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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 30 no. 1 Winter, 1954

Part of Mountain Life and Work

MOUNTAIN VOL. XXX, No. _1 LIFE and WORK __ WINTER, 1954 PUBLISHED AT THE OFFICE OF THE COUNCIL OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN WORKERS. LINCOLN HALL, BEREA COLLEGE. BEREA. KY. ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTEF AT BEREA. KY. STAFF: RECREATION--.Frank H. Smith, College Station, Berea, Ky. EDUCATION--Grazia K. Combs, Viper, Ky. HEALTH-Dr. Robert Metcalfe, Crossville, Tenn. RELIGION--Dr. Sam Yonder Meer, Morris Fork, Ky. STAFF PHOTOGRAPHFRS--Ed DuPuy, Black Mountain, N. C. Roy N. Walters, Berea, Ky. STAFF ARTIST--Mrs. Burton Rogers, Pine Mountain, Ky. MANAGING EDITOR--Charles Drake, College Station, Berea,Ky. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY--Perley F. Ayer, Berea, Ky. MOUNTAIN LIFE AND WORK is published quarterly by the COUNCIL OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN WORKERS, Box 2000, College Station, Berea, Ky. ~/ Subscription price: $1.00 per year to non-members of the Council. This subscription price is included in the membership fee of the Council and all members receive the magazine. Subscriptions should be sent to: THE COUNCIL OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN WOP.KERS Box 2000, College Station Berea, Ky. ARTICLES for this magazine should be sent to the above address in care of the Managing Editor. SIGNED OR QUOTED ARTICLES ARE NOT NECESSARILYTHE EXPRESSION OF EDITORIAL OPINION. NOR DO ARTICLES APPEARING IN THIS MAGAZINE NECESSARILY CARRY THE ENdORSEMENT OF THE COUNCIL OR ITS OFFICERS. PICTURE CREDITS Cover, Ed Dodd; 4, Smith College News office; 10,11,13, Save the Children Federation from State-Wide School Studios, Reidsville, N. C.; 24, W. M. Horn,Louisville, Ky.; 29,30,31, Division of Publicity, Kentucky Department of Conservation; 33, Penland Photo; 41, Bard McAllister;

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