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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 30 no. 1 Winter, 1954

Part of Mountain Life and Work

LILY MERCERIZED PEARL COTTON AND FLOSS, ART. 114 Sizes 3, 5, 10 and 20, and Six Strand Floss 80 fast colors in 1-11b. cones, 2-oz. tubes LILY COTTON WARP YARN, ART. 314 1-I b. cones, 2-oz. tubes Handweavers, NOW you can order all your handweaving supplies from one source. A large and complete stock of the highest quality yarns is now available for prompt shipment in quantities to suit your needs. Choose from a wonderful assortment of sizes and colors in Cottons, Wools, Linens, non-tarnishing Metallics, Novelties and Nylkara (half nylon, half vicars) . . . Also Looms (including the folding Leclerc Loom), Warping Frames, Bobbin Racks and Winders, Table Reels and Tension Boxes. Write today for free price list or send $1 for complete color cards and illustrated catalog (this $1 can ' oplied to your next order for $10 or more of yarns). LILY RUG FILLER, ART. 614 4-oz. skeins The Handweaver's Headquarters LILY THREE STRAND, ART. 714 1-Ib. cones, 2-oz. tubes LILY MILLS C0. DEPT. HWB, SHELBY, N. C.

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