIain Ms, L"ot byVJ ((j? OTAins ) Main at.brttween EiKhlh and Ninth. rnlb Iu"o. FALL AND No. 137. 487. WINTER HILLIHERY GOODS, Ham 4iii) E6l1 IiiSa illSil, Ijgil stock: o a; AND FURNISHING GOODS. CARPETING f iMT:i r itei r uap, CINCINNATI, 0. A. Wh't'IIEHiCEE, PltOFUIETUIt. Wotitueasl corner of A NKW DISt'OVEKV I Oii THIS E Eh 'SPECTACLES, (fee. ,groundon the exact principle Iso, Depot for vt'inch.tstor's Kentucky Liniment. of Spericul Aocuracy,by G. SOLOMONS, Corner of Sixth andlUaln streets, ebratedOptician,frora the improved Spectacle the eel' ManuJjl OClSVifjLIK, KV factory and Louuon Optical Establishment, No. 105, Old Bond Street, London, established more than a century ago. G. Solomons, the sole Inventor of the Improved Spectacles. and variousimproved Glasses, is uow on a (Formerly J. R. inter & Co., Main at.,) professional visit to this place, and maybe consulted al w his office. No. 74, Fourth street, over Raymonddi I .1 A IV Ik II T?'M- - Iff, rifeV Am U'llfl I I i'iT i ' 1 t'AC'fi' 1 K depot, Louisville, Ky. OF . m He has bad the honor of attending the pnncipn. 3 PTB V ti Jr ri towns of the United Kingdom, where he has experiL 1 enced the moslflattering encouragement; and having A been earnestly solicited to make a visit for a short Ytime, he has Ike honor of announcing hia arrival froia Oondon.wilh a mostsplendid assortment of lis now' j nventod nd improved . .Sii"b i t he superiority of these glasses, thai ''eraon aha 'bg'n l ui?dH wuakeyes, may instantly be relieveu Ly using them, and they possess the property of preserving the of sight to the mostadvanced period ot life, whilothey enable both the old and tho younto pursue the most minute cm ploy mont for any length of A s several indt limo both by day and candle light. vidualsin the United States have proved their eilicacy-he- , with confidence, solicits the i a her favors of the NO. 88 FOURTH STREET, public, which he will ever be proud to acknowledge, (AW Marhrt,) assuring those whoentruslhim with their commuuds, that eo oxertionsshall be wanted on his part to merit LOUI3VILLS, ET. theirapprobation. Added to tho ad vantagespossesse j Jnfil dt5s by him of long practice in the Eye Infirmaries, and of the mostemiuontOculistf ,by which he ha obtained a thorough knowledce of the diseases ol vis.i DR. THEODORE USURER, ion, he has Id his possession documents from indivtd; uals of raidi, conveying tho h lghestt est imoni aloof apLTOM KOPATAlsT, has removed from wroen street, probation. Clay and Hancock, to Jeflerson, beHo will tween Second und bird, nrlh Hide, where he woulo States, whogive references to persons In the United have found the greatest benefll and respectfully solicit a baro of public patronajw. al" the use of hisnewly inventodaad iicprorol Spectacles, THK f macMnery HAVING procured these Cans Iexpressly t r tho ' New Discovery for am prepared to of Th Sound concentratorts an extraordinary, powerfurnishthem in any quantify, wholesale or rotail, at the very Invest prices. 1 a'.so furnish the caiinon ful, newly invented, small instrument, for the cure of Fruit Can at loar prices than they can be had else- extromocasesof deafness; entirely different in make where, boinff the only regular manufacturer in the orconstruction from all others, surpassing everything city engaged in the man'ifact'iro of tno Paient Can. that has been or probably ever can bo produced. They are not modeled to the cavity of the year, and may rent Those in want rely upon getting a porfectarticle. within, withoutprojocting,aud being the same color ol P.M. JONKS, 77 Fourth str(st, bet. Main and Market. iheskiu.are notpereeptible. The powers of this valJr5 uable invention are so great as to restore defective hearing of long standing to its perfect and natural fttato, and to enable deaf persons to join in general P&&M1a tS conversations, to hear mot distinctly at a place of worship, atthe bar,orany public assembly; tho of ringing noisesinthe ear is en tirelj removed, andthe "oncentration affords to with this dreadful malady all thear sistunce that can possibly be desired. THOMAS COWELL&C MarKutstreot. seO d4m Sec. hid Garden Hess, &c, CINCINNATI, OHIO, -- ini ringlnoy ojiAlri :s ot up Lr. Jin) AV QUICK iupl litj. Ml faliii GJtifl AN and Soip; sop. (ii rman tlo; on ba.til and ai l prepared to make to ordor, every diiicriti'toi. nf iHh;ii ned ttuo farii lem a'j Itcountry uicrlmuts bulnr Parlor I', on r j i'iio toriui, isnd at that we hav jui: rnreivud 6h-(020 dt'.ni nolieo, to promptciisiotncrh. our FaU and Winter stock of every docripuo of CoWns. If Undertrkeradd-airi- n tforeirjuan i uomicuc riapio una rn.m y ti'ilg, , which ue have eeioctcd with Kmbroiderles,CVc JAMES FliSllER'S roat care for tliis market. liuyers are p liciied to give us a call and examine our slock before lookindr elsed i "ii where, "TH IS artUdfi Is carefully prepared expressly for fem- .MOS, etc. uIv u:e. it will answer an me k pOBill" Of ff'o.i MEUI aborted colors Me'lno; fre-- n biewer,sy'ai'.t,1u making aliktn Uutllght bread, Plaiu and I'ignrr'l Delaines, colorod and SgurM; biscuit crkes, tVc, ttc. Silk and TaMv Velvet; Houekeopcrn will save mouiy by using: Fiy'uor's black and Plaid UrensSllk, ttc; 0. 1:ick Yea:;', as or ly two thirds the quantity gun traUy Just roctived and for sale low by used wilitiublce. Prepared and notd who'b-eband T.tSt R. SLEVIX JA.MHS KISHKK, retail by 477 Main "treat Pi fill ind Gron Streote, Louisville, Ky. epl Voriif-rof ,1,10. ft crnif 511 , th to stand, l sopdjln X and :iiti M d .ii) ho most, tobacco. aii'i iarM,tnp!er. nd mm ''cws, ' tii'l liiitinif P.iui of vwr oiis - ;3 aad kiiids. C iron Screw Pipi-.- i rom ; to J inehosdiKin-jierSocoi a,d Klanse Pi'petroi.i Z inches to l." inches a diamo-ior- . KailKailroHd Car 'A'lu.jls and Axle uid oi road Castings. Th' ar ; also the sole mnuiil'jictnr'ire pi!,i:it Hub f ort icing Ma chin of Koysnd Fre:..-V'naio-fj'inw hich has brer forwagtn nnil .f be one of the d by ci'pul'Mit lud nn, roato-- t Libor-ivi'.-a- : it'ld. (Jr iot eve-inv- c .i.t'-rn, wiui fftrs irom w!'t r .eeiv oiifdi re;ni'VMii'.'-iompt .Lten'' a. I)ir? o A j 50 lufo'.m hex ItTEGoodnleave to mark-'tV in Ihis PKANCLS rni:ilo-- n 6liorl- - aak'i.j n under''!; se-- Train S CeioTit store of Francis tfl flto Main Ntrccl, botwe.'-1 v .HTi:,1 BORTHIaST Just received DRY street GOODS, 1AV Manufactory AND WAKt;sOOftI3: STAPLE AND FANCY No. at t'.o .ir,-.- HvtAt.-u- l l!t(l, to the public on as liberal terms as any houso In iho city Call as aboveaud examine. KUWARD Whiter Trade. , rop aii't P"ctinlly in To no FORWARD I NO AND COMMISSION would vir:iii;v. the citizens Ot' l.ouisvillo t a a? m i n ft1?, have now re:eivetl my stock of Call mid U in- 1 4 ii. i w v a. .JLc'..ter Good?), and aro pronnrod to seoply my AMI llliALKKS 'rieLOs in ttie city and country wiih IN aoy Madi , ClotJtit'ii oi everv and of mj ov. u WorkI 3,i; ti, (iK'UM. manship at w holeiado hnd reiail. l, AC, '!i I' My work will bo executed in ih bo t Tty'e, and cf eol contld-io- . tho hoi iuat,erial,and of giving on c ira! cad to all v.ho may favoi inu with ucail. 1 wiM : tiord ; hMlr',or '.O In.-li- ', sell as cheap as tho t 'uapeet. tial'hiior. All bimib of gurmoiits cut, or trade to order, and dlf luf. warranted to nt. C" iKi and SAMtlKL SlIfZF.K, JefTur.jeA si.. , bet, iiurcocr a dtMav, fill, .'rliot; .1 d' . Ky. wll dim ill HiTH Ly:d; ' Ko .'iv. d per Ci'y and fo, T WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL LOUISVILLE, XY THEundersignnd kmanufactures and koops onn?tant inds of Tin, Cnppor und Shoe Iron Ware, StovdS, Grates, Ac, irc, wh'ch ho otiera &u2!idtf r. IIOJlI 1. THR nnde'sipned Iflariiet fclrcet, just above f'restoti, CloUiiiig,Furnisliing6oods. li f billowing dieaji'; Coufh?, Colds, Ac' 'iin. F:tf, Clsinir, dropsy. a, Liwr C,'!upi.'.ii:t, PiL-alo,it,Hheumat inii,.Scroi' !i'. White S wellin..oi "ua . tVC AfTections. Feveiand A true, 1' uh Com pi'.i by ha Ir. h:. t.t-- i wm. grat s'kccmj jyeml-iien- t. , where other vi j'ocoiiHrirtatment ol . ;,o prcdm o a cvre. lo phvijiciat.! ha ': n niuli at d merit, Le will atiesthiBConfidonce ,.- V" e -c:i-r,:. Lhoet undertake the cure ro ii c opting ibe cost of th reulrlrg notte until ue: ill; . after tho tftdorauoii of r 1;. guaranteuf to rePihieafios V"' a pccul-r.o,rwtmove radically in af.-without oifensWe or did -torious meir.cine. r; warrnif'o ull, uo mf.' 'tor how cnrei sovore or long siandinfr the dieLso.ait eUec'ni or he require-npay. Femab'8airUig witb nervousness, debility a 0., err be ermai.ont-yrelievedDr.V. lovalidhiuanv soctioc or tho country by addrcefH g a lelterto him, (post paid,) and nciosit g nave advice and medlciiicsnroiiiptly snutihcm. n7"K08idenee on Preston nreet.beiwecn G rcen and Wainat. Private ofiice on Floyd street, between ,. OKloe hours lrom b to 12. A.M., andfrom 2 to 6 P. M. J5. C OF NEW YORK. 100,000 CashCnpltal - Cash Surplus - - - 41,000 MBUCKANTS, BAMBERGER . ttii'.l S'resl.nic I.(!o!VII.Li'., KV. Yard, on Main no jow.-trK. B. Kilrti HA Garden a lare est noli i o, on m- ..K- rate term andKunnrior f;rck of White Pino hoard-- , Pino aud keepgood tini';. Jihirsgios, end all kiii'ls of Lumber suitable ior build EDWARD MERKLEY, Tin, Sheet Iron, and Stove MANUFACTURER. Side of South PJuted Ware of nil Tlurki.'t ktrvet.Soiilii st.l; VK for sale at their now street, adjoining the "Woodland Lumber. Orders from the country will be promptly attended to, and tho Lumr;er shipped withould- la;. JL?" Terms io .v fur cata or on short V M . s. ha V :n , is an 2.i I fcaTfearefniiy compared a pc.Ir of Comer of Main and Wen.jl tr.M. tSpectcctci 1 bought ot Mr, Solo.non, 100 boxoi Holiand'e wiihthoaool bamioyjj- Brother. I do hereby crtity UMPKIiSt 'i'ooncco that I found theirs to bo tqual m every respect and bi IZj Kmpros Tobi:cco,a very snoilT aiL'clolut rethan half tlio price I paid Solomon lor hr. I ceived iind t sale by less WICKS A-- C.o sell! therorore recommend the pub'ic to examine Ramsey Or liro.V beloro purcha-iujheyliavo n larar? P. COZiWAY. t.omvifLE,.Iune JelG. Ml iock, J i; vclrv, if iiiC ies, jipsci-ir-lions- CD., LUMBER MERCHANTS. r7"EEPS consUiitlvon hand every etylo and variety ian, - of Gentlemei Dress Goods, euch as with a competent corps of Casnimeres and ready at shortest notice lo furnisn eSillful workmen, full suits or single articlei of Clothing, warranted in quality. and to fit or no dlo. Besides, ho keeps every arliole usually found in Clothing stores, wince he sells at ta lowest living prices. Call and examine sep9b'm Be Pioprietos . MERCHANTS, AND A dha.o of public patroungo is renpecUvv tf l tot ii pre'"" 03i;Gt J contrary. l.oii isvillc. 13 li D CLINT'- - A AMJ Cowell LIFE INSUItANCK CO. Thomas HCAI.EUS IS & Co., J R. WINTER, J. C. PLACE, PR0PIUET0R. FHAJlRfOBT, K.V. and choice white Shaof my complin: mts to ray roc;! ved and r.r sale cheap. AFTJiH the premutation would call altemion to my ker Klanriels, and parens, T. fc K. SLKVIN &JDAIN. Bel'. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION fall plocK of Fancy Cas?1n-.erepCashmeres, &nd Plushes, now in htore, setecied by ms'dl from ttie liiteat Eastern Importation. 'J he Gocds thia se.ison det-lii- s comprise hand-ome- r und more superior than ST8.J rlcsselect ever before, and I would advi-- Iftmy CHitr' MAIM AND A. to early while tho assortment largo f.iuS WHHKUKJ iy3dlf i choice patteruHcan be procured. (if ( loit?. have 1 l'i elieiMin vi . Pi csltiu A: Jticlt-tri- Ji P. A. RUHL, asuperior siijiply of ali the varied shades of fJroiz1 wirt.', iVol 115 Fourth St., betuyeen Market and 3effe-tn- n. Brown, Olive, blue, a:-- Green, a Dutiu r Sin Looking-Glas- s KK't and Picture FAMiPACTl OP eon's tor orLfs, frock, and m..'r:iln2 1MP0KTBK AND MANUPACTUKHK Cords, 'las-sol- Coats,inaka,as and made equal to h'rauie. Old Krum ;s Fringes, Gimps, and uauti, black and fancy colors of every DtT 'ill's Justness cirnD framed at one aour'B notice. Buttons, Laces, Zephyr. Worsted, Canvas, and Sianufaclure. 1: tmbroidoriee. Keeps constantly on handa tullassorl-tnen- t to made f. Ji. Businessavsuitslow a;eupas measure, orpantu and of the above articles. ah tho;' can be pr ?'?P"fs'n'n,T ciiaaod of any Clothing Establishment in this city. AUlnds of Ladles7 Trimmings mada to orJr. ro7 THOS. M. OLJVKK, seI2 479 Main stroet, bet. Pourtu a:i:I Fifth. IMPjKTKH and DKALV. 1.1 M'AFEE BROTHERS, ravoler. 1'6 dtf CAPITAL HOTEL SIMboN. have appointed Meitra TI. R Clark & o., at rcy sole ag.-ntfor the a!e of my eh obi in SJjnflpn. for tno State ol Kentucky. i;. I s. sel d;im DHALiiii IS WHOLKSALK to tho wandering, weary house is locatod in tho central part' BKG leave to call nuidic attention to thoir 'JiilKabove with easy access to the Kailroad Uepo.y X Li.o city, , un rivsllr-i- l asaOftmeiu o;' Wat- hen f.rid Jcw- - Capitol, Ac, eVc. In all its depart- o'.ry.just received and opened, diryc from menirtitis emphatically first class .house, and try ( lovh, where iho w hoiu jioci vr.s nlecie K re as modorato as any other similar in t'iL li! Mt the firm . Souihwet, uotwiihatane" itig erroneous reports toV-K.'stjim ors. Tor U,:'j!d. biLUh'pg houses, or b oi,o f ti'u . 1 "l.'flflliCl'l. " firt 1 always open IS Kare low. & i Franklin Produce Commission Fancy Goods, rJ"otioii3, Court-Houso- ,:; ': prfvato T'V'reh..r i u iji.r.r'j a,r."in- t ti. ".ipon im.tHL' '"'i.f J pttH t ; vs. a Per. iniir;ott s RINGS, tivlfi ol tho AroinjMic Juroner emL.jssed 'mIi h. ve LACK, r2AI on Mfiie'iia! Cordial f , ih'i botJe that contains it, and t;e t in- - Lure ol iLu pio iiAUllNS. Fin priotoron tlio label, bottle, which haj bo?:i dnlv enterlliatuo:ia Bi acelets, i i:ar-llin- .g, 1 he fabol oh euch n a li I: PINS ed in thy United States District CourSaud co:iequ-iit-lMOSAIC AJiD CAMEO EAR-RINGproiected fi,m inntali n by the penaits of a of AND BRACELETS, Congrefly. fie ihrue principal living la a word, a jreneral assortment oi arilcles in my!i-o- No. Kiigiii-h, French and German, and pnm bii.uag'-r- -in itieso are ofered oa fair terras aluivaoaej of buslr.osa. descriptive of tbt merits 01 ihn hO;.ltkT.-vigoratin71 Third stieet, belw-jeJlatraaJ Varkev, toutsvllle. beverage, can alwas be had at the Ajrei :j diftldly 11 li BOTHER & tx., wiii-:isi.ic- i "ili; Vf IHKKCLK V 'lili.i. !; KT PHAh.VACIK LA PARIS k TWBhTV-SlKfA KKvmii.MHf.iK YiAhS f8T.) a:;d lho public thi.t h NA"iUNCrs to iV continues to hv- o histiu.H to t'ne cu v.? of t!. itNRY TtfOM 41. a. KIICKERBOCKER valnntst.,bct. LkXISC'I'DiH, KY., DIRECT IMPORTERS FROM OF.A'KrA,) ulam St., 3 doors above rourth, Jill JafOO'S SS.lllili!k IV-- ; . CHAS. W. FRANS1.1N k Skinner HEGOWAN'S H0TEL7 Walchc3, Jewelry, &c, :rci v-- tin ,'vr:tJ prompt and decided tha: tie'Y i' shin cut ol inedicf.l man, and eii. IS.j.i. rHANKLIN SKINNIR. CURD HOUSE. H. HAKGUAVU B r jrr Important Notice. WUOI EAt.B AN I RETAIL 1'KALBRS IN S..Jieni.i m cu'.iar didoasei AN-onrt- n MAGIC, CVL1WDEK, t are manufactured exclusively at fjheidai . In H Hi i according to iha directions of old urU'oli-l.wd.?i!il;-)r toni.'d in Now Yoik and New oxpre-r meiliciiml prtrposes. and aro entitled to h i,'H t'on. No oiiitr medicine purps,on at present UJ'i in tiio Usiitod St.tn3 or in Kn'opj posses ea such sdu. lury and propertitM u.'tiit'q of Kil-nein casoa ot Gout, tfrave 1, Hi add r and Urinary a t, COFFEE URNS, TJ5A SETS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, CUPS, F0RK3, SPOONS, &C. Vr A T C IT E S , J. IMtf Simpson's'H:hriv"s roni;itu j uu, per A WAIilJATEI) NOHIJ, 0 B ONOil ETER S, UUPLKX, LKVER, n. J. 'MEET-IKO- te Wines & Ckars, ro all liqiiorsoi(l pure and uimclul!.. red wohonU .Man.e Law, and but few ret trillion on t.ieir limh.i, swoiun IV h, uid nnl. KiloLched faces, pal-ie- d Utt frarful diiya.xe (ie iriuni tron"nn, i re tr o'i br puro hip.ors. but y the rot imhit in the corrosive poisons wU ii'ider ttiat dtw W . li:v:dw OO linntleplece. KY. need oU "ii. WILLMAN HOTEL; CUTTER SCULPTOR J. 9. MTIltilJW. MERCHANTS, MARBLE STATUARY! JONES & ROOT, MER0HANT3, LOUISVILLE, j- . K MA N U ACTU K KHS, HO LLO JYorl hwtut corner of J'niv and T'urd ttrtelM, fr. 53C, PAPER WAREHOUSE, fef John MeSall & Co., 12. iirjf Cordi&l vf alum it, il ile truth , JToviry ariicle of foo.l weIht, with fow e;it. every Plaines aud Mechanics' Tccls, Vil'. ClUJ RC HO KG A NSifUNiiTiiiEK or forwanilr- Jl'NiPKft HCIJKIOAVl INSURANCE CO., EKASTUS LYM A.N, President, K1CHAKD H. BULL, Actuary, JOHN 0. HARRISON, STEPHEN C. WHEELEK, Secrettirj. 7, and reliable for the No. 7, 9 and West Front Street, AS Iagentprepared above sale insurance onCompany, am to effect lives for li'i; .Tct'fcrson St.. bet. I'oilrlh & CINCINNATI. J:.'0utf andsell Barley, Wheat,Corn,Oats, Rye, any len?ltt of time, or for any amount. respectfully RECEIVEMalt, Corn Mult, Hops, Plour, Poathers, The patronage of the public is most Corner Eighth and Jefferson Streets, Hemp, Lard, Butter, Cheese, Tallow, Bacon, Dry solicited. BKSJ. D. KBS.NBDY, General Agont, I.OUISVII.JLE, KY. Frn'ts. Clover, Timothy and Flax Seed, Patent and CONKEY, UTr Office 471 Maiu street, oer Mesera. Mark & JOVIN fpHE undersigned has taken charge cf this House UnHnishftd Leather and Hides. ly(2411y Downs. ou- - J- - and thoroughly refitted it and is now lire Dired G. W. Smith, r.lAhrnt.d PitUhn-B-- h TriAonrv for 5Str:CH to accommodate transient and regularboardors ith X, XX.and Kennett Ales. House No. OS Columbia the best the market affords Mercantile Fire and Marine Ins. Co. Hiving had conaider dde stroet. mi:0 ly COKKjKR Oi' PRESTON & BROADWAY STS., exptrieucd in the bjiness of hotel keeping, and be-iOF COVIKUTU.V, KY. ieturminedtouso every exerUon for the acctui "WILL Insure first class Private m jV of all patronize ol THP, nndririnot! rofpectftilly cUlsteattonHop.the receive alibaral who may thd public him, he hpea u Residences from threo tj flvfti.rtirnV. patronage. Hi? share ot public to hie Church Orjyju.s. Ho iiis all rates. Jtyears, at reasonableJAU. M. MOORK. Aircmt. th-- i I. ile iniprveirioutrt, and chi.ile.nges world to uro-do- heuae is detached from any other building- - rooms Apply to i;iMirumenlssi:peri'ir to his marm'otoro, oiLber large and. well ventilated, which render it one of the No. m31 Wall street. most location in the city. All will find them- in style of flnisii or beauty of ton. DEALERS IN cMlvct perfectly at ho me, and every possible attentioe paid to their wants, uharge moderate. WRAPPING, ROOFING, TOBACCO Jy(. dom V. H. SMITH. Proprietor. PAPER, &c. W. P. CUKD ri. B. SilELTC! rTRAWBO AHD3, BO'tNBT BOARDS Stay prolonged to Thursday, Oct. 2r.IU, 5. H. IIAUfiKAVK, and poNitt rely not one duy longer. HAGS. CO fTO ASIO (IKJIP VVAMIJ & accordance with the of many I'iftUand Niitli, LNresiding In the conutry, request deferred persons my deI have Opposite Lexington and Frankfort IN ALL KINDS OF MAR 13 LB, my26 dt CINCINNATI. parture until the above date, and as I am now closing Depot, Kailroad up my business In tho United States, this will be the Tom, b. Work Hit r.. 9. WIHCHBSTER. t'ancf A. A. WINORKSTC P. . LEXINGTON, KY. last chance to procure my Improved .Spectacles. iloil A; Ornamental N!.lt:iary IVIAClSi:sTiK & CO., the patronat o of the citizens or Louis-vill- e Connected with this House are lare and commodious IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LIVEKY AND SALE STABLES. ar! tlio puoiic generally to his handsome t,. a.ic" elegantly fitted on Jetf.-rsoAlso- Hacks, Buggies and Horses to hire, between Fourth and Pi!h. lie pledges his faith to I o fotcdiy. e prompt in at'y and ail orders riven hi in, and will a comparison with anj done lus wrk to Togothor with a full assortment f tuit aldo of M;tson dt Lixon's line. Siinpn's Barnard L. rnlloi". !.'c s.r.vtoci"Hsium it BETWEKN RKO.lilW V ASDLUDI.OW. ai'4d1y Ohio, April n, ltv"5. GROCERS k COMMISSION MJ;CiTaMV JV, '""2 A? tin st., 07ifdior hrtow $iwnit WHOLESALB AND RKTAIL DEALKK IN Laboratory, Oii NO.i'jtMST 'W. and Sou JOHN B. M'lIvAIN 7t Jlain Street, bet. Seventh, and KIghth, Ky. dAwly. Lard JK V. Removed but not vanished. rriHK undoriyned, lalo proprietor of the Rcddlnj? X House, takes thi method of iuiorming his old pair .as aud the travelling public euertally, that he has tvi'ien tho stand lately known as the Washington Hotel, and has thoroughly retitted the same, aud romodelel it., aud inow prepured to accommodate all who my stop with him, in the very beat manner. He solicitM call '"rora the iravelliny public generally. 1"73nememberliiB house is now the Rkbdiko H(vri situated nearly opposite the Post Office in the centre of the town, and not the Kmddino House. A1. REDDING QUEEN CITY lrel, Kourib JOH" Pail (Late of the Redding House.) Sli:3JBYVlIJ.LE, Z. WAXii.ACi3t FULLER JMciltliITT HJfiDDING, PROPKIETOli WBi.B.Fcc&B?offccr, & ;:kks op , eiu(.f..uce JewiB I CIGAMS, KKF.IKi il r.iidtJiwly AND SILVER WARS JEWELRY OF CANDY, ITUOl.ES.1LK .1.YD RETAU. PF'tl.V.ri IJf MANUFACTURERS - . ALLEN S. Wil.l K STOVE, GRATK, COPPER, TIN, and Earthern Ware, REDDING HOTEL, hs l'K;('t;J FITS SII.HS BILLS OP'i'- CITY HOTEL. WARD & GARY, AND W iiA Til KR..0 ARJ):?, Can do Sqttareaud llox est 7G r I FT II ST REET, House is conreniontly located in .he imme- ofiioe lormcriy occupied by tlio 0 !j 'f'HiS buisnesa part of the city, wituin a few eteps E dmte Company. of the iN8t Office, B. tfr O. K. K., and O. K. li. Coni-pa's Depot, and near the iteamboat landing. The i ho ?';o and purchase of UTIT.T j;ivtt his ftttun lion in proprietor aolicitp a liberal Bhare of public patronage. Agency aid As he is well acquainted with the wants of the trav Ho will con'tt!'-'- t a qib enre and muuaoaicii twill oliijg public, ho is confident that he can meet their evorj iii up h trusted wishes in every particular. faillmil and protn jH a'Aoution. if This ipaci-ms Hotel contains thirty rooms more than d"FMil much ol hi a tini 5 for sovor::l yo und bounty the Eutaw House m Baltimore, and is more commot1 i:itt'd Si alee Ffiisiott l;n the dious than the Girard House of Philadelphia, aud I.yti'l Ltw, ha is cnauduti toronduLt the pccsoi-uiiot, witU doubly as commodious, as any Hotel in of cluims Itio Li'iiUd S'iU.' mx:t umi-nlof ilie ro'iduiloLi. Whep liii. ;id prompi.noeOmnibuses and Porters always in attendance to con-vo- v and iheir heirs, are invitod tojrive him a Cull. The passengers aud bas?a?e to and from this Hotel. a'i:d his3 o! 1 aoMk-who served inlho warnf niyir.idtr WAT50N CARK, Proprietor. :irs, arti wh.i sori'iiii in Hie Mexii- tii mid other on ppIiciAi'jn ,Vt utul tn nke ihc necurStJU-ry.fioiiniy i, unils duo them. HrtTinif received t lit jtnpotiitineiitofNotnry l'ubll.i i.o wii! ie h;vpT'j to sorvo such as inn call upon him. TV ALL STREET, BET. MAIN AND WATER, nir'.'idrtiw V. CAW ,'I.Nij v ii o . perfected soma arrangem' V sans of wri h, tho welfare and evi eoi the accomniodaltoii of niv sruests will be feel warranted in soliciting: a continuance of roiae which my friends and the travelling 1.1s M'!;s a 'F'.ltS ?!' A Lave bestowed on mo. V iiULiALti, &. KtTAIlj LiiALbKb Travelers especially, will find my house a desrab" resting; place. 90 H. GIRRKK. J oreleti and ImJiiiMic liran Ht t, WINKS, GIM, CIGARS AND LIQUORS OP ALL KINDS, Corner of Main and Third streota, .r.'.v ';. u..i:.jw, drub 3 SJItvKTllNtJ, Atc:SJX'l''..t ftAETANO & URSO, .VIAND F.VCTUREH . " incurred TT7 PR1STK0 bills accepted or NOproduce is in handliabilities thorn, and uo prodoc i !P DMSIKKU. to meet (SB told to pay other mens' bills. . jont d r. O. QlITiNO. and I fr'Ort DOO..S AND WIN t'KA.IIKS VA. PR. WATSON CARR, PROPRIETOR. if. A. .j,va LAW, 1'KOFF. line in ol colling INm.rk6., the kttenttonstate deutors in our tho laut thi hix we would that during to getiina up a months our attention has been laijje number of new Sieve and Grave patterns, whi u, a;-added to our already largo stock, gives us ono of tne P. M. M OKI ARTY, Presidont. Proof. tntid&wtf moat extensive and diversified assortments in ANSON GRAY, V. P. market. Among the number, we would referto v- IS. & li. WKTOIV, A. J. Morris Thompson, Secretary. our 'Ashlar.d Keuluckian" Cook Stove, (thrce sii"e PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Xj Fire, Marine and Inland Transportation Risks out.) Th eso Stoves have irreat weight of mctai, high1 y They combine .'I finished and elegant In ."c. 13 Walnut s(rcct,3 doom South ol taken dt current rates.. JAS.M.MOOKE. Agent, ho modern linprovemeiiif that practical experlcuca Front. Jacob's Buildings, Main near Four; h eiretti, developed. CINCINNATI, O., seS dtf Loirtiviile. Ky. We would invite doalors to call and examlno tor Uivespocial attention to the pale of every description themselves, and we think in quality, price, &c.,lby of Produce. can be suited. Having enlrgedottr nianufacturiudf--par'.mon- t, MERCANTILE all demaudp. ThankJITpOrdors promptly filled at lowest market rates. Fire and Merino Insurance Company, ful for the wo can promptlv meetbeen so kindly bestow patronage wbtcii has N. B. "Uuick sales and prompt returns.1' eo upon us, we trust, by strict and prompt attention to K'ferto lienueltcV Brokaw, New York; Smyth & Covington, Ky., all older;, 10 boc" rea coiunmanco of it. And the qualGore, St. Louis; Cobb or Co., Buffalo; Wm.S. VVre;ht ity ol our mar work (PATCH'S BLOCK, SCOTT STREET.) ' "red lho shall be, aB heretofore, i'o.. New Orleans; Wm Bingham & Co., Pittsburg; rto host, aud satisfaction glvnri e A. Murm, Louisville, and merchants of Cincinnati Cliarterca Capital $oOO,OOG equalif not n all cases. Zlnoral'i) . mVll ly WALLA Cil L1TH&OW A CO tcbii3 DIRECTORS. JOHN KAITJIANN,. M. Greenwood,; WH(LtSALK AMD UET Cassias M. Clay, SCALE MANUFACTURER. A . B. Coleman , John T. Martin, China, Glass Georjr.0 F. Davis, DATENT Balances, Floor and Platform Counter S. W. Hassultine, Georjro H. ('alvorti rptatrorms, Hay Scales, Ore Scales, and all dWferont S.S.Clark, FOR FAtli TRADS, David Banning, lOnatanMy on baud, or made to order. Third Wm. B. French, J . M . Pickering, T. W. W. DeCourey, L, between A. JAEGER & CO., hycumore and Broadway, Cincinnati. J Martin's patem of Hay Scales alwayson hand, Georere T. St,eaamant Wm.T. Phipps, wstf JUST received cndforsale at New York, ' D. J. Fallis, Snmitfl ft. Kavh, prices, the following soodc: j Hnnry Von Flu.', William Cocistck, l' wanortod L. Hollister, Charles Hubboli, i iiltihdwru; 4'it) boxes B. B. Bartlett, C. B. Camp, N. & CO. E. '.Hi wbito Fiench China Pining Sots; Cyrus Welch, Hartzell Hainor, 111) do; do Tea do do cOlVWARDING AND COMMISSION John M. Medary Jti richly gilded and Decorated D nlng Set!; WM.T. PHIPPS, JOHN M. MEDARY, do; do Tea H)U do do do Secretary. President. Toilet do; do do tt5 do do BRUCE POTTER, CHAS. HUBBKLL, U'5 pilrs Docorated Flower Vasos; Attorney Vice President. !Vo. Depot icent Kailroad near Mrand way ,to 25 dozen fancy Motto Coffoes. Ac; street, AS rICTlJS a n Agent of the abovo Companv, I With a complete stock of Cutlery, Britannia Ware. prepared to take Fire and Maritie Lamps, Oimidoles, Waiters, Silver-Plate- d Goods. CINCINNATI, risks ut the usual rates. Jnpanued Toilet &c. all of our own Importation for New Vork and Brie Railroad, and Otiice over Messrs. Rhntwell 4c Son's, Wall which we will sell at exceedingly low prices to cloto Ht stern Transportation Lines. street. betwoen M ain and Water. up bo.'ore swing. Ploase call on HAllCocignroouts .Till receive prompt attention. JAMES M. MOORK. A. J EAGER & CO., mil Murk. Packages N. F. & Co." Hotllftand 121, FourO st , Mozart Hall, butween Market and Jefferson. oct4 mat) dtf , misceu;anlo!jh. " 8.11. 1 FIRE AND MARINE PHILADELPHIA of I'earl rcet, second door , C&J olt Vine, CAPITAL $300,000 CINCINNATI, OiilO. Cliurtwr rerpetu I aw. Jlyilas complied with the Snniana i. warranted Dry as we. las Fire Ji'T'Thefe Safes bou'li M'LURE HOUSET lli, TO F.".'.i THOUSAND. DOORS AND SASH y-- - N- . i.:.o, IlAlu,, Commission aud Forwarding llerchanis, !Vo. 7 1 Clamp fct., !Ncv Orlcan1. except when Hardware fourth, As MISCELLANEOUS. KEYSTONE MANUFACTURED ON THE 196. NO INSURANCE. con- mva9dtr Corner ot Harkct and lUonroe streets, KG. I.IQUOJl.i ft., BV At the IM DOMKSTIO T.ojisTillo, K.y. E sevoul. WIIFEI-EK- VKiX'll.V.NTH, CIO.IKS f, " V. BAYt K.SS. t,, 4 i'o, oil ?a.iu t. bet. 'I'liiril COTTON AND TOBACCO FACTOnS, OF HAVANA OKA AMI TOB-ICC- AT voy passcueers to and from the Hotel. JLf'iioard per day 11 50. IN CINCINNATI CARDS. A BKO., PKOPRIETOKS. rj,(.mulbuses at all the Depot3, and Boatsto il DiiAhKtl ll K Y. bet ixiU uu !?si?rkPtHt. WaOLBSiLS f OROCSH3, FOJirjOW V K. IHPOKTfcKS J. W. tVICKS SW'K, WICKS ,t, KAMI AM) UUOLKSA? KlH 'l'i:ll ..... l. sori j. t week, $.Vj; each additional o.u-a fin. Two squares, six months, ronowtt.ile . week. $31); each additional square, six moojit. . at interval, m : AdortU..meiit published SI or monthly, ' chareod first, and "" cents lor every pur square for the Advertisements from strangors or inttertion. transient persons to bo paid in advance. will e p.t Advertisements not specilied as to lime until forbid, ami punnet exacted. A'laivi'. for charitable institutions, tire,. rr ir.!, township and other public meetings, lnsar..-the usual rates. r.i b rral ducnii'ni ii.ade to thou who ! adverliso wi-niiv-?.r- lv i in- - v itiiie'e are onldLsnoil as news. Obttue rin. Tnd fuiuu-a- l invitations at) advortisemoiiK ' AT LAW, V: MORNING, OCTOBER 17, L855 FIRil PP.OOF FOUNTAIN HOTEL; a iLAMANDER SAFE i.ioii r s'i ni:i;r, iialtihuhi; CLABAUGH ..t,t: f;.1 to j bun:, in all ol tlio Oourlg i li.o city, in.-- t 'ie Com; iM '.lis. O'Vce on Centre street be' wean Jefferson hi.-- month, rnewao.u o son. t,,.,':,,, months, renewable twice a of a till; one square, twelve month, renewable square, wo!v m.m. LLI.i U. IK RUSH, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING Rrura O. A'ltl THIiMS GP TflK TIMES, -.iubscripiians received forlwoivo miil!i for 'Jrenrlv ai.d quarterly at the am rat". tions"iuablu quarterly. SinKl cop''" o. l lj '! J'; 1 Country subscriber. $ii pcryc.r. n a. Iva ue . hlo iadva,ice,$4. V. B..kly,j.uyabU or les. n r ; i ; li .Uertisome.ils, not th., nnil .'. corns loi an ti...- .r.r . . ' 5ti; tin- two moi.tln, ti. .1 . votv additional square. months, S lt WI . LAXCASTEli &lliEAS0R, IK. HIILLOCK Orrioji No. 82 Tbikd Stbikt. M SOK KV V,-- HOTELS, ETC. CARDS. BUSINESS j BJ'Q II BETWEEN MARKET AND JEFFERSON. WEST SIDE. WEDNESDAY LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY VOL. IV mi TH p' A&aS3lT i he,

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