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Image 3 of Semi-weekly interior journal, April 26, 1895

Part of Semi-weekly interior journal

",' A IhteriorJoukkal Semi-Week- ly - . "af, ,; . .J f Ami. 26, Might Offense. An English 1896 W. P. WALTON. tourist arrived In an Irish (own, tvheru n innn wns about to bo hnnfrcil for shooting his landlord. Igno-rnof tho causo of tho pnthcrliif,', ho qui'Btloncd 0110 of tho peasant. EnglishmanWhat is going on today, my man? l'cawmt Thoy're going t'hang a man, Bor. Englishman What is ho to bo hanged for? Peasant Just for a bit nv a johe, sor. DE. Ii. B. COOK, Stanford, Office Up Stairs; Klnt Drug Store. Hi Ky. Katt of Door Mellob-ert- s' 3'"n Englishman Hang a man for a Joke? Absurd! What did ho do? Peasant Ho Just mado frame uv his landlord, sor. Life. SPRING AND SUMMER. An Something to Boautify tho Ladies. Illustration. have rdiown you Professor I that the color of living creatures is usually a close imitation of their surroundings. Dslly rpenlnwg. New Halt, flowers and Ueci We rive tho assurance to the trade thai they will Now will some one glvo us an example escluslvcness Mud In our establishment the same la style of patterns, haU and bonnet and alt the of this? leading novelties in Millinery for which w aic Stutlent Chinamen are the color of knuwu throughout lh country. tho Yellow sua, and American Indians trimmer for theses-ioa SI hat secured you tor pait favors, wc respect-full- are tlio color of tho Missouri river. Thanking solicit your patronage heretofore 10 literally Good News. M. D. UUDOLRAR' firit-cls- n. ss y talswod. KATh DUDDERAR, Manager. Tim Worat or It. "Matrimony Is a gamu of cards with tho chances all one way," she observed, after deep thought. "Yes?" "Yes. A woman has a heart and a man talccs it with diamond, and after that her hand Is his, and besides lie can beat her with a olub." Detroit Tribune. 11 Inhrany'a Ambition. Llttlo Johnny I'm goin'to be a good boy, so I'll be real religious when I grow up. Pond Mother Mamma's own treasure! Would you lllto to bo a in In L- Refreshing Bath. Hot or Gold, Farmor'a Barbor Shop BIG IN MICHIGAN ROUTE, TOXTB. May 7th, the Big Four Route will ell Ktcuision luktts to po'mu la Mi hlgan. at very low ratcof (hi OtiTucidiy, One Faro For The Round Trip Tickets good returning 10 days from date of aale The We Four Route have uneaccllcd ladlltie tor reachlog points in Michigan For lull particular, address any agent. D II MARTIN, K.O McCORMlClTi Pata, Traffic Maaagrr. Gca'l Pats & Ticket Act Ky. Midland R'y, Only Direct LIlc Ret ween Cincinnati and Frankfort Shorten and quicken between Frankfort, Goonrotown and Paris, Oarllalo, Maysvillo, Oynthlana, Falmouth and Oovin&rton. Ask for tickets via Kentucky Midland. Tralaa run by Central Standard Time. Time Tabu Dec. 30, 1894. No. 1. No j. No. s No. 7. TRAINS EAST. a, ra. p. q. a. m. p, m a jo 130 Lvs Kranklort A 415 700 Klkborn 7 it 85 140 440 aS " Stamping Uround 7 9 30 315 300 ' G.orgftownII 7 47 3 f) tool J 43 10 oj ? js j so Arr. G. S. Depot. 33 " Parii ..C.... I 30 4 jo ... TRAINS WEST. No. Paris CS. N0.4. No. 9 No t r. m. a. m p m a. a. m. 04$ ...,C... 53 Denot 1017 Georgetown 11 10 40 " Stamp'g rirAtinri 10 39 " Klkhern .......... ..II ii Arr Frsokfut.-A- . ..1130 " 64a 643 7 03 i 343 617 64$ 713 30 1131 1 710 73s Canvasser Let me write your application for one of our 10:37 A. M.J a 39 A Strong .Man. llacon That man Illnclc who plays tho heavy villain iu the new drama must have a wonderful constitution. Pgbort Why? llacon Ho smokes an entire Ikix of cigarettes In the llrst act and doesn't die until the last act. Yonkers Statesman. Ooarl ti It. Strawber I don't think tho incomo tax is fair. It makes a man with a P. il.J arrlvo at NORTH WEST, ....THK 4 NaSHVlUC R. R. line for you, ai ita Double Dally Trains connectiona at Make.cloie LOUISVILLE And CINCINNATI For all pointa. THROUGH TICKETS SOLI). BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH For any Information enquire of JOES. HICK. Agent, Stanford, Ky THE WEEKLY Jv la a ton pag, eight column democratic newspaper. It contains thobest of everything going. HENRY WATTE RSON the editor. 1 PRICE, $1 00 A YEAR. LOUISVILLE, KY. - Weekly Kind Gcntlemun That boy just hit you, did lie? Small Hoy Yes, ho did. Kind Gentleman Well, now, why don't you heap coals of lire on his head, llko a good boy? Small Hoy Do good boys do that? Kind Gentleman Yes, indeed, all good boys. Small Hoy Well, I guess I must bo wicked then, 'causo I don't want to burn the chump to death, I just want to punch his head. Life. Courier-Journ- al Thin old world's bright enough for all Through all tho daya unit nljjhti: For when the sun goes down the west, Shtoo the electric lights. Atlanta Conatltutlon. TflDr. UXl'KltlKNCr- - Tragedy In High Life. foreign young noble of high degree Camo hunting a wife aeroaa the sea In ntylo ai boflt-- i tho peerage; Hut he could not And an American girl Who cared to purchase a duke or an carl. And he went bock home In the steerage. Chloago Tribune. T Henry Watterson miles fiom Stanford on the Hustonvllle pike, At $7 to Insure a Living Colt. six: or 7, .' one-rut- one-fift- h Logan, J. K. BAUOHMAN, Huatonvillo, Ky. Full M lunrft hidi. . vears old and has Droved A sure foal getter. He was sired by W. L. Caldwell's Giant, out of a good dam. Me will also stand 1 LOGIC 917. JTJMBO. N. S. H. R. This fine young Jack will make the present season at the old Levi Hubble farm, a place voted for years as the home of fine jacks. H is 4 years old well built and fine bone. I will stand him at thi low price of Sired by Stonewall Jackson, Jr, Harris', by Stonewall Jackson 7a, by Washington Denmark 6i Logic's 1st dam by King William Hilly, by Washington Denmark by Black Denmark. Second dam by Miller's Denmalk, by Denmark, Oolt 4 Months Old by Imp. Hedceford. $5 to Third dam br Onset's Telegraph, by Telegraph, Mares kept at reason ole rates. by Hill's Black Hawk, by Sherman. Fourth dam by Teller's Drennon, by Drinker's BISHOP, 10 JOSIAH Drennon, by Davy Crockett. Shelby City, Ky. Fifth dam hy Oliver, thoroughbred. Logic Is a very substantial horse, beautiful red sorrel with fine mane and tall, which he carries as near to perlectioo as a horse can. Has a fine disposition ; drives nicely and for his handling he is a fine actor. Rack, Trot, Walk, Caiter and Slow Pace. A few of hia colts have come this Spring and all have been found going the gaits with high Standard and Registered: i6' j hands high; six head and tail and of extra fine sire. You can see from his pedigree that he Is a very years old and weighs 1,130 pounds. highlybred saddle horse, and ono that will sire Emreror ij will make the present searon of 1S93 .it fancy, d saddlers. Logic will make the my tarm near Shelby City at season at my farm, 4 miles irom Dam Me, on the Danville and Stanford turnpike, TUKI.AWNKY AND IIIH TANDEM. At $7 for Mares and $10 for Jen nets to Insure a Live Oolt. T. A. COULTER. 67-B- lind Insure a $5 for Mares and $10 for Jennets Post-Offic- Mkm ttt it my place, i4 miles $15 To Insuro A Living Colt. English. :- Combined bay stallion, anicies i Hunter. -: 16 hands high; both hind wane. BY ABDALLAH MESSENGER dim the William Lusk saddle mare, by Davy Crocket, aou of Denny's Drennon, by Imp. Drennon ad dam by Highlander. Abdallah Messenger, sire of English Hunter, la by Messenger Chief, sire of Maud Messenger 1st 2 i6'4, Jake 2 13 and 7 others better than a 30. dam Susie by Semlnul 2 39K in 187a, sire of Von Amiu Jigj-janr- t better than 3 30, and 7 others full brother to Volunteer. 2 dam Kitty Rivers, g. d. ol Maud Messenger 2 16)4; by Alexander'a Abdallah, sire ol Goldsmith Maid 2 14, and the mes AT $10 TO INSURE A LIVING COLT. prepcteut son of Kysdyic's Hambletonian. 3 dam by Red Jacket, sire of tee dam of KenA lien retained en colts until payment of ser- tucky Wilkes a 21, and ot the g d. of Red Wilkes. Uy Comet, a sen of Sherman Morgan, sire of Vervice. Logic is standing to suit the hard times. See mont's Black Hawk, founder of the Morgan family family, the greatest family of roadsteia in the per month. him before you breed Pasture at Grain led at reasonable rates, which must be paid world. I will stand English Hunter the season ol ifoS beloio mares arc taken away. at my stable 3 mies from Shelby City, on the A. E. HUNDLEY, Knon Lick and Turnersvilie pike at 36 to insure Danville, Ky. a living colt. Money due when colt is foaled or mare parted wth. I ill also stand the excellent young Jack, of Divorcee. Mabel Do you believe that May marriages are less happy than those of any other month? Mrs. Lakeshorc No; I wasn't any happier than when I was married in October, January, April, August, February or Juno. Chicago Into? Ocean. In thai City Bay stallion, 16 hands high: foaled in 1890; goes Full brother to Silver all the gaits perfectly. King and the great show mare. Allie G. He Is by On Time. First dam Mollie Mounts by Cabbtl's Lexington. Wr Woman When vagrants. That's true. Thoy Tho Old Man will all have visiblo means of support. Brooklyn Life. "Grace aud Mlnnio have quarreled and both aro miserable." "No; thoy have mado friends, and aro perfectly happy again." "How do you know?" "I saw thorn both crying together." Eaglet. Brown stallion, 15 hands high; foaled In 18 3 J. Sired by Woods' Kaxle Bird. First dam Mollie Mountz, aa above. This is as fine a horse as you will find in Kentucky and goes all saddle gaits gcod. Chester Denmark. Dark brown stallion, 15?. hands high, sired by Chester Dare. First dam Daisy, by Wallace Denmark, and dam by Dick Elmore, Daisy has been a blue tie winner in many rings in her 3 and 4 year old form. The above stallions will make the season of 189s at my atable 1 mile from Stanfoid on tho Huston-vlll- e pike at $10 to Insure n Live Colt. Titbits. Jealousy In Gowanua. Mrs. Mulgrcw I seo Mrs. O'Flannl-ga- n has a new hood. Mrs. O'Dooloy Yls; tho poor thing needed somethin' o' tho kind to cover up tho bald spots on her head. Brooklyn Eagle. Colta stand good for season monev. Mares from a distance kept at $1 per monthi but not reiponsible for accidents. Stallions in charge of Koy S. lleailey. Am prepared to handle horses at reasonable prices. JOE E. FARRIS g Thoae 1'uralKU Names. Did you hear that hs Rough on the Old Man. U'ltliertiiR. A Hail Marhauian. . l. . No Chance to Lie. Mrs. Brown IIow can you say there Is more excuso for an Irishman to drink In this country than In Ireland? Brown Because, my dear, over thero ho can never say ho has taken tho whisky for a snake bite. Judge. ?t-- -. t.i Dam Bonnie 1913, by 1837. Highflyer 1006, Me was imported by A 11 1 nomp-sool Crawfordsvllle, Indiana, June 3. 1893 Testimonial; Wc think the Hackney crossed with Kentucky mares will make good sellers and good horsca for the Eastern market, I.kk Thomas, Lexington; E. D. PKNULkToN, Norfolk, Va. Call and aee this excellent stallion LINCOLN COUNTY HORSE CO. By A F. Moiuckly, Stanford, Ky. byVictorof Ileetley tho called upon you yet? had a spill from their jaunting Mrs. Newcomer I should say thoy had. They've called upon mo for al- car yesterday? Bob I'm not surprised, no calls it most everything in tho house. N. Y. Truth. his "turn-out.- " "World. Jack Money due when the colt comes or the mare Is parted with, Mares grated or fed at reasonable prices. Not responsible lor accidents, should any occur. Gilt Edge Is a beautiful red sorrel, flaxy mane and tall, 15 hands 3 inches high; was foaled Sept. 6, 18S6, and is a perfect saddle horse. and took Gilt Edge was showed a,s a v year-ol- d the sweepstake premium ut Klrksvllle arl Danto insure a livinar co't. Sam Is said to be the At ville and la his own ring at Ham dsburg Those best14 cotton mule jack In the country. who want to breed to a good saddle stallion are B. P. POWELL. cordially invited to look at our horse and see him SAM SMALL, move. He waa sired by Second Jewel, he by Cunning ham's lewel, he by eld Washington Denmark His first dam Minnie by McDonald's Halcorn. Seccnd dam by Wells' Crasader, his first dam by Stonewall Jackson, he by Washington Denmark, he by Black Denmark, his first dam by Crusader, he by Old Whip, second dam a Kocky Mountain mare. W. B J, T J Nk-S- , Gamtonito 8419. Race Record 2:19. Sire of Gilbert a aStf . and sweepstake premWinner of the iums for standard-bre- d trotters at the Milledgeville, Ky. World'a Kair, 1S93. Sired by Gambetta Wilkes 2:19. Sire of 42 in a 30 list. lat dam Maud, by Gairard Chief, sire of Bssil Duke a a8 and Lady Vciscr, dam of five in 2 30 THE GREAT SHOW STALLION, list, ad darn Nellie, by son of Billy Boyce a 14, by Coibeau. 3d dam by Helm's Yorkshire, thorWinner nl J500 stake at Lixington. won second oughbred monev In Ssco stake at Versailles. winner ol seed oambonlto 84 19 will make the season of 1893 at premium and sweepstsl'p at Pans, also winner of otner premiums in 1S93 since wmen time ne nas Central Park, at the low price of oeen in ine aiua, to Oolt EAG1E BIRD is a beutlltil brown, with small star, stands over t6 hands, has a flowing mane and a heavr tail Gambonita a tgi, the handsome black son of Eagle Bird waa sued by King Eagle, winner of that great young sire, Gambetta Wilkes a 19&. has more than 40 blue ties. been declared by tho highest authority, and alter lit dam by Star Eagle, test son of Cabbell's Lex- going through the most trying tests, the finest ington. and most perfect specimen ol standard bred Hotad dam by Hamlet Denmark, son cf Washington ting stallion that lives. Gambonlto wears tbe offiDenmaik. cial seal as being the trotting stallion 3d dam by Harris' Denmark, son ol Miller's Den- In the world, and a'.l who have seen the kingly mark. furm and lordly bearing of this proud monarch of Eagle Bird will make the season ol 1893 at his sta- the equine world know now justly the mantle so ble two mites west of Stanford, the Shelby long and so worthily worn by Mambrino King beCity pise, at the extremely low price of longs to this grand production of Kentucky Gambonito is a jet black stallion, just 16 hands high, weighs 1,160 pounds, and as an inColt. $15 tt dividual worthily wears the title, "the finest bred Money or cash ncte will be required when a trotting stallion In the world," as awarded him by the World's Fair committee. He was awarded the living colt is obtained. KaKle Bird is one of tho greatest show horses In grand p. lie offered tor standard bred stallions five Kentucky, as his record in 1S43 will attest. As a years old and ever and also first prue for trotting breeder of fine, good colored, high styled celts ne stallions ol any age in harness. Thus he was winner of the two must important prizes offered at the is not surpassed. Marea Irom a distance will bo tarnished gra's World's Columbian Exposition. His first colt. Gilbert 2 2x3 at 3 years old, won after May 1st at $1 50 per month and must be paid He four out of fire races iu 1893 as at the removal ol tbe mares. II ycu want to prevert accidents and es breeds speed and Individuality, Care will be taken to the capes, but will net be responsible shoubt any oc- raise the kind to sell, Gambonito Is will one to speak breed to. Call and see his colts; they cur. Parting with or removal of marea forfeits the for themselves, $25 MCR. JOXTSS BROS., Tin & Sheet Iron Works, Insure a Living horse-transhi- p. Insure a Living lmurancr. E. P. WOODS. THORNTON STAR. 55. Goes all the gaits to perfection and without any training trots under a 40. fifteen and hands high iiv Sumpter Dxnmark, Jr, he by Godda'd's Denmark, he by Gaines A-- Cromwell s Denmark, norso Denmark, he by Imp. Hedge-forhe by tbe tt three-quarte- rs d. 1 darr annie Wallace No. 36, by Sir Wallace, he Sir Wallace, be by Sir Al- oy Todhuntcr'a bert, thoroughbred, a 3 dam. .by Vlrginiua, dam of Virginlus by thoroughbred; he by Mason's Tran-b- y. dam...a Whip mare. $10 the Insurance. n, J0NKS. THE WORLD'S CHAMPION, MADISON SANDIDGE & SON, Connaugshst 2d 3512 Wallace Denmark, IV horao-raclu- At $10 to Insure a Living Colt. Five years old, 16 hands high, with white points, heavy bone, good style and extra lengta. Sired by the champion lack, Tom Keene, by Kube he by Clark's Mammoth, he by Wight's Mammoth, and he by Marlngo Mammoth Tom Keene's dam bv Col. Eosom. he br Ensom's Mont gomery, by Cole's Montgomery, by Old Black bampson. Tom Keeno's 2d dam by Mogul, by Compromise, by tippecanoe, oy uiacic ttswk, oy Imp. Warrior. Gov. St. John's dam Dolly Woods, by Tully's Warrior, her dam an imported jennet. The above finely bred young jack, whose bio d lines trace twice to the ereat Warrior farailv and to the noted Black Hawk, the greatest of thewsr- rtor Unuiy, with an lnlunon ol fresh Imported blood close up, has proved a great brecdir. Wilt stand at $0 10 iraure a living colt to approved mares and 910 for jennets, without distinction as to sex ol progeny. I will also stand EAGLE BIRD! ROYAL KING. Them. women, I Tho New say, aro placed upon a perfect equality with men, there will bo no more female ville pike. Owing to the scarcity oi money we will stand him Crab Orchard, Ky. S3 ... neighbors GOVERNOR ST. JOHN, GILT EDGE 261. Trelawney Fltznoodle waa once a poor clerk REGISTERED. Pence has proved himself to l0 a breeder ol A ribbon department wus whore he did work; BY SECOND JEWEL 48. Hut fortune at length took a kindlier turn; both style and apeed. Ills colts have sold from Ills rich uncle died leaving money to burn. the pasture, without any training bills, at 150 to Dam by old Stonewall Jackion. A tandem he soon learned to drlro like a $150 these hard times. 1 his fancy saddle stallion will make the season sport. of 189s at our stable J, mile from Milledgeville, Mares taken care ol at a per month, but not For handling the ribbons had long beea his Lincoln county, Ky., on the Stanford A Milledge- An Indication. "Have you had much oxporienco as "BllTson must have won a good deal coik?" gf money recontly." This fine imported Hackney stallion will make "Oihev, ma'am. 01 had seventeen the aeason of 1895 at ray furm on the Crab Orchard "IIow do you know?" places lasht year, ma'am." Harper's miles Ircun Stanford, known 0 "Ills wifo told mine that sho thought y ohn threeHail tarm, and will serve mares as the M. llazar. not bo so very might Living Oolt. wrong." Washington Star. At $10 tolnsure Tho Flnnl Order. Mr. "Pock (tho grocer) Is there nothascertained or mare Money due when tbe fact is Not Very Anrlent. ing else you need, Mrs. Mcllrlde? "Is Miss Primrose a daughter of the parted with. 3S is a fine and pos Connaughtad mo sco. I think Mrs. Mcllrldo Let finest action ol any horse in the coun baby Is old enough to drink cambric revolution?" no, sho wasn't born until sesses Ithe ttacKney is noieu ic unn j w.w. .w. ne try. "Mercyl style, action and endurance They have been bred tea. You may send up half a pound. after the war of 1813." Atlanta Consti- lor inesc quaimc. iui um ,wj-.- Judge. Connaught ad was bred by James Cokcr or tution. Bcctlcy Hall, Kasi Dereham. Norfolk Was suid Eaglo. ' I. 8. TKVIS, Shelby City, Ky. e Will make the season East ol Stanford, at The Way of Somi Women. Jessica I saw Will kissing you In tho hall, last night; didu't he have a cheek? Geraldino Yes, that's all ho did have; I dodged him so well that he 3)2 7C. couldn't kiss my lips at all. Brooklyn Will bo sent out year to any addresa for W. P. WALTON, Addreas ..((V-- r j Henrv Watterson Is a blood bay, ij'-- i hands high, foaled May o, 1891. Sired by Lebanon j6o, he by Red Wilkes 1749, Will also make the preicnt season of 1S9S at the low price of EIGHT DOLLARS to insure a living one ol the greatest living aires; has eighry-thre- e coll. lie Is elegantlj bred and a sure loal getter. I will also stand a 30 perlormers to his credit, as in 1091, auca Prince Wilkes a 141 Ac. C3-003- D Hpnrv Viii-m-iiut dam br Itunco No. 17807, record 1 17; sired Bunco, Jr., pacer, public record On the followlrg terms: I am to have the refuarl of the colt at your price on September 1, 1E96 deHenrv Waiipmnn la rjerfectlr sound and has a h ducting of the amount for season money, but 11 the price la not satisfactory to me, I will a smooth, friclionlers trotting gait, which carries of the amount asked lor the colt to pay for trie acason take Nom Owing to the hard times and tbe low price oi horse stock, I have ureatly reduced season fee mm over the ground rspidiy. tie is a granu iuuiof my horses and jacks, and considering their Individuality and breeulng, they stand lower than any vtdual. I will also stand my hoe uiacic jaca, la the State. Stable two miles South of Huttonvllle, on Moreland & Carpenter's Station pike. A Vfhaa They Ilrlght Knnajrk. Weekly Interior Journal, And Tho 11 My fine Saddle Stallion, CLINTON. JR. The Semi He Didn't Want Ilia Life. Sho Tho brido nearly fainted during "What did you givo at tho pound tho ceremony and it was all her father party?" sho asked. "Oh, I gave myself avt ay as usual," could do to support her. IIo And yet I bcllevo ho has manreplied Wllllo Washington. CO. "Dear mowdid they let you pass for aged to support both of them since the ceremony. Brooklyn Life. sixteen ounces?" Washington Star. L A. to Insure a Living Colt. -- The WEEKLY COURIER JOURNAL maker, very liberal terma to agent , and gives Iree premium! for cluba, Sample copies of the paper and four page Premium Supplement sent free to auy ThoCOUMER-JOURNA- A-- im: IB-A-Tii-- is, BRIGNOLIA. In the Flat. Mr. Newcomer Ilavo tho 60URIER-J0URNA- L Write to 10(0)1(13. ij, as much as a bachelor. family responsible for accidents. SIngcrly Yon ought not to kick. forte. A M. PENCE, Stanford, Ky. ij Truth. You are not married. Strawber (bitterly) No. Hut I am Their Fatal Mlatakn. engaged. N. Y. World. Returned Traveler What has become of Catchom & Choatcm, tho rich A Dangrroua Tiling. Lawyer What's that lxk you aro lawyers? Retired, I presume? Resident Yes, retired. They aro rending? This splendid combined stallion will make the Law Student Oh, it's a work on both In tho poorhousc. rresent season of 195 at the farm of the late L. I). Garner, 3 ollea from Crab Orchard, at "Phowl What happened?" common sense. "They had a quarrel and sued each Lawyer Yes, Bir; and one day with $5 to Insure a Oolt 4 months old such a book as that would ruin your other." N. V. Weekly. Brtgnolia is a red bay stallion, saddle and harness mind for legal work forever. Judge. A Differ enc. combined; 16 hands high: fine style and actien Mr. Uptowno Your flat Is hcatod by and has fine raane and tail He was sired by Ab-- d A Melaneholy Air. all ah Messenger, be by Messenger Chiel. steam, I believe? Ml Plngerllio (at tho pin 10) Why nrtgnolia's first dam by old Lexington, the fine saddle horse. Mr. Fourthflohr No, sir; It's not. did you look so gloomy whllo I waa Mr. Uptowno Why, you told mo it playing that selection? It's real lively, Mr. Hlltnpursc That's tho tune tho waa! Mr. Fourthflohr Ko; what I said This fine young Jack will serve a limited numorchestra was playing In tho parlor Dollars. when I settled up my hotel bill at tho was that we had steam radiators In ber of mares at Six If mare Is traded or parted Season money due every room. Puck. W. S. GARNER, seaside last summer. N. Y. Weekly. with. arrive .IK YOU ARK GOING...... addreas. v , 1 What is it? Canvasser A policy wo issue insuring millionaires against the payment of income tax. We tahc all the risk and do all tho concealment. N. Y. World. 05 jo Ii the v..-- Every mother can And something .n- - n.r good to say of her own son, but somen..i. .ft l ra1iwll'a Par Standard Rulo 0. Record 2:10. rot Bilaam is a find mule jack, 4 years old ana times she Is hard put to it Tho Boston Will make the season ol 1803. is an excellent breeder. He Is i( hands, gray in Transcript chronicles a sad instance. color and Is strictly a good one. Will also siand SIRED BY WALSINQUAM 2100, sire of Latitude J. jo and 7 or 8 others in the Hat. Homo-spuIn connection "Yes, I know," said old Mrs. dam Tinsel Messenger Duroc io, son of Ilambletonlan and sire ol Elaine "John Is sort o' lazy about soma the dam ol Norlame, yearling record a iVi. A NO. 1 HARNESS STALLION, things. So aro wo all for that matter. adamResa ..Ulster to Jamea Howell, Jr., by Hambletonian 10, sire of Dexter a 17 by Harry Clay 43, aire of the dama cl St. Julian a tij,. Bodlne a 19K. Blood bay, iS hands high and a splendid Individ, But ho ain't downrightly lazy. IIoll 3 dam Jesile Sayre and la more that have produced a 30 irottcrs; also sire of the dam of ual. They will each stand at $7 to Insuro. work hard enough when ho gets tho Electioneer sire of 130 In the a 30 list. S. M. OWENS, work that suits him." by Liberty, son of Lance, by American Eclipse. 4 oam McKlnney, Ky. 9 Is clover of you to say so," said "It Walaingham 1166, aire of Naboth, is one of the youngest aons of George Wilkes 310, record a it, who Undo Gcorgo; "but what kind of work sited Harry Wilkes a 13H, Guy Wilkes 1 Mike Wilkes a Wilcox 1 16, and 6a others In a 30 list; alio 41 producing sons and 19 producing daughters, docs suit him?" NoTt. Naboth Is a "Well," answered Mrs. Homespun, blood ol Hambletonian, bay hcrsc, 16 hands high, foaled June a8, 1B88. His pedigree contains the George Wilkta, Mambrino Chief, Pilot. Jr , and Harry Clay. "there's there's well, John Is awfully Will make the pretent season at the farm of T, A. smoking, for example" Coulter, known as the Squire Murphy place, 3i Industrious at At $15 s. 140 Georgetown j;aj P. M. Leave Frankfort a 30 p. m ; arrive Cincinnati fJ.'Jl p. m. a. m.; arrive Frankfort Leave Cincinnati a. m. 11 Kentucky Midland Railway and connecThe tion! form the shortest and cheapen route to all pointa Siuth, Katt, North and Weal. For further information apply to their agenta. C. I). IIEKCAW, Gen. Pass. Agent. GEO. II HARPER, Itec'r&Gen.Supt Frankfort, Ky LOUItVILK NABOTIK Undoubtedly. t Emperor 27. Heredity. too lllnks Speaking of heredity, do you remember ForrcsUsr, who bought some Leave Frankfort I. ; arrive at Leaington wild land and turned It Into a farm? a m. 10:43 Leave Frankfort 7 a. ra j arrive Cincinnati at Winks Yes; he woji tho Inventor of 10:20 a m. arrive Ctncinnttl a very effective stump puller. Leave Frankfort :30p. in.; Iliuks Just so. Well, hla son Is a lit p. m. SUNDAY TRAINS. very successful dentist. N. Y. Weekly. Georgetown WtiT Leave at Frankfort 11:30 A. M. East LeaveTranklorl " Mr. Stoxanbons 7TH, 1895, MAY - high-taile- Homo Scokors' Excursions POINTS i- Ailr.llerttim. jhjI-Ivie- TO r' Llttlo Johnny No'in; I want to plaj the big drum in tho Salvation Army. Good News. A stylish Hair Tilrajor Claan Shave, go to Ss f iter? .Tor a. Oook; ' 1 nt . Stanford, Kir., 'TWtvc Sixteen hands high, Br Wallace Denmark 35, See pedigree ol Wallace Denmark 55. 1 dam Mag 37, by Vidette, by Vindex, by Blood's Black Hawk he by Old lllack Hawk. Vtdetie's first d.m bv Whin, ad dam Gallatin, id dam Old dam by Mambrino Chief Tiger. Vindex's 11, aoilani dv uiii uay messenger, 3a aim uy uannou s w nip. j darn Julia Wallace, by Sir Wallnce, he by Tod' hunter's Sir Wallace, he by Sir Albert, thoroughbred. Whip, thor 3 dam by Virglnlus, he by Mason's oughbred 4 dam a Whip mart. it $10 the Iusurancc. 1024 Saddle Horse Register. Mahogony bay, 15 bands, sound in every par icular. Foaled May, 1891. Sired by RED PRINCE 31. by Second Jewel 48, by Jewel Denmark 70, by Washington Denmark 64, by Gaines' Dtnmark 61, by Denmark F. S., by Imported Hrdgeiord. ist dam Diamond 514. a brown mare, 16 bands, by Nobby 36, sire of Nobby, Jr., 313, by Garrard Chlel, sire of Basil Duke a 28H, by Mambrino Chief, and the dams of Gambonito a 19JJ, world champion, and Lady Yciser, dam of j'm 2 30 or better, ad dam Old diamond 513, by Len Rogers. 3d dam by Gaston'a Lafayette. Thornton Star Is the kind to breed to. You find on his sire's side he runs back to Imp. Ucdgeford. On I is dam's side he has the trotting cross of Nobby, by Mambrino Chief 11, and is the sire of two 1:30 trotters; besides Nobby Is sire of a great mauy of our best saddle horses, and is a registered saddle stallion and also trotting stud. Diamond, the dam ol 1 hornton Star, is 16 hands and Isonool the finest mares in KcntucV.; She is a noted show mare with great style aud action. His and dam was 16 hands and as fine as anybody's. Thornton Star was exhibited lsst year as a 3- - ear old at quite a number of Kentucky fairs aud only met deieat once or twice, always being a contending horse In tbe saddle slakes. lie will. I think, this coming season be trie boss among saddle staltious, and the hoi so that beats him will make tis owner proud ol the job. He is fine in every particular , goes all the gaita and can do every thing right to a leltei, as it should be. Will serve a lm lied number of mares At $15 To Insure, or $10 cash time of service. Note if mares bred snd iu loal should change hands money due at that time. Mares kept at reasonable rates, but not resfonsille for accidents should any occur. 9 WM. M. HUE. Danvlllo. Stock committed to my care and breeding will receive my personal attention. Grass furnished at reaaonable rates, to be p. Id before removal of stock, No responsibility lor accidents or etc pea Sole proprietors Dean's Black Diaoond Rco 1 wiin siock Paint Bstlmatea furnisned for painting Wood, a'lingI'Us for sale.lurieus insurance. Red Metal aud lion Roofs. Satisfaction Guaranteed. All rools painted with Dean's Black Diamondn J. STEELE CARPENTER, Paint guaranteed for years. Dealers in best Hustonvllle, Ky. Pumps and Galvanised Iron rilters. Stanford, Ky. els-er- 67-1- Tsi.i .,n.yjt.iayqiMBja "j?'."!11'''- asf MK&. i4CTj3y. Ii:

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