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Image 1 of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.), April 3, 1894

Part of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.)

k.kakH QjiwatmjLyNi'mmiJmfln h 1 mh nr b'wiTiiMBftHoiWybfere Court et Appeals. ' ??? aw STMIRD YEAR. nmu ONE CENT. 1894. QUARTERLY REPORT r Of the Masen County Untitling anil friends. Saving Association. tfSSLtf IT'S IN THE 1ES.EB Sarsaparllla is the best. Willie Oldham, son of Q. W. Oldham, CriENOWKTn'8 The Ledger sands 250 stamps for Miss DollleRoso. Nan Boyd, colored, was committed by fSi iWffiPw Wit! Km "' pi, f Judge Wadsworth's Court te the care of Jailer Kirk for committing inebriety i Jehn Cook, the little hustler for The Ledger from Market street te Lewer street, Is confined to his home with rheumatism. Fred Thaxel stepped out of his bread L0TTA BRAZIER, for street walking, wagon ut Third and Market this morning Ptt,cl $a anu" fln'shlngs. and his horse stepped off up Third street Dennis Chew was drunk and abusive, at a 1:11 gait and was seen "out of and Chief Ort will soe that he puts iu 22J sight." dayB for the city. Captain AndyC. Sphar has bought 10J TnE propesod electric railway connect- acres of land, known as the Ring place, ing Lexington and Versailles is in a fair near the Pelham farm en the C. and 0. way te be constructed. Railway, and will this spring engage in William Wiieatley will work for the the manufacture of brick en a large scale. city four and half days in payment for a drunk and disorderly. William F. Tamme of Bourbon and At l'Jl.J VUkMI Mi Bliss Frances P. Iliggins of this county married at 8t. Patrick's Church this M ftflWs illip m MAYSVILLE WEATHER. Wfmt IFe .Hay .Rrpecf .Fer fTie Hours. Ticeny-bu- r Aet The state Y. P. S. C. E. effors a prize cup for the best poem by a Kentuckian en the society's motto "Fer Christ and THE LEDGER'S the Church." WEATHER SIGNALS. Rev. James Asbell has suddenly disWhite stroamer paiii; OIu appeared from Lexington, having been rain or snow; WithDtaefc ABOVE-'twarmer called bofero the elders of his church for grew. A. C. Sphar of Cincinnati was in the If BUxk't nSNEATII COLDKIl't Will unbecoming conduct. be; Fannie IIaley, for a jag fringed with city yesterday. Unless Dlek' shown no ohange yociferousness, yesterday donated 5 te Rev. Dr. Scudder came down from we'll soe xhe aboe forecasts are made for a the Schoel h und and a moderate sum for Carlisle yesterday. period or thirty-si- r hours, endlmr at 8 o'clock beefsteaks for the vigilant officers. evening. IM i a !. Rebert Tuder of Cincinnati spent Sunday here with relatives. WANT A t 83.002 D i CHANGE. OHIO DEMOCRATS DESERT THE SIXKIXG SHIP. HE STOOD IT LIKE A MAN. He went down te the dentlst's te have a teeth . pulled out, ' And he steed It llke a man. The dentist went te punching, Huntington Township Gees Republican Fer the First Time In Slang Ycars-Tl- ie Result In Aberdeen. Te gouging and te hunching, Whlle the forceps kept And he steed It llke a man. Sv He bad n spoil of slckness that kept him In the uouje, And he steed It llke a man. He felt all sorts of turnings Of his insldcs, Ilkowlse burnings Of his brain and painful cburnlngs, And be steed It llke a man. ' He get up In tbe mlddle of the midnight with his twins, And be steed It llke a man. Tbore it as absence of calorie, And bla words weren't motapherlo As be gave them paregoric, And be steed It llke a man. He went te de semo shopping with his wlfe one busy day, r And he steed It like a man. He went te forty places, Sampled silks und furs nnd, laces, .. Till He lnldsdewn in the traces, And he steed It llke a man. Detroit Free Press. Seeds nre the very best. Landrbtii's i i.i . .- statnps for Miss Dollle Rose. Miss Anna Walsii is new eno of the . salesladies at Geerge Cox & Sen's. Wiluam E. Pee was full and noisy, arid will work 6i days for the city. - The Cuunty Court has granted liquor Jicopse te Jehn Hays, Martin" Wall and i. Gollenstcin. m Jee Bede and Charlie Skinner get en a pair of Jags, and each will put in 10r days J1h working for the public geed. "ErR. Bell, Trtistoe of the Ohie Valley i,PIane Ce., conveyod te Frodenck ISclirocder a let in the late town of 5 Cheater for 8150. Comb in with your coupons and ten cents end get Ne. 5 of the Magic City. There are a great many who have net yet secured this numher. MisaRS Maoeie Costblle and Ethel Eitel have sent te The Ledoer 5,175 '.stamps, for Miss Dollle Rose. They are put up nicely In bundles of 100 each. Ur Y. Rieaxx gave bend as trustee of Archibald Gardner, with A. R. Glascock Md H. 0. .Barktey turetlee. W, T. P&Wtt, Jehn JttlMyr mm! f. T. Fratlie tfljjA.;'.'. , M f ii n? HiaLLLLLLlaaWMifOiliBaiaMMilll laaaaaLBBMflHBWBaHMWMall Wash- HvjHjHwtH rock-ribbe- d is given bolew: Fer Trustee. P.W.Coepor,D.,noopposition.815 UUrk. Dy nmt. paid Dividend Ne. 13 Dy Dy amt. bills payable . nmt. balance cash nanas ei Treasurer . i,-- it) S. 278 217 R...., G.Evans. Constable. Jehn Grierson. R 803 100 B.C.Farley, D Assessor. Sam Broekovor. R 281 Clem Wilsen, D 218 Justice of the Ptace. Hemer Games, R 203 David King, D 233 It will be seen that the Republicans elected three officers and the Democrats two one without opposition. In Aberdcen the municipal election resulted as follews: Mayer, Themas F. Hill, R 81 Josse Ellis, D 71 Marshal. J. B. Jenes, D 78 W. H. 'Middleswarth, D 81 L, 8chlitz, R Jehn 40 Treasurer. B. R. Wilsen, R 03 l 83.002 12 Jehn O'Harran, D Geuneilmen. W. A. Rist. D Themas Madlgan, R 50 Geergo W. Schlltz, R G. W.Heward. D W.N. Campbell, R J. W.Jenes, D 110 103 01 60 88 88 . Wm. Clephane, R 10 Tbe first three, two Republicans and eno Democrat, are electcd. An ominous clrcurastance Is the fact that "Bukey" Wilsen the beat Jehn O'Harran the prcsent Postmaster for Treasurer'. What, deps, it meant Cincinnati has gpne Republican, and se has, evcry else. "PtttjtA flruill fawn V.1.AWJ Jklf l1.tut.A niium mi aiesnvga nm.u.unj hmrhn gwJ-- i .ttirmKmSiMSMaif Our city is new engaged in eno of the grandest and most complcte revivals in its history, the First Baptist Church being filled te its utmost capacity by peeplo who are anxious for the safety and welfare of their relatives and friends. Yesterday morning at 10:30 o'clock a large crowd gathered at the church te listen te Evangelist Fife, and for eno solid hour they had the pleasure of being Instructed by one of the most earnest and eloquent pulpit orators Maysvillc has had within her limits in many years. These who were there learned that the evangel-1s- t is here te try and take this city for Christ a home missionary, trying te de the work that the geed Christian peeplo have been praying for. At the ovenlng sorvlce the heuso was packed, nnd it is safe te say that if the people de net go bofero 7 o'clock horepter they will liuve te stand up, Every morning scrvlce will begin at 10 o'clock, and the people who attend will have te be there et later than i(j:30, as requwted by Mr, Fife. ,.i k. P ?$, tXltfi&ft " .v i, tjl.t&f 3iJY A 8,-0- Masonic Duty In Case Miss Pollard's Father Was a Masen, 323 094 323 Leuving number sbares 7th scries Number shires in 8th series, com343 mencing June 1st, 1888 Number sbures cancellcd per re209 1891 port January 1st, Number cancelled this quarter. . . 15 271 124 841 028 313 074 435 539 016 394 522 789 Judge J. Seulo Smith, Past Grand Mas-te- r of Kentucky, Past Grand High Priest, and Past Eminent Commander of Webb Cemmandery Ne. 2, Knights Templar, one of the best posted Masens living since the death of Albert Pike, was seen at Lexington regarding the dispatch sent out from Frankfort saying that a movement was en feet te expel Colonel Breck inrldgc from the Masonic fraternity. Judge Smith said. "I knew nethiuc whatever exccDt what I have seen published. The Frankfort Ledgo could net expel him. Colonel Breckinridge is a member of Lexington Ledge Ne. 1, at this place, and could net be expelled by any Ledgo te which he did net belong. II e was initiated here July 20th, 1874 He is a member of Lexington Royal Arch Chapter Ne. 1, and of Webb Cemmandery K. T , Ne. 3 or was n member of these two latter bodies I think though I de net knew whether he is in geed standing or net; that is, whether his dues have been paid up or net. He Is net, and, according te my best impression, never was a member of Washington Council. R and S M . of this city These bodies aleno would have the right te try and cxpel him." "ue you Knew whether the father or Miss Madeline Pollard was a Masen or vtv 'Ai - MC f )Jt? .IMTttiVW-.Ll'- - MAYSVILLE.ORANOEBnRO AND MT. CARSIEL. President J. D. Mayhugh. Treasurer C. B. Pearce, Jr. Directors Joel Lukins, J. B. Farrew, Alfred D Merehcad, S. A. Bramel, B. A. Wallingford, Jeseph Wallingford. MAYBVILLE AND BRACKEN. W. W. Baldwin. President Superintendent Rebert L. Baldwin. Secretary and Treasurer O. E. Tabb. C. B. Directors W. W. Balpwin. Pearce. D C. Frazce, Dr. Themas E. Pickett, L. H. Mannen, C. E. Tabb, M. Worthington. .. n. THE MAGIC CITY. GREAT SUCCESS OF " THE ZED' GER'S" GIFT TO PATROX8. Infractions Hew te Get a Set of the Handsomest World's Fair Vlewa IHlbllshed. Tns Ledger en Saturday began dis tributing te its patrons the finest scries-.-' et worms r air views mat nave yet ueen issued. This is the testimony of all who have seen them: New, we will try te make plain the in the list publlshed in 1859 by Reb Mer ris. I knew eno old Masen who thinks way te get them: he has seen him in a Ledge. I, myself, First Cut out of Tub Ledger this never heard of him as such before this coupon. trial. The papers have spoken of him as Grand Master' of the Frankfort Ledgo flnJMrflrrliJr3nHflrJinrlJEl1 He could only have been 'Grand Master' of the entire state. I see in Miss Pel lard's testimony that the 'Grand Ledge' of Masens buried her father That can net be true, since her father was never Port- S3 Slaete Citu se far as I can learn au officer of that body He may have been a Masen; I de folio Coupon. "I de net. His name does net appear 1 1 Art net knew." h ' President W. R Newell. Superintendent B. F. Clift. Treasurer C. B. Pearce, Jr. Directors C. B. Pearce, D. D. Seusley, A. K. Marshall, Themas L. Best, W. 0. Hamilton, E. E Pearce. net?" o fr$lu MAYSVILLB AND LEXINGTON. President W. W. Baldwin. Superintendent W. W. Baldwin. Secretary and Treasurer C. B. Pcarce, Jr. Directors W W Baldwin. C. E. Tabb, C. B. Pearce, Dr Themas E. Pickett, J. J. Peed, Dan Turncy, Rebert L. Baldwin. Public teaser 439 , j u Mall or bring te the ofllce of Tnn Coupens llke this, of different dates, and Ten Cents In silver, and roceivo Art Portfolio Ne. 7 or the World's Fair. Nete Six Coupens of different dates and Ten Cents are required for each Portfolio. There will be LiUHiBit SIX sixteen numbers. April 3, 1894. m w H, S JlilJBrrfrE3rrHJlrra m Second When you have cut out SIX coupons of different dates, It you live in the city and your paper is delivered by carrier, bring them te this ofllce wrrrt ten cents, and eno book of the Views will be given te you. If you live at semo ether place, send the six coupons and ten cents by mail te this offlce and the book will be sent te you by mail from Philadel- phia. Third It you have mislaid any of your coupons, you can get the books au 15 cents each, and you can get the back!? numbers at any time, After the set is finished appropriate binding can bu bad , i ii .,. ui a Diuuii (jusi. The set comprises sixteen books, and when completed it will form a most magnificent volume. There's no ether way In which you can secure such an art J troasure for se little menoy. l'LKASE REMEMBER. When we say fax coupons, we deaxr mean five. When we say coupon, we mean tire coupon with the border around It, mwK net a ploce et It. the'i Thodate at the bottom et the coupe k &. w changed evcry day, and you must fix of different dates. D&der no cireuwsUacesiviU uem be SMkte te tM abevt ay ewf .1 'if,, - ' i Jehn M. Rice of Louisa is seen te marry a Mt. Sterling lady and get eno of the two new places that tLe Legislature provided in the Auditor's Offlce at Frankfort. Thus Jehn Is in two lucks. A petition is belng circulated for the pardon of Judge Palliam, who killed James Miller at Harredsbttrg five years age and was given a term of 10 years in the penitentiary. MAYSVILLB AND MT. STERLING. XASOX. Mf u VkA at once. Apply te HIS 8TAXDIXG AS 690 if !, List of the XctP Officers and Dt-rectors Elected Mmnday. and Celd Water. "It Colonel Biecklnrldgc knew Miss Pollard te be a daughter of a Masen at the time he began his illicit relations with her, would It be within the power of his Leaving numbcrsharcs 14th sorles 550 Ledgo te oxpel him?" Number shares in 15th series, com"It certainly would net enlv be within 337 mencing July 1st. 1893 Number cancelled as per report the power of his Ledgo, hut also the duty 12 January 1st, 1894 of his Ledgo te tle se. 'Any offuuse Leaving nurabcrshares 15th serles 325 against the laws of Ged is a violation of the laws of Masonry,' was the edict of Numder shares In 16th series, com428 mencing January 1st, 1894 our Grand Ledge in 1877. In 1878 it wus 8 Numbdr eancelled this quarter decided that blasphemy, drunkenness or Leaving number shares lfith serles 430 'the violation of the chastity of a female' were Masonic offenses. When that fe 4,621 male is a Master Masen's daughter, the Total number shares Association M. C. Hussem,, Secretary. effenso becomes eno of which I cannot Boyd K. Muse of Mt. Carincl sent speak for publication, or evon te you privately. The Ledgo te which the offend 1,045 cancelled stamps for Miss Dollle inc person bolenus may discipline him bv expulsion or suspension. If it fails te de Rose. William L. Traxkl, formerly of this se. the Grand Ledgofixmay act (decision 1870.) but may net the quantum of city, is new with Leuis Cablish, Charles punlshment." "Would the fact of Miss Pollard's ten, W. Vn. father being a member of Frankfort Colds, caused by the sudden change of Ledgo necessarilt cause the present temperature nt this season of the year, members of thdHodge te ospeusc her make Aver's Cherry Pectoral indispensa- cause?" "It would net. If Mr. Pollard was a ble. member, In geed standing, of that or any would William E. Wells will offer for sale ether Masonic Ledge, the membersorphans be likely te assist his widow and four jennets and two jacks en Short In every lcgltlmate way. They would street next Monday Ceuuty Court Day. protect them from seduction, warn them et approaching or impending danger, leek Sce advertisement. after their interests when it became The Weman's Missionary Soclety of necessary, or they were asked te de se, the First Presbyterian Church will mcet and try te shield and guard them from this afternoon at 3 o'clock in the any and every trouble. If they belleve that Colonel Brcckinridge has wronged a basement of the church. Master Masen's daughter, they have a Miss Sarah Billings and her sister right te complain te bis Ledgo, but there duty Dintla, who resided aleno near West is no Miss Incumbent en them, te prese-cutPollard's case or cspouse her Union, were found dead In bed, On the cause Masonry alma te protect and table was a letter signed by both of the assist the helpless, net te avenge wrongs women, saying that they had taken already committed." "What would be the attitude of Masens poison because eno of them was going te if it were proven that Colonel be married, and that they could net bear recklnridce has seduccd a Masen's the thought of parting. One was about daughter?" One of hostility. Thov cannot act 40 years of age and the ether 85. Thov politically, as Maeeas: but, men, they were Very well te de, but had no relative weuiu regard wta laise te fct Madoale living. 6bllgatie8." the First Baptist Church Were Well Attended Yesterday. . TVRXriICE ELECTIONS. Mm. L.V.DAVIS. ir It -- died Sunday night of malarial fover. She was about 41 years old, and a lady of most estimable character. Her uncle, James D. Stubblefield, died seven weeks age. Her remains will be interred this afternoon in the family graveyard near Rccterville. Rent $2j a Menth, and Owner Pays Water Rent. PotscAslen 00 Miss Jesle Neenan of Frankfort is visiijrt ting the Misses Desmond and will attend Number shares In 12th series, com1,011 mencing January 1st. 1892 the wedding. Number shares cancelled per re148 port January 1st, 1894 101 Mr. and Mrs. Jehn C. Levol and daugh Nuraber cancelled this quarter,. ter are home from Vanceburg, where Mrs. Leaving number shares 12th scries Levol has been visiting relatives. Nuraber shares in Uth sorles, com452 mencing September 1st, 1892 Number shares cancelled per reDr. James Martin of Winchester is port January 1st, 1884 . .... 11 3 spending a few days with his mother, Number cancelled this quarter. 13 Mrs. Mary F. Martin of Ferest avenue. Leaving numbcrshareslSthscrlcs Number shares in Uth series, January 1st. 1893 081 William Landgraf of Lawrencovllle, 111., and Gcergo Landgraf of Memphis, Number cancelled per report January 1st. 1894 9 Tcnn., have geno te their homes after at- Number cancelled this quarter. 10 tending the funeral of their father. THE FIFE MEETINGS Evxrrrrnisa points te a consolidation of the Merchants, Kentucky, Second and Fourtn'Watienal Banks at Louisville. "" PI Tns plant of the Ohie and Kentucky Leather Company, Covington, was totally destroyed by fire. Incendiary. Loes f Tff ROOM, With Het 224 Mr, and Mrs. Edward Blitz and child of Cincinnati have roturned home after suending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Peter Miller of West Second street. etttk far Alice Stubblefield DA r.nch share has paid in as follews: (98 Sixth series Mrs. E B. Cake arrived home Saturday from a visit te relatives in Illinois and Number shares In 10th scries, coin- inducing January 1st, 18U0 Missouri. Number shares cancelled per re377 port January 1st, 1894 Miss May Fitzgerald left this morning Number cancelled this quarter.. 58 for an extended visit te Mrs. Jehn Burns of Chicago. Leaving number shares 10th serles Number shares in 11th series, comJames W. Fitzgerald is home after a mencing January 1st, 1891 reNumber shares cancelled per cr business trip West for the 200 port Junuary 1st, 1894 Company. Number cancelled this quarter.. 134' d LAUNDRY, WATER CLOSET, .c Leaving number Bharcs 6th scries Number snares in 7th serles, commencing October 1st, 1887 Number shares cancelled per re287 port January 1st, 1891 Nu.nber cancelled this quarter .. 30 kind-hearte- Ne. 221 West Second Street. 13,847 10 8,100 00 In Lcaringnumbcr shares 8th serles Number shares In Uth series, commencing Juue 1st, 1889 The venorable J. Harvey Meenach of Number snares cancelled porre-cor- t Bull Creek was in the city yesterday. 485 January 1st. 1894 Number cancelled this quarter.. 4J Mrs. Themas Fitzgerald and children of Cincinnati have returned home after spending a few days with Mr and Mrs. Jehn Fitzgerald of the West End. fe ( . That Splendid Dwelling, Peters-Desmon- Township and nrCntcipal elections were held In Ohie Monday. Huntington Township, just across the tiver, has been and Deme cratlc for le these many years; but under the Influence of the "geed tlmes"and the plontltude of Cleveland Badge Factories the peeplo voted for a change. The result of the vete In the Township tM Wftkea i$ acrW eiJsVftckett i Fer Bent DUhunemenU. nmt. leaned en mortgages t32,000 00 By amt. leaned and stock as 5,420 00 security By nmt. paid fur 441 shares 20,892 25 cancelled Dy amt. paid for salaries, 404 OS rent, ie 148 50 Dy amt. paid solicitor Dy amt. Holiclter's fees re2 GO turned By amt. monthly dues re40 turned 4 00 Dy nmt. Initiation returned Dy nmt. paid J.W. Headley, 10 00 . hecrctnry of State Dy Keith-Shrecd- .W. 8. Griffith. D James IIassen, JrT, paid $1 and costs C for a plain jag. Miss Alice Beyrh sends 113 stamps M,for Miss Dollle Rese. A. H, Calvert bought of F. M. Tolle "yYtj acres or lana ter 5ae Ki .. . u. r, . . MRS a. uelk et Dever sends GOO- H. C. Barklcy has returned from ington City and the East. tfJSS 12 n( will ' ' -- JOffK JC. WALTOtr He was 60 years old. Mr Brown was a quiet, man, always ready te help any eno who was Through the courtesy of M. C. Russell, worthy. The funeral will take place Secretary, we are permitted te publish a from Mrs. Rudy's residence at 2 o'clock statement of the affairs of the Masen tomorrow afternoon, with services by County Building and Saving Association Rev. T. W. Watts of the M. E. Church, for the quarter ending March 31st, 1894: Seuth, assipted by Rev. J. R. Patrick of The state suits against the bondsmen Maysvillg, Kr., April 1st, 1894. of the late defaulting Treasurer, James Te Wte Officers awl Memhert of the Masen the First Baptist Church. County DulUUng and Saving Association W. Tate, will be called for trial at FrankHigh Schoel Repert. Gentlemen: Belew I furnish you my report fort Thursday, when the report of Pupils whose dopertmont is 00 per for the quarter endlng Saturday, viz: cent, and upward and whose average the Master Commissioner, which Is new Recttptt. made up, will be filed with the court. Cash In hands of Treasurer studying is net below 85 per cent: 1 12,970 42 January 1st, 1894 Captain Isaac Wmrra, aged 87, died Rell of Honer Gorden Sulser, Holten 10,01: 00 Fer weekly dues 758 00 Fer monthly dues Key, Jehn Power, Earl Newell, Percie at the home of S. M. Worthlngten, near 112 93 Fornnes 38 00 Bresec. Clay Lilleston, Frank Wright, Fern Leaf, Sunday. He was unmarried. Fer transfers 154 00 Fur solicitor's feo. Frank McCarahan, Bernard Pollitt, His only sister is Mrs. Bcneni Showalter. 15,000 00 Fer bills payable Fer mertfmKes cancelled .31,100 00 William Fristeo, Douglas Ort, Courtney The funeral will take place at Minerva th'S 155 50 Fer cancelling mortgages. Kcspcss, Ethan Bradley, Samuel Bier afternoon, with services by the Rev. W. 3,350 00 Fer stoek netos 428 Fer Initiation feo en bower. W Hall 314 00 shares ... 3,130 20 Fer Interest ... Miss of Recter-vlll- e 85 00 Seventh series 70 25 Eighth series 68 60 Ninth series 55 00 Tenth series 42 50 Kloventh scries 20 50 Twelfth series 20 75 Thirteenth serles 10 25 Fourteenth series 10 00 Fifteenth series 3 25 Sixteenth serles comNuraber shares in 6th series, 1,013 mencing October 1st, 1886 you hnvefriend vMttne veu, or if ueu Number shares cuncelled per re665 are rating axray en a vMt, please drop port January 1st. 1894 note te that efeet, jumeercauccueu tuts quarter . ze morning. tfae Miss Mareella Hanlev, daughter cf Jehn Hanley of Ruddle's Mills, died Sunday. Mr. Hanlcy formerly llvtfd in this county, his wife being a sister of the late Patrick Cull en of this city. Addison Browh died at the rosldence of Mrs. Jehn R. Rudy yesterday morning at a few minutes after 10 o'clock, after a long illness, He had been conflned t6 his bed since June 10th last, and his remarkable vitality was the wonder of his ' REPUBLICAN. MAYSVILLE, KY.t TUESDAY, APRIL 3, r tout TMw, f n , ' . Hi J

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